Power Primer 2.0 Review – Do Muscle And Performance Go Hand In Hand?

The Power Primer 2.0 is a complete strength, muscle building, and fat loss program designed to achieve not just a good-looking, shredded physique, but also real-life performance and athleticism.

While other programs are either concerned with just the cosmetic or athletic part of the fitness range, Eric Bach’s Power Primer takes on a holistic route to offer functional strength in a prime physique package.

In this investigation, you’ll find out how this plan works and whether it is a worthy investment.

Who Is Power Primer For?

Power Primer is suitable for men and women, young and older, regular guys and gals but also athletes. Particularly people stuck in a plateau who want to convert their barbell strength into real-life, tangible athleticism.

The training method breaks from traditional bodybuilding routines plans and crosses over into bodyweight workouts, plyometrics, and lights weights lifted faster, rather than just heavy lifting.

As such, this program is suitable for those with a sufficient training history who have already learned how to squat and dead-lift. However, the exercise modifications make this plan flexible enough to accommodate beginner fitness levels.

Power Primer Review

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What Is The Power Primer 2.0?

Power Primer Workouts

The Power Primer training method was conceived to address 2 different areas of fitness that often are mutually excluded in regular workout programs.

One is the field of strength and muscle building, the other is real-life athleticism and performance. Even though there may be a superficial relationship between the two, they do not always go hand in hand.

A fact that the author claims he experienced on himself while getting stronger in the weights room, but performing poorly in sports and daily life.

The Premise

The Power Primer method addresses this problem by utilizing a strategy called the Size Principle, which says that you can use muscle fibers when training in two ways, lifting heavier or lifting lighter but as fast as possible. This is a well-documented idea called Henneman’s size principle.  (Henneman on Wiki).

Eric Bach also noticed that when lifting heavy all the time not only did athletic performance NOT improve noticeably in real terms, but there were also a whole host of other problems springing up along the way, like battered joints and a still high body fat ratio.

More than that, without explosive movements, like jumping, throwing, sprinting, or pushing/pulling lighter weights faster, your body becomes stuck in a rut as it has no reason to become athletic, even if it is strong.

The author’s strategy is to address these issues with a multifaceted approach that encompasses all levels of fitness to deliver a well-rounded, strong and jacked physique that not only looks good on a beach but also performs well in any situation.

The Explosive Power Primer Training Strategy

Power Primer Push Ups

This is what Power Primer is all about. It’s a workout protocol that includes not just heavy lifting but also explosive push-ups and jumping like plyometrics, but also the quality of reps execution, rather than numbers.

The goal of the program is to build a strong, jacked, athletic body that can perform athletic movements through an athlete-like training regimen. Heavy barbells and dumbbells alone won’t cut it.

This program is not just about power-lifting or bodybuilding, rather a multi-varied approach that encompasses multiple disciplines for a well-rounded athletic result.

The program is based on 3 principles:

  • Strength Through Movement And Conditioning
  • Lighter Weights Lifted As Fast As Possible
  • Explosive Bodyweight Exercises

In fact, the Explosive Power Primer Training is really 3 programs rolled into one, each program lasting for 12 weeks for a total of 36 weeks, even though it can be used as a lifetime protocol thereafter.

Each program is designed to develop a specific area of fitness and could be considered a different phase of a complete body re-building program, each one covered by a different manual.

Power Primer Weight Lifting

Program Benefits And Flexibility

The Power Primer is a unique 3 in 1 program that lasts for a total of almost 8 months and can also be carried over for life as a sustainable training method for further progression or maintenance.

Because of the different phases of the program, you can benefit from the strength phase, the muscle-building phase, or the fat loss phase, then focus more on the one you need the most thereafter.

It is also flexible enough in that it can be done at home with alternative exercises as explained in one of the manuals, though the default workout system is equipment-based and should be done with barbells, dumbbells, racks, and benches as well as bodyweight workouts.

Power Primer helps increase and convert existing strength and muscular levels into functional strength that can be demonstrated through athletic feats rather than through lifting the barbell and the weights alone.

About Eric Bach

Erich Bach First off, a glance at the author’s credentials. Eric Bach is a fitness expert, strength coach, and author based in Denver, Colorado.

He has been training since 2009 in a variety of fields like functional training, strength training, and weight loss.

Eric’s clientele ranges from regular guys and gals of all ages and of all ability levels to professional athletes, tactical personnel, family men, CEO’s and gym warriors, whom he coaches to achieve their different goals like getting ripped, stronger or more athletic.

As for his formal qualifications, he has a BS in kinesiology, he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with Certifications in Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Today, he coaches at the Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance and runs his own Bach Performance brand,  offering online training and fitness consulting.

Eric Bach is also a regular contributor to publications like T-Nation, eliteFTS, STACK, ACE fitness, and the PDC and he has social media accounts all over the place, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus, and YouTube.

To sum it up, Eric Bach is real and very much qualified for the job.

The Components Of Power Primer

The Power Primer 2.0 is a digital program with PDF manuals and video libraries, no DVDs or hard copies available as of now. The main components consist of 3 main manuals plus a video library, plus 2 extra bonuses.

Main Components

The Power Primer Strength Guide

Power Primer Book In this 12/week phase, the routines are focused on real-life, functional strength and are based on the “Strength Through Movement And Conditioning” idea.

The workouts focus on quality rather than quantity, they are designed to transfer strength to real-world athleticism as strength is the foundation of athleticism.

This part of the strategy is not concerned with cosmetics, just performance, as it leads to neurological adaptations that result in greater strength.

The Power Primer Athletic Muscle Guide

This phase uses a mix of bodybuilding and performance training like plyometrics and bodyweight movements to improve athleticism. The author claims that you can add up to 8-12 lbs of lean muscle, but this, of course, will depend on your size, age, and level of fitness.

When it comes to building muscle, weights are not the only tool available. Calisthenics, or bodyweight training, have been proven to offer outstanding progression toward real-life, functional strength, and lean muscle building.

Unlike split weight routines, bodyweight movements impact all your muscles simultaneously like a chain and not individually, helping improve bodyweight to power ratio and leanness.

The Power Primer Videos The Power Lean Guide to Accelerated Fat Loss

This phase is focused on fat loss. The plans details how to perform like an athlete and modify your diet to increase metabolic rate and burn fat.

The Power Primer Exercise Library and Video Database

More than 100 training tutorial videos to show exactly how to perform the exercises and prevent injury. The videos are in MP4 format so you can watch them anywhere you go from your smartphone, at home, or in the gym.

The Bonuses

The Power Primer Exercise Modification Library

This is a handy manual that shows alternative ways to perform the exercises, should you not have access to some piece of equipment or prefer to train at home and not in a gym.

One Rep Max Testing Guide

The exercises in the program need to be finely adjusted to weight percentage, so this book is meant to make your life easier by predicting what your 1 rep/max should be based on your current training weights, and also by telling you how to actually perform it.

The Power Pirmer Eric Bach
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Final Verdict

Power Primer 2.0 is a fully comprehensive strength, muscle building, and fat loss program with a focus on real-life performance and athletic, functional strength.

It targets these different aspects of fitness in 3 different phases, making this program a 3-plans-into-1 blueprint that can be continued for life as needed.

It is designed not just for athletes but also for everyone regardless of fitness level and is also beneficial to middle-aged and seniors, not just the young.

To conclude, Power Primer is a very flexible and fully comprehensive fitness program that focuses on all aspects of performance and training, leading to a better physique with lean muscle and low body fat and improved, functional strength not just on the barbell but in all sports and in daily life.

The Power Primer

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