Venus Factor Review – Fad Or Solid Plan? The Truth Here

Venus Factor is a complete weight loss system for women designed to optimize their metabolism for long-term results. It is based on a diet and workout protocol with a focus on the crucial leptin hormone.

It uses a sound nutritional approach based on reverse calorie deficit coupled with a correct, balanced diet. Also, the program includes tools like software and a social community for support and motivation.

It is a well set up system for female weight loss that does not make outrageous claims of quick results just before your beach vacation. Instead, it provides a sustainable method for healthy and permanent results.

The plan is digital and comes with PDF manuals, video tutorials and an online social community, all instantly available through a download link and online password access, no home delivery needed. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Here you will find out how The Venus Factor works and what it is all about.

Who Is This Program Suitable For?

This is an ideal plan for women who want to lose weight in a safe and controlled manner for permanent results. It is particularly suitable for those who tried losing weight before but experienced rebounds and yo-yo effects due to poor nutritional planning or misleading fad-diet plans.

Venus Factor Review

In this review, you will find out why the Venus Factor is not a fad at all. It is actually a legitimate program based on solid foundations that have been around for years and were created by a reputable author with knowledge on weight loss.

What Exactly Is The Venus Factor?

The name itself is a clue to the classical idea of beauty and proportion. This plan was created in order to reflect the different requirements of women in terms of diet and exercise as opposed to men.

A key aspect of the program is the focus on leptin, a hormone playing a strategic role in female metabolism, having a profound impact on appetite and fat loss. Leptin actually works for both men and women, but while women have twice as much of it, they are also less responsive to it.

As a result, the specific nutritional guidelines of Venus Factor are designed to optimize the release of leptin for sustainable fat loss, thus fighting leptin resistance. This is because leptin works by sending signals to the brain to burn or store fat, regulating metabolism as a result.

Venus Factor

The Crucial Role Of Leptin

The more fat you have, the more leptin is released, which triggers the signal to reduce appetite. Unfortunately, women seem to have a higher resistance threshold to this trigger than men and a less efficient way to regulate appetite.

This also the reason why women’s body weight usually goes up after childbirth, making it difficult to burn off the extra fat, because after birth the resistance to leptin goes into overdrive, possibly as an evolutionary response to hold onto precious fat reserves for the benefit of survival, regardless of good looks.

This is why the nutritional guidelines in this program are designed to restore sensitivity to leptin. Even so, the meal plans and the ingredients outlined in the program are not boring and look very flexible with the odd treat allowed here and there, despite being geared toward achieving a faster metabolism.

There is a wide range of meal plans to choose from within your customized diet regimen. Calorie intake is calculated by software that works out your daily “caloric budget” requirements. You type in a few key personal numbers and it calculates the calories for you.

But the most important point about the nutritional guidance in the Venus factor is that it promotes sustainable fat loss based on a proportional approach, advising for a greater calorie deficit at the start of the program when you are more overweight, but a lesser calorie deficit as you lose weight.

In other words, this means that you can gradually increase your food intake as you get slimmer, this is in order to avoid muscle depletion later onto your diet plan (more on this later).

Venus Factor Program

How Does It Work?

The Venus Factor is a 12-week plan with a diet plan, workout guidance plus several tools to make it more effective, for example, the very useful social community called “Immersion” and the nutritional software.

The 12 weeks are in turn divided into 2-week phases for a total of 6 phases. Each phase is unique, in that calories and food macronutrients are changed to suit your changing body weight and composition.

The meal plans are thorough, with 10 different meal plans, each one reflecting your daily calorie allowance. The daily meal plan is split into 3 meals plus 2/3 snacks. But before you can get your actual meal plan, you must find out your daily calorie intake with the help of the software.

The workouts and diet regimen work hand in hand to actually re-design your body composition, not simply lose generic bodyweight.

This is because the ratio between the different components of your body can have a dramatic effect on health and visual results. Less fat on a frame with toned and lean muscles is the way to go for a healthy, fit, and sexy physique.

The Venus Factor clearly follows this route, because while on one hand its nutritional guidelines are well designed for sustainable and safe fat loss, the workouts on the other hand add an extra stimulus for increased metabolism, promoting fat loss and lean muscle for best results.  

Venus Factor Diet

The Venus Factor Diet Strategy

The whole diet plan is customized around your Basal Metabolic Rate, which acts as the foundation for your calorie allowance, taking into account variables like your personal height, weight, age, and so on.

The diet is cleverly arranged to address the limitation of your body to withstand a large calorie deficit for prolonged periods, which can have devastating effects like muscle depletion, slowed metabolism, and fat gain rebounds once you stop dieting the dreaded yo-yo effect.

This effect is basically an evolutionary response of your body that kicks in when it perceives food scarcity, therefore shutting down your metabolism in order to preserve precious fat and prioritizing your muscles as a source of energy instead.

To avoid this dreaded situation, the Venus Factor plan works like this: the more over weight you are, the less you should eat. However, the leaner you get, the more you must eat. This is a safe and sustainable way for permanent weight loss all the way down to low body fat figures.

So thumbs up to Venus Factor for getting  this point right on target.

What About The Workouts?

The workout strategy offers an extra tool to completely re-arrange body composition and appearance. The exercises are quite special, specifically designed for women, and can be implemented even at home with basic tools like barbells and dumbbells, a bench, and a mat.

The beginners’ workouts start with 1 set per exercise, then go up in number and toughness as your fitness improves.

The exercises are outlined in a PDF manual but you also have access to a 130+ online video library to watch and understand properly each exercise before you put it into practice. This way you are covered, without fear of poor form that could result in ineffective workouts or even injury down the line.

The workout plan is also organized in a 12-week time frame and split in turn into three 4-week cycles. The workouts are varied and progressive through the program so as to prevent stagnation and plateaus, a common occurrence if you do not know how to change your training schedule from time to time.

These workouts are not too taxing but not easy either, they include movements designed specifically for women problem areas like hips, thighs, and belly, and are just the ideal complement to the nutritional guidelines for a lively metabolic rate and optimal, sustainable fat loss.

What Is The Venus Factor Immersion All About?

John Barban’s program also offers a social community called Venus Immersion. This is a social hub for all its customers with a whole host of tools and benefits to help you reach your goals.

In this online community, you are offered personalized workouts, additional coaching, podcasts, trackers, elite community areas, and mobile applications. The point of this social community is to motivate and encourage its members to succeed, without the limitations that a program done on your own entails.

Members are actually encouraged to help each other, give suggestions, show their results, and even podcast their stories. It is a tight-knit ladies’ community where members eventually end up meeting in real life, not just online.

But the main point of this community is not just socializing for the sake of it. It is actually designed to keep you focused on your fat loss journey, preventing you from lagging behind, lacking motivation, slacking off or even dropping out.

About John Barban

John Barban John Barban is the creator of the Venus Factor. He is very much real and you can easily find information about him anywhere. He has a degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph, Canada, and a Masters In Human Biology and nutrition.

Further academic accomplishments include a post as a teacher of exercise physiology at the University of Florida, and several other qualifications like ACE PT, CSEP, and NSCA CSCS.

He has vast experience as a researcher and developer of supplements, quite bizarre considering that his product reviewed here does NOT encourage the use of any supplement. He has worked for some famous brands like BlueStar Nutraceuticals, Slimquick, MuscleTech, NxLabs.

Most importantly, he has experience as a strength and conditioning coach for powerlifting teams and vast knowledge on biomechanics and human movement, which he put into use for several of his programs, either for muscle building or for weight loss as is the case of  Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor System Components

The Venus Factor is both a physical and digital program. Aside from getting instant access to the program for the digital version, you also get a good old fashioned physical version delivered to your door.

This way you get 2 pigeons with one shot, quite unusual and welcome by weight loss program standards. The digital version of the program is fully compatible with all devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can access it anywhere on your phone. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Here is what’s inside:

  • Nutritional manual – All the diet theory, the role of leptin for weight loss explained, meal planning, how to calculate your calorie requirements, and your fat loss ratio.
  • Workout manual – Guidance for all exercises and workout cycles laid out.
  • Online videos – 130+ video tutorials for accurate implementation.
  • Software – An application that makes your calorie intake easy and accurate to work out.
  • The social community – A useful online hub where to hang around for motivation and help with lot of additional resources as described above.

Venus Factor Program


The Bottom Line

The Venus Factor is a well-organized program specifically designed for women, which takes into account their different nutritional and workout requirements.

It comes complete with exercise manuals and video tutorials in order to complement the diet plan and maximize fat loss, plus other handy tools like the social “immersion” community.

But the most important aspect of the program is that it promotes gradual and sustainable fat loss for permanent results.

It does so with progressive adjustments in your calorie intake as you go along, keeping your metabolism high, and promoting effective fat loss, preventing stagnation or yo-yo rebounds.

It goes without saying that such an approach requires commitment and discipline on your part. The programs provide you with all the guidance and tools you need to succeed, but if you are not consistent with it, it won’t work, nothing will.

Also, John Barban’s system stresses the importance of leptin response for effective weight loss in women, providing accurate nutritional guidelines in order to optimize the release of leptin.

It is also a welcome fact that this program does not promise unrealistic results, it gives you a feasible blueprint to follow for sustainable, long-term results, not a quick answer to unrealistic expectations. And, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There are plenty of fad diet plans out there. Venus Factor is NOT one of those. If you are prepared to put in discipline and commitment, then the Venus Factor is certainly a good plan to consider.

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