Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review – The Program Exposed

Suspension Revolution  2.0 is a fully comprehensive suspension workouts program for those who love this kind of training.

Here you will find what this program has to offer, how effective it is, how easy it is to follow along, and what it can do for you.

What Is Suspension Revolution 2.0?

Suspension Revolution 2.0 by Dan Long is a bodyweight workout method for men and women that makes use of straps like TRX or similar in order to push post-workout after-burn, EPOC, and thermogenesis to new levels, resulting in a much faster fat loss and lean muscle gains than traditional machine and free weights workouts.

This kind of training is nothing new, but Dan Long has made it into a viable, fully comprehensive blueprint for beginners, intermediate and advanced that include 191 exercises and 27 Suspension workouts.

The program looks attractive because it can be done at home without the need for expensive gym equipment, except for the straps. The straps required for this kind of bodyweight training add extra range, flexibility, and fine resistance tuning as opposed to straight bodyweight workouts. Suspension Revolution 2.0 is the only complete program developed precisely around the suspension bodyweight training idea.

How Does It Work?

Suspension Revolution consists of 191 suspension exercises and 27 metabolic workouts that according to the author will make you burn fat much faster than with weight training, as these exercises greatly boost the afterburn or EPOC effect, an increase in post-exercise oxygen deficit that promotes calorie burning while at rest.

Suspension Revolution Review

This is made possible because the suspended exercises work your body in a completely different way to regular weight training, involving up to 600 different muscles that would be impossible to stimulate through normal workouts.

The suspension workouts hit many muscle groups at the same time and are kept varied throughout the blueprint so as to prevent adaptation and stagnation, readdressing the roles that two conflicting forces have when they come into play in any given training program. One it’s you, the other your body.

You want your body to improve, get leaner, stronger, and build muscle, but your body has different ideas, he wants to become efficient and adapt to any given stimulus in order to stay the way it is and change the least amount it can get away with, or not change at all.

This is a well-known occurrence that afflicts most people who regularly work out. After an initial improvement, you hit a stagnation plateau and do not seem to make any tangible progress anymore. This is because your body natural survival instinct calls for homeostasis to kick in, your body has already adapted and does not want to change anymore.

Suspension Revolution Workout

The Suspension Bodyweight Strategy

Suspension workouts are a unique approach to bodyweight training that helps build lean muscle, core strength, and burn calories very easily. The program has already built a vast clientele of satisfied people from all walks of life.

Generic strap workouts have been around a long time, but Dan Long has repackaged the suspension training method in a very effective program that covers the whole of your body for maximum results.

The program can also blend in with regular free weights for even greater effectiveness but can be used stand-alone with excellent results, removing the need for a crowded gym or expensive equipment.

However, the workouts are not easy. The training does require a determination as the suspended bodyweight exercises coupled with the “Kill Mode” technique are no walk in the park. It is really a case of no-pain no-gain. If you come from a comfortable machine or free weight isolation exercises, you are in for a shocking drill.

Suspension Revolution

Benefits Of Suspension Revolution

The Suspension Revolution 2.0 exercises are set up exactly to prevent adaptation from happening. Through a variety of exercises and the “Kill Mode” technique, your body becomes constantly challenged and forced to change.

The suspension workouts are designed to keep the stimulus high and varied, engaging muscles from all angles with the highest possible intensity. Basically, this is a new interpretation of bodyweight workouts that somehow seems to bridge the gap between regular calisthenics, gymnastics, and street workouts,  whereas the use of straps forces your muscles and body to work in an unusual and challenging way.

We liked the fact that this kind of training has already been successfully used on top athletes like Dekoda Watson (NFL Player) to get ripped and stay in top shape year-round without the need for a gym or weights.

These exercises still require some straps like the TRX trainer or similar to be done, so the Suspension Revolution training is not a 100% no-equipment program like simple bodyweight workouts. However, the straps are still cheaper than any gym membership or home gym equipment and can be used at home or anywhere, so this program is still spartan enough and inexpensive in the long run.

The suspension revolution workouts are meant to build overall strength and lean muscle and take about 45 minutes to complete, 3 days a week. The 2 additional interval training days are in place to increase your metabolic rate, burn the layer of fat, and get you lean and ripped.

The workouts are designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced but must be done correctly step by step to accustom your flexibility and balance to this new kind of training. Dan Long’s routines are complete and leave nothing to chance.

The workouts are varied and comprehensive, no body part is left uncovered and we think that Suspension Revolution 2.0 is probably the best-suspended training blueprint of its kind.

Suspension Revolution TRX

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Need?

The only catch to this otherwise essential program is the need for straps. You do not need a gym, but without straps, you simply cannot follow  Suspension Revolution 2.0. You may want to check Gumtree, Craiglist, or eBay for a good bargain, or maybe just check out Amazon.

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About Dan Long

dan long suspension revolution

Dan Long is a Fitness Coach and Trainer to Pro Athletes, Suspension Bodyweight Training Expert, and creator of the Kill Mode Training Certification.

The latter is a particular mindset technique that requires total dedication and focuses in the second part of any given exercise with the idea to push through plateaus and prevent stagnation.

He’s been featured in and on Fox News, Vogue, NBC, ABC, CNBC, and Florida-based newspapers.

He has his own gym facility in Tampa and has trained many pro athletes, actors, and regular guys and gals, but in recent years has made a name for himself precisely with this new method of bodyweight training called Suspension Revolution, now updated to Suspension Revolution 2.0.

Part of the effectiveness of this method stems from the Kill Mode technique, an additional method employed in the workouts designed to cause a mental shift halfway through a set, so as to kick in adrenaline, breakthrough discomfort, and push through your personal boundaries and beyond.

The Main Program Components

The core part of the program is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced phases and must be completed in sequence if you want to become proficient in this kind of training, no phase must be skipped. There are a total of 191 suspension exercises and 27 workouts laid out in a 20-week time frame.

  • 4 Week Beginner Suspension Revolution – The first phase is to be done even if you are already working out and in good shape in order to accustom your muscles to this new kind of stimulus. The beginner phase comes both as a 50 page PDF manual and video. The first 12 pages go through all the exercises in detail, while the remaining pages are dedicated to demonstrative pictures to be cross-checked with the video.
  • 4 Week Intermediate Suspension Revolution – This is a natural progress phase with more complex and challenging workouts. Again, you have the PDF manual with the exercises and pictures, and video. After this phase, you should start seeing visible results.
  • 12 Week Advanced Suspension Revolution – In this phase, you start implementing the “Kill Mode” mindset technique. These exercises are quite challenging but yield the most impressive results, with lean muscle and definition taking on a new level.

The Bonuses

The are also 4 bonuses included in the program.

  • Core Blasting Accelerators – Fancy name for 4-minute sequences that engage your core muscles and boost metabolism and fat loss. These exercises can be used as a complement to the main program for additional effectiveness.
  • Steel Pumping Power Sets – While Suspension Revolution is about suspended bodyweight exercises, it does also offer the possibility to be used together with regular free weights for maximum effect. The combination of suspended exercises and regular free weights changes muscle stimulus and becomes more than the simple sum of the 2 parts, taking on an exponential value.
  • Strap After Burn Finishers – A set of workouts co-authored with “Mr. Finisher” Mike Whitfield designed to speed up results, a better alternative to boring cardio and intervals to be done at the end of your regular workouts.
  • The Top 10 Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does  – This is a video bonus,  10 unique and very tough suspension exercises that take muscle building and fat burning to the maximum level.

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The Bottom Line

Suspension Revolution 2.0 is a niche program in the discipline of bodyweight workouts and somehow fills the gap between calisthenics, street workouts, and gymnastics. It is a unique approach to using your own body weight designed to activate the whole of your muscles from unique angles so as to keep your body constantly stimulated and prevent stagnation and adaptation.

The net result of this kind of training is an increased after-burn effect for greater and faster fat loss coupled with an increase in lean muscle mass and strength. The program itself can be done in the comfort of home or anywhere, stand-alone or coupled to free weights for greater results still.

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