The Favorite Food Diet Review – How Can It Possibly Work? Find Out Here

The Favorite Food Diet Review – How Can It Possibly Work? Find Out Here
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Favorite Food Diet ManualThe Favorite Food Diet by Chrissie Mitchell is the new kid on the block of diet plans and promises to revolutionize your approach to dieting. No more calorie counting and salads, but all your favorite foods including shakes, pizzas and chocolates!

How is that even possible, you may wonder. In this review you will find out how this program works and whether is just another fad in the sea of weight loss plans or the real McCoy.

Stay tuned.

 How Does The Favorite Food Diet Work?

Without further ado, the The Favorite Food Diet works by targeting your gut bacteria rather than by counting calories. According to the plan, a healthy gut bacteria environment is key to a healthy and fast metabolism, more so than any healthy food choice or calorie counting can.

A fast metabolism leads to a 24/7 fat burning effect regardless of physical activity, just simply because it restores the fundamental process of a healthy digestion and absorption rather than promoting fat storage.

The importance of a healthy gut bacteria environment is not a gimmick idea but is based on sound scientific research, like a study from the University Of Cambridge Chrissie’s husband came across about the effects of gut bacteria for fat loss.

This program is digital and offers several PDF manuals available through a download link instantly available with no need for home delivery, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Favorite Food Diet

Who Is It For?

The Favorite Food Diet is for everyone, men and women, but women may find it more suitable, as it also includes female-oriented bonuses (more on this later).

Generally, this is a diet plan suitable for anyone who has tried losing weight and failed many times before because of the unsustainable and unpractical guidelines of traditional diets.

No calorie counting or demanding nutritional guidelines are necessary with this plan, no boring foods for weeks on end or even exercising are needed.

Instead, The Favorite Food Diet focuses on restoring a healthy gut biome as the kick-starter for accelerated metabolism and fat loss, with the addition of treats (your favorite foods) into the regimen, since even cakes and cookies become irrelevant when your micro-flora and metabolism work well.

The Favorite Food Diet Cake

The Favorite Food Diet In Action

This is a plan that could not possibly get any easier to follow. The main problem with diet plans is that they are difficult or unpractical to stick to, leaving behind a trail of drop outs simply because impossible to implement for the long run.

Traditional calorie-based plans may work, but only if you are dedicated to stick to for long enough, which is why they fail most times, and without even solving the root problem of fat storing in the first place, that is a good gut bacteria biome.

Instead, The Favorite Food Diet plan works by targeting 3 aspects that really count for sustainable fat loss:

  • Restoring a healthy gut bacteria environment.
  • Focusing on foods you enjoy eating for long term commitment.
  • Re-develop the mind-body awareness which you may have lost.

This means that there are not strict guidelines to adhere to and no flavorless foods to gulp down, like endless supplies of vegetables, just to force your body into a calorie deficit.

Instead, it gives you a list of the correct foods and ingredients that help you raise your metabolism by restoring your gut bacteria to healthy levels.

The problem with healthy gut bacteria is that we lose them over time. We are actually born with it, but lack of key foods and ingredients lead to a progressive depletion and consequent weight gains.

The surprising thing about this plan is that when you know how to restore your gut micro-flora biome, then you can enjoy all your favorite foods without a worry of calorie counting, within reason.

This means indulging in cookies, pizzas, cakes and shakes, making it obviously a much easier plan to stick to as a result.

That does NOT mean eating only those, but simply that once your gut bacteria levels are healthy and your metabolism is revving high, you can also eat your cakes and still burn fat and lose weight all along.

The Favorite Food Diet fat Loss

The Favorite Food Diet Components – What’s In It?

The Favorite Food Diet is a digital program, you cannot find it in stores or hard copies but only online at the official website.

It comes with 4 manuals, the main program plus 3 bonuses, plus a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Favorite Food Diet Main Manual Is Structured In 4 Parts

1 – The Weight Loss Industry Deception – This is basically the usual “conspiracy theory” marketing trick of old as used by many other diet plans. The Favorite Food Diet is no exception. This is the least convincing part of the plan where a range of topics are discussed, such as:

  • The “Stay Fat” conspiracy.
  • The Big Pharma profits.
  • How the diet industry cashes in.

And so on, there are more topics like these discussed in this part, but you get the drift. It’s all about making you feel a victim of powerful forces so that you are more inclined to accept the “savior” plan.

There is some truth in these points, but it is not the whole truth.

2 – The True Cause Of Obesity – This is where the Favorite Food Diet gets really interesting and bang on target. Here you will find very solid information on gut bacteria, insulin, the fat and sugar connection and so on.

These are scientifically solid points, well explained in layman’s terms and the foundation on which the program rests. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Gut Imbalance Syndrome.
  • Enemies Of Good Bacteria.
  • Restoring Good Bacteria.
  • The Role Of Insulin.
  • The Fat/Sugar Connection.
  • How Your Gut Biome Affects Weight Gain.

3 – The Formula For Losing Weight – This is where the rubber meets the road. This part contains the information on how to apply the theory of part 2.

In it, you’ll learn what to eat, the importance of wholesome foods and of plenty of clean water, and most importantly how you favorite foods play a part in this healthy picture. Here is a quick breakdown of some the topics discussed:

  • Restoring Healthy Microbes In The Gut.
  • Where Do They Come From?
  • How Have Our Diets Changed?
  • Nourishing Your Microbiome.
  • Include Your Favorite Foods.
  • Drink Clean Water Every Day.

The guidance includes key every-day ingredients that you can easily get hold of, and use them to boost your metabolism to lose fat 24/7. The author suggests to use these ingredients in your daily shakes for maximum benefit.

There are also other topics discussed such as “Harnessing Your Mind-Body Connection” or “Is Your Subconscious Keeping You Fat?”.

These points are more open to debate than the main, tried and tested topics of gut bacteria, insulin and sugar and may or may not be of value to you, depending on your beliefs, but they are an interesting read nonetheless.

4 – The Recipes – The meat and potatoes of the plan (no pun intended). A practical application for your dieting efforts.

The Bonuses

The author also gives out 3 bonuses to complement the main manual:

  • Favorite Wardrobe
  • Favorite Detox
  • Favorite Recipes

Even though the program is for everyone, some bonuses focus more on a female audience, but they are free anyway and you also get 24/7 customer support.

The Favorite Food Diet Package

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Any Testimonials?

There are plenty of original testimonials the program has to show for. According to the author, the Favorite Food Diet has already helped thousands of customers achieve their fat loss goals with ease, as a natural blueprint like this enabled them.

All testimonials are genuine and unique to the program, not stock photos, indeed the program provides videoed testimonials as proof.

The general consensus is that this is a program easy to follow and effective, giving you fast results in a painless way.

The Favorite Food Diet Testimonial

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About Chrissie Mitchell

Chrissie MitchellChrissie Mitchell is a regular mom of three as well as an accomplished independent fat loss researcher, nutritionist and best-selling author, she even featured on fitness magazines.

She has already helped thousands of women achieve their weight loss goals with the same system she used on herself to shed the stubborn extra baby-fat after 3 children and many unsuccessful attempts.

The breakthrough came with the help of her husband who performed due research and found evidence and studies pointing to the gut bacteria role in people’s fat loss.

The result of their research, trial and errors is The Favorite Food Diet plan which they made available for the public now.

The Favorite Food Diet Benefits

This program offers multiple benefits:

  • It is scientifically based on research studies. A healthy intestinal microflora has been proven as a key factor for boosting metabolism and promoting fat loss.
  • It is easy to follow because you do not need to count calories or organize complicated meal plans, you can easily find the key ingredients at your local grocery store.
  • It is easy not just to implement but also to stick to for life because it allows you to eat your favorite foods, including cakes, pizzas and ice creams.
  • It works fast. The boosted metabolic rate starts burning fat right from the moment you start the plan.
  • Though based on scientific studies, it is easy to understand and organized in layman’s terms.
  • It offers a long term solution to body weight control, not just before your summer vacation.

What We Did Not Like About This Program

  • There is an excessive marketing bias toward the start of the program, the “conspiracy theory” of the big pharma out there and even the government, whose only purpose in life is to keep you uninformed and over weight so they can profit from it. While there may be some truth in it, it is just part of the picture.
  • Only available online. If you like hard copies, you are out of luck. Which brings you to the next point.

Where To Find It And How Much Is It?

You can find The Favorite Food Diet only at the official website

They offer a 60-day money back guarantee and feature a very safe payment processor for most cards and PayPal. Right now the program is sold for $37, though it may or may not change in future.


Closing Thoughts – Is It Worth It?

The Favorite Food Diet plan is a simple yet effective solution for those who tried to lose weight before but failed. The plan is rooted on sound scientific research and has the backup of University studies.

It is totally uncomplicated and easy to follow as long as you stick to few key ingredients that will restore your gut bacteria environment and  boost your metabolism as a result.

Because of this, this plan makes do without complicated calorie counting or scientific meals that require military planning.

Instead, a healthy gut system and improved metabolism will give you the ability to indulge even in foods that would be considered forbidden in other plans.

Cakes, pizzas and the likes (or any favorite food of yours) are not an issue with this plan, in fact they become irrelevant to your weight loss goals, as your metabolism stays high thanks to a healthy gut micro-flora.

As a result, The Favorite Food Diet is very easy to stick to as you can go on eating normally in your daily life as long as you stick to the key ingredients for a healthy gut system.

It is a completely natural, scientifically-backed fat loss plan designed for permanent results and not a temporary fad. In fact, it is one of the very best plans out there right now for losing weight and keeping it off for life.

Couple this with its digital format, the 60-day money back guarantee and the fact that you can access it on your phone or PC immediately and it’s easy to see why The Favorite Food Diet is such a winner.

The Favorite Food Diet

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