The Achievable Body Review 2022 – In Depth Rundown Of Pros And Cons

The Achievable Body is a program that tackles plateaus in fat loss for those who unsuccessfully tried losing weight before due to a slow down in metabolic rate and excessive, prolonged calorie deficit.

The plan focuses on addressing the issue of so-called “metabolic damage” for long-term, unsuccessful dieters by resetting their metabolic rate to high levels and kick start them into fat-burning mode once again.

In this review of Mike Whitfield’s program, you will find out what this metabolic damage is all about, whether it is a gimmick or not, whether the plan works, and what its pros and cons are.

Who Is The Achievable Body For?

This program is designed to reset your metabolic rate to normal fat-burning levels in case you have been following an excessive calorie-deficit diet with the common negative results described above.

In fact, this program may be suitable also for those with naturally slow metabolism or for people over 35 whose metabolism may be starting to slow down anyway.

If you are not in this situation, that is if you are young or overweight but never tried a drastic diet before, your metabolic rate may still be high enough for you to start sensibly with a moderate calorie deficit program with or without exercising, like Burn The Fat by Tom Venuto a much better value program by a very knowledgeable author.

The Achievable Body Review

In any case, you should seek your doctor’s help first, as what you are reading here is just for informational purposes and must NOT be taken as medical advice (see medical disclaimer). Having said this, Mike Whitfield seems to have done a good job to address this kind of situation where many people may recognize themselves.

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What Is The Achievable Body Program?

The author claims that the idea for The Achievable Body program came from his chance discovery of a Cornell University study, but no such study is possible to find online, though it may be hidden in some restricted archives.

Moreover, not unlike other programs, he resorts to the usual “conspiracy theory” trick, claiming that dietitians and fitness experts have hidden the truth for several years from you, when this may not be the case, after all.

However, the program’s core foundation consists of resetting your metabolic rate to higher levels by fighting the so-called “metabolic damage”, which is strictly related to the idea of “starvation mode”.

The Metabolic Damage Idea

This metabolic damage is a popular name for nothing other than “adaptive thermogenesis“, the metabolic slow down due to prolonged calorie deficit.

This is a well-documented phenomenon that can last for as long as you have been on an excessive calorie deficit or constant carbs deprivation.

Your metabolism slows down, but to restore it to high levels and start burning fat again, it may take just as long, from the moment you stop dieting to the moment you start eating properly again.

The bottom line is that the shorter you have been on a crash diet, the quicker your metabolic recovery, the longer you have, the longer also the recovery.

This is basically the “metabolic damage” that happens in the period between when an excessively restrictive diet ends and when metabolic rate and appetite kick back into action.

However, this can only be the result of crush diet attempts, for if your diet is set up sensibly from the start with a moderate calorie deficit, say 20% less than your basic calorie needs, you should not be normally experiencing metabolic rate slows down.

Also, while you can usually afford a greater calorie deficit at the start of any diet, you should progressively increase your calorie intake as you lose body fat along the way so as to keep your metabolism high and prevent slow down from happening.

Failing to adjust your calorie intake according to the re-composition of your muscles vs fat or BMI, body mass index, will result in a stop in progression.

The Achievable Body

How Does The Program Work?

If you need to recover from a slowed metabolic rate and re-set your body into fat-burning mode again, then The Achievable Body is good news because the program is all about eating more, but not in a free-for-all kind of buffet-thing, rather in a structured and organized way.

The plan lasts for 21 days with a claimed average 14lb fat loss and revolves around over 20 metabolism-boosting hacks that the author came across while attending conferences, including one disarmingly simple like lowering your home thermostat by 2 degrees, equivalent to 100 extra calories burnt per day, even though that would only work in wintertime and not if you live in the tropics. Some other tricks are:

  • Flipping a metabolic switch that causes fat cells to turn from energy-storing to energy-burning fat cells.
  • Increasing muscle activity as muscles are key to burning fat, only that 4 main muscle groups are responsible for burning calories 24/7, allegedly up to 450% more.
  • Use of natural “hormonal manipulation”.
  • Metabolism “tricks” that boost your metabolism even while asleep.

The Achievable Body Program

Who Is Mike Whitfield?

Mike Whitfield is a long-standing author and fitness expert. He is a Certified Turbulence Trainer who also contributes to Craig Ballantyne’s Early To Rise website, Men’s Health, Yahoo, and he also authored the Workout Finishers program. He has won twice “Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Fitness Trainer of the Year” titles.

Apart from his professional achievements, he also put his money where his mouth is because he himself experienced a dramatic fat loss that brought him down from 300lb to 175 lb with the very methods he describes in The Achievable Body, just like many of his own customers.

The Achievable Body

Noticing how many people struggle to lose fat after an initial success with the all too common rebound effects, he dug down into the problem and came to the conclusion that for people who suffer from crush-diet set-backs the problem was not so much the calories-in vs calories-out, rather a complete metabolic slow-down due to an excessive calorie restriction over a long time, which in turn causes plateaus and fat rebounds.

What Are The Components Of The Achievable Body?

The Achievable Body is an entirely digital program available on instant download with 5 PDF manuals. These are:

  • The Achievable Body main manual – the main part of the program with the instructions on how to get the correct approach to your own, customized fat loss regimen according to your personal metabolism and body type with all the tools to reach your target body weight.
  • The Motivation And Rapid Success Formula manual – the “mind part” of the program. This is an often overlooked part of other programs. It shows you how to keep focused and motivated, helping you overcome common obstacles along the way.
  • The Hot Zone Formula manual – a blueprint on how to keep the 4 main muscle groups active for increased metabolic rate 24/7.
  • 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism manual – an unusual trick to boost your metabolism and burn even more fat. Very easy to implement.
  • 4-Day Flat-Belly Detox Solution manual – a simple blueprint to use for special occasions when time is short at hand, like reunions, anniversaries, or weddings. It is designed to get rid of a bloated and puffy look by getting rid of toxins fast.

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The Achievable Body Bottom Line

This is a quite unique fat loss program because it was designed for a crowd of mature people with a very common problem, weight loss rebounds or lack of progress due to restrictive, prolonged and inadequate crash diets that keeps them in starvation mode and slow metabolic rate, defeating the problem they were designed to cure.

The program addresses weight loss with a more flexible and richer diet plan plus several metabolic rate practical tricks designed to boost metabolism and kick start fat-burning again.

While the program works for this kind of situation, as testified by many testimonials and the author himself, it may not be the most fitting solution for younger people with a naturally higher metabolic rate or for those who did not go through the pains of starvation diet yet, who may get effective results with other fat loss or workout plans.

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