Total Six Pack Abs Review – The Fat Loss Way To A Six Pack Exposed

In this review of Total Six Pack Abs you will find that, not surprisingly, the key to perfect abs is first of all a low body fat composition all over, as the author Mark McManus clearly states.

There is no use in performing tons of exercises if your abs are covered by a layer of fat. This review will reveal all the pros, cons, and benefits of this program.

How Does Total Six Pack Abs Work?

Total Six Pack Abs is a blueprint to fat loss and muscle gain that leaves nothing to chance. Depending on your body type and body fat composition, your gender, age, and lifestyle, TSPA works out exactly how many calories you need to eat, what food, which exercises.

Unique among many fat loss or muscle building programs, it comes with a micronutrient and calorie counting software designed to achieve not just fat loss but also muscle building.

Building muscle while losing fat is the holy grail of everyone who trains, and Total Six Pack Abs apparently delivers what it offers with the backup of scientific references found as an addition to the program. The software is set up for windows by default, but all calculations can be easily worked out manually.

This accurate approach to exercising and dieting has produced a very long list of satisfied customers, as documented by the testimonials. The common factor in their feedback is not just the excellent results achieved regardless of age, but also the speed.

Total Six Pack Abs Review

On his main website, Mark uses another online software to calculate how long it will take for you to lose body fat in a best or worst-case scenario. In any case, most people seem to transform their physiques in weeks rather than months or years.

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Total Six Pack Abs Diet

Total Six Pack Abs

The program is designed to force your body to break out from a fat reserve mode into a fat-burning mode. Your body, Mark claims stores fat in order to use it later when needed. Unfortunately, inaccurate programs or approximate workouts and diets do nothing to spur your body into fat-melting mode.

The key is the eating factor: different foods give different hormonal signals to the fat cells, that’s why many people keep running on the treadmill forever, cutting down calories, buying slimming supplements, and still struggle to lose fat, let alone to show a six-pack.

The Total Six Pack Abs program readdresses the problem with an accurate blueprint on the right diet that sends the correct hormonal signals, spurring fat loss.

The point is not so much in exercising, though of course, you must do that, rather in kicking your metabolism into action. No amount of exercise and endless sit-ups can do that, only an active metabolism, which in turn is turned on by an organized diet, can.

Who Is Mark McManus?

Mark McManus Mark McManus is a successful trainer and fitness expert who has worked for Iron Man Magazine and has 10 years of research experience in muscle building and fat loss as well as a successful bodybuilding blog.

The program is down to the point and effective without the need for countless hours of the cardio, treadmill, or to perform an endless list of abs exercises like crunches, sit-ups, leg raises.

It just takes in the equation all factors needed to sculpt a lean and muscular body down to a science.

Total Six Pack Abs PDF Components

This is a program that stresses the importance of a good diet for optimal metabolism and fat burning, aside from resistance training, so it treats the “food intake” aspect not just scientifically but also from a practical standpoint, giving away delicious homemade recipes.

Here is what you get:

  1. The main PDF Total Six-Pack Abs Program.
  2. Accurate software and mathematical formulas to plan calories, proteins, carbs, and fat intake for each and every individual need.
  3. Free fat-burning menus.
  4. Special Muscle building routine.
  5. Special a very effective cardio routine.
  6. MP3 Music tracks for the cardio sessions.
  7. Recipes (including chocolate muffins, homemade protein pancakes, pizzas, protein bars, and protein porridge).
  8. Apparently, these treats are also good for the muscle-building, fat-burning goal.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you thought that diet was an important factor in the fat loss equation, it is not. It is super important, because it is not just about calories intake but also what foods to eat for optimal metabolism and fat burning.

The Total Six Pack Abs diet plan is organized in a way to lose fat while at the same time feeding the muscles. On top of that, resistance workouts complete the picture kick muscles into growth, and accelerate fat burning even further, with just a little cardio for good measure, not marathon sessions.

total six pack abs

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