Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review – Jason Ferruggia’s Plan Revealed

Muscle gaining Secrets 2.0 offers a common sense, progressive overload approach for regular people or hard gainers who need a solid formula for natural muscle building.

Here you will go through all the nuts and bolts of the program and learn how it works, what the pros and cons are, and who it is suitable for.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is one of those good solid programs with no hype or fancy marketing bells and whistles, suitable for the vast majority of guys and gals who want to build muscle in a natural and tested way and who are prepared to achieve this with some discipline and commitment.

The program is based on progressive overload, either by increasing repetitions or resistance, coupled with a diet tailored for each individual characteristic, depending on age and personal lifestyle.

The good news is that not only is it not necessary to spend your life in the gym to achieve results, but you can also do that in a fraction of time.

Muscle Gaining Secrets is based on three to four sessions a week of no more than 45 minutes each. 4 is better because it gives the stimulation needed to build size and strength. However, 3 days a week on a split upper and lower body alternated routines will work just fine.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Ferruggia is also a fan of bodyweight bodybuilding. Even a minimalist 2 days a week full-body workouts can reap great results if you have a busy social and work life, but you can get that only @ jasonferruggia website

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What Is Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is a muscle-building program that has been around for a long time. It is designed both for hard gainers and regular guys and gals.  One of the reasons for its longevity is that it is based on down-to-earth, tried and tested nutritional and workout guidelines.

Regular guys, let alone skinny ones, need a much simpler but more effective approach. Jason Ferruggia has pretty much worked out an effective method that encompasses all aspects of muscle building, from nutrition to workouts, that is much more real-life and delivers tangible results in a short time for all regular guys and gals out there.

What appears clear is that more is not better, Jason’s muscle-building “secrets” are not really NASA science ideas, but down to earth, tried and tested nutritional guidelines and exercise science for regular guys, not for drug-enhanced pros who live and sleep in the gym. Jason has managed to crack up a program that has worked and keeps working like a charm for all Joes and Marys out there.

How Does It Work?

Muscle Gaining Secrets

Muscle Gaining Secrets is not just about progressive overload but also cycling. A cycle lasts for 12 weeks, followed by a de-loading or recovery phase to let your battered body and muscles recover before starting the next one.

This is very important and must be followed to the letter to avoid overtraining and staleness. Depending on your level of fitness, the program is set at three different levels.

Diet is the other important aspect of muscle building, aside from rest, so the program includes a dietary plan, telling you what foods to eat or to avoid, plus recipes to get a good nutritional meal in no time.

It also includes MP3 training audio files to keep you going while exercising because Jason is a music lover and he thought this could be an extra bonus. Nice.

Exercise, diet, nutrition, recovery, cycling are nicely and accurately explained in a clear and simple language, no complicated or obscure technical terms that many new fitness programs employ to sound legitimate or better only to disguise a lack of substance.

In fact, Muscle Training Secrets has been around for a while now, since 2008, and it is still one of the best digital format muscle-building programs you can find on the web.

There is nothing revolutionary about it, unlike other newer programs that are based on questionable or even laughable fads and ideas just to attract an audience and make a quick buck.

Muscle Gaining Secrets delivers just solid and effective information packaged in a fully comprehensive format with plenty of backup testimonials and facts to stand up to scrutiny.

However, exercises and routines are visually demonstrated only with pictures. A video format would illustrate much better the correct movements, grips, and stance in order to perform the exercises 100% correctly, especially considering that many movements consist of heavy lifts like squats and presses.

This is the one negative point about the program that we hope can be addressed in the future.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Workouts

Muscle Gaining Secrets

The foundation exercises can be implemented at home with basic equipment such as a barbell, dumbbells, an adjustable bench, and a power rack. No gym membership or fancy equipment is required unless you want to, only heavy lifts with basic tools.

This is because isolation movements like biceps curls or other sissy exercises are all ditched in favor of compound, multiple joint heavy lifts such as squats, deadlift, bench press, military press, and pull-ups.

These are the kings of exercises that move simultaneously the shoulders with the elbows and the hips with the knees, calling into action all major muscle groups and spurring muscle growth all over. Jason Ferruggia’s training exercises and routines are well designed.

Only a few sets are necessary for the muscles to grow, not marathon sessions, and the program gives a method of tracking results and targeting resistance and repetitions in order to leave nothing to chance and make small but consistent gains each time.

In other words, low volume, high resistance compound exercises are the key to muscle growth, not multiple sets of isolation movements. These exercises, coupled with 7 anabolic factors described in the program, are paramount for the fastest possible muscle gain your genetics allow.

Author Jason Ferruggia

jason ferruggia Jason Ferruggia is an expert fitness trainer who has been in this business for two decades and an author for all major magazines like Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, MMA Sports Mag, Maximum Fitness, and more as well as being chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine.

With this baggage of expertise and real-life training, he decided to create an effective program that would eliminate all the typical mistakes made by many trainees, from skinny guys to just about anyone, and make it possible to add lean muscle in a short time without getting over trained, frustrated and spinning around with nothing to show for.

He realized that there are still too many people out there that train with outdated methods, incredibly long split routine sessions too many times a week. These are methods that might have worked for people with exceptional genetics and recovery times or taking dangerous steroids, not for regular guys, let alone skinny ones, ectomorphs, or anyone who struggles with gaining muscle.

Overtraining is a mistake made over and over in all the gyms in the world. People just follow the gym mantras, imitate the buff guys split routines, or even follow the training methods of professional bodybuilders and seen in the mags.

They follow their workouts or imitate them without realizing that these are regimens suited to someone probably taking enhancing drugs that boost recovery times and allow for much greater workout volumes.

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 PDF And Components

The main course is a PDF format book instantly downloadable. Except for the last two pages where Jason Ferruggia describes himself, the 2.0 version of the eBook is a 195-page document packed with solid information in all aspects concerning muscle building, particularly for hard gainers. The program is split into 4 different modules:

  • The Training Manual. This alone is worth the program because Jason explains everything in the smallest detail, every body part (neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms, legs) down to stretching. The exercises suggested are simply the best, really tough, and timeless compound movements that are super taxing to any trainee, thus kicking stubborn bodies into growth.
  • The Workout Logs. These help you keep track of your progress and stop you from slacking off.
  • The Nutrition Module with everything you need to know about the right calorie intake and the kind of foods you have to eat.
  • The Recipe Module with handy 10 minutes dishes for the busy trainee.

Aside from the main PDF eBook, the program includes other bonuses as follows:

  • Quick Meals Manual.
  • Muscle Building Meal Plans.
  • Muscle Building Exercises Database.
  • Bonus Maximum Mass in Shortest Time eBook.
  • Private Access to Q&A

muscle gaining secrets

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Final Verdict  – Will It Help You Build Muscle?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is an effective and legitimate muscle gaining program for people with trouble increasing mass, such as hard gainers or regular overtrained people who hit a plateau due to obsolete, high volume, low resistance methods.

It can be easily implemented even at home with basic equipment, few heavy compound exercises, proper nutrition, planning, and cycling.

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