Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review – Less Work For More Muscle? The Truth Here!

Eric Bach’s Minimalist Muscle Blitz is just what it says on the tin, an essential muscle-building blueprint for those strapped for time, be it hardgainers, beginners, or experienced.

The plan promises to deliver your first tangible results in just 4 weeks with a 3-workouts per week schedule, each workout lasting as little as 30 minutes. You can then stick to the program for life in its basic format or upgrade to more advanced versions, depending on your current fitness levels and goals.

The Short Story

By default, Minimalist Muscle Blitz offers several workouts and nutritional digital manuals and free access to an online community for support, guidance, and reference.

It is also competitively priced and caters to a potentially huge crowd of busy people leading a hectic lifestyle, working long hours but with a strong desire to keep fit and look good without having to sacrifice their time to follow the traditional bro split routines of mainstream muscle mags.

This program heavily focuses on quality rather than quantity, the workouts are short but very demanding precisely to elicit muscle growth for natural gym warriors. By the way, while a well-equipped gym is appreciated, it is not by any means a prerequisite for the implementation of the program.

Basic home equipment will do the job, and the author also includes handy exercise variations for those on the road, for business, or on vacation.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Review

The Long Story – How Does It Work?

Minimalist Muscle Blitz hinges on 4 basic principles around which the framework is built.

Quality Over Quantity – This principle addresses a very common problem seen in gyms all over, people moving around more weight than they can really handle with proper execution, increasing resistance before they can do so, and repping out for the sake of numbers rather than for working the muscles.

What Eric recommends is taking a step back (which is actually a step forward) and start making each repetition count with proper mechanics and execution. This change alone will skyrocket muscle stimulation and yield the greatest results.

Couldn’t agree more on that, we all tend to let our ego get the better of us and let our form suffer for the sake of impressing our fellow gym warriors for little or no results in the long run.

Sticking To The Basics – Again, the program advocates a steady path of foundation exercises as the basis for strength and muscle growth. It is only by sticking to basic compound exercises that you can monitor and apply progressive overload over time.

How many times do people change their routines in their haste to grow muscle by “confusing them” without actually having squeezed out everything they can from the basic lifts? Progressive overload on the basics may be boring and lacking excitement, but it works!

Focusing On Strength Not Pump – The so-called “pump”  is an often misunderstood factor advocated by many pro bodybuilders and hardcore gym rats. It does work but only to a limited extent, as it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the trained muscle, but it is not the main muscle growth factor. Intensity is.

Particularly for natural, unassisted trainees, the best method for increasing size is working on strength. Low reps with high resistance are the way to go for natty bodybuilders, not chasing the pump.

The Minimalist Muscle Blitz offers a simple and clever workout layout structured in a progressive way, starting and tapering off with warm-ups and conditioning and with hard compound movements and explosive moves at the core.

Full Body Workouts 3 Time Per Week – No need to re-invent the wheel here. Since the dawn of bodybuilding, Steve Reeves and countless others have built fantastic physiques on the good old trusted 3-workouts per week, full-body schedule.

The idea is to train your muscle frequently but using less volume for each workout. Long split routines consisting of one muscle group once per week are a no-no for natties. This approach works for “artificially enhanced” bodybuilders who are in a constant anabolic state and enhanced protein synthesis thanks to steroids.

A natural guy has only 24/48 hours window of opportunity for peak protein synthesis and muscle growth, which is triggered by a short but intense workout but will also taper off quickly. Hammering the same muscle group with countless sets once a week is a waste of time and energy and a sure-fire path to failure.

The key here is giving just the correct muscle stimulus quickly and frequently, which also amounts to more opportunities for muscle building, since you end up training any given muscle group about 150 times per year rather than just 52. Another thumb up for the program.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Testimonial

Benefits And Suitability Of The Minimalist Muscle Blitz Program

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Schedule

There is a reason why this program was organized to be as simple and time-efficient as possible: it offers a valid blueprint for both natural trainees and busy people, even better for hard gainers and overworked people.

With so many jobs requiring overtime and long commutes, all the social and family commitments left and right, who has the time and the will to stick to absurdly complicated workout plans entailing camping in a gym?

And even if time was not an issue, who with some sanity of mind would like to spend more hours training in a crowded gym while digging him/herself into a path of staleness and lack of progression?

This is exactly what happens to beginners and even to more seasoned gym warriors as they enter the self-fueling circle of “more is better” in an attempt to break through plateauing. We have all been there sometime during our training history.

We have to say that Minimalist Muscle Blitz speaks the truth, as it offers no-bs information based on what works in real life for natural and busy guys (and gals too).

The information offered in the program is as useful as it is effective and can save you not just your time but a lot of trial and error while trying to work out what works for natural muscle building if you are ever lucky enough to find it out on your own after browsing for hours on glossy mags or sites.

Couple this with the range of nutritional topics included in the plan plus the members’ online support community offered by default with the one-time payment, and it easy to see why Minimalist Muscle Blitz is such a good value.

Bear in mind that while a fully equipped gym is welcome for the program to be implemented, you can also make do with home equipment or even basic gear because the author provides two dedicated booklets with exercise variations and alternatives, should you miss a particular piece of equipment or you are affected by an injury.

This means the program can be followed while traveling or on a business trip too, even if the local hotel gym is ill-equipped.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Workout

About The Author

Erich Bach Eric Bach looks like a legitimate authority in strength and functional training as well as weight loss. His qualifications include a BS in kinesiology,  a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer title with further Certifications in Precision Nutrition Level 1.

He is a coach at the Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance and runs his own Bach Performance brand,  offering online training and fitness consulting.

Eric Bach is also a regular contributor to T-Nation, eliteFTS, STACK, ACE fitness, and the PDC and he has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus, and YouTube.

Eric’s customers range from regular guys and gals of all ages and of all ability levels to professional athletes, tactical personnel, family men, CEO’s and gym warriors, whom he coaches to achieve their different goals such as getting ripped, stronger or more athletic.

To conclude, Eric Bach is the real deal and super qualified for the job.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Contents

This is quite a hefty program for the price range. For under 20 bucks you get 7 components in digital format, including a handy online member area  (NO monthly installments!).  This means you get to access them immediately after the purchase without waiting for delivery. This is what the program looks inside:

The Main Manual, aka Minimalist Muscle Blitz Training Program – This is the core of the plan with the specifics of the workouts and the principles behind the program as outlined above.

A Nutritional Guide For The Hardgainer – A nod to his own experience of a hard gainer who had to fight tooth and claw to build muscle. It contains information on how to stay in an anabolic state, eating properly without going bankrupt.

A Meal Plans Manual – It goes hand in hand with the nutritional guide with practical info on how to make your dishes.

A Traveling Workout Guide – This is a manual with all sorts of exercise variations in case you miss some type of equipment in your hotel while on vacation or on a business trip, or if have sustained an injury that makes a particular exercise not ideal.

A Tracking Guide – This is an often neglected aspect of training that the author recommends you to adhere to, because it helps assess the progression and make adjustments to your training as required, avoiding plateaus.

An Exercise Modification Guide – Similarly to the traveling guide, it offers more exercise variations for all occasions and situations.

The “Swole City ” Community – This is a private, members-only online area that you get access to once you get the program. It is a sort of forum with people doing the same thing, working out to get stronger and jacked.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz Program

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Closing Thoughts

This is a program that ticks all the boxes. For a start, it is based on a real-life approach that works for everyone, be it busy people or men experiencing plateauing. The workouts are designed for natural bodybuilders and gym warriors who do not want to actually live in a gym and whose bodies cannot handle the bro split routines of pros.

Minimalist Muscle Blitz is indeed minimalist, entailing three 30-minute full-body workouts per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The training schedule takes intelligently advantage of the natural cycle of protein synthesis of natural guys, which is activated with more frequent, high-intensity workouts but very low volume sets, the opposite of one body part per week gigantic sessions.

The emphasis of the workouts is on building strength in order to build muscle, the opposite of chasing the pump, which means high loads with low reps. This is indeed a valid method for building muscle for natural guys.

Lighter resistance and higher reps can work for “enhanced” guys with artificially raised protein synthesis and anabolic rate but can only do so much for natties.

Aside from the training guidelines, Minimalist Muscle Blitz also offers solid information on nutrition that works for hard gainers and natural guys, useful meal plans, tracking guidance, exercise variations, and online community support, all for less than $20. It’s just a bargain!

Minimalist Muscle Blitz

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