SpecForce Abs Review – Do These Workouts Get You A Six Pack Abs?

SpecForce Abs Review – Do These Workouts Get You A Six Pack Abs?
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specforce absThis review of Specforce Abs by Todd Lamb will show you whether this program is suitable for you and what benefits it offers, as well as an in depth report of its contents.

Unlike SpecForce Alpha, this program was designed by Todd Lamb for both men and women with an emphasis on the core muscles.

The program targets not just the front abs but the whole mid-section from front to back, essential for performance and posture.

Who Is SpecForce Abs For?

The author designed his program for everyone. Many customers are women, so he created two separate programs for men and women even though the workouts are very much the same.

Todd Lamb stresses that the training plan works just as well for men and women. It is the different genetic make up that produces different visual results.

Anything else being equal, men with more testosterone will naturally develop a more rugged and ripped look, while women will develop a comparatively less ripped look with tones and sexy curves.

The need to provide two  programs for men and women is more due to marketing reasons that a real difference in the program, as women may feel more confident to go to a female-only page than a  generic page, and vice versa.

SpecForce Abs training will naturally increase men’s testosterone levels, but women should not be worried about it, as their bodies responds in a different way than men, so they won’t end up looking bulky and beefy like a female pro-bodybuilder, only toned and sexy.

While simple to follow, SpecForce Abs is not easy. It requires discipline and commitment. Dropping out few weeks later on will not yield long lasting results.

It is a blueprint suitable for older people too, well into their 50s, 60s and 70s, in fact more so that younger people who naturally improve and get fit with anything they throw at their bodies even when their chosen workouts are not the best.

As you get older you can afford less mistakes in training and nutrition, hence the need for a proven and effective blueprint that does not make you waste time and effort.

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Specforce Abs

What Is SpecForce Abs?

SpecForce Abs is a core and abdominal workout plan by Todd Lamb, a former Canadian military soldier who decided to make public his knowledge of abs training techniques as performed by S.W.A.T teams for their operations.

He allegedly realized the superior effectiveness of special forces workouts when he temporarily retired from the army and started training with traditional exercises like crunches and sit-ups.

Not only could he not keep up with his military time prime fitness, he allegedly noticed a worsening of his core and abs performance and look, ending up puffed up and a long way from the ripped guy he was before.

That’s when he decided to switch back to his old military drills and create a blueprint for the general public, both men and women, young and old.

How Does It Work?

Like other fitness or workout programs, this one too makes use of unusual terms to describe something already known with a different word or expression, while sometimes it comes up with something new.

The author is against typical abs training for 3 different reasons.

Waist Thickening

According to the author, traditional exercises like sit-ups or crunches add up to your waist by making you look fatter with a pot belly.

He backs up his claims with the hip flexors function. The psoas major is a muscle connecting the lower spine with the top of the femur responsible for correct posture. Traditional exercises allegedly shorten the hip flexors, pushing forward the hips and giving you a heavy look.

While the hip flexors have importance for posture and strength, connecting your lower body to your legs, we think that a pot belly may be more the result of excessive fat storage than psoas issues, though it may contribute.


Kyphosis refers to an excessive hunching forward of your spine. The condition can be serious and is also called Scheuermann’s  Kyphosis.  The simple slouching the author refers to may be just the basic Postural Kyphosis.

According to the author, traditional ab workouts cause the upper abdominals to pull the top of your body downward, creating a slouched look. In addition, this posture would create stress on your lower back and compress your internal organs, leading to disease and aging.

We think that while there may be some truth in these claims for posture and correct spine alignment, they also appear to us a bit exaggerated and one sided for marketing reasons.

Disk Damage

This claim is based on the fact that regular ab exercises require constant flexing of your spine back and forward, adding stress to the fluid between your vertebrae and even causing hernias in the worst case scenario.

The Spec Force Abs blueprint is based on exercises that do not require excessive stress on your spine but target the whole core section, from the front rectus abdominis, to the obliques and  back muscles called “posterior chain” in this program.

Specforce Abs Program

Muscles Targeted In SpecForce Abs

The program name is unintentionally a bit misleading in that it does not simply target the abdominals and obliques like other programs, but also the back muscles in order to create a stiff, wrap around “cage” in your body that acts as the pivotal point for all the forces going through it.

The author makes the case that the whole middle section of you body back to front is that single most important muscle area of your body and the foundation upon which to build more peripheral muscle groups.

All sports that require repeated full-out exertions like boxing, Muay Thai, MMA fighting, Navy Seals training and S.W.A.T missions do require outstanding core development for optimal performance.

The core section is the body area that keeps everything together, the axis between your legs and arms, your feet and hands. No power can be transferred  from your legs to even the strongest pecs and shoulders without strong abs and core acting as a pivot.

All in all, we like this fully comprehensive approach to abs training that does not restricts workouts to mere front-six-pack-abs for pure esthetic reasons. Ripped look for men or sexy, toned tummy for women are simply a bypass product of SpecForce Abs training regime. Function comes first, good looks second.

Rectus Abdominis

specforce abs six packThe usual culprit and the single most coveted muscle of the core section. A strong rectus abdominis combined with low body fat results in the much sought after six pack abs that instantly set anyone apart on a beach and is considered a benchmark of fitness.

You do not need to be a big guy to look fit, athletic and strong with a good six pack abs.


specforce abs obliquesThese are often left lagging behind the rectus abdominis, probably because a front section is considered enough by many.

But  strong obliques with a low body fat add a lot to the ripped look, making your waist smaller and enhancing further your front abs. They also have the important function to rotate your torso and transfer power to your arms in a fighting sport.

Posterior Chain

specforce backThis is a fancy name for back muscle groups that normally are not associated with normal abs training, like the lower back muscles and the spinal erectors.

The author decided to include back muscles in order to give a complete and strong wrap-around core section, as a lagging lower back would negatively impact the functionality of front abs and obliques, however strong they may be.

A strong back also has a positive effect of posture and spine.

Specforce Abs Exercises

The SpecForce Abs Workouts

The SpecForce Abs structure is based on 5 different training factors as follows:

  • Abdominal Armoring – This is the idea to target all 3 core muscle areas mentioned above. Uniquely to this program, the workouts target not just the rectus abdominis and obliques but also the lower back muscles, or posterior chain, in order to create a kind of virtual body armor.
  • Asset Stacking – As the name implies, the 3 main core muscle area workouts are combined together strategically, this means they are not trained separately like in other programs. The workouts are arranged to promote natural and easy progression.
  • Fixed Angle Contraction – This is a fancy definition for “isometrics”. An isometric exercise involves a fixed joint angle, like when you push or pull against a resistance without actually moving your limb or body, as opposed to regular “isotonic” exercises that require a concentric movement, the normal repetitions you do in a set. A fixed contraction angle allegedly  fires up the greatest number of muscle fibers, spurring muscle growth in a shorter time.
  • TQ Work Ups – TQ stands for tissue quality. The idea here is to promote muscle efficiency and strength in different stages, pyramid-like.  Each completed stage acts as the stepping stone to the next stage. This system is used in S.W.A.T team training because it guarantees a quick and safe progression. These progressive workouts are called work-ups and are regular drills in the Spec Ops training regime.
  • Strategic Target Selection – This selection happens with EMG, or Electromyography, allegedly to increase muscle activation.

About The Author

specforce absThere is no much information online about Todd Lamb, except for a few references to his program.

Unlike other programs of dubious origins, this time a lack of much information about the author could have very well to do with the anonymity and secrecy required by special forces for their operations.

It is unlikely that S.W.A.T teams would advertise their training and missions to the public, so we’ll take him face value.


Specforce Abs PDF And Components

Here is what you get:

The Main Manual – Called Specforce Abs Handbook

This is the main part of the program and is designed to achieve quick results. More power after just one week and noticeable visual differences after just 2 weeks.

The author recommends to take before and after pictures for self assessment and motivation, while your abs will start getting more and more definition, from 2 packs to 4 packs and eventually 6 packs.

After 6 weeks you start looking real ripped, or toned and sexy if you are a woman.

Fix And Flatten Bonus 1 Manual –  A 7 Day Cleansing Blueprint

This bonus booklet provides information on how to get rid of toxic inflammation, that according to Todd Lamb can add as much as 3 inches to your belly.

This pamphlet tells you to avoid allegedly healthy foods that seem really designed to increase inflammation and bloat your stomach.

The blueprint helps reduce bloated bellies and inflammation in as little as 7 days,  a nice add-on to the main program to build your core abs upon.

Perfect Butt Solution Bonus 2 Manual – Blueprint To Look Good In Jeans

It may sound strange to have a butt-specific manual in an abs program, but it makes sense to us in that a taut and muscly butt increases appeal in both men and women.

Men look more masculine and stronger, women sexier. The idea is to complement and good abs and core section with an equally strong and compact butt that increase overall appeal, contributing to a tapered, athletic look that looks good on a beach or in a pair of blue jeans.

specforce abs
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The Bottom Line

SpecForce Abs is a unique six pack abs program because it does not focus just on your front abs, rather on your core as a whole, from your front, to your sides to your back. The program was designed to achieve strength and functionality first, with the six pack ripped look as a pleasant side effect.

Its foundations lay in a military-like training approach that has not much to do with regular abs workouts. The program also focuses on safety, spine stability and quick results to keep motivation high and prevent injury, but it also requires discipline and commitment for long lasting results.

What is unique of this abs program, and unlike any other, is the inclusion of the back muscles, the posterior chain, as an integral part of your core training regime. A strong back must work in harmony with your front abs and obliques to avoid unbalances, improve posture and prevent injury.

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