Visual Impact For Women Review – Just A Fad Or Real McCoy?

Visual Impact for WomenVisual Impact For Women by Rusty Moore is a plan specifically designed to achieve a lean, sexy, feminine physique with low body fat and increased muscle tone but without the bulk.

Its workout strategy is based on a combination of cardio and low repetition sets resistance training, crucially without going to failure.

The program can be done even at home with basic equipment such as a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench.  Here you will find how Rusty Moore’s program works, why it is different from other plans and whether it is an effective fitness program for female fat loss amd muscle tone.

Who Is Visual Impact For Women For?

Visual Impact For Women is a plan for those ladies looking for an fit and low fat physique that looks equally well on the beach or in a party dress. Unlike generic workout and fat loss programs designed mainly for men and loosely adapted for women, it addresses the specific needs of women.

A man’s program could be considered ok for a woman to follow, as the basic workout layouts and diet regimen could be considered similar and overlapping to some extent. However, the big difference is that generally men have just a desire to be bigger and muscular, while women prefer being fit and lean with cute “compact” muscles in the right places.

What most women want is a low fat, lean body with toned muscles with all the curves in the right places, a physique that looks good anywhere. Visual Impact For Women addresses all these aspects with a strategic mix of different workout approaches, from cardio to HIIT, heavy repetitions NOT to failure and more.

Visual Impact For Women also details a whole range of tips and methods to achieve specific goals unique to women such as actually “losing” some muscle mass in you thighs when too bulky or lose as much weight as possible rapidly for a special occasion such a wedding.

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Visual Impact For Women

How Does It Work?

What is unique of this program is that it actually encourages variation and initiative in order to avoid boredom and staleness. While the program gives a framework of principles, exercises and diet regime to adhere to, it is also flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations, at home or at the gym.

Some programs advocate the use of free weights as superior to machines, but Rusty Moore says if fact that resistance equipment has its time and place and great results can be achieved regardless of equipment used.

For women who feel self conscious about going to a gym or put off by the crowding, the costs of a membership and the commuting times,  Visual Impact can be perfectly implemented at home with tools as basics as an adjustable bench and a set of dumbbells.

Total Gym

The main part of Visual Impact For Women is an 89 page PDF format blueprint to a fit Hollywood star look. The ideas implemented are not what you would usually find in a mainstream muscle guide. Here are some of the training ideas recommended:

  • Lifting with lower reps, short-of-failure firm up a muscle without increasing its size.
  • Cardio is still the main fat loss method employed by celebrities to get lean fast.
  • Adding muscle to burn fat is a reverse engineered approach to getting lean that you should not do.
  • High repetition sets do nothing for definition or slimming, instead they bulk up large, vascular muscles.
  • Any repetition range, low or high, will lead to an increase in muscle size if performed to failure.
  • Why Yoga, though very popular, will not do much for losing fat and is best used as a complementary workout tool.

Being targeted at women, this program also offers specific advice on some of the most common topics where women feel more self conscious, like how to lose excessive leg and hip muscle.

The program lasts for 12 weeks and revolves around both resistance training and cardio. The workouts require low repetitions and more sets without going to failure.

This is so to deliberately prevent an increase of muscle size while effectively  working out your muscles and help you burn fat. With time, the reduction of the layer of fat on your muscle will result in a change of body mass index, which translates into a fitter and sexier look.

However, the workouts are basic and not much different from other programs’ workout schedule. What makes them different is not the exercises but the sets and repetition layout .

The High Intensity Interval Training part of the program contained in the Cardio Book  is organized in a progressive way, more and more challenging as you near the end of the program. These fast paced cardio are demanding but made original and more effective with a twist, the addition of slow and steady cardio at the end of HIIT sessions.

Visual Impact For Women make more use of fast paced cardio for fat loss than other programs out there, but the plan is also customizable depending on your work or family commitments and it does not take much of your time away.

You can choose how many days a week to workout, whether it be at home with basic equipment or in a gym.

Visual Impact For Women Workouts

 Workout Schedule And Program Flexibility

A good point of the program is that the training schedule can be organized in different ways depending on your family, work and social commitments.

For example, busy women with limited time ad hand may choose a 3-day per week routine which in turn can be designed as a split routine for the gym or a full body workout at home.

Those with more time can try the 2-day split, 4 times a week routine. The workouts are not set in stone though, as the program lets you customize your routines even further depending on equipment available or preferences. The program provides also useful tips for setting up your own home gym.

Here is a quick overview of the chapters making up the main manual:

  1. Myth Busting
  2. Is Cardio Really “Dead”?
  3. High-Rep Training
  4. Low-Rep Training
  5. Training to Failure
  6. Free Weights, Machines, and Body Weight Training
  7. Yoga
  8. Adding Muscle to Burn More Body Fat?
  9. Dieting Challenges for Women
  10. Dieting Strategies in Detail
  11. Dieting for an Event
  12. A Flat-Out Effective Cardio Workout
  13. How to Customize Your Routines
  14. The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Gym Routine
  15. The “3 Days Per Week” – Gym Routine
  16. Setting Up a Simple & Effective Home Gym
  17. The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Home Routine
  18. The “3 Days Per Week” – Home Routine
  19. How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose
  20. Final Thoughts

The Cardio Sessions

Traditional cardio is the meat and potatoes of the fat loss part of the program, both as HIIT or Steady State Cardio. Rusty Moore stresses the importance of cardio and points out that this is the kind of training movie stars resort to in order to shed fat quickly before a role, recommending 30-minute sessions.

In fact, the cardio part of the program is discussed in a 12-week distinct manual called “Fat Torching Cardio” which is organized in a progressive way, from easier to tougher. Here is a quick breakdown on the cardio part  of the program week by week, each week a different approach:

  1. Steady State Cardio
  2. Increasing Aerobic Capacity For Beginners
  3. High Intensity Interval Training Level 1
  4. High Intensity Interval Training Level 2
  5. Increasing Aerobic Capacity For Intermediate
  6. One Step Back Steady Cardio
  7. High Intensity Interval Training Level 3
  8. High Intensity Interval Training Level 4
  9. Hybrid Cardio Level 1
  10. Hybrid Cardio Level 2
  11. Hybrid Cardio Level 3
  12. The Kitchen Sink!

The Fat Torching Cardio is designed to get you into shape for any event which can be used in conjunction with “Dieting for an event” as needed.

The cardio manual helps you reduce as much fat as needed while keeping your muscles there. Rusty Moore believes that cardio is the only factor that can be increased in the equation while calories intake, weight poundage and circuits are maxed out.

He does not advocate hours of cardio every day, though. Rather, he focuses on regular cardio do be done with a combination of HIIT and steady cardio.

As for High Intensity Interval Training, it apparently increases the production of fat burning hormones so that when performing Steady State Cardio immediately after it, the compound effect is magnified for a short while, a limited but effective  window of opportunity for fat burning.

Another important aspect of Visual Impact cardio program are the adjustable work-to-rest ratios and the killer Pyramid Interval Routines.

All in all, cardio is a very important aspect of Visual Impact For Women and the main driving force behind fat loss.

Visual Impact For Women Cardio

What Results Can You Expect?

The program is the result of Rusty Moore’s knowledge from years of experience in training and as a coach. It addresses fitness and good looks with a comprehensive approach that includes exercises, workout variation, flexibility, resistance training, HIIT cardio and diet regimen.

Dieting is, of course, a main component if not the main one of the equation, and Visual Impact treats this topic extensively, albeit without practical recipes.

The combination of these factors make Visual Impact For Women an effective and sensible women-only plan.

About Rusty Moore

rusty mooreRusty Moore is a former hard core gym guy, the beefy type, who had been training in the gym for years before he decided to successfully convert to a leaner, less bulky but sexier look by implementing a strategy that allowed him to actually reduce muscle mass while still looking rock hard and super fit.

The inspiration that spurred him into action was when he saw Brad Pitt starring in “Fight Club” and decided to get rid of the bulky gym guy look and opt for a lean and mean body type instead.

Then, he created a personal blog giving tips and advice on this new found concept of training and fitness that became hugely successful simply because it tapped into a demand that was already there, while the official workout literature was deeply rooted into the big and bulky look.

Rusty realized that not just men had this desire of looking strong and fit but also lean and in proportion, the ladies too were craving for this kind of information, even more so than men.

So what it did he collected all this years of personal and collective information both as an athlete and from the blog feedback to create an applicable, real life workout program for women that is very flexible and can be implemented both at home or in a gym.

This is why Visual Impact For Women was created in the first place.

Visual Impact For Women

Visual Impact For Women  Contents – What’s In It?

There are four digital components in the program, which can be accessed immediately upon purchase, no need for home delivery:

  • The main 89 page Visual Impact For Women Guide.
  • A 19 page Fat Torching Cardio Manual, as cardio is very much on the agenda for a lean look, both as High Intensity Interval Training or as Steady State Cardio.
  • A 229 page exercise demonstration manual with a clickable links navigation to save you time.
  • 6 printable pages of workout charts to take to the gym when working out.

visual impact for women

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Closing Thoughts On Visual Impact For Women

Visual Impact For Women is a good women-only program. It offers a clear blueprint to achieve a firm, fit physique in a slim and feminine package through a combination of different strategies.

The plan runs for 12 weeks, which implies also some discipline and commitment to make it work, as it is not a magic pill for quick weight loss before your beach vacation.

The workouts are pretty solid and challenging, designed as they are to boost your metabolic rate and burn fat through regular cardio and HIIT as well as heavy repetitions not to failure.

The program is also highly flexible and can be customized according to your live commitments and preferences. However, while the workouts are treated extensively, the nutrition part is a bit basic and limited to dieting for an event or general guidelines with no specific meal planning included.

Visual Impact For Women

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