The Pilates Wheel 2.0 Review – Does The Wheel Really Work?

The Pilates Wheel 2.0 is a compact device designed to make Pilates gear affordable for anyone and easy to store and deploy at home. It is an upgraded and improved version of the previous Pilates Wheel 2.1.

Simple to use and built with quality materials, it is an innovative tool that allows achieving the fitness goals of Pilates like coordination, flexibility, and strength, but without the need to attend classes or buy expensive and cumbersome gear like the various Universal Reformer, Cadillac, or other Pilates big contraptions.

The Pilates Wheel can be easily stored in your closet or under your sofa, it is much cheaper than traditional Pilates equipment and allows for a vast range of moves and exercises for a complete Pilates workout.

As such, it is ideal for moms at home or anyone who wants to do their own Pilates thing from the comfort of home without the classes’ crowd or going bankrupt buying a Reformer.

This investigation will reveal to you how the Pilates Wheel works, its pros and cons.

Who Is It For?

The Pilates Wheel is ideal for women, men, moms at home, or anyone who wants the freedom to work out at home and improve flexibility and strength at an affordable price.

Pilates Wheel Review

This unique machine makes it possible for the first time to bring Pilates at home, as no compact size Pilates equipment existed before on the market.

With the cost and cumbersome size of Reformer and Cadillac gears removed, the Pilates Wheel, along with its workout videos and nutritional guidelines, makes it possible to do at home Pilates routines that were previously restricted to studio classes and achieve the same results, without the crowd and the commuting times.

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How Does The Pilates Wheel 2.0 Work?

The Pilates Wheel is light but well-designed gear consisting of 2 wheels connected by an adjustable axle and several accessories to extend its flexibility to many different exercises.

It comes in 2 different versions, the Pilates Wheel COR and the Pilates Wheel DLX. Both share the same wheel and the materials:

  • Construction Materials – steel, nylon, fabric, foam, and latex.
  • Maximum Load capacity – 250 lbs.
  • Machine Weight – Approx. 7.55 lbs.
  • Size – 32″L x 14″W x 14″H.
  • Assembly Time – 10 minutes.

The Pilates Wheels are designed to replicate the movements of its more complex and expensive studio equipment, they feature an adjustable foot-bar, leg and arm springs like in a Reformer model, plus the bar and hand/foot straps as in a Cadillac model for push and pull movements.

The Pilates Wheel package includes workout guidelines and a weekly meal plan. Included are focus, strength, and cardio routines as well as a beginner fundamentals routine.

The workouts focus on Pilates goals, that is flexibility, mobility, strength, and stretching, but the brand also offers additional support through tips and tools via their Facebook page which now counts on a very large community.

The Pilates Wheel

Pilates Wheel 1.0 Vs Pilates Wheel 2.0 – What’s The difference?

The Pilates Wheel 2.0 is simply an improvement from its predecessor, here is a quick checklist of the new features:

  • Increase in size and number of the bearings for a smoother wheel rolling.
  • Improved wheel design to make the machine quieter.
  • Strengthening of resistance bands.
  • Softer foot-loop foam.
  • Stronger and thicker foam grips.
  • Full features on the Pilates Wheel website.

Pilates Wheel COR And Pilates Wheel DLX Features

Both wheelsets share most components, with the DLX offering some extras. The COR, Center Of Room, offers all the basics for a solid workout while the DLX offers additional anchor components that can be secured to any fixed object for a more advanced Reformer-like repertoire and progressions and a larger variety of exercises.

Here is what you get for both Pilates wheels kits:

  • 1 Pilates Wheel 2.0
  • 5 resistance bands.
  • 2 handles.
  • 2-foot loops.
  • 8 Pilates routines including Fundamentals, Center Of Room levels 1 and 2, and Focus routines for specific parts.

In addition to the above, with the Pilates Wheel DLX kit you also get these extras:

  • 6 resistance bands (instead of 5).
  • Extended straps and anchor straps.
  • 7 workouts extras.
  • Cardio and strength training.

The Inventors Of The Pilates Wheel

Brian Abercrombie and Kristin Anderson Brian Abercrombie and Kristin Anderson are the inventors of this Pilates tool.

Brian Abercrombie is a specialist in movement and human performance for more than 25 years. Brian has worked with high-profile athletes and actors like Brad Pitt, Jeff Goldblum, Mila Kunis, Gerard Butler, and others.

He is the creator of a training method called P.A.S.E. (power, agility, strength, endurance) that allegedly turns any individual into an athlete and every athlete into a better one.

He has also worked for commercial and film productions and as a consultant for Under Armour and EA Sports.

His partner Kristin Anderson has been a Pilates instructor for more than 20 years and is the creator and founder of My Daily Trainer.

Throughout her career, she became a specialist in wellness and longevity. She also has worked with actors and many athletes specifically for long-term longevity and health.

Like Brian, she is also a public figure, having been featured in Fox, ESPNU, People, MTV, and she is a contributor to Modern Mom.

With this background, they decided to create a simple, portable, and affordable Pilates machine to remove the need to attend a studio, and after 3 years of development, they came up with the Pilates Wheel 1.0, which has now been upgraded into Pilates Wheel 2.0.

The bottom line is that Brian and Kristin are well qualified and dedicated to fitness and health with a deep knowledge of Pilates, which they put into use for the creation of the Pilates Wheel.

Closing Thoughts

The Pilates Wheel is a unique piece of equipment like no other on the market. It is built to high standards for durability and allows you to bring Pilates at home, helping you increase metabolism, burn fat, get stronger and healthier, and more flexible while having fun in the comfort of your home, any time.

For people tired of studio classes or put off by the costs and size of traditional commercial machines, the Pilates Wheel is the answer to their needs.

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