Total Wellness Cleanse Review – An Insider Look – Is It Worth Your Money?

Total Wellness Cleanse is designed to get rid of all the toxins piled up over years of nutritional abuse and to gear, your body up to stay permanently in a clean and high-energy mode.

It does so with a gentle, yet effective nutritional plan consisting of wholesome and tasty foods that you can easily find in any grocery shop. Below you will find a complete report on this cleansing plan.

Total Wellness Cleanse is designed to maintain the results achieved even after the end of its cycle, even eating some of the old treats here and there without fear of losing the gained benefits.

Many cleanse celebrity fad programs fail to ensure long-term results because too drastic in their approach, or even dangerous like long-term fasting. At best they can achieve short-term results.

In this case, the author approached the detox issue using a food-based strategy. In short, he found out that you need food, albeit a healthy one, to flush out toxins from your body and that drastic calorie deficit, diet pills, low calorie but poor quality foods, and even exercises alone are not enough for effective long term results.

The main culprits for the sorry toxic state of our modern lifestyle body are four: pesticides, food additives, genetically modified foods, and xenoestrogens. More on this below.

Total Wellness Cleanse Review

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How Does It Work?

The point that Yuri Elkaim is making is that our eating habits have gone so astray since the start of the modern industrialized age that we do not even realize how much “garbage” we feed on because this is just the way we are used to and grew up with.

To him, supermarkets are full of foods that should not even be fit for human consumption and he points out 4 main culprits that we carelessly feed on in processed and even “natural-looking” food without a second thought.

Neutralizing The Effects Of Pesticides, Artificial Food Additives, Genetically Modified Foods, and Xenoestrogens


Take pesticides, for example. Any grape berry or fruit you eat is probably contaminated with it. Pesticides are designed to kill insects and pests by blocking their nervous system, reducing crop losses, and improving profits.

In theory, such small doses should be harmless to humans, but scrupulous Yuri has gone out of his way to find out more about this issue and has found many discrepancies between what is officially told to consumers and what really is going on.

He points out several studies debunking the myth that these pesticides are harmless after all and that we really eat too much and too many of these neurotoxic pesticides with long-term effects on our nervous system like tiredness, lack of energy, insomnia, headaches, and more.

Artificial Additives

Artificial additives are again one more ingredient that we do not think about a lot because we take it as a matter of life that they are there to preserve foods and they must be safe after all since we eat them with all processed foods without “apparent or immediate” ill effects.

According to Yuri, this is again not the case at all. For example, BHA, a common additive, is used almost in everything, from human food to cosmetics to pet foods, and has already been declared by California as a carcinogen.

Total Wellness Cleanse Recipes

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food is also on the dock. Yuri once more points out that 90% of US corn is genetically modified. This is just an example, but the idea for all GMF is to increase crops and profits, of course in a supposedly harmless way.

Yet again, Yuri is like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to investigating the truthfulness of such claims, producing in support of his claims a University scientific study of lab rats fed on such genetically modified corn accelerating the growth of tumors, or suffering kidney damage or liver failure death.


Last but not least, the xenoestrogens. These are the least known by the general public, yet they are everywhere, cosmetics, plastic, toothpaste, foods, and just about anything you can think of.

When they enter your bloodstream, they mimic the female hormone estrogen, causing an array of unwelcome side effects both in men and women such as decreased fertility and increased chances of developing cancer.

All in all, the point of Total Wellness Cleanse is to make you fully aware of the unnatural environment and poisonous substances we daily take into our system from an early age. This awareness is the foundation upon which this program is based.

Only a deep-rooted awareness of the dangerous chemicals out there in our daily lives can set you up for a successful turn of events. This is what we liked the most about this program, aside from the practical approach given by the nutritional guidelines, wholesome recipes, and clean foods.

Without this awareness, we just keep making our life more miserable at best or munching our way to an early grave at worst. The bottom line is, never assume that what you eat is safe just because everybody else is eating it.

Total Wellness Cleanse Detox

The Total Wellness Cleanse 2 Phases

So once you are aware of the dangers our industrialized age has cast upon us with the devious pesticides, GMF, xenoestrogens, and additives, what can you do to turn the table around?

Here is where the practical part of the program comes in hand with a 2 phase approach to solve the problem, helping you get rid of toxins accumulated in a lifetime, restore energy levels, and also get rid of stubborn extra fat along the way.

The problem with fat is that it is not just unhealthy as it is, it also acts as an ideal storage unit for toxins, making it more difficult to get rid of. Get rid of toxins and your ability to get rid of fat will increase.

Not only that, but being overweight is also related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels. According to the author, eliminating toxins through a healthy nutritional regime is the first important step to set up your body to lose extra fat and restore cholesterol and sugar to healthy levels.

Each of the 2 phases of the program lasts 15 days for a total of 30 days.

Phase 1 – The Cleanse Phase

This is set up in a gentle way so as to prepare your body gradually to detoxify with a specifically designed and sequenced nutritional plan.

There is a method in the chosen foods and sequence that must be adhered to for maximum effect. It may be a gentle approach, but it is calculated with scientific accuracy to provide your body with all the nutrients needed to start the detoxification process in line with the program mantra to cleanse your body with the correct foods.

Phase 2 – The Maintenance Phase

This can be described as a transition phase between Phase 1 and your regular life thereafter. In this phase, you should be already reaping the benefits of Phase 1 and use your newly found energy levels and improved health to ease back into your normal lifestyle without absorbing toxins again.

According to Yuri, you should be able to eat even some of the meals you used to eat BEFORE the program without ill effect or fear of relapse into a morbid state again.

This is also a good point that we liked about the program. It is not an earthquake shock to your body. There is no need for that. Yuri Alkaim points out that many not so effective detox program is just too taxing on your body and lack long term perspective.

Total Wellness Cleanse is not about starvation, poo potions, toilet sprints, laxatives, herbal supplements, and whatnot, but a healthy and wholesome nutritional approach based on scientific guidelines and thousands of satisfied customer results.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Total Wellness Cleanse Smoothies

Who Is Yuri Elkaim?

Yuri Elkaim Yuri Elkaim is a holistic nutritionist and high-performance health coach. He decided to pursue this career in order to help people with the same problem he had when he was young.

Affected by severe Alopecia (total loss of hair) as a teenager, he dragged along for several years with his autoimmune condition without the doctors being able to find the root cause of it and resorting to just cortisone injections quick fix.

After he embarked in holistic nutrition studies he eventually “discovered” that all his problems stemmed simply from “food poisoning”, which is a build-up of toxins in his body over years of poor nutrition based on tons of carbohydrates, sugary treats, and processed food in general.

The end result was constant low energy, eczema, asthma, and Alopecia. No sooner he ditched these unhealthy eating habits he regained renewed vitality, energy, while asthma, eczema and alopecia became a distant memory, losing extra fat along the way, permanently.

This is more or less the background of the program. The foreground is that this total body cleanse program is based on completely restructure eating habits for 30 days in order to achieve and maintain permanently a complete detoxification of your body with all the health benefits described above. It is the only food-based cleansing program on the market. 

Total Wellness Cleanse Program

Total Wellness Cleanse PDF And Components

The Cleanse Phase and the Maintenance Phase are the basic structure of the program, but its practical application comes in a 3 part layout, a quick start guide to get you into the program right off the bat without further aggravation.

The Core part is the scientific backbone of the program with everything you need to know about toxins and proper nutrition. And the Audio Seminars for a better understanding of the whole process through live audio interviews with clients.

The Quick Starter Kit – The Core – The Audio Seminars

The Quick Start Guide: this is the blueprint to get you started immediately, easy to read, and down to earth. The guide illustrates the basics to get you started with the program:

  • The key rule to achieve permanent purity. This rule is not considered by other programs of this kind and this is why they fail.
  • The nutrients your body needs in order to start the detox process, all of them. Not only that, you must take them all, otherwise, the program effectiveness will be impaired.
  • Progress Charts to check your results and keep you motivated.
  • How to overcome to so-called “healing crisis. This is the stage when many people give up on detoxification as a result of their body’s response to the cleansing. This part of the Quick Start Guide will teach you how to deal with this crisis and overcome it.
  • 9 changes you must make in order for your detox foods and nutrients to be better absorbed. This is because after years of unhealthy nutrition your body has lost some ability to absorb foods.
  • Tips and suggestions to keep your colon healthy, eliminating gas and bloating.
  • A chapter dedicated to the liver and how few changes in your lifestyle can improve its efficiency and health with minimal effort.
  • A similar chapter telling you how to keep your liver healthy by observing 5 rules. These will allow your liver to filter out all the toxins.
  • How to listen to your body and make adjustments to your lifestyle as required.
  • The 4 critical nutrients cells need to live. This is apparently the reason why most people feel drained and lethargic because most foods they eat lack these key nutrients.
  • One particular nutrient that is vital to decrease the insurgence of cancer and where to find it.
  • 9 different herbal teas that help you improve your health.

The Total Wellness Cleanse Core Package: this is the scientific part of the program that you can read leisurely as you go along while acting on the Quick Start Guide.

This package is made up of 5 parts:

  • The Cleanse Food Guide – this is a 54 page PDF containing everything you need to know about cleansing foods in layman terms, which ones are which, and how to get them. It is the compound knowledge of years of experience and results on the field on real customers with real results, not some theory pie in the sky.
  • 119 recipes – These go hand in hand with the Cleanse Food Guide above, teaching you how to actually make these meals. The vast majority take around 10 minutes to make, no need to live in the kitchen. Only few may take a little longer just because of cooking times, not preparation.
  • The Cleanse Phase and Maintenance Phase Meals, how to prepare them from A to Z, not need for guesswork.
  • The Shopping List. How to actually find these ingredients at your local grocery store.
  • Daily Food Journals – Poop Tracker – Success and Inspiration, all nice extra parts of the program to keep you motivated.

The Audio Seminars:

Some people prefer listening to reading. So the program comes complete with 13 AUDIO seminars for a thorough understanding og the program and its principles. Here is a breakdown of the seminars:

  • Getting Started On The Total Wellness Cleanse.
  • Colon Health.
  • Weight Loss Explained.
  • Organs Of Detoxification.
  • The Truth About Fats And Oils.
  • Preserving Healthy Bones.
  • The Scary Truth About Sugar.
  • The Thyroid – Adrenal Connection.
  • Understanding Food Labels.
  • Food and Environmental Allergies.
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating.
  • Success Psychology and the “Inner Game”.
  • Celebration and Final Thoughts.

The Bonuses

It also offers 2 extra bonuses, the Daily Coaching e-Mails, and a dedicated FaceBook page for members. Private emails are virtually unheard of for programs of this kind and also the FaceBook community helps keep you motivated and on track. Both serve the purpose of being guided and assisted and to avoid plateaus or lack of commitment.

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Closing Thoughts

Yuri Elkaim’s program is not just an effective cleansing program, but a highly professional one. Most cleansing programs appear to achieve limited or temporary results because they lack the long-term approach that the Total Wellness Cleanse has.

The strategy for the long-term effectiveness of Yuri Elkaim program consists of foods and nutrients that are carefully selected and sequenced in a special way so as to leave nothing to chance.

The nutrients and the sequence are the results of both Yuri’s professional Holistic Nutritionist background and results on the field.

Nothing works better for someone who wants to help people with a particular problem than having been in the same shoes. It makes one more dedicated and empathic to other people who now have the same problem as he had before.


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