The Skinny Fat Solution Review – Fad Or Real Deal?

The Skinny Fat Solution is a program specifically designed for ectomorphs, or skinny guys, who not only lack adequate muscle mass on their frame but also carry excess body fat with a resulting soft and shapeless look.

This blueprint addresses the problem by not focusing on the scale or generic weight loss.

Instead, it targets both fat tissue and muscle tissue with proper training and nutrition guidelines in order to completely re-arrange their ratio and achieve a healthy body mass index, which in turn translates into a completely transformed physique, regardless of what the scale says.

Below an analysis of this program and how it works.

The Skinny Fat Solution Structure

The Skinny Fat Solution tackles the underlying problem of skinny-fat guys and gals in a clear and workable way. The problem lies in the Body Mass Index, not the scale.

A skinny-fat guy is just that, someone with too little muscle with too much fat% on his frame. Take a regular non-skinny guy with more muscle but the same body fat% as the skinny guy, he will look better and more athletic.

The Skinny Fat Solution Review

Or take just a skinny guy with low body fat, he will look, if not strong and powerful, at least defined and athletic enough, but not shapeless and soft. All he needs to do in this case is just one step, adding lean muscle.

The skinny-fat guy has a double problem rolled into one. He needs to get rid of excess fat AND build muscle too. This can only be achieved through a method that takes into equal account training and nutrition.

The workouts in The Skinny Fat Solution are based on barbell training with compound exercises, the best for muscle growth and boosting metabolic rate, plus many pullups.

The nutritional plan varies depending on your final goal, workouts, and your current fitness level, but also makes us of intermittent fasting, widely known as an effective method to cut down calories for fat loss without slowing down metabolism.

The Skinny Fat Solution is structured into 3 different packages and 3 different fitness level goals, each likened to a soldier’s level. Each package is sold separately depending on your personal goals.

The Skinny Fat Solution

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Different Fitness Levels Of The Program

Anthony Mychal likes to divide skinny-fat guys into 3 different categories depending on the fitness goal they want to achieve. Skinny-fat guys are organized in a fancy military-style hierarchy like this: Soldier 3.0, Soldier 2.0, and Soldier 1.0, from bottom to top. Here is what it means.

Soldier 3.0 

This is the lowest entry-level with the mildest fitness goal in mind. This level belongs to all those guys/gals who simply want to get rid of their body fat but not increase their muscle mass.

The workout and nutritional blueprints are arranged to boost metabolism and burn fat while keeping muscle tone without actually increasing it. The reduction of body fat alone is often all that is needed to dramatically change body composition and look.

Soldier 2.0 

Soldier 2.0 is the right level for those who do not just want to lose most fat but also get absolutely shredded with particular workouts and diet guidelines designed to get rid of the most stubborn fat and the toxins in your fat cells so that they are prevented from storing fat in the first place. This level is the foundation for the next one, the muscle-building Soldier 1.0 level.

Soldier 1.0 

Solider 1.0 is the ultimate fitness level of the program designed to build lean muscle mass on your fat-free frame that you got from the first 2 levels. The workout schedule is heavy, with lots of heavy compound exercises and pull-ups combined with a nutritional plan designed to induce an anabolic response, that is packing on muscle.

This means that the Skinny Fat Solution is built in a pyramid structure, each phase a foundation for the next one. This solution gives you the ability to start low as you can always make the choice to upgrade to the next level as you wish. However, the top-level packages also include the lower levels, so they are better value overall.

Skinny Fat Solution Workouts

The 3 Skinny Fat Solution Packages – The Components Details

The Standard Package Level

The Skinny Fat Solution This is the simplest level of the program where you get to know all the basics, like muscle groups, exercise types, resistance workouts, or bodyweight training.

This stage is geared towards losing fat rather than building muscle, in order to improve your BMI. You may not look like a pro-bodybuilder by the end, but more defined and sharp for sure.

This is the ideal entry-level for those who want to achieve a sharper look with more definition without adding muscle.

If you have a considerable amount of fat on your ectomorph frame, just this fat loss process may dramatically change the way you look.

This blueprint offers workout and nutritional information to achieve this goal. The blueprint contains 6 PDF components plus free updates for life and email contact.

  • Soldier Philosophy PDF – This is the mindset part of the plan, how to get the right mental approach for the plan ahead, how to build motivation within, and progress.
  • Soldier 3.0 Physique Training PDF – This is a bodyweight and weight resistance workout regimen to go together with the nutrition PDF and boost metabolism, with information on body proportions and how to obtain an athletic “X” physique.
  • Soldier 3.0 Nutrition PDF – Tried and tested nutritional plan as used by the author for himself and his clients, designed to lose fat, re-arrange your body composition, and aid muscle repair from the workouts.
  • Soldier 3.0 Quick Reference Guide – A quick reference guide to save you time rather than going through the main nutrition and workout manuals.
  • Soldier 3.0 Posture and Movement PDF – An in-depth analysis of posture and the main compound exercises like squats, military presses, pull-ups, and bench press for perfect execution
  • Soldier 3.0 Exercise breakdown PDF – A manual with exercise variations, with links to YouTube demonstrations and exercise photos with the common problems being discussed.
  • Soldier 3.0 Kitchen And Life Vodoo – A very practical agenda on nutrition, it gives information on how to deal with cooking and changing your eating habits while at work or busy with social commitments.
  • Free Updates For Life And Email Contact – The author keeps you on his list to update you whenever there is a change.

The Hyper Package Level

The Skinny Fat Solution This level is designed for those who want to pack on muscle as well as lose the most stubborn fat for a more dramatic body change.

The components include all the basic manuals of  The Standard Pack Level plus 4 additional manuals described below, clearly designed to take muscle building and fat loss to a higher level.

Soldier 2.0: The Stubborn Fat Loss PDF – This manual discusses training and nutritional changes designed to prevent plateaus and metabolic slowdown. Surprisingly, you may need to actually eat more to rev up your metabolic rate and keep burning fat, providing that you stick to the tough workouts, of course.

Soldier 1.0: The Hypermuscle Quest PDF This is the workout and nutrition schedule that was planned to achieve a top, a jacked physique with very low body fat and lbs of extra muscle on your frame.

The workout schedule is based on high-frequency body weight and weight resistance training that, combined with the nutritional guidelines, force your body to preserve and even build muscle while burning fat, or prioritize your fat as the main source for energy, not your muscles. Doing everything right gets you jacked. As you lose fat and gain muscle, the exercises also become tougher.

GMB Perfecting The Pullup PDF – A manual specifically for pull-ups with gymnast Ryan Hurst showcasing how to do the exercise properly. Pull-ups and dead-lifts are top compound exercises very much preferred by Anthony Mychal for muscle building, high metabolic rate, and fat loss.

The Internal Monologue PDF – An extra meditative or reflective part with personal thoughts by the author that can be useful for a better insight into the fat loss and muscle building process.

The Lockdown Ultima Package Level

The Skinny Fat Solution The Ultima Pack contains all the components of the first 2 packages plus lifetime access to the coaching website. It is a more personalized system with a social community for reference and help.

Access To The Inner Circle – This is online support with more schedules and a forum where you can get tips and feedback on any aspect of training plus online face-time via Google Plus and GoToMeeting calls.


Who Created The Skinny Fat Solution?

Anthony Mychal This plan is the brainchild of Anthony Mychal, a self-claimed former skinny-fat guy, and athletic x-physique enthusiast.

Today he is a writer for top mags like t-nation, a coach, and an athlete consultant. He has a Master of Science in health and physical education, a Bachelor of Science in health and physical activity, and studied at the University of Pittsburgh.

He also has accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and runs his own blog @ Most importantly, he has real-life experience of what it’s like to be a skinny-fat guy and found a way to escape his predicament to become a lean, athletic guy without an ounce of fat but lbs of lean muscle, dramatically changing his look and health.

Closing Thoughts

Author Anthony Mychal is the embodiment of the effectiveness of his own program for skinny-fat ectomorphs. Having gone through the pains and frustration of a war on two fronts, that is fat loss and muscle gain at the same time, he succeeded in finding a simple and effective formula to rearrange body mass index once and for all.

The program has a clever structure and is available in separate packages to suit any desired outcome, from a moderately lean and defined look to being jacked and shredded.

This is a niche program for ectomorphs who are stuck in a plateau through generic muscle building and diet plans, who need a different and specific training and nutritional protocol suitable for their particular body type.

The Skinny Fat Solution is a very effective program with the backup of a knowledgeable author and proven results to show for, as testified by Anthony Mychal in person and countless satisfied clients with impressive body transformations.

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