Tacfit Warrior Review – The Tactical Workout Plan Uncovered – Any Good?

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of Tacfit Warrior you are in the right place. Here you will find out who this program is for, what the benefits are, and what it can offer.

In short, this is a one-of-a-kind program developed by SWAT teams and special forces trainers that sets it apart from other workout plans.

Who Is Tacfit Warrior For?

The Tacfit Warrior workouts are organized with a “stacking” technique, meaning that you can get more done in the same time frame. A twenty minutes workout is the equivalent of 20 combined minutes of cardio, strength training, agility training, meditation, and mental focus each, saving a ton of time.

This means that Tacfit Warrior was designed for whoever wants to increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and power to body-weight ratio.

Recovery from stress is paramount in Scott Sonnon’s approach because it allows for repeated bouts of performance in a shorter time frame, as you would expect from a training protocol derived from elite forces regimen.

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Tacfit Warrior Review

What Is Tacfit Warrior?

Tacfit Warrior takes fitness and bodyweight training to a whole new level. The authors, Scott Sonnon and Steven Barnes have joined hands to create a highly targeted fitness program that is the distillation of the authors’ skills and experience.

The program has its roots in real life, action drills as performed by an impressive range of personnel elite forces who face life or death situations as part of their lives, such as American special ops, SEALs, Israeli counter-terrorism, secret services,  US federal agents, law enforcement agencies, VIP  bodyguards, firemen, and MMA fighters. 

Tacfit Warrior is a fully comprehensive fitness program that does not focus just on the physical aspect of training but also and more importantly on the psychological part of it. In the program, great care is taken to emphasize the importance of the power of the mind over the body.

The program offers a unique insight on dealing with physical and mental recovery from stress with the goal of being emergency-ready anytime and anyplace, as you would expect from a training regime fit for special forces.

As a consequence, Tacfit Warrior takes special care of techniques developed for quick recovery that help you make the best use of both your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, helping you push through your personal bests time after time.

All in all, this program is very different from other plans, even bodyweight ones. It is designed to take your physique and mental strength to new levels.

Tacfit Warrior Bodyweight Training

Tacfit Warrior Description

This is a program designed for real-life functionality and fitness, with a lean, muscular body as a bypass product of the regimen, not the primary target. As such, it may not be suited for full-size bodybuilding. The exercises are bodyweight only and geared more toward agility, flexibility, and good body weight to power ratio.

Mind And Body Connection

The program is concerned with creating a mind-body connection with the goal to withstand any physical challenge, recover from stress, and generally make you a stronger person both inside and outside.

Ancient Techniques

Tacfit Warrior makes use of a variety of techniques to achieve its goals like Parasara body flow yoga, Tabata-based exercises, and mobility sequences that together make up more than the simple sum of the factors.

Body Weight Workouts

Generally, bodyweight workouts are very effective for increased metabolism, fat loss, strong core, and lean muscular physique. They have been proven time and time again to be the most effective and time-efficient way of training for elite forces who need to be fit and ready year-round and must be able to work out anytime, anywhere.

In particular, the Tacfit Warrior bodyweight exercises last only 20 minutes but are very challenging even for fit people and effective in raising EPOC, or post-exercise oxygen consumption. However they are organized in 5 levels of intensity to suit anyone, so even beginners have no excuse to not train.

The Origins Of Tacfit Warrior

Tacfit Warrior

Tacfit Warrior is really a fascinating blend of techniques collected through decades of experience across the world. While in Russia, Scott Sonnon learned about techniques used by special forces and cosmonauts to strengthen their bodies and minds at the same time.

These Russian drills exploited the natural release of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine to their advantage in order to create sudden power surges in stressful situations,  allowing them to perform superhuman feats.

Later, Scott Sonnon created his own company, the Rmax, with a view to putting together all the knowledge and ventures acquired over the years as a suitable program for regular guys and gals. In it, Scott Sonnon refines all the techniques he learned like Body-Flow, Clubbells, and CST or  Circular Strength Training.

About Scott Sonnon And Steven Barnes

scott sonnon As mentioned above, today Scott Sonnon runs max international. He lives and breathes fitness and has been at the top levels for the last 35 years with a mission to bridge the gap between body and mind in order to achieve the greatest possible level of real-life fitness.

Sonnon has been a coach for law enforcement agencies, soldiers, and anti-terrorist squads, people who need the highest levels of fitness to perform in action, not on stage, even though his training methods guarantee a rock-solid, muscular physique that appeals to everyone.

The pinnacle of his achievements has been an extraordinary victory in Las Vegas where he won 4 gold medals, a silver, and a bronze, beating competitors 100 pounds heavier and 10 years younger. You can see Scott in action at the 2010 World Martial Arts Games in the video below.

It wasn’t always a walk in the park. As a kid, he had to face many challenges that eventually was able to overcome by visualizing his goals and dreams. He became progressively involved in the role of mind and psychology over body and performance, learned the Silva Mind Control Method, and read everything he could get his hands on mind power.

His goal was to become more efficient, stronger, with faster recovery time and excellent emotional control over fear. The culmination of his quest was the remarkable win described above toward which also contributed a friend of him called Steven Barnes.

steven barnes Steven Barnes is also another super fit guy, a yoga instructor with three black belts as well as a Master Hypnotist. Initially, he met Scott and became involved with his Circular Strength Training method, then helped him structure a plan for the world championship that Scott won and that would be the basis for the Tacfit Warrior program for everyone, a comprehensive athletic, tactical, body, and mind system.

Steve Barnes’ role in the preparation was to harness the power of Scott’s mind over his body to such a level of efficiency that eventually led Scott Sonnon to win over much younger and bigger opponents, having sparred only twice in ten months and after years of accrued injuries!

The Importance Of Recovery

This means Facfit Warrior focuses very much on recovery and compensation exercises, drills that work at a mental level allowing you to keep calm and in control in any fight or flight situation.

The six thousand-year-old techniques in the program help you control your sympathetic nervous system, the one responsible for emergency strength and stamina, as well as your parasympathetic system, the one responsible for a good night’s sleep, adaptation, and recovery. 

According to Scott Sonnon, the recovery techniques employed in Tacfit Warrior enable tactical personnel to recover heart rate and breathing up to 6 times faster, allowing for more action bouts in any given time frame.

Tacfit Warrior Workouts

tacfit warrior Tacfit Warrior includes a particular training method structured into a 4X7 or 7X4 cycle mixed up with 5 different training patterns designed for quick recovery and injury prevention.

This was originally intended for combatants in order to be always action-ready.

But for simple guys working out, this means a better capacity for high-intensity workouts, regular progression and personal bests, no plateaus, and no injuries.

Tacfit Warrior Exercises

Each week, the program puts you through different workout drills like this:

  • Lean muscle building workouts are designed to build useful, action muscle like the special forces do, not muscles for the show.
  • Tactical exercises designed for conditioning and reinforcing relevant skill sets.
  • High intensity,  30 minutes of circuit training to burn fat better and faster than traditional cardio.
  • Neurological skills development to become faster, more efficient, and more resilient to stress.
  • Low-intensity mobility exercises to recover faster from the intense effort and avoid overtraining.
  • Warrior sleep techniques are designed to switch off mind and body, sleep well and recover faster.
  • 5 different levels of skills to suit everyone, from the “WarriorLite” level for complete beginners to the “Pre-recruit” level for those who are overweight or inexperienced, all the way up to the top Warrior levels.

Regardless of intensity level, each workout is based on the so-called “6 Degrees of Freedom” model which includes heaving, swaying, surging, pitching, yawing, and rolling.

Tacfit Warrior PDF And Components

Tacfit Warrior is a humongous fitness program of encyclopedic size made up of 12 components. You definitely get a lot of bang for your bucks not just in terms of quality but also quantity.

Fortunately, it is a digital product coming in PDF manuals, videos, MP4, M4V, and MP3 formats. This means you can have it instantly and also cheaper than if it was a physical product, as there is no storage nor delivery involved.

You can access the program on your PC, smartphone, or tablet, so you can carry it with you anywhere and watch the videos for reference. The components are:

  • Tacfit Warrior Mission Brief Manual – This manual focuses on ancient and modern secrets that create tough minds and bodies. This is the core of the program where all the theory is explained in layman terms by  Scott Sonnon and Steve Barnes about functional muscle, mobility, movement skills, safe joint techniques, emotional control techniques, all techniques are in place to toughen you up as a whole.
  • Tacfit Warrior Mission Calendar – A calendar structure to make the best use of your time. Useful to keep you on track, follow the program, not waste time, and be certain to put the theory into practice.
  • 4-Day Diet Book – While Tacfit Warrior is mainly a workout/fitness program, it does not leave the all-important nutrition part out. The focus of the program is on long-term sustainability rather than short-term, ineffective goals. We liked the fact that this nutritional blueprint does not just focus on what to eat but on how to listen to your body and become aware of what it needs to eat in order to succeed. We find this approach more appealing than calorie counting.
  • Tacfit Warrior Wall Charts – These are well-made, useful charts that you can download and print to keep track of your workouts day by day. Record keeping is a surefire way to progress, the wall charts go hand in hand with the Mission Calendars to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Stress Conversion Video – This video teaches Prasara techniques to unlock tension and stress and free it as energy to your advantage, either as fast action or deep sleep. The locked up, stress-related energy inhibits athletic performance and this video teaches you how to release it in a positive way.
  • Video Mission Briefing Instructional Library – A comprehensive 15 video library covering all exercises for all levels of fitness. 
 The videos are suitable for all devices and come in multiple formats like mp4  and iPod/iPad m4v that you can add to iTunes.
  • Warm-Up And Cool-Down Videos – Here you learn how to raise your body’s temperature for action but also how to cool it down with Prasara yoga techniques that re-align joints and help get rid of lactic acid. The techniques described are in place to prevent injury.
  • Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos – Presented by both Scott Sonnon and Steven Barnes.  In these videos, Barnes talks about the mind part of the workouts, how to time accurately the right moment during your workouts when you must imprint from your subconscious the principles learned for maximum effect.
  • Warm-Up And Cool-Down Demonstration Videos – In these videos,  Scott and Steven actually show you how to be aware of the reasons you wish to be alive and your goals, how to visualize your intended actions, and channel your efforts.  Then they show you how to slow down your heartbeat and breathing rates to achieve complete recovery in the shortest possible time so that you can face an opponent or a new challenge again and again.
  • Strain Prevention Video – In this video, there is a simpler, additional warm-up by Steven Barnes for people with physical limitations plus the personal joint health program by Scott Sonnon that he uses to keep his 40-year old body working like that of one 20 year old. It is an 18 minutes follow-along sequence that teaches you how to prevent injury and improve joint efficiency.
  • The Warrior Sleep Program – An MP3 format lesson teaching you an ancient technique that enables you to take deep sleep twenty-minute naps that feel like hours and generally how to have a restful night sleep for a full recovery.
  • The Nine Secrets Of The Samurai – These are nine wisdom pearls by Musashi Miyamoto, a legendary Japanese warrior. His mantra was “Know one thing, know ten thousand things”, meaning that if you succeed in something, then you probably know how to succeed in something else too.

tacfit warrior

The Bottom Line

Tacfit Warrior is an excellent bodyweight fitness program that has its roots in military training but is adapted for regular guys and gals in order to achieve optimal functionality, strength, lean muscle, and quick fat loss with a keen eye on injury prevention and stress recovery.

The program owes its effectiveness to the authors’ lifetime commitment, experience, and achievements in fitness, mind power, and physical training of the highest level. Tacfit Warrior has a unique approach to the mind and body connection, the like of which we have not found on any other program.

The quality of the training and theory together with the ton of materials provided make this program a benchmark in the range of bodyweight programs for fat loss and lean muscle.

However, it is not meant to be a bodybuilding program. If you are looking for a pure muscle-building program, there are other options available.




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