The Beta Switch Review – Is Sue Heintze’s Fat Loss Method Legit?

This review of The Beta Switch will reveal to you whether the program theory stands up to scrutiny and whether it is actually a doable program for women.

Here you will know all the pros and cons of this plan, its features, and benefits. In short, this is more a lifestyle, fitness program covering both nutrition and exercise for long-term results even though the program is structured for 12 weeks.

Who Is It For?

Sue Heintze’s program was created for all women regardless of age and what trouble the stubborn fat areas may have. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Women who have already tried to get rid of stubborn fat to no avail.
  • Women who have experienced yo-yo weight gain rebounds after following strict diet regimens.
  • Women who are fed up with short-term results and who want a long-term weight loss management blueprint.
  • Women who are tired of boring, exhausting, and time-consuming workouts and aerobics.
  • Women who are too busy and have no time to waste for little or no returns.
The Beta Switchprogram was designed for long term results even though the program itself is structured for just 12 weeks. The nutritional and workout blueprints are there to stay for life.

It was created specifically for women by a woman with vast experience and outstanding personal results to show, taking into account women’s particular genetic makeup in regards to fat storing and fat burning. It is not just a diet plan, but a fitness, workout, and lifestyle blueprint rolled into one, with all the necessary information to do a real change.

What Is The Beta Switch?

The Beta Switch is a women-only program. It was designed by a woman with the peculiar needs of women in mind.

Its strategy focuses on how to get rid not just of fat on the whole, but more specifically of the most stubborn fat that women tend to store in the typical critical areas of thighs, butts, and back upper arms.

The Beta Switch Review

However, this program was developed only for women and it consists of a combination of diet and workout guidelines aimed at improving blood flow in the critical areas as well as allegedly activating the critical beta receptors responsible for burning fatty acids.

How Does It Work?

The process of how this Beta Switch theory works it quite involved and goes beyond the scope of this review, so here it is a break down in layman’s terms to keep it simple.

There is a plethora of information on adrenergic receptors, but not much about their role in burning stubborn fat, except for this study, and the elaborate explanation she offers is quite confusing.

What happens is that at cellular levels there are two kinds of adrenergic receptors. The theory is that there are the Beta receptors responsible for fat breakdown and Alpha receptors responsible for blunting fat breakdown.

In the case of women, the stubborn fat of critical areas like thighs, butts, and upper arms contains 9 times more Alpha receptors than Beta ones. The author claims that the key to burning stubborn fat is inactivating more Beta receptors and quashing the Alpha receptors at the local level.

Stubborn fat is easily told apart from easier-to-burn fat by the fact that is allegedly cooler, which means there is less blood flow going through. Blood flow is a simple yet very important factor in the transportation of fatty acids from the fat cells where they can be burned.

If the blood flow is inadequate you have an accumulation of fatty acids in the fat tissue, which means the fatty acids cannot be oxidized as much and are turned back into the fat cells. Sounds complicated? It is.

The Beta Switch Results

The Beta Switch Diet Plan

Beta receptors or not, the key to burning stubborn fat is exercising and eating the right way. The fact is that there is not enough evidence about this Beta receptor’s role in weight loss.

It sounds more like marketing hype to make the program sound more scientific and authoritative when in fact the program stands on its own even without the beta receptors part.

For a start, Sue Heintze is a real person, author, fitness coach, and champion with her own achievements and many positive testimonials to testify for the effectiveness of her program.

The results possible by following The Beta Switch program may very well be down to good old fashioned proper nutrition and adequate exercise, rather then the beta receptors eccentric theory.

In fact, the plan includes a Nutri-Active Diet Program which is a 12-week structured diet protocol with everything you need to know about nutrition, foods, portions, and which supplements to use.

In other words, the Beta Switch looks like a well-set-up workout AND diet program for women created by a qualified fitness expert and champion, regardless of any fancy theory.

The Beta Switch

About Sue Heintze

Sue Heintze This nutritional and workout plan was designed by Sue Heintze, an Australian Body Transformation champion, and expert and Weight Loss author.

Throughout her life and career, she has achieved 36 wins and 4 Grand Champions of Australia’s contests even in her 40s. She definitely looks the part, like someone who lives and breathes fitness and knows something about it.

It all started when young. Even though she was not really that overweight to start with, she still was self-conscious of her critical areas like most women are.

So she developed a keen interest in fitness, exercise, and nutrition focusing more and more on women’s specific needs until she stumbled upon crucial information on Adrenergic receptors.

She claims that before turning her attention to these adrenergic receptors she always had trouble keeping her weight down for her figure competitions, even in her 30s.

Once she started eating and training with a focus to activate the good adrenergic receptors (the beta receptors) at the cellular level, her body weight management became easy to control, she was keeping off the fat effortlessly and was winning contests in her 40s more easily than when she was younger.

Realizing she was into something, she went on to gather her knowledge into a weight loss, workout, and fitness program for women. So far so good.

The Beta Switch Plan

The Beta Switch PDF And Components

The program is available in digital format, not hard copies. This cuts down inventory costs and allows to instantly have more material than most average programs.

There is quite a lot of information available as PDF manuals divided into many different topics plus workout videos. These are:

  • The Beta Switch Main Manual
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • The Supplement Guide
  • Real-Life Stories
  • The Diet Tracker


Bonus 1 – The Beta Switch Workout System – This is a 12-week exercise program that goes hand in hand with the Nutri-Active Diet plan and is dived into 3 phases: Activation, Sculpting, and Acceleration. It contains specific exercises that Sue knows are effective for activating the Beta receptors and burning stubborn fat plus a unique pre-workout trick that boosts metabolism and a type of cardio that burns off stubborn fat. The system in turn is sub-divided into:

  • Workout System Manual
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • Workout sheets
  • Success Tracker
  • Videos

Bonus 2 – The 5 Day Tummy Tuck – This is a quick solution designed for special occasions like parties or others. It contains helpful information on how to lose as much fat as possible on your belly in the safest possible way.

Bonus 3 – Boost Your Image Report – This is probably the most useful of the bonuses, as it helps women accept themselves for what they are even if they are not perfect, or not quite yet, without the damaging self-comparison to magazine models that creates unrealistic expectations.

Bonus 4 – Mind Over Matter – Another psychological booster bonus focused on a few key mental approaches to keep high your motivation and commitment or overcome plateaus. It’s a good help to never give up.

New Bonus 5 – One Free Month In The Exclusive Tight n’ Toned club.- This is a new addition for a limited number of customers only. It gives you free access for a month to this global social community where women encourage each other and share their experiences. This forum is another psychological aid to overcome plateaus, help other members or ask and give advice, even from Sue herself.

The Beta Switch

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The Bottom Line

The Beta Switch is not just a simple diet plan, but a complete fitness, nutrition and workout program specifically designed for women by an authority in the fitness and figure competition. The plan was put together with the knowledge coming from years of experience.

However, the Beta receptors theory of the program is not very convincing and sounds more like a complicated marketing tactic. Not surprisingly, the program highlights the importance of exercising and healthy eating, and these two factors alone may account for the testimonials’ success stories and her own achievements in the fitness industry.

All in all, Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch addresses the typical women’s issues of cellulite and thighs, butt and back arms stubborn fat in a more comprehensive fitness and lifestyle format designed to offer long-term, stable results while avoiding weight gain rebounds.

It does so with a vast array of useful tools, some of which free, coupled with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes this program a good option for women who want to get fit, toned, and lose weight.

the beta switch

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