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  • High quality protein manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Completely natural source of protein.
  • Manufactured from the ground up, from the hens to the eggs, processing and final delivery.
  • Complete source of protein with all the essential amino acids.
  • Suitable for regular people as well as bodybuilders who want an alternative but effective source of protein other than whey.
  • Comes in multiple mix and pick options.
  • Fantastic range of flavors.
  • It can be used for regular cooking as well, just like normal eggs.
  • Very easy to use, no messing around with protein powder mixing or breaking eggs and splitting whites from yolks.
  • While it is a fresh, perishable product, it lasts a long time after thawing, about 3 weeks.


  • Not available outside the U.S.A. as of now.
  • Not possible to buy individual gallons or half gallons, as the product is shipped in insulating crates containing more jugs.
  • Not refundable unless it has been damaged/tampered with while shipping or an order mistake has been made on Muscle Egg side. Once you order it, you keep it.
  • Relatively expensive. Single sizes are not possible to buy, only sizable orders possible, but still good value considering the price of regular eggs and the convenience of the product.

Muscle Egg is an alternative source of protein for regular people and bodybuilders. It is a family-run brand that has been in business for the last 50 years.

Muscle Egg is a ready-to-drink and high quality protein source rich in all essential amino-acids for muscle building and repair in a way similar, but not identical, to whey, the benchmark of all proteins.

The high nutritional value of Muscle Egg comes from both the USDA standards processing facilities and the selection of egg-whites from free-range hens raised by the company itself within its premises in order to ensure full control on production quality.

Muscle Egg offers advantages over traditional whey protein mix powders like the ready availability straight from the fridge without the mess for mixing and a great choice of really tasty flavors.

But it also has some disadvantages, as egg-whites are not quite the same as whey in terms of nutritional value, though still a valid, high quality alternative for regular people and bodybuilders alike.

It is also worth noting that it is a fresh product, delivered frozen to your door and thus perishable, unlike protein powders. However, it is a long-range perishable protein, as it keeps well stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks after thawing, giving you plenty of time to use it all without wastage.

Below a detailed review of this unusual but attractive protein alternative for all those used to the usual whey concoctions, with all the pros and cons that ready-made egg-whites offer to regular people and gym warriors.

Muscle Egg Flavors

Who Is Muscle Egg For?

Muscle Egg is an unusual source of protein in that it is ready to drink immediately without any mixing or the mess of breaking the eggs, splitting the whites from the yolks and so on.

Yet, it contains  all the essential amino acids plus 3 more non-essentials, thus making it a serious contender to whey protein for all those interested in a valuable source of protein either as a supplement for a regular diet or for muscle repair and mass gain for bodybuilding.

Therefore, it is suitable for anyone with a dislike for the time-wasting mess required for preparing a regular whey mix or an egg-white drink, and also for those who like to experiment a bit and are not afraid to try alternative solutions to the dominance of whey protein but still want to make sure their muscles are fully covered in terms of protein synthesis, repair and growth.

Having said this, the points below will clarify what the differences between egg-white protein and its reference benchmark, whey protein, are.

Egg-White Protein Vs Whey Protein – Which One Wins?

Both egg-derived proteins and milk-derived proteins offer a premium supply of essential amino acids, but not exactly in the same way.

Egg proteins come from both the yolk and the white part, but the white part contains a higher concentration of proteins with no fats, sugars or cholesterol, making it the prime choice of the whole egg as a source of proteins.

One egg-white also contain a bit of vitamins and minerals and delivers just 16/17 calories out of 72 calories for the whole egg and about 3.6 g of proteins out of 6.29 total (source).

Once processed into egg-white powder or drink, it provides about  24 grams per serving vs 20/30 grams for whey, depending on whey type.

Both whey and egg-white servings deliver about 120/ 130 calories per serving.

Where Is The Difference Then?

Egg-white and whey differ in BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids, that is leucine, isoleucine and valine ), Biological Value and potential side-effects for allergies.

Whey protein has a higher content of branched-chain amino acids, which gives it an edge for protein synthesis and muscle building purposes over the egg-whites.

Unlike whey protein though, there isn’t much literature about egg-whites and muscle growth, however some studies have shown that egg-whites are a little less effective for protein synthesis than whey.

Whey protein also has the highest biological value of any protein, that is “the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the organism’s body”, even though white-egg protein comes in a very close second.

For the sake of comparison, the biological value of whey protein is 104, that of liquid egg-whites is 100, that of egg powder is 91, that of casein is 77 and that of soy is 74.

As you can see, whey still holds its ground, but just so, while liquid egg-white comes in a  close second and considerably better than the other popular milk-derived option, casein, so popular in decades gone by.

Finally, there is a practical aspect to consider that has nothing to do with muscle building or protein quality: allergies and intolerance.

Whey protein is the loser this time, as there are more people suffering from lactose intolerance or allergy than those suffering from an egg allergy, except for whey isolate which is almost lactose-free.

However, the differences do not stop here. For example, being whey a milk-derived protein, it is also a source of calcium for your bones, while egg-white protein contains no fat against up to 4 grams for whey, depending on type.

More could be said about the pros and cons of egg vs whey protein but this would go beyond the scope of this review.

The take home message is that while whey protein still keeps its crown of the most complete source of protein for muscle building, it does so by a very narrow margin over the liquid egg-white protein, which in turn is a good deal better than casein, soy or other protein sources.

Muscle Egg goodness and effectiveness is backed by many professional bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes as per their official website.

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Muscle Egg Hen

Who Is The Muscle Egg Company?

Muscle Egg is a one-of-a-kind family-run brand with over 50-year experience in egg farming, protein processing and distribution all rolled into one. They take care of all aspects of production right from the foundation of it all, the hens.

Muscle Egg runs a top free-range hens environment where the hens are given the best possible veterinarian and nutritional care, which translates into high quality eggs at the end of the line.

The whole production line, from the hens compound  through the protein processing, to stocking and distribution is monitored by the USDA, the United Egg Producers, the Global Food Safety Initiative and the American Humane Association, and also comply to the strict rules of the Utah Egg Quality Assurance Program.

Muscle Egg is particularly proud to have received a Level 3 safety by the Safe Quality Program while most suppliers are rated at level 2, meaning they exceeded all food safety regulations.

The bottom line is that the very high ethical and production standards of this company for such a long time make the Muscle Egg proteins a safe bet for anyone using their products or considering to try them.

Muscle Egg Single Portions

Muscle Egg Nutrition Values And Ingredients

Muscle Egg proteins comes in 3 different basic formats: original, organic and flavored. All of them go through a process of pasteurization to kill all bacteria like e.coli and salmonella, and homogenization to improve the texture of the final product in order to give it a milky, smooth feel to the palate.

But while the original and the organic versions have no added preservatives or additives, the flavored versions do contains some extra ingredients which gives them, aside from the flavors, also a little bit extra of carbs and sodium.

For example, while the original and organic versions contain 26g of proteins per serving (1 cup or 237ml), 0 carbs and sugars and only 390mg of sodium for a total of 130 calories, the flavored counterparts show an increase in sugars ranging from 1 to 3/5 grams depending on flavor, while sodium fluctuates minimally from 380mg to 390mg, in line with the non-flavored versions, for a total of 140 calories.

Flavored or not, all versions contain zero fat and zero cholesterol, while proteins range from  24g to 26g of proteins per serving (1 cup or 237ml), depending on flavor. For a detailed list of individual flavor values, go to the Muscle Egg website.

For completion of information, Muscle Egg is also available in dry protein powder format for those who prefer it, and mix and match options with different sizes.

Muscle Egg Nutrition

What Flavors Does Muscle Egg Come In?

Muscle Egg comes in a really large range of flavors to satisfy anyone’s taste, a much greater choice than the regular protein powders we are used to.

The company considers their protein products more like wholesome foods than supplements, and this is reflected in the attention given to satisfy the taste buds, something that often leaves a lot to be desired in other protein products.

You have a choice of timeless flavors like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate-caramel, strawberry, and cake batter, but also seasonal flavors to go hand in hand with weather and temperatures, like mint brownie, key lime pie, and pumpkin spice.

Seasonal flavors are just like that, available only at certain times of the year but not others, while regular flavors, original and organic are available year-round.

With over 50 years experience in making liquid white-egg, Muscle Egg has also honed texture with their homogenization procedure to make it palatable to anyone who is squeamish of home-made egg-whites.

Users are raving how delicious Muscle Egg is and how difficult is to keep off the fridge, something unusual in the protein supplement industry, making it an very attractive alternative to regular whey, given its high biological value.

Muscle Egg is also suitable for cooking, just like regular eggs, and the company website offers a dedicated egg-white recipe section with mouth watering dishes.

Muscle Egg Flavors

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How Do You Use Muscle Egg?

Muscle Egg is super easy to use. You can just drink it straight from the jug as it is and keep it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks from the time of delivery.

It is shipped frozen from the factory in special crates, so you need to thaw it first before consuming it. There are actually 3 different thawing methods as follows:

  • Slow Thawing – The best method whereas you simply grab the frozen jugs from the crate and store them into the fridge to allow slow thawing to occur. This may take up to few days depending on temperature.
  • Medium Thawing – Let the jug thaw at room temperature for about 4 hours, shake it up, store in the fridge for an hour, then repeat the process until fully thawed.
  • Quick Thawing – Immerse the frozen jug/s into cold water and let them thaw.

Whatever method, once thawed and open, Muscle Egg must be consumed within 3 weeks, while the manufacturer does NOT recommend re-freezing. Once open, you must drink it all within that time frame.

Muscle Egg Cereal

How Much Is Muscle Egg And What Are The Serving Sizes?

Muscle Egg Liquid is currently available in 12 oz, half-gallon and gallon sizes, while the  Muscle Egg Powder is available in a 340 g (12 servings) bag.

However, while individual sizes are listed,  Muscle Egg is charged per shipping case, which can hold up to 4 single gallons or 6 half-gallons.

The minimum order is 2 gallons/year (about $73 for the original or $75.50 for the chocolate version, for example). In winter, 2 half-gallons is the minimum (about $44 for the original or $50 for the chocolate version).

Individual gallons or half gallons shipping is not possible, as the cases are in place to insulated the product and deliver it at home still frozen and ready to thaw for consumption.

Having said this, for instance 6 half-gallons of chocolate Muscle Egg would cost as of now $135, while 4 gallons would cost $141.

That’s a lot or protein to go for a long time, but many more combinations of mix and match are possible, less or more expensive than this example. You just have to check on their website for details.

What About Shipping And Payments?

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Muscle Egg is delivered only in the USA, as it is a fresh, natural and perishable product, albeit frozen on delivery.

The only exception would be for Canadians living near the US border who can arrange for a delivery at a US address just across the border, then hop over and go back with their crate.

Shipping varies from $16 to $22 depending on distance, but for Alaska and Hawaii   there are additional charges.

Muscle Egg Testimonial

What About Testimonials?

There are a lot of positive customer testimonials online praising the taste and ease of use of Muscle Egg. Even in bodybuilders’ forums there are gym warriors claiming to be satisfied with the product and many professional athletes back it up.

These are the most difficult customers of all, because their choice of protein supplement is primary to their end-goal, muscle building, and they would not use any supplement that they wouldn’t know it works for them, aside from tasting great.

However, there are also bodybuilders skeptical about a switch from whey protein to egg-white protein, as whey does have an edge in a full-out war on BCAA and biological value, however small it may be.

This may be crucial for all but the most dedicated pro-bodybuilders who do not want to let out of their arsenal even the smallest advantage toward muscle building, but for normal gym warriors or regular people, this may be a negligible price to pay for convenience and palatability.

Muscle Egg Testimonial

Closing Thoughts On Muscle Egg

Muscle Egg is a high quality alternative source of protein that combines convenience of use and great taste in one go. It is manufactured and distributed with the highest production standards from the bottom up, from the hens to the final delivery.

The egg-white proteins used in the product are second to none but whey for muscle repair and growth, outperforming all other proteins. Just like whey, it contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids and comes very close for biological value, which is the ability to convert into your body’s proteins.

Since it is a fresh product, it is processed with a thorough  pasteurization method to remove any risk of salmonella or other bacteria and homogenization to make its texture creamy, which also guarantee a long life by perishable food standards, about 3 weeks.

The high nutritional value of Muscle Egg makes it ideal for anyone, regular office workers or gym warriors interested in a different kind of protein that tastes good and does work for muscling up.

Taste is one of the strong points of Muscle Egg, as it offers a wide range of different  flavors, either standard or seasonal, which sets it apart from mainstream protein powders.

It is a shame that Muscle Egg right now cannot be delivered outside the U.S.A. for obvious expiry-date reasons, one can only hope they expand their production business overseas in the future  so that those living abroad can enjoy it too.

On a closing note, while Muscle Egg is completely natural and manufactured to the highest standards, it is not a remedy against egg allergy, just like whey protein is no cure for dairy allergies.

Use your common sense or consult your doctor if you think you may have a rare egg allergy or intolerance.

Muscle Egg

Muscle Egg Review – Comprehensive And Detailed Critique
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