Specforce Alpha Review – Alpha Nation Workouts Exposed Here

In this review of Specforce Alpha Nation Workouts, you will find out the pros and cons of this program and how it can help you get an alpha-male body.

In this detailed analysis, you will find out how this plan is supposed to help you get an alpha-male, ripped physique and an aura that commands respect from men and admiration from women and whether it works.

Specforce Alpha is the result of the lifetime knowledge and expertise of SWAT team leader Todd Lamb.

Who Is Specforce Alpha For?

Specforce Alpha is designed by a man for men only. While there is no age restriction, the program requires commitment and effort for results to come, young or old.

It is suitable for those who want to make a change and want to achieve permanent, high fitness levels with a ripped physique.

It is not a 2-week plan before your beach vacation, and if you are used to traditional weight training, you may need some time to switch over and adapt to this new training method.

Specforce Alpha Review

Right now is priced at $37 on the official website: alphanation.com

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Description Of SpecForce Alpha

SpecForce Alpha by Todd Lamb is a bodyweight-only workout program based on a high-intensity interval training blueprint.

It is designed to achieve the rock-hard, lean, ripped physique that an alpha male is supposed to have, hence the program’s name.

The routines are derived from the training methods of SWAT teams and special forces, so they are demanding to say the least, but without the dangers that special forces have to face.

The workouts can be done at home without equipment and are quite different from the regular bodybuilding weight training exercises you do in the gym.

The program is suitable for all men, young and older, and focuses on naturally resetting your general masculinity to alpha male status in physique, testosterone, attitude, and presence.

The author makes it a personal crusade to fight what he considers the excessive feminization of modern man due to a range of adverse environmental factors like processed foods containing chemicals that mimic the female sex hormone estrogen and lower your testosterone levels.

Alpha Male Key Hormones

Specforce Alpha This is what Specforce Alpha was designed for, the workout blueprint and nutritional guidance are focused on boosting 3 key factors responsible for your strength, manliness, and alpha male shape:

  • Testosterone.
  • Human growth hormone.
  • Insulin Growth Factor.

These three factors have a fundamental role in the way you feel, and you act, and in the way your body looks. Testosterone alone is responsible for both your muscle gains and fat loss, the two key factors determining your body composition.

Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, there’s been a decrease in testosterone in the general male population for a variety of reasons like:

  • Sedentary jobs.
  • Long working hours.
  • Processed foods packed with chemicals and preservatives.
  • Pollution and toxins everywhere.

Aside from the specific workout routines, Specforce Alpha gives you a solid nutrition template to adhere to, which focuses on resetting your hormonal environment and offsetting the ill effects of processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle. However, no specific meal plans are provided.

As per the workout part of Specforce Alpha, the bodyweight routines follow a specific sequence with pre-set rest times between sets. In as little as 20 minutes, you’ll achieve more than most people waste in hours in the gym because these bodyweight movements are designed to increase your strength, myofibrillar lean muscle mass, and burn fat like a torch.

In addition to the bodyweight movements, there is also power-geared plyometrics to perform. Explosive plyometrics is a well-known tool for developing power and increase testosterone levels.

Overall, the workout blueprint in Specforce Alpha is the same used by elite tactical personnel and SWAT teams or MMA fighters, which condition their bodies to the highest levels of fitness, muscularity, stamina, and endurance that one can imagine.

The bodyweight workouts in Specforce Alpha are based on compound movements and challenge your body in the vertical and horizontal planes, which forces your muscles to work as a chain and not in isolation.

This approach is much more challenging than isolation exercises (though they have a place too), and when done in conjunction with circuit routines with little rest in between, it will kickstart a chain reaction of responses like:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increased growth hormone levels.
  • Increased testosterone levels.
  • Increased functional muscle mass (myofibrillar muscle fibers)
  • Raised metabolism.
  • Increased fat-burning.

Additionally, the bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere without equipment, though you may need some essential gear like a plyometric box, a pull-up bar, or rings for pulling movements.

These are very inexpensive, though, and you can take them with you anywhere.

Specforce Alpha

Specforce Alpha Workout

Specforce Alpha Muscle And Diet Tenets

Muscle – One big obstacle in the way to a manly, ripped physique is fat itself. The author claims that fat cells act as a vehicle for extra estrogen in your body. Today’s training methods used by most people make the situation worse,  suppressing testosterone even more.

He points out that regular weight training produces only puffed-up physiques because they are designed to increase muscle cell size with fluids, like balloons, adding more size than strength in the process.

The Specforce Alpha bodyweight exercises promote compact, fiber-dense myofibrillar hypertrophy most responsible for functional strength and the coveted Alpha Body Shape, the physique respected by men and admired by women.

All the workouts are bodyweight-only performed with a timer between sets to keep your rest times consistent and accurate. This way, you will know if and when you are progressing, like squeezing an extra rep.

Diet – Another culprit is overeating, in the belief that you can only add muscle if you also add fat. This leads to an exaggerated form of bulking and cutting that is unhealthy and stressful on your body in the long run. The extra fat also promotes more “endogen” female estrogen while restraining testosterone.

Specforce Alpha makes do with bulking and cutting. Instead, it promotes lean muscle gains and fat loss simultaneously.  The program offers an application called MacroFlex Diet to easily keep track of your meals and macros, helping you avoid nutrition mistakes and always get the correct nutrients before and after your workouts.

The Myofibrillar Hypertrophy Foundation

The SpecForce Alpha training consists of high-intensity, short workouts that promote myofibrillar hypertrophy instead of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This is the crucial factor that sets SpecForce Alpha apart from traditional bodybuilding programs.

The net result of this kind of training is low body fat, muscular, and ripped physique with optimal testosterone levels year-round rather than the puffed-up look with a spare tire around the waist or man’s boobs in the worst-case scenario.

The author himself used to fall into this category with a less than ideal body until he switched to military-style training for good.

Specforce Alpha Man

Specforce Alpha Workouts

The plan revolves around 3 key ideas upon which the training system is built. These are:

Add Muscle Mass With Zero Equipment

This is not a fancy choice, but it stems from the results achieved over time by tactical and combat personnel.

Standard sets with a barbell, two dumbbells, or a machine will most likely increase the volume of your muscle cells through water retention, the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

The result is a puffed-up body with some more strength and not-so-low body fat. The bodyweight workouts of SpecForce Alpha are designed to achieve myofibrillar hypertrophy, which is an increase in the size and strength of your muscle fibers rather than the fluid surrounding them.

The exercises are arranged in a Target Focus Muscle sequence that the author claims packs on hard muscle very fast.

Losing Fat And Building Muscle Together

The consensus in bodybuilding literature is that it is unavoidable to fatten up if you want to build muscle. According to Todd Lamb, the very opposite is true: it is easier to build muscle while losing fat at the same time.

This is a bit the holy grail of muscle building, and many think this is not possible. However, the author is quick to explain how this happens. It is something called Concurrent Lipolysis.

This means that hormones released by training this way reduce body fat dramatically. Their release is the consequence of strenuous activity and specific training techniques like reduced rest time between sets.

You can call it HIIT, high-intensity interval training if you like.

Reduce Cortisol To Increase Testosterone

Cortisol is a stress hormone that negatively impacts testosterone. The higher the cortisol is, the lower your testosterone levels get. The author has devised a blueprint to act and feel like an Alpha Male to reverse the situation.

According to Todd, the simple psychological acting like an alpha guy will translate into a change at the physical level, with increased testosterone and lower cortisol.

The so-called Alpha Shape Effect makes you project your Alpha Status and consolidates your position as such. I’m not too sure about this last point but suspect that the Alpha Shape effect may be more the consequence of training rather than wishful thinking.

Specforce Alpha Training Schedule

The program runs for 12 months because it’s a long-term plan that hinges on fitness as a style of life. Results don’t come quick and easy and you need to be prepared for a shift in mental attitude when it comes to being in top shape with an Alpha physique.

The 12-month run is divided into smaller parts like so:

  • 4 different phases of 3 months each.
  • Each phase in turn divided into 3 different “missions”, each lasting one month.

Each phase and mission build upon the previous one, so it’s better to NOT skip and jump ahead or you’ll regret it later. There is a week break between the 4 phases and you generally work out 5 days a week throughout the whole program.

Each workout lasts just 20 minutes so it does not take much of your daily time at all and you can easily fit it into your family, work, and social commitments.

However, those 20-minute intense workouts done consistently are all it takes to change your body and mind.

Description Of The Phases

Phase 1 – Called “Basic Operation,” this phase sets the standard for the phases to come and the whole program. There are basic exercises to perform, and each workout starts with a 5-minute warm-up, followed by full-body bodyweight exercises targeting your entire body.

These bodyweight movements focus on building mass, strength, and losing weight depending on the particular mission you are in.

The blueprint gives you exactly how many sets and reps you should perform and, crucially, the rep cadence and the relatively short rest periods between sets. Finally, you end the workouts with a cool-down involving body stretching.

During the two days off per week,  you should implement an active recovery to help your body recover from the week’s workouts. Rather than sitting at home watching TV, you’ll either have to go walking or cycling or swimming. The choice is yours.

Phase 2 – Called the “Specialist Phase” in this par of Specforce Alpha, you take the exercises and workouts learned in phase 1 and scale them up. This means you will have to increase your repetitions and sets while reducing the rest times between sets even further.

As always, you precede and finish off your workouts with warm-ups and cool-down stretches.

As in phase 1, in phase 2, you structure the three months into three distinct one-month “missions” so that at the end of the phase, you should start seeing significant changes in your strength and muscle hypertrophy, as well as in stamina and cardiovascular abilities.

Phase 3 – Called the ” Special Forces Operator,” in this phase, you repeat the process and ramp up sets and repetitions volume from phase 2 to increase total workload and resilience. This is to prevent stagnation and force your body to adapt to the increasing challenge by becoming even stronger and more muscular than before.

This is the most challenging phase totaling the greatest workload and exertion of the program, still structured into three one-month missions.

Phase 4 – Called the “Delta Phase,” the last three months of Specforce Alpha entail a further specialization and a change in resistance methods again to prevent plateaus and give your body an alternative stimulus for growth.

During this time, you’ll need to use some basic equipment like resistance bands and chains to change the strength curve your muscles are accustomed to and force them to adapt and grow stronger and bigger. This phase can only be done after the first 3 phases as an extra stimulus.

Doing this phase standalone or jumping to it without having first completed the whole 3-phase sequence won’t yield the results you are hoping for. This phase is the last for a reason.

Description of The Missions

As you have seen above, each 3-month phase is divided into sub-stages of one month, each called “missions.” Each mission builds on the previous mission precisely in the way each phase builds on the last phase.

In each phase, you repeat the three missions in rotation. However, in each phase, the missions become more and more challenging.

In other words, the whole Specforce Alpha workout program is built on the progressive overload principle, albeit a bodyweight one.

The three missions are:

Alpha Mission – This one month is geared toward achieving resilience and stamina and prepares you for the more challenging missions ahead.

Bravo Mission – Once you have built more stamina, you ramp up your game to increase strength and lean muscle size.

Charlie Missions – In the final mission, you build on whatever size and strength you have already had to achieve the ultimate goal: the much-coveted Alpha Shape physique that will tell you apart from the crowd.

Specforce Alpha

The Creator Of Speforce Alpha

specforce alpha todd lamb

Todd Lamb is a SWAT Team leader and tactical fitness consultant, so he knows firsthand what works and what does not to get a top physique.

Being in top fitness is the essential ability that his lifestyle requires, so he has the proper knowledge to pass on people who are tired from working out but still cannot display a fit, low fat, muscular physique.

He then developed the SpecForce Alpha training regime that is based on three basic principles. These ideas come from real-life special forces that need to be in prime fitness for any emergency, which incidentally delivers lean muscle with low body fat as a bypass product.

SWAT teams must keep training and be fit anywhere without access to the gym and equipment. This is what makes this program attractive.

Specforce Alpha PDF And Components

The program is easy to follow with clear instructions in PDF format and videos instantly available upon purchase and is divided into several parts as follows:

  • 7 Day Training Cycle – The foundation of the program with the workouts to get a rock-hard physique.
  • Target Focus Muscle – The bodyweight technique that spurs myofibrillar hypertrophy.
  • Accurate sets and repetitions – Information to maximize your growth hormone.
  • Nutritional Guidelines – Customizable meal planning according to your macronutrient profile to optimize your testosterone levels.
  • 2 Alpha Male Techniques –  To instantly make you look like one.
  • Video Library – Showing you each exercise to make sure you can implement the workouts correctly without incurring injuries.

The Bonuses

The author also throws in  3 bonuses:

Bonus 1 – 7 Day Testosterone Solution

  • It contains information on a common vegetable that reverses the female estrogen hormone and lets your testosterone take over again, helping you build the alpha male physique.
  • It tells you about one seafood that ancient civilizations used to increase masculinity.
  • It reveals a typical drink sitting in your refrigerator with remarkable anabolic properties that the author suggests you drink after each workout.
  • Information on which supplements to avoid, which is the majority, and the ones that can be good for you if you want to increase testosterone levels.
  • Information and tips on nutrition and supplements to rump up your testosterone.

Bonus 2 – The Black Ops MacroFlex Diet App

This is a useful application for a smartphone or tablet. The Black Ops MacroFlex Diet App makes everything easy, telling you what to eat and when to maximize your muscle building.

What we liked is that you can eat some of your favorite foods with it. The application tells you when and how much you are allowed to eat, as long as it is within your macro-nutrient requirements.

The SpecForce Alpha workouts boost metabolism and help burn fat while building muscle, making it possible to eat burgers and pizzas if needed. Not no need to be stuck on bland foods.

To recap, here is what this application does for you.

  • It tells you the nutrients you need for optimal muscle building.
  • It has an inbuilt logbook that keeps track of what you eat.
  • It lets you indulge in pizzas and burgers, providing that they fit in your macros.

Bonus 3 – The Alpha Status Handbook

This is a step-by-step guide teaching you how to get the alpha male posture that attracts women and command respect from men, and generally how to go along with your newly found Alpha Status. You will find information and techniques such as:

  • A 10-second trick to instantly look 15% more powerful and virile.
  • How to switch your mindset to become the center of attention in a gathering.
  • The particular manly posture inevitably draws the attention of women.
  • A peculiar skill that consolidates your Alpha Status in social situations.
  • A conversation technique that confirms you as the alpha male in public.
  • A body language trick that induces other men to submit to your status.
  • A voice technique that instantly attracts women’s attention.

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Specforce Alpha Pros And Cons


  • Well-structured strength, stamina, and muscle program focused on long-term results.
  • It’s mainly a bodyweight program that delivers functional strength and fitness.
  • A professional tactical author designed this program for professionals or anyone seeking ultimate fitness levels.
  • Specforce Alpha has been used with success by combat personnel and pro fighters as a standard training method.
  • Specforce Alpha is built on the sound progressive overload principle.
  • Flexible program, You can do it anywhere, no gym required.
  • It delivers results; you can get a ripped, rock-hard physique with this program.
  • Instantly available online upon purchase. You can read the PDF manuals or view the tutorial videos from your smartphone, tabler, or PC.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Some gear is needed for the last phase of the program: resistance rubber bands and chains.

The Bottom Line

SpecForce Alpha is a male-only fitness program meant to deliver an Alpha Male, ripped and muscular physique with the help of high intensity, bodyweight workouts that promote the growth of lean, hard rock muscles.

The blueprint was created by a SWAT team leader using tried and tested special forces’ training routines that guarantee year-round fitness, peak condition, and the development of a manly, alpha-guy physique with low body fat and lean, functional muscle.

The plan is also convenient and cheap to implement as it does not require machines, barbells, and dumbbells. It can be done at home or anywhere. However, while simple, it is not easy to implement and requires you to push through the comfort zone and be consistent in your efforts.

The reward for sticking to the Specforce Alpha workouts is a training system that promotes muscle gain, fat loss, and a top physique year-round.

specforce alpha

Specforce Alpha FAQs

Is Specforce Alpha For Everyone?

No, Specforce Alpha is for men only. Not only that, but it’s also for those who want to reach peak strength, low body fat, and functional fitness as a way of life, not just before a beach vacation. The program runs for 12 months and is meant for long-term results. If you are not prepared to commit yourself, then it’s not for you.

Will It Take A Lot Of My Time To Follow It?

No. The workouts last just 20 minutes, five days a week, though they are very challenging workouts. However, what Specforce Alpha does not ask you in terms of the time it will ask you in terms of commitment for the long run.

Is Its Creator Qualified?

Absolutely yes. Todd Lamb has been in the tactical business for many years, both as a SWAT team member and as a trainer, and has built a name for himself as the go-to man for training for SWAT teams, Marines, combat personnel, and pro fighters like MMA fighters. Just Google him, and you’ll find him everywhere.

How Much Is It?

Right now, it is $37. However, program prices change with time, so that the price tag may change in the future.

What About A Guarantee?

Specforce Alpha comes with an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee.

Specforce Alpha





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