Organic Health Protocol Full Review – Aka Organic Total Body Reboot

Organic Health Protocol Book

The Organic Protocol is a program focused on eliminating chronic inflammation as the key to .

While also containing a cardio workout section, the plan is focused mainly on restructuring your diet by eliminating all sources of foods that cause chronic inflammation and make you store .

It is a simple based on medical grounds and structured in a 7-day layout that can be optionally extended.

This review will uncover what it is all about, the author’s credentials, benefits of the program,  and the pros and cons.

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Thomas DeLauer’s Credentials

Thomas DeLauerThe Organic Health Protocol is the creation of Thomas DeLauer, an entrepreneur and celebrity trainer and author renowned for his amazing transformation that saw him dropping from 280lbs to 185lbs, featuring on the top health and fitness magazine covers.

He actually was into sports since an early age, practicing rugby and long distance running.

However, he later developed unhealthy eating habits when he became too focused on his job and making money to provide for his family.

Realizing that, he switched back to healthier ways, started working out again but most of all he focused his attention on the inflammation aspect of modern day diet.

It was his friendship with biologist David Headley that introduced him first to the chronic inflammation issue. His friend Headley quickly pinpointed to him the foods responsible for chronic inflammation, making him lose 70lb and his wife 25lb.

Today Thomas DeLauer is a well renowned fitness expert and coach with a large online presence, on youtube, facebook and his personal website.

What Is The Organic Health Protocol All About?

This is one of those programs that addresses the issue of from outside the box for those who suffer from chronic inflammation.

Rather than calories, the program is all about which calories and where they come from, not just in terms of macro nutrients, carbs, proteins and fats, rather which foods exactly to eat and which once to NOT eat.

The root cause of the problem are in fact genetically modified or processed foods containing harmful chemicals, which in turn trigger chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation and its effect of weigh gain and fat storage is is a well know fact based on legitimate medical grounds. Failure to address the foods causing chronic inflammation results in an inability to burn the extra fat.

How Does It Work?

The Organic Health Protocol is a 24-page eBook with guidelines on foods and exercise. It is a simple blueprint with all the information you need to get you started losing weight now and later.

The plan goes against so called “healthy foods” that cause more harm than good, as they trigger you body’s reaction. Inflammation occurs when your body reacts to an “alien stimulus”, such as processed or GM foods full of harmful toxins and chemicals, much like a bee sting triggering a swollen skin patch, in the author’s own words.

The difference is that unlike from the bee sting, inflammation from foods is “chronic” and won’t go away unless you take action, that is removing those foods from your shopping list and introducing organic, healthy foods instead.

The Organic Health Protocol does contain very helpful information on which food to eat and general healthy guidelines like drinking more water and not skipping breakfast.

The Organic Health Protocol lasts for a week, however you can carry on for another 6 weeks with the optional 6-Week Organic Health Protocol but only once you finished the first standard week and if you wish so.

The plan starts with the first 3 days on a moderately restricted calorie intake, during which you are invited to actually have a breakfast, unlike other fat loss plans tell you, just after drinking lemon water. The author recommends eating proteins with your breakfast too.

During this time you should drink plenty of water, but avoid dairy products, starches and vitamins. The last 4 days you are allowed more freedom, so you can have more meals and you must start taking vitamins. There is actually a detailed list of vitamins and supplements.

There is also an optional cardio recommendation, like 30 minutes after the lemon water and just before your breakfast.

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Thomas DeLauer Before And After

Who Is The Organic Health Protocol For?

The Organic Health Protocol benefits people with chronic inflammation who tried losing weight unsuccessfully before, simply because they are stuck on the wrong choice of unhealthy foods.

This simple blueprint was designed on solid medical principles and was written by someone who was in the same shoes as many other chronic inflammation sufferers are now, trapped in a modern-day diet which makes it difficult to lose weight.

What’s Inside The Program?

Organic Health Protocol This Ph.D verified program is organized in 7 days:

  • A day by day diet plan: a step by step blueprint on the foods you can or cannot eat.  The correct foods choice will enable you to reduce inflammation and start absorbing healthy nutrients.
  • 3 organic hacks to speed up fat loss:  practical tips on how to overcome those little barriers that stand in the way to implement the plan so you can implement it more effectively.
  • Workout routines: simple and straightforward workouts that work without wasting time trying to figure out what works or what does not.
  • Vitamin and supplement guide: a detailed list of the vitamins and supplements that really work and which ones are the best. Thomas DeLauer tells you what the supplement companies try to hide you.
  • Video library by the author taking you hand by hand through each step.

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What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • Knowledgeable author with credentials and a vast experience. Thomas DeLauer has been there and done that, he knows what works for healthy fat loss for those who suffer from chronic inflammation.
  • Program based on sound medical foundations. Chronic inflammation is a well documented aspect of weight gain and is widely regarded as connected to modern eating habits, processed or genetically modified foods. The program tells you what inflammation is and how to avoid it in order to lose fat.
  • Simple and easy to follow protocol. It is just a 24-page eBook with all the information you need to start a new, healthier life style and make the first tangible progress within a week.
  • Very affordable. The price tag put this program is well in the range of most pockets. The author deliberately decided to keep the price down because he did not want money to be in the way of helping people.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.


  • This is a program that will work only if you have chronic inflammation as diagnosed by your doctor as the primary reason for your weight gain. If you do not have chronic inflammation, then it may not be of much use.

The Bottom Line

Also known as Organic Total Body Reboot, this is a niche weight loss program only for those who suffer from chronic inflammation as main reason for their weight gain.

It is a simple but solid blueprint based on medical grounds and created by a recognized author and former chronic inflammation sufferer who experienced in person the benefits of an organic diet void of GM and processed foods.

Therefore, it is a weight loss program suitable for those with a diagnosed chronic inflammation condition who failed to lose weight before due to inadequate calorie-counting standard diet plans that do not address the root cause of their problem. Seek your doctor’s help first.

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