Unlock Your Glutes Review – Does It Really Make Your Glutes Stronger?

Unlock Your Glutes by Brian Klepacki is a comprehensive workout blueprint designed to target all the three main muscles making up the glutes:  the Maximus, Medius, and the Minimus.

Currently sold at a discounted price of $17 on the official website unlockmyglutes.com, the Unlock Your Glutes program is a well-structured, gluteus-focused program.

The exercises are isolation moves that force the glutes to move in all planes, vertical, horizontal, and rotational.

These moves are very different from the traditional exercises generally associated with glutes, like squats, dead-lifts, and lounges. These only partially challenge the glutes on a vertical plane, leaving out most other movements like twisting and rotating.

Brian Klepacki created the program to address a problem allegedly afflicting experienced athletes and newbies alike. People with solid squats and dead-lifts often lament poor glutes, power, or development despite their hard workouts.

Glutes, of course, are essential for real-life athletic performance; think of sprinters. They enable us to move our legs in all three planes of motion,  in a way mirroring the function of deltoids for our arms and in synergy with the hip flexors, or psoas.

Glutes are central to how your body performs in general and are critical for our posture and efficiency in walking, running, and performing all sorts of movements.

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Poorly developed glutes are not just an esthetic detriment but also a fast track to a series of ailments such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hamstring strain
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Poor posture (which can also lead to back problems)

Not only this, but a sedentary lifestyle stifles this large muscle group. It can lead to poor neural adaptation with a sub-par mind-muscle connection that hinders proper muscle engagement when needed, hence the difficulty of training glutes properly.

This is why squats, lounges, and deadlifts leave something to be desired when trying to engage your glutes. It’s because these classic weight training exercises fail to re-establish a mind-muscle connection to your glutes and mostly work your quads and hamstrings.

The “Unlock Your Glutes” program was designed specifically to re-activate this slacking aspect of muscle activation with targeted isolation exercises, unlike any squat or lounges you may have been doing.

Below, you’ll find out more about how this program works and what it can do for your glutes.

Unlock Yor Glutes Workout

Who Is Unlock Your Glutes For?

Unlock Your Glutes is for everyone, men and women, young and old, beginners or advanced.

It is an ideal blueprint for sedentary people or gym warriors alike or anyone dissatisfied with their booty strength and looks.

Even seasoned weight lifters or bodybuilders generally very strong at squatting, lounging, and deadlifting can lag in the butt department and find these specific glutes workouts challenging.

Whoever is affected by a so-called “dead butt syndrome” or sub-par glute performance and inability to engage your glutes may find this program beneficial. From an esthetic standpoint, the “dead butt syndrome” results in a “flat butt syndrome.”

As a result, you need to learn how to activate your gluteus muscle fibers first if you want to achieve a robust and well-rounded butt.

Another strong point of the program is that it can be used as a stand-alone blueprint or together with any current regimen you may be following, as the workouts do not take much of your time and commitments, just two days a week in as little as 15 minutes.

In addition, the moves can be done with weights or simply with your body weight, which leaves the options open for both gym warriors and do-it-at-home trainees.

Consumer Advice On Unlock Your Glutes Price

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Be wary of bogus discount/coupon websites online purporting special/activation links for a discounted price of $17. No such special discounts/coupon links exist because $17 is, in fact, the regular price the Unlock Your Glutes program is already sold for on the official website.

The so-called special links/coupon websites simply link you back to the regular unlockmyglutes.com official website, where the program is sold @ $17, regardless of where you come from.

Don’t fall for such a misleading ruse and waste your time going around in loops. You can get your discounted Unlock Your Glutes program for $17 simply by going directly to the official website unlockmyglutes.com.

Unlock Your Glutes

How Does It Work?

Unlock Your Glutes is a professional program that teaches you everything there is about butts and how to train them the athlete’s way.

The instructions contain in-depth information on glutes anatomy, how they work, and what bio-mechanics engage them, illustrating very different moves from regular squats and dead-lifts.

The manual goes on to describe how to force muscle activation on your glutes and re-establish the long-lost mind-muscle connection, a negative side effect of a sedentary lifestyle, with appropriate techniques.

The information takes in a broader scope, describing the carry-over effects of strong glutes on the lower back, with additional benefits for many problems like:

  • Lower back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Knee pain
  • Poor posture
  • Hamstring pain
  • Flat butt syndrome
  • Diminished athletic performance
  • Ankle instability
  • Muscle imbalances

On the other hand, you can expect an increase in qualities such as:

  • Stronger lifts in traditional squats, deadlifts, and lounges
  • Increased sprinting and jumping performance
  • A rounder, more muscular, and sexier butt
  • A more athletic physique
  • No more pain in the lower back or anywhere else

The workouts are meant not just for sprinters of professional athletes but also for regular people who can benefit from this whole range of improvements as they go about their daily lives.

While the blueprint focuses on function, it also takes into account aesthetics. You get information on specific exercises and cardio to improve your proportions.

The manual also provides scientific references to support its claims and exercise strategy. It finishes off with the workout charts and specs information on sets, repetition range, time under tension, cadence, static holds (isometrics), all complemented with pictures.

These workout charts go hand in hand with the provided video library to better understand the movements.

Unlock Your Glutes Exercises

The Unlock Your Glutes Exercises

The glute movements are basically isolation drills the likes of which are uncharted territory for most people.

These have nothing to do with alternative but ineffective “celebrity workouts for butts”; instead, they are built with a sound understanding of biomechanics and anatomy.

There is a reason for it; Brian Klepacki holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and knows what works and what does not, thanks to his qualifications and expertise on the field at his own “Compound” facility in Florida.

The Unlock Your Glutes exercises are gluteus specific and designed for complete engagement, targeting the three muscles making up the gluteus in vertical, horizontal, and rotational plains. This approach is essential for full gluteus development, just like it is essential to hit the front, lateral and rear parts of the deltoids for full shoulder development.

Specifically, the muscles making up the gluteus are:

  • Gluteus Maximus – By far the largest of the three muscles, it is the one most responsible for your butt size and shape. It’s a massive and powerful muscle that extends the tight backward and laterally rotates it at the hip joint. It’s the one most responsible for a sprinter’s powerful look and is indispensable for running and walking.
  • Gluteus Medius – Much smaller than the Maximus but more significant than the Minimus, this muscle is located on the pelvis and abducts the thigh at the hip joint. In other words, it lifts the tight outward on the side.
  • Gluteus Minimus – The smallest of the three, it’s located deeper in the hip and works in synergy with the Medius to produce internal rotation and abduction of the thigh and generally stabilize the hip in the gait.

Gluteus Maximus Medius Minimus

Unlock Your Glutes contains 36 movements designed to target the three muscles from all planes and directions. Particularly useful are the bodyweight hip thrusts, which this study has shown as superior to squats for glutes hypertrophy and strength while protecting the spine and knees from the strain and pain typical of squats.

How To Use Unlock Your Glutes

The program recommends training the glutes twice a week, not together with legs. It may seem counterintuitive since squats and lounges do engage your glutes a bit after all, but the author reckons professionals like fitness competitors and models train them separately for a reason.

While this may be the case, I reckon that you should experiment and see what works best for you. After all, this is a stackable program that you can use as an add-on to your current workout schedule, specifically for your glutes.

Since most of the Unlock Your Glutes exercises are bodyweight only, you may try doing them in your leg-day after your heavy squat exercises, which would act as a warm-up for your glutes, then hit them hard with the Unlock Your Glutes exercises and see how your body responds.

My point is that there is always some degree of overlap when it comes to legs and glutes, just like there is with front deltoids and pecs when doing the bench press. Not quite the same, but some overlap there is nonetheless.

After all, it takes about 15 minutes for the Unlock Your Glutes routines, so you may use them as “gluteus finishers” after your leg exercises.

I do them after legs , but see what works best for you.

Dead Butt Syndrome And Glutes Activation

The underlying reason why your glutes are underdeveloped is, of course, typically a sedentary lifestyle. However, even if you train your glutes, you are likely to achieve sub-par results if you don’t know how to activate them.

Sitting for prolonged times cuts off the responsiveness of the gluteus muscles to your brain signals, basically becoming inhibited to full contraction.

Untargeted exercises like squats and lounges can only partially offset the status quo because too much effort is used activating your quads and hamstrings for lifting the weight; therefore, your glutes cannot become fully engaged.

That’s what the Unlock Your Glutes program is all about, awakening the activation of your glutes to help you re-learn how to actually contract the fibers before you can even perform regular repetitions.

I think this is the core benefit of the program, which is implemented through a clever sequence called the “GM3 Method”

The GM3  Method – The Core Of Unlock Your Glutes Program

All the Unlock Your Glutes routines follow a “GM3” Method, a sequential structure with three different phases designed to activate your glutes and establish the mind-muscle connection, without which no amount of ox exertion can produce the hoped-for results.

The sequence goes like this:

  1. Wake Up Prime and Activate – This phase focuses on waking up and preparing the sleeping glutes for the subsequent steps.
  2. Release Inhibiting Muscles – This phase concerns relaxing the antagonistic muscles to allow for a proper contraction of the glutes.
  3. Exercise To Build Strength – The glutes specific workouts, not unlike those used by sprinters or fitness models who split their butt workouts from those for legs.

Unlock Your Glutes GM3 Method

Besides the sequence, all the exercises follow a set of 6 different techniques to target the glutes with the broadest possible range of stimuli:

  1. Restorative Lengthening: that is relaxing the antagonistic muscle to elicit full contraction. In the case of the glutes, that would be the psoas.
  2. Neuro-Muscular Activation: the good old idea of mind-muscle connection so prevalent in bodybuilding here takes on a life of its own, as the sedentary glutes completely lack any responsiveness to impulse and need to be kicked back into life.
  3. Spine Protecting Movements: the exercises are nothing like squats and lounges, thus being spine-friendly and preventing injury and pain down the line.
  4. The EMG Muscle Recruitment: glute exercises selected exclusively based on proven electrical stimulus such as in studies like the Electromyographic comparison of conventional machine strength training versus bodyweight (read here).
  5. Iso-Holds: aside from isotonic exercises with concentric and eccentric portions, Brian Klepacki also outlines some helpful isometric hold exercises for glutes, a tried and tested method for improving strength also used by elite gymnasts, among the others.
  6. Time Under Tension: variations in the execution of the eccentric and concentric parts of the isotonic exercises to stimulate the glutes with different tempos, thus eliciting a better overall development.

To Find Out More Go To unlockmyglutes.com, Where the Unlock Your Glutes program Is Currently Sold Discounted @ $17. Right Now, There Is Also A Discounted Digital + Physical Version @ $27.

About Author Brian Klepacki

Brian Klepacki Brian Keplacki is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 16 years experience in training and coaching, a C.I.S.S.N. – Certified Sports Nutritionist, and a Certified FMS Level 2 Functional Movement Systems.

He is the owner and Head Coach of Optimax Performance Training from St. Petersburg, Florida, and Resident Strength Coach for Critical Bench. He also runs the “Compound,” a state-of-the-art training facility in Clearwater, Florida.

Optimax was created to give fully customized coaching to people who want to achieve their full potential.

Brian Klepacki holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Barry University plus a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University.

He has accounts everywhere online on YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, and Instagram. The bottom line is that Brian Klepacki is super-qualified in the business of telling people how to train and work out for the best results.

What’s Inside Unlock Your Glutes?

This electronic program is readily available on the official website upon purchase through an instant download, with no deliveries to wait for.

Update – Now Unlock Your Glutes is also available in physical format (physical book + DVD) for $27. If you choose the physical version, you also get the digital version for free. The digital version alone is $17.

There are two main components in the program and two bonuses as described below:

Main Components

  • Unlock Your Glutes Manual – The program’s foundation is a PDF manual containing all the theory plus the workout charts with breakdowns and pictures of all exercises.
  • Unlock Your Glutes Coaching Videos – This is a collection of 36 HD videos well shot in Brian’s fitness facility in Florida. One video for each of the 36 exercises described in the manual to memorize the moves better. People adverse to learning through reading would find this video component of the program particularly useful.


Strong Leg Workouts – This is a complimentary leg workout to be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the main glutes program. The exercises are designed to NOT overlap with the glutes workouts and can be performed with a gym or a bodyweight-only blueprint.

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan – As the name implies, this is a short-term solution for quick but still safe fat loss. It is not a long-term dietary plan, and you should switch over to something more sustainable later on. However, it still gives valuable information on nutrients and meals to kick-start the fat loss process and gets the first tangible results.

Unlock Your Glutes Package

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My Personal Opinion Of Unlock Your Glutes

Given that I train at home with calisthenics, I had to face for a long time the limitations of leg and butt training.

While there’s no problem with increasing strength and hypertrophy with upper body exercises, the lower body has always been the weak part of calisthenics training, particularly the butt.

I came to master pistol squats through time and effort, which are very demanding and a big jump from 2-legged bodyweight squats, but this is still a leg workout, not specific to the gluteus area.

As soon as I started training with hip thrusts and the rotational movements and sequences shown in the program, I found I could squeeze and contract my butt in a way that I have never experienced with squats or lounges before, ever.

The Unlock Your Glutes program takes hip thrusts and glutes activation to the highest possible level, and I cannot recommend it enough.

If glutes are your problem, don’t waste your time with celebrities’ routines. They know nothing about it, and even if they look good is just because they happen to be born with nice butts or are very young. They look good despite their training, not because of it.

If you are not a blessed-by-genes celebrity, don’t waste your time emulating their routines but go to Brian Klepacki’s Unlock Your Glutes instead.

But don’t take my word for it; click here to view the testimonials from Unlock Your Glutes

The Good And The Bad Of Unlock Your Glutes

Good Points

  • The program is the creation of a very knowledgeable author with qualifications and experience. Brian Klepacki is the G.O.A.T when it comes to scientific training.
  • Fantastic materials. Whether you go for the physical or digital version, it does not matter. The content is top-quality with first-class information. You’ll never look at your butts the same way as before.
  • HD quality video tutorials help you implement the routines from home comfort (or anywhere).
  • Stackable program. You can use it standalone or in conjunction with your current workout schedule.
  • Quick and effective. You need to do the drills just twice a week, 15 minutes per session.
  • Fast-acting. You notice an improvement within 30 days.
  • Excellent value. Considering the time, money, and commitment Brian Klepacki has spent on his education to help his clients, $17 (or $27 for the physical version) is a steal. This is a top program.
  • Very effective program. Plainly and, Unlock Your Glutes has a vast catalog of satisfied testimonials to show for. It just works.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bad Points

  • It’s a bit of a brick to digest all the information and the science behind it. But the program works.

Closing Thoughts

Unlock Your Glutes by Brian Klepacki is a professional, well-designed program that can be used stand-alone or with your current regimen.

The workouts are designed to address the flaws of traditional squats, deadlifts, and lounges for glutes development, targeting its three main muscles from all possible angles and with different kinds of resistance and tempo, using only specific glutes isolation exercises.

These exercises were scientifically hand-picked from those offering the most significant EMG muscle recruitment and structured progressively from priming through re-establishing the mind-muscle connection to the core workouts.

Unlock Your Glutes is suitable for anyone, from office workers to seasoned gym warriors with dead or sub-par butts who find it difficult to stimulate them and want to kick them back to life.

Given the high-quality videos that come with the program, the professional qualifications, and the experience of the author, plus the low asking price, “Unlock Your Glutes” offers a lot of bang for the buck and is a worthy investment for those who need to step up the game in the glutes department.

Unlock Your Glutes

Unlock Your Glutes FAQs

How Does Unlock Your Glutes Compare To Other Programs?

Simply put, it does not compare because it is better than other programs targeting the glutes. It is a thorough program that comes from the knowledge and experience of a top trainer.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Program?

Unlock Your Glutes is structured in a 4-week time frame, during which time you should notice a marked improvement. However, you can keep going as long as needed and repeat it over and over.

Who Is Unlock Your Glutes For?

Anyone can follow this program, from absolute beginners to experienced bodybuilders, men, and women.

Do I need Equipment To Do It?

You can do Unlock Your Glutes at home with no equipment or just essential gear like dumbbells.

Are The Routines Difficult For Beginners?

No, the program is all about glutes activation through bodyweight exercises or light resistance. You don’t need to be Mr. Olympia to perform it.

What If I Have An Injury?

Consult with your doctor first to assess your circumstances. Having said this, the exercises are mostly bodyweight and don’t require you to lift heavyweights. They are generally safe.

Does It Come With A Guarantee?

Yes, Unlock Your Glutes comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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