Pull Up Queen Review – Does It Help Women Master The Pull Up?

The Pull Up Queen is a program specifically created by a woman for women with a desire to master one of the traditionally most difficult exercises to perform, the pull-up.

Often neglected because the thought of as out of reach, the pull-up shares indeed the crown of the king of upper body exercises with the bench press.

It is a compound movement that engages all major upper body muscle groups like lats, rhomboid, trapezius, biceps, and triceps, as well as other stabilizing muscles like the core, front abs, and obliques.

In this analysis, you’ll find out how this program works and what it can do for you.

Who Is The Pull-Up Queen For?

This program was originally designed and marketed for women, but there is no reason why it should not work for men too. There may be more women than men with a pull-up deficit, but this does not mean that there aren’t men stuck in a plateau, hanging from the bar, or unable to increase repetitions.

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Pull-Up Queen Review

What Is The Pull-Up Queen All About?

Mastering the pull-up and the ability to pull your chin above the bar gives a great sense of empowerment to whoever cannot perform even a single pull-up or those who can but are stuck in a plateau and find it impossible to increase repetitions.

Unlike pull-down weight-stack machines, the real free-body pull-up on the bar is a benchmark of real-life, functional strength as it calls into action not just your muscles but also your nervous system, coordination, and technique.

Neghar Fonooni’s Pull-Up Queen program was designed to help women conquer this challenging exercise with common sense and methodical approach.

Pull Up Queen On Rings

How Does Pull-Up Queen Work?

The training schedule is equally effective for women and men, as it covers all levels of fitness, from beginners with insufficient strength and skill to experienced trainees stuck forever with few pull-ups.

The Program is organized in a logical way for 3 different levels of fitness like this:

12-Week Beginner Phase

This phase is meant for absolute beginners without the necessary strength and/or skill to perform even just one pull-up. This phase is concerned with building the necessary strong foundation for the next phases.

Patience is the name of the game here, and correct execution without shortcuts. This foundation builds also the strength necessary for the pull-up main variation, the chin up, with your palms facing toward you and more load on your biceps.

9-Week Intermediate Phase

This is phase is meant for those with at least one year of training experience with good general strength but who still lag behind in the pull-up. This means that, depending on your level of fitness, the program gives you the option to start from the previous beginner phase or the intermediate one and build your strength from there.

Both the beginner and the intermediate phases are for those who cannot quite perform a pull-up yet but have different strength and training backgrounds.

6-Week Advanced Phase

This is the advanced phase of the program. It is designed for those who successfully completed phase one or two, or for those who already have enough strength and skill to do a few pull-ups but find it difficult to progress.

While the first two phases are for “preparation and foundation”, this last phase is where the program takes you to further progression and complete mastery.

Pull Up Queen

Pull-Up Queen Flexibility

This program is very flexible in that it can be done stand-alone or in conjunction with other plans. The workout progressions are comprehensive enough to suffice as an almost complete bodyweight training plan because of the demanding nature of the pull-up movement.

However, it can also be used in addition to your current training program to focus specifically on pull-ups for a more complete workout schedule, should you find it difficult to master the bar.

Also, the Pull-Up Queen workouts can be done at home because all you need is a bar plus few aiding tools like rubber bands, a box, and a set of dumbbells.

The program is digital, so you can access it anywhere you are from your smartphone.

About Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni Creator Neghar Fonooni is not new to the fitness business. She is been around for over 15 years with a multi-tasked approach ranging from lifestyle and fitness coach to entrepreneur and writer.

She runs her own blog http://www.negharfonooni.com/ but also contributes to different publishers on a variety of topics, not just fitness.

However, her main focus is on fitness and strength, being a personal trainer and fitness coach. Incidentally, she also happens to be married to top fitness celebrity, model, and coach John Romaniello, himself renowned creator of many fitness programs like the Omega Body Blueprint reviewed here @ FitnessBond.

Neghar Fonooni has a large media online presence with accounts on Instagram, Twitter and a YouTube channel with tons of workout videos, including pull-ups.

The bottom line is that Neghar Fonooni is real and has a solid reputation with plenty of results to show for.

What’s In The Program?

The Pull Up Queen is very easy to go through. It offers PDF format instructions, an online video library, and a membership portal. Here is the breakdown:

  • The 3 different beginners to advanced phases as described above.
  • The Pull Up Queen Video Library – This is a video tutorial online library with tips that you can access from your private member area. This is very handy and should be used together with the manual as it provides visual clues that would be difficult to understand within words. You can watch the videos on your phone anywhere you are from the members’ area.
  • A Gear Guide – A pamphlet with the information on what equipment you need to follow the program. You do not need a gym, however, you still need basic equipment, and that is not just a bar and rubber bands but also a set of barbell plates or dumbbells in addition.
  • Mobility And Recovery Manual – This guide is about this often overlooked aspect of training with information on recovery for optimal performance and progression. This is particularly important for pull-ups and all compound movements in general because they are so demanding of your body and central nervous system. Proper rest is key to systematic progression and Neghar Fonooni has made sure to include this all-important aspect of a training regimen to prevent plateaus and disappointment.
  • Membership Portal – This is an online hub to host your materials. When you get the Pull-up Queen program you are prompted to create your login credentials to the videos and the manual downloads in a members’ only area.

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The Bottom Line

Neghar Fonooni’s Pull-Up Queen is a solid and workable plan for increasing strength and mastering the pull-up that can be done stand alone for general upper body strength and increased performance on the bar or rings.

The plan can also be done together with any workout program to complement your regular routines, as it provides a safe and methodical approach to improve strength and technique over time for anyone with any fitness capability.

Though designed by a woman for women in mind, the training guidelines are just as effective for those men stuck in a pull-up plateau.

The Pull-Up Queen plan is suitable not just as a specific, narrow-focused niche program for pull-ups, but also as an effective bodyweight calisthenics workout regimen that requires only minimal additional gear.

Pull Up Queen

Alternative Pull-Up Programs

Ultimate Pull-Up Book There has been an increase of pull-up plans in recent times precisely to cover the need for women and men to master this demanding exercise.

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It is structured in a bit different way, but still shares the progression and dedication method necessary for mastering the pull-up. You can read the review here.


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