Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Review – The Program Uncovered

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge ManualWarrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge by Helder Gomes is a tactical training protocol for action-ready, 24/7 fitness focused on strength, mobility, and flexibility while eliciting fat loss. It does so by making the central nervous system more efficient, limiting stress to technical failure while avoiding complete muscular failure.

Who Is It For?

This program is ideal for young and older trainees who need to keep an eye on joints and tendons, even those in need of a general overhaul after a long hiatus or injury, as testified by the recovery of former Marine author Helder Gomes who used this protocol on himself, and by many more.

While useful for general fitness, go-muscle performance, and readiness, Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is NOT a hypertrophy, muscle building protocol.

In fact, it purposely discourages grinding reps to absolute failure, promoting a kind of grease-the-groove method instead, hinged on reprogramming the nervous system, harnessing power leaks, and shooting to technical, but not complete, failure.

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Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Strategy

Rather than increasing muscle size, this program focuses primarily on training the nervous system.

The rationale behind it is that it is the nervous system in control of your muscles, therefore by targeting the root of the muscle contraction, the signal to the actual muscle, you can experience an increase in strength without an increase in muscle size.

In short, the training regimen is geared toward making your nervous system more efficient and becoming as strong as possible with your current muscularity levels.

While this is all well and true, and this method has a place and time, if you are a skinny guy with little mass on your frame you may need a different plan that builds muscle mass a well, as muscle size is also directly related to strength.

You can then switch over to strength-only training, later on, to bring your muscle mass to full strength potential.

However, if you are happy with your muscularity levels or just need to lose fat while increasing strength, efficiency, mobility, and coordination at the same time, then the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge may be a right fit.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

The Power Principles Of Warrior Zero

The training method outlined in the program was designed to fine-tune your nervous system, as this is the most important quality necessary for tactical personnel, SWAT teams, and combat professionals in order to stay fit and ready for action, anytime, anywhere.

From a combat personnel standpoint, muscle soreness is to be avoided like the plague, that’s why the author devised 3 power principles to adhere to, a kind of training suitable for what he calls Precision Fitness Operators, rather than Average Fitness Joes.

The first principle is the re-programming of the central nervous system by sharpening what he calls the “neural drive”, which consists of training the brain to fire up stronger signals to the muscles, improving contractile force.

This means engaging more muscle fibers at once and faster with the same signal, not unlike power-lifting or Olympic lifting, but with your own body weight only and NOT to muscular failure.

This kind of training repeated over time to technical, not muscular, failure would increase your strength levels and speed within your current muscularity levels potential.

The second principle is even more interesting, as it about harnessing any strength leak your body normally goes through in a given movement and channeling these leaks into the task ahead.

In other words, untrained individuals have an inefficient way to perform movements, lacking the coordination and synergistic response of ancillary muscles to aid the main movement, making their muscles work in isolation rather than as muscle chains.

A typical example would be a pull-up sequence, whereas pull-up numbers can go up considerably simply by learning how to stabilize and coordinate your body with your core muscles and legs, hence channeling elastic energy in the pull upwards, rather than letting the lats and biceps do all the work.

This part of the program addresses this very important aspect of athleticism, helping you become more efficient at moving your body across the planes, helping you improve coordination, save energy or express a better performance with the same raw strength levels.

The third principle is about technical failure. Technical failure is very different from complete muscular failure. In muscle building protocols, muscular failure is desirable and required in order to elicit a super-compensation between workouts through adequate rest and nutrition.

No such luxury is possible for military personnel or tactical teams who need to be ready 24/7 for action and not hindered by muscle soreness or drops in performance.

Hence the idea of technical failure, which means repping out or practicing only until good form starts faltering, then stopping short of muscular failure.

This makes it possible to grease the groove and keep your strength levels high without drops in performance or soreness, a necessary quality for combat personnel, which can also be of interest for regular guys who just want to be efficient without bulking up.

For those with a muscle-building background, the technical failure may be the most difficult aspect to adapt to, used as they are to go all-out and grind rep after rep to muscle exhaustion.

If you have never tried it before and do not know how to grease the groove and become a sharper and more efficient day in day out, the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge explains it very well, as it is the work of a Marine veteran with real-life combat background and lots of accomplishments in the field.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Background Of Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Talking about the origins of this program, this is the quintessential distillation of a lifetime experience in the Marines and other combat forces by author Helder Gomes.

This program was born out of necessity as a way out of disability by coach Helder himself, who over the years incurred injuries and lost his athletic edge, no longer fit to serve, only to turn the tables and restore his body to peak condition.

His recovery phase started at a chance strength seminar attended, among the other attendees, by a Russian tactical professional who introduced him to the importance of an efficient nervous system.

The training method outlined by the Russian had nothing to do with working harder, just smarter, with a focus on posture, pain, performance, coordination, and body control.

No sooner had Helder started implementing the training ideas of his Russian buddy than he experienced sustained fat loss, increased strength, energy levels, and performance stability without soreness.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is based on Helder Gomes’ recovery process than brought him back from a disability situation,  USMC Service-Connected Disabled
Veteran, to a very fit and strong Top International Combatives Instructor.

About Helder Gomes

helder GomesHelder Gomes is a top coach, fitness, and combative professional with extensive knowledge and international experience in a vast array of disciplines, seminars, and missions.

He served as a United States Marine and has hands-on expertise on diverse martial arts, as well as being a passionate survivalist and outdoorsman, with his own dedicated website about survivalism.

Coach Helder holds an impressive list of formal achievements in the fitness, combat, and military arena, too long to list here in its entirety.

Among few notable achievements are:

  • U.S. Military Combatives & Fitness Instructor (U.S.A.)
  • TACFIT Field Instructor
  • Police & SWAT Instructor (U.S.A.)
  • United States Marine Corps (Infantry Marine)
  • United States Army National Guard (Officer Candidate School)
  • Combatives and Fitness Coach to the U.A.E. Special Police (in Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

You can read his first-class resume on his Linkedin account. He also runs YouTube and Facebook accounts for all aspects of outdoor activities, training, and survivalism.

All in all, Helder Gomes is a world-class fitness expert, tactical coach, and survivalist who is super qualified to teach people how to train and be fit.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Components

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is a digital fitness program including several PDF manuals and tutorial videos, with no shipping required. There are 3 main components plus 3 bonuses as described below:

Main Parts

The Main Manual – The core of the 13-week program, a manual covering all aspect of tactical training, divided in topics and chapters like:

  • The “Warrior Training Framework” – That is the exercises as used by Precision Fitness Operators, a set of drills devised by military experts to be fit under constant pressure.
  • The Elite-8 Exercise Unit – Foundation movements for the conditioning of soldiers.
  • Kinetic Chains Development – A very useful aspect of athleticism, strength, and efficiency that teaches you to use your whole body muscles in synchrony and not in isolation.
  • Single Rep Cycling – A technique designed to achieve peak conditioning with fewer repetitions and stress on your body, no soreness allowed.
  • A Workout Scaling Method – This kind of periodization strategy is based on bio-mathematical outlines like those used by Leonardo Da Vinci for the Vitruvian Man.

Coaching Videos – These are tutorial videos where each movement or set of movements is demonstrated with clear instructions on posture, alignment, ground reaction forces, and selective tension.

These tutorials teach you how the get more flexible, stronger, and efficient while offsetting the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

The videos include several interesting tutorials like the 3-legged table test to work out your current strength levels and progress to harder moves, unusual and spine-safe ab exercises, quick recovery techniques, pushup guidance depending on your shoulder type, and many interesting exercises and methods to prime your body for action.

Follow Along Videos – These are just plug-and-play tutorials featuring coach Helder and his student Frank demonstrating all the workouts.

These are tactical drills devised to elicit peak performance, strength, and flexibility while recovering in motion and keeping your tendons and joints trouble free.  These drills are demanding, with a carry-over effect on metabolism and fat burning.


Intestinal Fortitude Manual – The hard-core part of the program teaches you how to overcome adversity and get the job done even if you feel like quitting.

The manual covers both the physical and psychological aspects of toughness, revealing attitudes and approaches learned by the author himself from his time in the Marines.

Powered Breathing Manual – A book dedicated to this often overlooked aspect of training. It teaches you how to breathe properly to enhance performance, recover faster, aid fat loss, and get rid of toxins.

Nutrition Manual – A simple and practical nutritional manual based on 10 key principles for clean eating and especially for making you feel like clean eating is the most natural thing to do, and not a restrictive dietary regimen.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Program

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Closing Thoughts

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is a kind of tactical bodyweight training regimen deeply rooted in the military experience of top fitness expert and coach Helder Gomes for the benefit of anyone, combat personnel, and civilians alike.

The program drills, philosophy, and performance-focused workouts draw heavily from the experience acquired during his duty in the Marines, various combat forces as well as his own survival skills.

Warrior Zero helps to become stronger and more efficient in moving your body across the planes while keeping you fresh for action 24/7, without undue soreness.

It is not a muscle-building plan, rather a strength, mobility, and flexibility protocol that teaches you how to get the best out of your body at your current muscularity levels.

Warrior Zero is focused on technical failure, not muscle failure, and promotes muscle chain recruitment to harness the energy and become more efficient in a given movement while improving your central nervous system efficiency for higher muscle fiber recruitment, which is more strength.

While easy on the joints, the bodyweight movements are challenging and helpful for shedding a good deal of unwanted fat along the way as an additional bonus.

If you are looking for a plan to restore your strength, efficiency, suppleness, mobility, and flexibility and lose fat along the way but do not care about getting bigger, this program may be a  good solution for you.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge