Workout Finishers 2.0 Review – Are They Really Necessary?

Workout Finishers 2.0 is the recent update of Mike Whitfield’s workout and fat loss program. It is a very time-efficient workout method that can be used either stand-alone or as a plug-in plan to your current workout regimen.

This program is a kind of HIIT or Turbulence Training plan on steroids, so to speak, as it optimizes rest time and recovery in order to condense a high volume workout in a small time frame through a method called “metabolic stacking”.

Though short, these workout routines are demanding, but the net result is a shock to the metabolic and nervous system that allegedly forces your body to burn off the extra calories you have stored as fat.

These workout finishers can be used thereafter for life for maintenance or additional shredding and fitness, depending on your needs.

In this report, you’ll find out how this method works, its pros and cons, and how feasible it is.

Who Is Workout Finishers 2.0 For?

Workout Finishers is for anyone determined to lose fat once and for all and keep it off. The workout regimen is short but tough and may require an adaptation period.

Workout Finishers Review

It is convenient for anyone who wants to train at home but also for those who want to add it to their current plan to boost metabolism and burn extra fat and breakthrough stagnation.

Ideally, this plan is for those who are prepared to put in the effort to make it work because the routines involved are demanding if brief.

If you are looking to lose fat through diet alone, that is also a good option, but this plan may be not for you as you are expected to work out for a few minutes per session, but very hard.

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Workout Finishers Plan

Workout Finishers 2.0 Overview

This is not a diet program for fat loss, even though nutritional guidelines are included. It is mainly a workout plan that stresses intensity, efficiency, and metabolism as the key to fat loss.

It does not require any cardio at all, and in fact, the author makes the point that this plan is set up in a much more effective way than traditional cardio.

Workout Finishers is equipment-free and can be implemented at your gym or at home, as a stand-alone program, or in addition to your current workouts to kick your metabolism in overdrive.

The workout routines are designed in a way to enhance not just your metabolic rate and promote fat loss, but also improve athleticism and increase strength and stamina.

As such, it is an all-around fitness program that targets all aspects of your health and fitness with fat loss as one of the by-pass product results.

Though hard and demanding, the workouts are surprisingly fast and efficient as they can be over in less than 10 minutes. The time efficiency and the effectiveness of the routines make this plan a desirable alternative to a cardio and regular resistance training.

Resistance in Workout Finishers is provided by bodyweight movements done in a circuit fashion with little rest between exercises, a kind of super-charged High-Intensity Interval Training with little or no rest between movements, with a shock effect on your nervous and metabolic systems.

The reason for this approach is to both save time and breakthrough plateaus that inevitably occur after the initial success of regular HIIT routines.

Typically, after varying the rest and workout times in HIIT you inevitably come to a sticking point without further progress.

However, the 51 Workout Finishers in the program are designed with variation as an essential part of the program to make it plateau-proof.

Workout Finishers Schedule.jpeg

How Does It Work?

The program is structured around the “metabolic stacking” principle which can be used also as an add-on to your current workout plan.

Metabolic stacking is simple but quite hard to implement as it is a non-stop rush of circuit-like routines that target all major body parts precisely for the purpose of shocking your body, central nervous system, and metabolic rate.

So it does require determination, this is not a lazy plan. However, on the flip side, these workouts are over in a matter of minutes, which is a small price to pay for the benefits it offers.

The 4 Variables Of Metabolic Stacking

The metabolic stacking idea revolves around 4 variables, all of which play a part in the effectiveness of the system. Miss one and the results will be skewed.

These variables are:

  • Density.
  • Active Recovery.
  • Strategic Rest Periods.
  • High Volume Workouts With Different Sets/Reps.

This is the same protocol that Mike used for six people to place or win a Turbulence Training Transformation Contest without doing a single cardio session or HIIT.

The effectiveness of the program is the result of the disturbance that is placed on your muscles and nervous system. Since these variables are constantly changed, your body does not stand a chance of adapting, so that it is constantly challenged.

According to Mike, the more stress you put on your muscles, nervous system, and cardiovascular system, the more calories you burn, particularly as you use all the variables to keep your body guessing and changing all the time.

To be fair, he also put his money where his mouth is by providing a scientific study to support the validity of this kind of super high intensity, short workouts against traditional, slow cardio. Here we found this supporting study @

Unlike traditional cardio, the Workout Finishers exercises also increase strength in exercises like chest presses, push-ups, leg extensions, and sit-ups.

More Reps = More Benefits

Another advantage of this program is that it promotes low resistance, high repetition schemes as an addition to your high resistance, low repetition regimen of your current workout if any.

Low weight, high repetitions have been proven many times to be very effective for muscle growth and are also included in non-linear periodization plans for power-lifter in addition to low reps/heavyweights in order to break through stagnation and induce muscle growth and strength, but without battering your joints.

High reps also provide a higher workout volume in less time and are more time-efficient, particularly with short rest times or, as in the Workout Finishers case, performed back-to-back with no rest.

There are a number of studies done on the matter, and Mike Whitfield refers to this one from the Journal of Applied Physiology about the benefits of high reps vs low reps.  You can also read more here and here.

workout finishers

What Are The Benefits Of Workout Finishers 2.0?

This program, though very simple to implement, offers many unusual benefits, in that it can improve your overall fitness and athleticism with very short but very intense workouts that you can do anywhere or in a gym after your regular workout.

The metabolic stacking and its 4 variables offer a unique, time-efficient way to constantly challenge your body nervous system, muscles, and metabolism to produce enhance performance and systematic fat loss.

This program can also be used as a blueprint for life as it is so minimalist and effective that it can be slot into anyone’s lifestyle.

What Makes It Different?

Workout Finishers is a plug-in program that can be added to any existing workout protocol to break through stagnation, increase stamina, burn fat, and gain lean muscle and strength.

Alternatively, it can be used on its own as an effective all-round fitness plan that takes very little of your time and commitments but offers a lot in terms of returns.

About Mike Whitfield

Mike Whitfield Before And After Mike Whitfield is a personal trainer at Freedom Fitness in Acworth. He’s been a Master Certified Turbulence Trainer since 2012 and has been voted TT Trainer of the Year in 2012, having been coached by Craig Ballantyne. He now runs his own website @

He was once overweight, tipping the scale at 285 lbs, but resolved to turn the tables around and succeeded in losing 105 lbs through a systematic approach to fitness, nutrition, and workouts.

He then went to create his other flagship weight loss program, The Achievable Body System, of which you can read the review here.

Today he is heavily involved with the fitness industry, helping people achieve their health and fitness targets, coaching, writing articles, and being a contributor to Men’s Health, Early to Rise, and many other fitness and health blogs.

He also attends fitness events regularly as a motivational speaker, like the Fitness Business Summit where over 600 coaches from all over the world came to learn new strategies.

Workout Finishers Program Components

The program is completely electronic, no books or DVDs are delivered to your door. Instead, you get everything through a download link and you can view the materials on your smartphone or PC immediately.

The components come in PDF format manuals and MP4 videos and there are many of them: 7 main components including a video library plus a total of 6 bonuses! That’s really a lot of stuff and probably you won’t need all of it, but it is still is a lot of bang for your bucks. Below a quick breakdown of the contents.

Main Program

  • Density Finishers – A manual teaching you how to squeeze in as many repetitions as possible in a given time frame and drive your metabolic rate sky-high.
  • Metabolic Circuit Finishers – A guide to master the ability to go all out circuit-training from one exercise to the next, useful for strength, stamina, and cardiovascular efficiency.
  • Ladder Finishers – A workout variation method based on ladders to put in extra volume in the workout.
  • Gauntlet Finishers – Different circuit-based on a given gauntlet exercise to increase calorie burning.
  • Superset Finishers – Two back to back exercises performed with high reps and ladder high-density methods.
  • Finishers Exercise Library – A manual with detailed descriptions and photos of the exercises.
  • Follow-Along Video Library – 51 Workout Finishers in MP4 format featuring Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalakay demonstrating the exercises. It goes hand in hand with the Exercise Library Manual.


  • 10 Upper Body Finishers – Specialized finishers for your upper body.
  • 10 Lower Body Finishers – Specialized finishers for your lower body.
  • Metabolic Chaos 4-Week Program – A blueprint that combines heavy lifting with metabolic workouts designed to break through sticking points.
  • Finishers Aggression 7-Day Workout System – A 7-day super intense workout schedule supposedly effective for burning up to nine pounds in a week. The main program sounds like a better idea, more progressive and systematic. These workouts also come with follow-along videos.
  • 7-Day Crank Start Done-For-Yoy Meal Plans – A meal plan designed by nutritionist Lory Kennedy for men and women to go hand in hand with the Finishers Aggression.
  • Finishers Lifestyle And Nutrition Plan – A maintenance mode manual with useful information on how to keep off the fat you have lost and a list of worthy supplements as opposed to useless ones.

Workout Finishers Program

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The Bottom Line

Workout Finishers 2.0 is a minimalist, time-efficient workout method designed to promote fat loss, increase strength and stamina and improve cardiovascular performance.

It is not just a fat loss program, but a real workout system for general fitness and permanent results. The short nature of its workouts makes this program extremely flexible because it can be used together with your current plan or alone.

However, even though the workouts are short, they are demanding and imply a commitment on your part to make this program work.

Workout Finishers

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