MassZymes Review – All You Need To Know Revealed Here

MassZymes BottleMassZymes is a supplement allegedly formulated to make protein absorption in your body more efficient, thus improving lean muscle gains, recovery abilities and digestion without the need for any extra protein intake.

It works by breaking down proteins into essential amino acids right from the walls of your stomach all the way to your blood stream and into your muscle cells, thus rendering the typical large protein dosage of bodybuilders and gym warriors unnecessary and a waste.

Rather the tackling the problem of muscle building the old and ineffective way, increasing protein dosage, it goes the opposite way, making the process of protein absorption more efficient.

This results in benefits not just for your muscle growth but also for your intestine, digestion and wallet, since you would not need to gulp down industrial quantities of proteins anymore.

There are several key enzymes in this supplement that are formulated to do their protein breakdown job, like AstraGin,  a natural compound extracted from Panax ginseng and Astragalus.

This investigation will reveal you how this enzyme supplement works, whether is FDA approved and what it is all about.

Who Is MassZymes For?

MassZymes is suitable for a wide range of people, particularly bodybuilders and gym warriors who may find this enzyme product very attractive for its capacity of boosting muscle growth without the need for extra proteins and in fact, even resulting in less protein intake and wastage.

On the other hand, the benefits of enzymes make this product also suitable for just about anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate bloating and water retention, improve digestion and guts health, eliminate toxic accumulation and improve well being in general.

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What Is MassZymes?

MassZymes is an enzyme supplement that claims to increase muscle building potential up to 30% without increasing protein intake, while reducing toxic waste as a result of unnecessary extra proteins not being eaten.

It is a product designed not just for professional bodybuilders or muscle building warriors, but also for anyone who wants to improve their digestion and their well-being with a natural, plant-based enzyme that helps breakdown and digest proteins in a more efficient way.

MassZymes is formulated to completely re-address your approach to protein intake from one of dosage dependency to one of efficiency, since it is supposedly designed to extract up to 66% more muscle-building amino acids from your regular protein intake.

The rationale behind MassZymes is to help you digest, process and flood your bloodstream with muscle building blocks, rather than flushing unused proteins down the drain and your money out of the window.

Mass Zymes For Bodybuilder

How Does MassZymes Work Exactly?

Here is the key factor. There are several ingredient making up MassZymes. They all play a role to some extent, but by far the most important are protease and AstraGin.

According to the creators, most if not all of these supplements have little or poor quality levels of enzymes, making them useless for building muscle.

Most contain little to no protease much needed for protein digestion. Instead, they seem to contain amylase, which digests carbs, and lipase, which digests fats.

This is because protease is the most expensive to produce and there are many kinds of protease enzymes to choose from. Instead, MassZymes claims to contain the 5 strongest proteases.

The Role Of Protease

MassSymes formula claims to contain 85,000 HUTs (Hemoglobin Unit Tyrosine) of protease per capsule. Technically, one HUT of proteolytic (protease) activity is defined as that amount of enzyme that produces, in one minute under the specified conditions. Source.

All hard, technical talk meaning that MassZymes has by far the highest protein-digesting enzyme quantity of all the enzyme supplements on the market, the one that really matters for muscle building.


Is AstraGin Really Effective?

AstraGin allegedly works by making nutrient absorption in the intestines easier. Proteins, vitamins, minerals and glucose are all transported into the blood stream through specialized transporting molecules.

AstraGin has a supposedly positive effect on these transporting molecules, increasing absorption of many nutrients including proteins.

AstraGin is a natural composite which is composed of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. According to Masszymes, studies have shown that AstraGin can improve absorption of many nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, glucosamine as well as improving ATP production.

On inspection, it is difficult to get hold of of these studies online, however there are other studies that in part support the AtraGin effectiveness claims.

One such study is from Yin et al. This study was conducted in animals, not humans, but it seems to indicate that Astragalus polysaccharide may improve the digestion, absorption and regulate amino acid metabolism with an increase of amino acids in the circulation.

Another study from revealed the antioxidative potential of Astragalus polysaccharide and suggested that 100 mg/kg of Astragalus polysaccharide protect mice from death by intoxication and prevents the ATP levels getting low.

One more study from seems to indicate that Astragalus polysaccharide also increases insulin action and hypoglycemic activity, making it a suitable application in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

In any case, Astragalus supplementation seems to have NO side effects and is generally considered safe for most adults, as shown in these 2 other studies from and

Having said this, since astragalus is generally mixed with other herbs, it is not possible to predict potential side effects, and it could interact with medications that suppress the immune system or affect blood sugar levels and pressure, see here @

What About Panax Ginseng?

Panax Notoginseng has been shown to offer several benefits, including strengthening the immune system, increasing blood circulation while lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory properties among many other, see here.

 Is Masszymes FDA Approved?

A quick search revealed that Masszynes has not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They also claim it at the bottom of Masszymes official website: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease“.

This may be because it is not a prescription digestive enzyme, but a OTC, over the counter dietary supplement that you can freely purchase. OTC dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA and may contain impurities and varying quantities of active ingredients. Source.

The bottom line is that you should also use your own judgement and common sense when dealing with supplements in general, however good they may sound.

Talk to your doctor if you think you may have any issue or for reassurance, or read more about what you need to know about supplements in the FDA official website.

Also, please notice that all the reviews in this website are for informational purpose only, and do NOT constitute medical advice. See disclaimer for more details.


MassZymes Packages And Warranties

MassZymes comes with a 365-day money back guarantee (not a typo). With a caveat, the 100% money back is applicable if you only opened the first bottle and ship back the remaining unopened bottles. If you open a second bottle, you are not covered anymore. Fair enough.

It also offers 3 different packages for different needs, from maintenance, through digestive problems and on to long-term digestive health improvement.

 Loyalty Savings Club

There is also a Loyalty Savings Club where you can save up to 45%/month on BiOptimizers supplements. They ship your product of choice every month on the date you first place the order but you can cancel it any time through their own dedicated line or Customer Support.


The BiOptimizers Company Behind Masszymes

BiOptimizersBiOptimizers is a supplement brand in their own words dedicated to develop health promoting products that enhance general body and mind well-being. The objective of this company to increase  quality of life through a combination of life style choices and using their products.

BiOptimizers specifically focuses, as its name suggests, on optimizing and enhnacing cell function with natural ingredients, improving performance with the added bonus of reducing lifestyle-related disease.

So far, so good, but who are the guys behind MassZymes and BiOptimizers?

Who Are The Guys Running It?

It is a pleasant surprise to come across familiar faces when you scan through the team page. Anyone who is familiar with bodybuilding, workouts or nutrition must have come across one or more of the following figures:

Dave Ruel – He is actually the President of BiOptimizers and a well known fitness author, a former competitive bodybuilder, and author of popular programs like Anabolic Cooking and Metabolic Cooking.

Wade Lightheart – 3-Time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion, an authority in Natural Nutrition and Training Methods.

Elliott Hulse – Who hasn’t come across Elliot’s YouTube video tutorials while searching for strength and muscle building workout tips? Here is the guy busy in this new enterprise to lend his expertise.

Matt Galland, Krista Whiteside, Katrine Volynsky and Ronnie Landis complete this likeable team.

If that is not enough, there are also serious names in the fitness industry using and endorsing MassZymes, like Mike Westerdal, founder of, or Vince DelMonte, Coach, Bodybuilder, WBFF Pro and author of No Nonsense Muscle Building, among others.

The bottom line is that BiOptimizers is a well respected company with highly reputable producers, authors and contributors of global fame in the fitness industry.


MassZymes Package
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The Bottom Line

MassZymes is a top-range enzyme supplement with a very high ratio of protease, the most useful enzyme for protein digestion and absorption.

It has also been improved with the addition of AstraGin for better recovery from workouts and increased energy before workouts.

It is being produced by a reputable company featuring many top fitness and coaching authors of global fame and is being used by many satisfied customers, from weight lifters to regular guys and gals.

Unlike other generic enzyme supplements, MassZymes was formulated more specifically for protein absorption, making it attractive for all those who want to optimize their muscle gains without going bankrupt with unnecessary protein supplement consumption.

As it implies a more moderate protein intake and a more efficient protein digestion, it also has positive carry over effects on guts health, toxins and general well being.


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