The Man Diet Review – Does It Boost Your Testosterone?

The Man Diet is a male-only nutritional blueprint designed by Chad Howse to help trigger testosterone release and increase its levels by creating the correct environment for this male hormone to thrive.

The plan does not involve calorie counting and instead, it gives nutritional and lifestyle guidelines to reset your testosterone to optimal levels with the associated benefits like reduced body fat, lean muscle growth, more energy, and improved sex drive.

The idea behind this plan is to provide solid information on how to reverse the emasculation process caused by the modern diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and harmful chemicals in the environment.

It is an easy-to-follow blueprint that is also flexible and not too strict, as it can be adjusted to any life commitment and work shift.

This investigation will reveal to you how this plan works and whether it’s worthy.

Is The Man Diet Really Just For Men?

While this diet plan is clearly focused on men and their needs, the nutritional guidelines are also healthy and sound for women, as long as they modify the vitamin and supplement suggestions and the eating schedule.

The Man Diet Review

This is just in case your house cooking is organized by your wife for both of you. This means that this is a healthy diet plan that does NOT have masculinization effects on women, providing they make the appropriate supplement adjustment as of above.

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What Is The Man Diet?

The Man Diet is just that. A nutritional protocol specifically for men. It is Chad Howse’s answer to the progressive depletion of natural testosterone levels and modern life emasculation of men caused by a combination of factors like insufficient levels of zinc and vitamin D and lack of healthy fats intake, along with exposure to plastics, among many other things.

The blueprint gives general guidelines on which foods to eat and which ones to avoid, as well as more specific and easy to do recipes and meal plans.

There’s nothing too fancy or complicated about these guidelines which can be applied easily in any situation and as a lifetime blueprint without unnecessary and boring calorie counting, even allowing for moderate cheat days instead.

Excessive Calorie Deficit

According to the author, while a moderate calorie deficit is part of the picture for sustained fat loss, it is NOT the only factor.

Another more important factor often overlooked is the hormonal environment, specifically an excess of cortisol, the stress hormone.

High Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is released not just under stress but also through excessive and prolonged calorie deficit, resulting in a metabolic slowdown, fat-storing, and inability to put on muscle.

It also has a negative impact on free testosterone output. Free testosterone is the one that men’s bodies need for optimal functioning as opposed to SHBG testosterone,  essential for maximizing the availability of free testosterone in your body.

What happens with high cortisol levels is a drop of testosterone levels, the higher the cortisol, the lower the testosterone, with all the negative effects on a male body like the build-up of fat, man’s boobs, low lean muscle mass, lesser sex drive, and an increase in depression with low energy levels.

Excessive Carbs Consumption

This is a typical mistake of skinny bodybuilders who end up eating too many carbs in an attempt to “bulk up”. Too many carbohydrates are quickly stored into fat, and fat and testosterone do not go well hand in hand.

Excessive fat storage also leads to increased estrogen hormone levels, the female hormone, with the opposite effect to what the wannabe bodybuilder is trying to achieve, more lean muscle and less body fat.

Lower testosterone levels mean that recovery and insulin sensitivity also become skewed, leading to a self-fueling circle of gaining more and more fat. Even so,  the carbs guidelines in the plan may be a bit conservative as large workload volumes require carbs fuel to work effectively.

So far so good, but how does The Man Diet tackle these problems?

The Man Diet Nutrition

Natural Testosterone Boosters

The plan is quite straightforward, there are several steps that you have to take to modify your nutritional and lifestyle habits, some are sound and realistic, others are more akin to bro science, none is detrimental. Here a few suggestions.


Zinc in high doses can act as an aromatase inhibitor and reduce estrogen levels. Aromatase is responsible for turning androgen into estrogen, so adequate zinc levels prevent this situation from occurring.

Vitamin D

According to the author, vitamin D helps release testosterone which is bound to proteins and let it do its job. Low levels of Vitamin D contribute to sub-optimal levels of testosterone, the solution is an increase in vitamin D intake to offset the balance.

There are several studies on this topic like this one from or this one from

The consensus is that groups of people who took vitamin D supplements may have a small but significant increase in testosterone levels compared to placebo groups.

So, nothing fancy or dramatic, but a small part of the puzzle in restoring optimal testosterone levels.

Avoiding Plastic

This is a well-documented problem. Plastic is everywhere today, and according to a study from The University of Michigan and the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Higher levels of phthalates are associated with a decline in testosterone levels.

You come across phthalates in PVC plastics, personal care products, plastic bottles, and food containers.

Taking Vacations

Vacations or any leisurely activity helps reduce stress, hence cortisol levels. Rest and recovery is an essential part of a well balanced hormonal environment that smooths the way to higher testosterone levels, fat loss, and lean muscle gains.

Cold Showers

This suggestion in the plan is where it turns into bro-science or anecdotal, maybe because based on personal results or feel rather than verifiable results or studies.

There is no solid consensus at all about the effectiveness of cold showers on testosterone levels, and in fact, it may even have the opposite effect.

The Man Diet Meals

The Man Diet Benefits

The Man Diet is designed to restore testosterone levels in a completely natural way that does not involve testosterone replacement therapy at all.

The focus of the program is on providing a clear-cut, yet flexible blueprint to healthy eating and lifestyle habits which are the main ones responsible for sub-par testosterone production in today’s men.

This program is not just about weight loss and diet, it is rather a nutritional blueprint designed to restore the ideal environmental conditions in which testosterone naturally works.

By suppressing unbalanced eating habits and promoting a healthier diet and selected natural supplements, Chad Howse’s The Man Diet helps you offset the negative effects of an inadequate nutritional intake and the toxicity of today’s environment.

The plan is simple enough to be implemented for life whatever your commitments.

Though the emphasis is on fat loss and lean muscle, the benefits exceed the mere cosmetic aspect of your physique and go on to include a more radical improvement of your male health, with reduced cortisol, more stamina, more energy, and more sharpness in every department, without the need for any pill, potion or therapy.

The program does not provide simply generic information but it also contains practical step by step actions to follow and get you started immediately.

About Chad Howse

Chad Howse Chad Howse is a personal trainer, formerly a skinny amateur boxer that turned into a jacked fitness author with 32 extra lbs of lean muscle.

He used to work in a 9 to 5 job until he turned entrepreneur and today he contributes to popular publishers like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health,, and Elite FTS.

He also runs his own fitness brand @ and has also plenty of accounts on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Over time, he researched and experimented with different diets initially without much success until he realized that most diets are designed for women, not men.

He found that the nutritional requirements for men are quite specific and must be addressed in a different way. Though different, a diet designed for men should also be simple to follow and not be based on strict guidelines like calorie counting, so long as you stick to a few basic requirements.

The Man Diet Program Components

The Diet Plan is entirely digital and can be downloaded immediately, with no shipping required. Files come in PDF manual format with 6 main components and 1 bonus like this:

Main Components

  • The Man Diet Main Manual – The core of the program with all the theory, general guidelines, and information.
  • The Quick Start Guide – How to set up the Man Diet around your lifestyle and work shifts.
  • The Man Diet Supplements Guide – Information on which supplements do work and which ones do not for testosterone levels purpose.
  • The Man Diet Meal Log – A log to make it easier to slot your meal planning around your daily schedule.
  • The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide – A manual on moderate cheating to enjoy life without hurting testosterone levels.
  • The Man Diet Food Choices – A clear list of the foods you are supposed to eat and the ones you should avoid.

The Bonus

  • The Man Diet Cookbook – This is where the rubber meets the road. 50 easy recipes designed around testosterone levels requirements.

The Man Diet Program

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The Man Diet is a feasible and all-natural blueprint designed to restore testosterone to optimal levels with a healthy approach to nutrition and lifestyle and without calorie counting.

It does not require magic pills or therapy, just the adjustment of your current nutritional habits to naturally smooth the way for a natural testosterone production boost.

By restoring a healthy environment for testosterone to thrive in, the benefits of the plan outreach fat loss and lean muscle gains to include also more energy and stamina.

However, if you think you have an underlying condition for your low levels of testosterone or general health, consult your doctor first about it.

The Man Diet


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