Toned In Ten Review – Does Erin Nielsen’s Minimalist Program Work?

Toned In Ten reviewToned In Ten is a simple plan for busy people who have no time for long workouts. It can be done at home in as little as 10 minutes per day, 50 minutes per week, with short but high-intensity workouts optimized for “afterburn” fat loss.

Eric Nielsen’s program is a no-frills blueprint equally suitable for women and men. In this review, you will find out how it works and all the benefits and negative points.

Who Is Toned In Ten Right For?

The program sounds attractive to a good deal of people. The vast majority of guys and gals do not particularly enjoy long cardio sessions for little return, nor do people like to commute back and forth a crowded gym with all the weekly commitments they have.

Toned In Ten seems to address all these problems in one go, making it possible to train anywhere without equipment in just few minutes per day,  with better potential results than traditional workouts.

Most moms at home with kids or professionals with a hectic lifestyle and no time to waste will find this program particularly attractive.

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Toned In Ten Workouts

What Is Toned In Ten?

Toned In Ten is a program allegedly designed not just to make the best use of your time but also to burn fat from the most troubled spots like your belly, thighs, and arms, while making you look younger in the process.

However, it is not a spot reduction program, but a general fat loss and fitness plan, as there is not such thing as spot weight loss. So you are expected to lose fat all over, including trouble areas.

The idea of the program is to switch from long and ineffective cardio to short, intense bursts of efforts with the intention to raise Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC.

This is a well-known effect and the foundation of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, upon which the program is based. These short but intense efforts have the welcome side effect of increasing your metabolic rate well after you finished the workout, helping you burn fat even while at rest.

Not so with long, tedious cardio that just does not trigger the same effect, making you just waste time with minimal, temporary calorie burning.

The benefits of HIIT and EPOC for burning fat and reshaping your body mass index BMI, are well documented and many studies have been made over the years to document this effect, such as this one

Another important aspect of the program is that it addresses the lack of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in a natural way. Traditional, long workouts do not challenge your body hard enough to have an effect at all on this very important hormone that helps your body burn fat even faster.

The author mentions studies such as this one that prove the influence that this hormone has of fat loss to back up her claims. What happens is that these short, 10-minute workouts cause your body to use your fat storage as a source of energy.

Toned In Ten Routines

The Toned In Ten Workouts

These short but intense bodyweight workouts are there in place not just for the sake of saving your time, but they have the specific purpose of making you burn fat much better than never-ending, slow-paced cardio.

According to Erin, HGH has also a positive effect on anti-aging and she still backs up her claim with another study. However, this last evidence is not as conclusive as to the previous ones, so any youthful look you may acquire through this program may have not so much to do with an increase of HGH, rather with a reduction of body fat and improved good health.

To be fair, any athlete that works out too long or too hard, from long-distance runners to competitive bodybuilders, more often than not look aged and worn out, with clear signs of self-inflicted abuse like tendonitis, inflammations, joint problems, and so on.

But you never see a gazelle running in the savanna for hours to keep fit and escape from the lions. All gazelles do is sprinting if and when required, yet they do not have an ounce of fat on their bodies. An extra reason for short but effective workouts.

Toned In Ten Exercise Flexibility

The bodyweight workouts can be done stand alone or in conjunction with other disciplines like Pilates.

Depending on your level of fitness, you can do just one workout per session or stack two together, so you can make your workouts harder if your fitness level allows it.

However, if you do arms and legs in one day, the author suggests that the next day you should only do walking or Pilates.

Author Erin Nielsen

Erin NielsenErin Nielsen is a 42-year-old mom and wife from Upstate NY. Professionally, she is a physical therapist since 1998, Pilates instructor, and Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

Over the years, she developed an interest in health and nutrition while busy working out for hours, eating lots of carbs and processed foods.

As a result, she developed unwelcome side effects like troubled sleeping, weight gain, and joint pain.

While working as a Physical Therapist, through trial and error she was able to develop a system to restore her body weight to healthy, optimal levels.

She dedicated her time to find out what causes aging, finding a solution in Epigenetics, the environmental modifications to DNA. She has a good online presence and can be easily found.

Her Toned In Ten plan is the end result of her years of experience in the field, whereas she crafted a blueprint that wants to be both effective and time-efficient for those people like she was who are tired of wasting their time on treadmills with no signs of improvement.

Toned In Ten PDF And Videos

The program is digital, which means you can download it immediately upon purchase. It consists of 5 different components in PDF and video format, that is one main manual and four bonuses.

  • The Toned In Ten main manual – the core of the program with all the basic information, pictures, and the exercises explained in detail, which you can cross-check with the videos.
  • The Bonus 1 Toned in Ten – Follow Along with Workout Videos – a complimentary video library to the main manual where Erin coaches you, showcasing the exercises. These are online videos that you can access from your phone or PC.
  • Bonus 2 Toned in Ten – Nutrition Guide – an easy to follow nutritional blueprint without calorie counting. It is a simple and realistic guide on what to eat and when that does not require a degree in maths and can be used for the whole family too.
  • Bonus 3 Toned in Ten – Youthful Secrets – a booklet containing additional tips and suggestions on achieving glowing skin with youthful looks to be used along with your regular workout and nutritional blueprints.
  • Bonus 4 Toned in Ten – Grocery Shopping Lists – a handy grocery list so that you know what to buy for best results.

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Closing Thoughts

Toned In Ten is very much a common-sense kind of weight loss and fitness program without frills in an easy to follow layout. It is based on short but taxing bodyweight workout sessions designed not just to make you save time but also to increase metabolic rate 24/7 for greater fat loss.

As such, this plan has the potential to benefit the vast majority of people who in real life would very well do without gym memberships and long, boring cardio workouts.

Toned In Ten is a minimalist but effective plan that can be done anywhere without equipment and can be easily slotted into any lifestyle, however busy you may be. However, while the blueprint is simple, the short workouts require effort on your part to be effective.

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