Wake Up Lean Review 2022 – The Fat Loss Plan Strategy Uncovered

Wake Up Lean is a weight loss plan for men and women designed to be as simple as possible for anyone who tried losing weight before but cannot stick to any program, does not have enough time, or thinks they are too old to succeed.

This review of Wake Up Lean will reveal how the program works and the benefits, pros, and cons.

What Is Wake Up Lean?

Wake Up Lean is designed to keep you motivated with fast, tangible results that anyone may achieve with basic discipline as shown in the blueprint.

This program is based on unconventional techniques centered on metabolism, inflammation enzymes, and blood circulation.

The 10-day program was designed for anyone of any age and condition, with particular attention for those above 40 who want to get a flat belly and reduce body fat without the need for long workouts. You can then repeat it as long as you need a 2 to 4-day break between the repeats.

It is currently sold at $15 on wakeup-lean.com. It contains several ebooks based mainly on nutrition and video tutorials illustrating 5-minute “Quick Burst” workouts” based on bodyweight movements, similar to HIIT but without the need for running or equipment.

Wake Up Lean Review

What Does The Program Teach?

The program name is a nod to the detoxifying and slimming effect of the plan. You wake up in the morning light with a smaller belly and expect to lose up to 1lb a day, or 5 lb a week approximately.

The key is avoiding a few so-called “healthy” foods that are supposed to help you but do just the opposite.

Toned In Ten is presented as a belly-slimming plan for men and women, but it really targets all excess body fat, not just local fat. Most importantly, it is designed to be implemented without the need for long workouts at all and in the shortest possible time.

Wake Up Lean Nutrition

Wake Up Lean

The program starts with a 3-day detox phase to prime your body and then carries on for another 7 days for a total of 10 days, one of the shortest time frames of any plan out there.

It is structured in the simplest possible way, without any calorie counting or the need for marathon workout routines.

The detox priming is necessary to counteract the ill effects of the environment we are surrounded by, such as smoke, smog, and harmful chemicals from processed foods.

This is a necessary step to take and the foundation for the remaining seven days of the program. During this 3-day phase, the blueprint focuses on:

  • Eliminating the toxins accumulated in your body.
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Counteracting the oxidative process of aging.
  • Enhancing your energy and mood.

To achieve this, Wake Up Lean provides you with a range of healthy, free-range, non-GMO foods and a list of herbal, nuts, and seeds ingredients.

It’s all about fighting belly bloating and restoring your body’s physiology to healthy levels to reduce chronic inflammation, something that’s not possible to achieve while eating processed foods.

It’s imperative during this phase to drink plenty of water, up to 8 oz per day.

Wake Up Lean provides you with all the ingredients and instructions for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including few smoothie and snack recipes.

The remaining seven days offer a nutritional blueprint with a wealth of different super-healthy dishes that you can choose from throughout the day, including snacks.

There’s plenty to choose from, depending on your taste, but generally, the Wake Up Lean nutritional plan sticks to few basic tenets:

  • Always include some protein and green in any given dish.
  • Cook by grilling, baking, or steaming.
  • Avoid frying, processed food, refined sugars, and all so-labeled, pre-packaged “healthy foods” laden with sugar.
  • Avoid temptation by planning against your bad habits (example: store the cookies on top of your pantry, so you need a stair to reach them)
  • Stir and mix if you don’t have time for cooking. For example: toss in some protein-rich nuts in your yogurt or some kale.

Wake Up Lean Diet

Wake Up Lean Workouts

The workouts are contained in the 5-Minute Bursts part of the program. It’s a collection of 10 workout videos performed by the author Meredith Shirk and all it takes to do them in, you guessed it, 5 minutes.

Rather than wasting time on slow, boring cardio, Wake Up Lean goes the way of time-efficiency with quick-flow, bodyweight exercises that raise your metabolism and are gentle on your joints.

You can perform these workouts anywhere, at home or in a park, and the author recommends starting the day with one of these workouts to set you up on the right foot.

Wake Up Lean is a nutritional and workout blueprint that does not require stressful movements on your knees or joints, as it is designed with an eye for people over 40 but also anyone with no time or desire for long training sessions or those stuck in a  plateau.

You should also read my  Cinderella Solution review for comparison.

Wake Up Lean Workouts

Wake Up Lean Basic Guidelines

The program also stresses the importance of avoiding common mistakes that typically frustrate any attempt to losing weight. These are:

  • Constant Snacking – Sounds obvious, and it is. Still, this is the main reason why people fail at any diet. Refrigerators and pantries are always around the corner. What happens is that snacks, especially sugary ones, lead to a never-ending dependency on more sugars and calories for energy. As long as you do not give your body an incentive to use its body fat for energy, it never will.
  • Long Workouts – The plan takes a strong stance against long, high-impact workouts because they stress your joints and organs and may interfere with your ability to lose fat, with opposite results of what you expected. Instead, Wake Up Lean relies on a natural approach, fat-burning cycles, and foods to avoid.
  • Traditional Dieting – Regular diets are prone to fail because they are based on a severe calorie deficit, negatively impacting your metabolism. While a certain amount of calorie restriction must be in place, your body must also keep receiving all the nutrients it needs to keep its metabolism high enough to keep burning your extra fat from your body.  As always, too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Balance is the key.

The Selenium Trick

Like other programs of this kind, Wake Up Lean also comes up with its own trick of the trade. In this case, the enticing fat loss trick unique to this program comes straight from the author’s experience in the jungles of Panama, where the idea of Wake Up Lean comes from after seeing how slim and fit people are in that part of the world.

Selenium is a mineral that plays a crucial role in body oxidation, hence the way you age.
Once you hit 40, you normally start having oxidative and fat-storing issues. Meredith Shirk devised a 13-seconds trick designed for you to get enough selenium to trigger fat-burning and eliminate inflammation with consequent natural and struggle-free weight loss, switching metabolism into overdrive.

Wake Up Lean Review

The Diet Strategy

While many diet programs hinge on calorie counting or restrictions of some sort to achieve a significant weight loss, Wake Up Lean tackles the problem from an inflammation and blood vessel standpoint, namely “inflammation enzymes” and “blood vessel burnout.”

The idea of the program is to detox and reset your body from bad nutritional habits and the harmful chemicals contained in processed food, both the origins of chronic inflammation and bloating that lead to a self-fueling cycle of weight gain.

Inflammation Enzymes

The idea is that once you reach 40, your body starts accumulating these “inflammation enzymes” because of the wear and tear on your body.

What happens is that your fat cells lock this inflammation in a self-fueling pattern, where they encourage even more fat-storing rather than fat burning.

86% of men and women over 40 are affected by chemical warfare within their bodies that prevents them from burning fat properly. The author backs up her claims with the findings of  Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, a professor in the Departments of Aging and Geriatrics and Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Florida.

Basically, fat cells are responsible for an increase in fat deposits as you age. What happens is that old fat cells secrete hormones called adipokines, contributing to body-wide inflammation, which in turn force your body to store more fat.

As a result, they experience a never-ending, self-perpetuating cycle [source here].

In addition, this self-fueling inflammation and further fat storage may also lead to Type 2 Diabetes. According to the author, chronic inflammation also impacts “hunger hormones,” upsetting your eating habits and making you more food-dependent than your average body requirement.

In other words, the “inflammation enzymes” release your “hunger hormones” and stimulate them into a vicious circle of fat-storing.

Blood Vessel Burnout

According to Meredith, 99% of men and women over 40 suffer from “Blood Vessel Burnout,” which allegedly interferes with the ability of your body to burn fat. The idea that the blood vessels play a role in your fat-burning capabilities is not new.

The author of Wake Up Lean offers another backup study, Dr. Jame’ Heskett’s. Your blood vessels get smaller and weaker as you age. As a consequence, blood flow becomes restricted, limiting your body’s ability to burn fat.

What happens next is that the fatty acids have no room to go between the cells and around your blood vessels and end up stuck into your fat cells.

The author says that, as you age, it becomes more and more problematic to get rid of toxins and inflammation, which get locked into your fat cells and become the primary reason people have more and more trouble losing fat as they grow older.

This may be true, but lifestyle plays a crucial role, and a healthy diet and exercise prevent the onset of fat deposits, so the inflammation and the blood vessels theory may be just half the story. Still, it is an exciting approach and extra knowledge in your arsenal for fat loss management.

Wake Up Lean Review

About Meredith Shirk

Meredith Shirk
Meredith Shirk

The program is the creation of Meredith Shirk (check her YouTube channel), California’s top Fitness Nutritional Specialist and a genuine author.

The idea to create the program came to Meredith thanks to a chance leisure trip to the Jungles of Panama with her husband.

While there, she witnessed firsthand how lean and youthful the locals were. They all seemed to belie their years. Upon investigation, she realized that there was something in their diet that put them at an advantage.

As the story goes, the locals used natural evergreen leaves that naturally contained vital nutrients and minerals that seemed to keep them all lean and youthful.

Back home, she started re-creating the same minerals and nutrients with some of her clients with very positive results. Being already involved in fitness, she then resolved to put her newfound knowledge into a viable blueprint.

Wake Up Lean Pros And Cons


  • It was created by a top nutritional expert and coach with a lot of experience.
  • It is ideal for everyone, men and women.
  • No calorie counting is necessary. Instead, you reset your body’s response to fat-burning through the elimination of inflammation.
  • Very affordable, for $15, you get all the meal plans, ingredients, and recipes, plus the HD workout classes.
  • Fast-acting. The healthy diet plan sets you up for a quick boost in metabolism.
  • It reduces chronic inflammation and bloating.
  • As healthy as it gets. No gimmicks; you get a healthy nutritional blueprint that you can stick to well after the ten days of the program are over (allow 2-4 days before starting again).
  • Quick and convenient workouts. Five minutes and you are off for the day.
  • No need for equipment.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only available online, no physical videos or hard copies are sold for those who like them as of the time of this review.

Wake Up Lean Program Components

Wake Up Lean comes in digital format only, meaning there are no home deliveries involved. You can get the program online through download links. The program components are 3:

  • Wake Up Lean – 10 Day Flat Belly Blueprint for men and women – This is a 10-day blueprint designed around your fat-burning cycles, which do not require calorie counting.
  • 5-Minute Lean Body Bursts
  • 24-Hour Fat Flushing Protocol

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Final Thoughts

Meredith Shirk’s program  is a natural weight loss plan focused on reducing inflammation as the foundation for healthy and sustainable fat loss, no calorie-counting necessary.

It is particularly suitable for people over 40 who struggle to get rid of fat due to age-related chronic inflammation, both men and women.

The nutritional guidelines are very healthy, based on organic, non-GMO, and unprocessed foods to eliminate inflammation and boost metabolism.

Because of this, you can repeat the 10-day blueprint for as long as you like with just a few days break between.

The 5-minutes bodyweight workouts are minimalist and practical. You don’t need any equipment nor need to worry about your tendons and joints usually associated with running or other high-impact cardio workouts.

All in all, Wake Up Lean is a sound, natural weight loss program that is easy to fit in your busy daily commitments, while it’s been around long enough to accrue a large number of satisfied testimonials.

wake up lean

Wake Up Lean FAQs

How Fast Can I see Results?

Because of its detoxifying effect, you start feeling better immediately. However, you need to wait for 7 to 10 days before noticing the visual effects, usually a 3 to 5 pounds weight loss.

Who Is Wake Up Lean Suitable For?

This program is for everyone with no restrictions of age or gender. However, the older you are, the more beneficial because it reduces and eliminates the root cause of weight gain as you get older, which is chronic inflammation.

How Does It Work?

Wake Up Lean works through a combination of nutritional guidelines and brief, bodyweight workouts. In particular, it turns off the inflammation enzymes, the stress sensors, and the hunger hormones while activating your natural fat-burning capabilities.

Where Is It Shipped?

Wake Up Lean is instantly available online upon purchase globally; there is no need to wait for shipping.

Is It A recurring Payment?

Nope. You only pay $15 once. There are no hidden fees or recurring payments.

What About A Guarantee?

Wake Up Lean offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Wake Up Lean

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