ProVen Reviews 2024 – Is NutraVesta Supplement Legit?

ProVen by NustraVesta is a new natural supplement that works with a holistic approach, promoting weight loss through detoxification and good health. It is not a crash diet pill and instead works slowly but surely by resetting your hormones, particularly the hunger hormone ghrelin.

My review will tell you how this new supplement works and whether it may be beneficial to you.

Ghrelin, together with leptin, is a hormone responsible for the excellent functioning of our sense of satiety. It stimulates and regulates appetite, making us feel hungry when its levels are high or satiated when its levels are low.

It is no surprise that if something goes wrong with our hormones, our sense of satiety gets skewed, and we tend to overeat, leading us to unwanted, stored fat or even obesity. This is what happens typically in the modern, industrialized world.

The reason for the sub-par performance of our hormones in today’s world is the toxic environment our bodies are subjected to, especially in regards to plastic pollutants and BPA (Bisphenol A) that are found in water, in the air, and everywhere.

In short, ProVen strategy is detoxifying your body from these obesogens (chemicals that lead to fat storage) in order to achieve not just a pleasant and aesthetic physique for the sake of good looks, but more importantly a healthy body.

ProVen Review

Not only does ProVen promise you to achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss safely and permanently, but it does also boast of rejuvenating your joints, restoring your skin elasticity, and increasing your energy levels.

In other words, it claims to reset the clock of life one or two decades back. This is why ProVen was formulated particularly with people over 40 years of age in mind, even though it may be used by anyone with a bodyweight problem who wants to address belly, hips, and thighs fat, and more.

ProVen comes in capsule format and is a 100% natural supplement, all ingredients being plant-based and suitable even for vegetarians.  The manufacturer claims it to be free of side effects, and it’s non-GMO, manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

The manufacturer claims that you do not need to follow a specific diet, count calories, or resort to strenuous exercise with such a holistic approach.

The healthy hormonal environment promoted by ProVen will naturally result in weight loss along with higher energy levels and faster metabolism.

That’s quite a lot to claim. Hang on to my review to find out what this is all about and how it works.

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ProVen Reviews

What Is ProVen?

Here is the background of this supplement.  ProVen by NutraVesta was born out of the desire by its creator, a retired paramedic, to find a working solution for his wife’s constant struggles with her body weight.

Through research and a chance encounter with a medical acquaintance, he found a breakthrough in a remote Tibetan village where its inhabitants exhibited remarkable health and longevity and low body weight, despite a highly polluting mine operating nearby.

Although the villagers’ hormones could not seemingly work at their best in such a toxic environment, none showed signs of ill health or being overweight, let alone obese.

Intrigued by this fact, he discovered that it was a traditional herbal tea that the villagers had been using daily for centuries. The detoxifying agent kept them all healthy and slim.

The ingredients of the herbal mix were then reverse-engineered, sourced, and processed into a viable format that did not require lengthy procurement and messy brewing for individual users – capsules.

That’s how the story goes about how ProVen came about.

Whatever the background, what is important is that this supplement was formulated with ingredients known for their antioxidant properties with a view to long term, healthy and sustainable weight loss, as well as general good health.

Since we cannot stop the world using plastics and cars and generating pollution, ProVen offers a natural antidote to the toxic environment we are constrained to live in so that the hormones start working the way they are supposed to.

ProVen ingredients are full of antioxidants. These herbal extracts are well known for their beneficial properties and used for ages in Asia and elsewhere to offset and prevent ailments and diseases.

Some of the benefits of ProVen ingredients (described here) include but are not limited to:

  • It restores ghrelin and leptin to healthy working conditions.
  • It improves the immune system.
  • It boosts metabolism.
  • It helps burn fat and lose weight.
  • Detoxifies and reduces damage from chemical agents.
  • It supports a healthy heart and blood pressure.
  • It helps keep sugar levels steady with no spikes.

How Does  ProVen Work?

ProVen works by detoxifying your body as a fundamental step to restore a healthy hormonal environment.

Rather than making you rely on traditional calorie restriction or exercising, it addresses your body’s physiology and sets it to work in optimal conditions.

Without detoxification, your body would still be very susceptible to the toxic chemicals found in your living environment.

This is why ProVen claims that traditional diets and calorie deficits do work only for a short while but cannot be taken as sustainable, long-term solutions.

Having acknowledged this, I say that a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and moderate exercise for the long term is still a good idea, regardless of supplements.

Unlike ProVen, restricted diets do not tackle the root cause underlying weight gain and obesity in the industrialized world.

Irregular attempts to lose weight cause you to gain weight, not lose it. When you deprive yourself of nutrients like fats and carbs, your hormones will tell you to eat and store as much as possible in fat to be ready for the next famine.

In addition, crash diets will crush your metabolism and force your body to break down muscle for energy rather than precious fat storage.

As a result, you lose lean muscle. And the lower your muscle mass, the slower your metabolism, making it easier to put fat back on, once off the diet.

This is the typical yo-yo scenario, when your weight rebounds and you re-gain all the fat you lost before and some more, to your frustration.

So, drastically reducing calories causes you to store even more fat down the line. This means you need to deal with your hormones to begin with, not your food. Here is why ProVen makes a difference.

Hunger And Hormones

ProVen Reviews

Being overweight is just an outward symptom of an underlying problem. When your BMI (Body Mass Index) is too high, you are most likely to have issues with insulin, cholesterol, estrogen, progesterone, and ghrelin in particular.

Hormones also control your appetite and feeling of satiety. Thus overeating is a symptom of an underlying hormonal issue.

Hunger is caused by ghrelin, a hormone that signals to your brain when to eat and stop. When we start eating, our stomach expands, which triggers our body to stop releasing ghrelin.

As a result of the drop in ghrelin levels, and under normal circumstances, the brain should send the signal to stop eating, which is when you feel full and satiated.

What happens today is that instead of putting the fork down, we still feel hungry and keep eating, simply because ghrelin’s production has gone into overdrive. And we keep storing more and more fat.

Here is why.

The Current Situation – Plastic Pollution And BPA


Today’s problems are plastic and pollutants. These harmful chemicals disrupt the normal functioning of our hormones. Plastic, in particular, is not biodegradable, but it can break down into smaller and smaller parts until they are invisible to the naked eye.

Billions of these plastic particles find their way into the system, through water and air, and eventually in the food chain, in the bottled or tap water you drink or the fish, you eat.

This is because these particles are so small that even the most sophisticated filtration systems cannot catch them. Unfortunately, plastic is ubiquitous and found in toys, clothing, cosmetics, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, food packaging, canned foods, and baby bottles.

The problem with plastic is some of its components are obesogens, which are chemicals known to disrupt the hormonal environment, including ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

As long as our bodies are immersed in this toxic environment of plastic and obesogens like Bisphenol A (or BPA), our hormones will always have a hard time working properly the way they are supposed to.

The result is that our bodies keep releasing ghrelin, making us feel hungry and resulting in a vicious cycle of overeating.

This is what ProVen tries to address.

Detoxifying Your Body From BPA And Obesogen Chemicals

Back in the old times but not so long ago, obesity was unheard of, at least until the 60s. It is only in recent decades that toxic chemicals and pollutant have taken their toll, causing obesity rates to climb up in parallel with toxic obesogens rates.

What ProVen does is offering a simple solution to counter-act the ill effects of the toxic environment we live in, re-establishing hormonal health, rejuvenating your body and improving your appearance and through weight loss,  smooth skin, shiny air and even better mood and higher energy.

As a bonus, the ProVen supplement does not require you to work out or count calories. It simply is a 100% natural supplement that resets your body clock to more youthful times, boosting metabolism and helping you burn fat along the way.

ProVen Trial And Test Results


Initially, the ProVen formula was retro-engineered from traditional herbal remedies into viable capsules that did not require time-consuming procurement of the ingredients and laborious brewing.

The creator conducted the very first test on himself, who allegedly shrunk 4 inches from his waist and revealed his abs for the first time in his life.

Then it was the turn of the creator’s wife, who allegedly lost 67 pounds in 4 weeks, then again a sizable team of 62 volunteers.

All volunteers were over 40, overweight, and unable to lose weight for the long term, no matter what diet or exercise. After 90 days, they experienced an average weight loss of 55 pounds, a better mood, and increased energy and sex drive.

Finally, ProVen has since been tried successfully by over 74.000 customers who all experienced similar weight loss results along with improved skin, shinier hair, and slimmer hips, thighs, belly, bums, and arms.

None suffered any side effects.

There is plenty of testimonials showcasing their success, and this is certainly a testimony of ProVen effectiveness.

However, and for the record, no independent, 3rd party trial has been conducted so far.

ProVen Reviews

Who Is ProVen For?

ProVen Review

ProVen was formulated for everyone, man or woman, from 18 to 80, regardless of how much weight they need to lose. However, it’s particularly suitable for those over 40 years of age and those who struggled in the past.

It is ideal for those seeking a long-term and healthy approach to weight loss and who are fed up with complicated calorie counting, working out, or those with limited time.

It does not require joining a gym or a class or adhering to meal plans, making diet shakes, following weight loss programs, buying fitness equipment, ordering meal deliveries, paying gym memberships, and so forth.

ProVen tackles weight loss at the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms like the traditional methods do.

Its formula works on anyone regardless of genetics, metabolism or previous failed attempts to losing weight. It does so simply by detoxifying your body from harmful chemicals and does not require a prescription.

How Is ProVen Different From Other Supplements?

Not only is ProVen 100% natural and void of side effects, but it is also a complete health solution and not simply a weight loss pill of old.

It does not address just the weight loss problem in a single-minded way. Instead, it approaches bodyweight management from a holistic standpoint, ensuring that your body is ready to burn fat from its foundations up.

Rather than forcing your body to starve for a while on a calorie deficit, only to regain the fat you lost all back on down the line, ProVen resets your hormonal environment thanks to its potent detoxifying properties, and with it you’ll experience weight loss and many additional benefits.

Is ProVen Safe?

ProVen capsules are non-GMO and do not contain any dangerous stimulants or toxins. Its plant-based ingredients are 100% natural, sourced from the best suppliers and processed in the USA at FDA approved and GMP certified facilities.

More than 74.000 have already used it (and still are using it) without adverse effects. However, it’s a good idea to consult your physician if you have been treated for or diagnosed with any medical condition.

Furthermore, ProVen is not suitable for the following:

  • Underage people – People under 18 years of age do not need to take weight loss supplements.
  • People on medication – Consult your doctor to check whether the ProVen ingredients are compatible with your medicine.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women – Again, consult your doctor before considering any supplement.
  • People with underlying conditions – Ditto as above, you should ask your physician first.

ProVen Dosage And Use

The standard ProVen 30-day supply bottle contains 60 capsules. You should take two capsules each day in the morning with a glass of water. That’s it.

How Fast Does It Work?

That very much depends on how much weight you need to lose. The more weight you have to shed, the longer you may need to use ProVen.

Average and safe weight loss should not exceed 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you have just a little stubborn belly fat to get rid of, then one month supply will do the job.

If you need to shed more pounds, the manufacturer recommends at least a 3-month supply. If you have more weight to lose, then you may need a 6-month supply.

Also, no individual is the same. If experiencing a too-rapid weight loss, the author recommends cutting down the daily dosage from two to one capsule, effectively doubling the supply time frame.

Don’t exceed the regular two-capsule a day dosage, though.

Worth mentioning is that the longer the ProVen supply, the cheaper the bottle (click here to scroll down for price details).

ProVen Natural Ingredients

ProVen Ingredients

The ProVen formula contains many natural extracts from various plants, many from the original Tibetan monks’ recipe, with few extra nutrients to make it more powerful and effective.

  • Asian Green Tea Leaf – Green tea has long been a staple in Asian countries. Green tea is well known for its potent anti-oxidative benefits and its ability to reduce cancer risk. It also helps improve brain function and reduces damage caused by BPA and other harmful chemicals.
  • Asian Ginseng – Also called Panax Ginseng, it reduces cancer risk, delays aging, boosts endurance, treats heart disease, and detoxifies toxic chemicals.
  • Lycopene – Lycopene is found in several red-color fruits such as oranges, apricots, watermelons, tomatoes, and more. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant that has been linked to heart health and supports thyroid function and hormone levels. It is also known to be beneficial against sunburns and a few types of cancer.
  • Quercetin – Another antioxidant that helps protect cells from the free radicals slowing down your metabolism, which in turn causes weight gains and aging. It is also known to fight diabetes, arthritis, and bladder infections.
  • Turmeric – Its active ingredient, curcumin, has been proven to help prevent cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant shown to reverse the harmful effects of exposure to chemicals and dramatically decrease oxidative stress. It may also be beneficial against depression.
  • Various Types of Asian Mushrooms – The ProVen formula contains extracts from popular Asian mushrooms like Shitake, Reishi, and MaitakeShitake is known for its fat-burning properties while lowering cholesterol levels, boosting the immune system, and acting as an anti-aging agent. Reishi is good against high blood pressure and high cholesterol, while Maitake may fight cancers, lower blood sugar levels, and stimulate the immune system.
  • Grape Seeds – Grape Seeds detoxify your body of cadmium, a harmful obesogen found in foods like nuts and cereals. Moreover, grape seeds boost your immune system because they contain vitamin E, a potent agent that helps fight against viral and bacterial pathogens.
  • Cat’s Claw – An Amazonian vine used to reduce fatigue and fight the effects of aging. It is an anti-inflammatory agent used for treating arthritis and inflammations.
  • Graviola – A fruit from Brazil used to lose weight. It also increases energy levels, helps boost the immune system, and treats infections caused by parasites and bacteria.
  • Garlic – Garlic has been shown to improve cholesterol levels, which leads to a lesser risk of heart disease. It’s also been shown to have a beneficial impact on high blood sugar.
  • Vitamins C And Vitamin E – Both vitamins are potent antioxidants, helping boost the potency of the ProVen formula. They are most beneficial to the skin against sun damage because they counteract the harmful effects of UV light, helping restore a smooth and youthful texture.
All these natural ingredients are combined into ProVen to counteract the toxic effects of obesogens and BPA and help restore your hormonal environment to healthy levels, helping you lose weight all along.

ProVen Reviews

ProVen Manufacturing Standards And Facilities

All ProVen ingredients are non-GMO and processed in state-of-the-art FDA-approved, and GMP certified USA facilities under the strictest standards and in a sterile environment to guarantee consistent quality.

ProVen Pros And Cons


  • 100% natural supplement.
  • Holistic supplement with a healthy, long-term approach to weight loss.
  • It promotes detoxification from harmful chemicals.
  • Promote general good health as a foundation for weight loss.
  • Promote long-term and safe results as opposed to crash diets.
  • Increases energy levels.
  • It causes no side effects and is not habit-forming.
  • It is produced in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not available in stores, only online at the official website.
  • No 3rd party tests conducted so far, only in-house tests.

ProVen Price Shipping Discounts And Guarantee


At the moment of writing, ProVen comes with heavy discounts. There are three packages to choose from:

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply): $67 + paid shipping
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply): $171 ($57 per bottle) and FREE shipping
  • 6 bottles (180-day supply): $282 ($47 per bottle) and FREE shipping

ProVen Reviews


The longer the supply, the cheaper the single bottle. The 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages come with free shipping (in the USA only), but for the single bottle, you need to pay.

ProVen uses UPS or FedEx (in partnership with USPS for the final leg of US orders) as carriers.

Shipping times vary from 5 to 7 business days in the USA and 10 to 14 for international deliveries.


ProVen carries a 60-day money-back guarantee, but you must return all bottles regardless of whether they are empty, full, or partially full.

==>>Visit The ProVen Official Website<<==

Closing Thoughts – Is ProVen Worth A Try?

ProVen is a holistic, natural supplement that promotes slow and safe weight loss. It’s not a quick-fix chemical pill but a plant-base extract formula derived from an ancient Asian detoxifying herbal tea.

Its ingredients are processed in FDA-approved facilities and are non-GMO. ProVen promotes steady and regular weight loss through detoxification as opposed to fast and temporary diets is confidence-inspiring.

Its detoxifying properties also carry a host of additional benefits concerning general health and not just weight loss. Higher energy levels, steady blood sugar levels, and good hormonal balance contribute to a feeling of well-being and more youthful times.

ProVen does not require you to follow a specific diet or workout plan by resetting your hormones in good working conditions, which is ideal for people with no time.

However, exercising and good nutrition are always a good idea for lifetime fitness and good health. Supplements alone won’t cut it. ProVen, like any supplement, can help you achieve your weight loss goals in short to medium term as part of the process, but there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

ProVen Review

ProVen FAQs

Is ProVen Safe – Does It Come With Side Effects?

ProVen is a 100% natural plant-based formula with no known side effects. It’s already been used by more than 74000 customers with no ill effects.

Is It Easy To Use?

Just take two capsules in the morning every day, with a glass of water.

How Much Is It?

There are different packages available. At the moment, ProVen is heavily discounted. For full details, click here to scroll back up.

What About Shipping Times?

You should expect 5-7 business days within the USA and 10-14 for international shipping, USP, or FedEx.

Where Can I Have ProVen Delivered?

Anywhere in the world, only through the ProVen website.

Can I Buy ProVen In Stores?

Nope. To guarantee the authenticity of the product, ProVen delivers the supplement directly from its website.

Is ProVen Effective?

Thousands of customers have already tried ProVen with success, and the company showcases many testimonials to prove it.

Does ProVen Offer A Guarantee?

Yes, it does. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee. For full details, click here to scroll back up.

ProVen Review

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