Mass Training System Review – In Depth And To The Point Info

Mass Training System Review – In Depth And To The Point Info
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Mass Training System

This strength and muscle building program can only be described as ferocious.

The Mass Training System is a “niche” muscle mass program for advanced trainees with a solid working out history who feel the need for an extra edge protocol to break through plateaus and develop to their full potential.

Dr. Pat Davidson’s workout regimen is the real deal for only the most committed and focused weight lifters who are prepared to go through training-from-hell for 16 weeks. Beginners need NOT to apply.

This review will take you through the benefits and cons of the program.

Dr. Pat Davidson’s Credentials

Pat Davidson

Dr. Davidson is a likeable guy with a no nonsense, straight approach. He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and a vast experience in strength training both as a competitor and a coach.

He has competed in Strongman and Arnold Classic two times and has qualified and competed in two world championships at the Arnold Classic as well as submission wrestling competitions for the North American Grappling Association and MMA.

As strong as a bull, he also dedicated his knowledge and expertise to the benefits of his clients and students, having taught Exercise Science at Brooklyn College and Springfield College, and coached Springfield College Team Ironsports athletes.

He is a well known and highly regarded figure in the circle of strength coaching, and has now decided to take all this inner circle knowledge accrued over years of training and package it into a viable blueprint for extreme strength and muscle gains, but only for those who are prepared to go through the brutal drills involved.

Is The Mass Training System Just Another Muscle Building Plan?

Mass Training System ExercisesQuite simply, no. This program is not based on workout days and split routines. Instead it relies on a stacking idea, whereas each day builds upon the previous ones.

The workout regime is ultra-tough and the blueprint is a strict one to adhere to: just follow trough and reap the rewards at the end. The whole workout blueprint is contained in an  ebook named “Monster Mass Ebook”.

However, it also offers a range of flexibility, in that you can decide what your final goal is, whether it be pure hypertrophy, getting ripped with very low body fat, or getting as strong as possible.

You do this by simply tweaking your nutritional guidelines to suit your end goal, eat more if you are looking for strength and hypertrophy, somehow less if you look for a shredded look.

In any case, the taxing nature of the workouts make this plan an absolute blaster in the cardiovascular area too, skyrocketing metabolism and fat loss. No need for boring cardio, you wouldn’t even have the strength for it, after a typical routine.

Who Is This System For?

This is an uncompromising system for muscle mass and strength comprising a workout part and a nutritional part suitable for advanced weight lifters and bodybuilders who want to explore what their full potential is and fulfill it.

The brutal training protocol makes it a no-go area for beginners. In fact, even experienced trainees may have a problem with it, as the stack-up volume and intensity of the training regimen may prove too much to finish.

In other words, this is not a regular muscle building program but a niche protocol for only the most experienced, dedicated and focused weight lifters.

How Does The Mass Training System Work?

The Mass Training System is divided into 2 distinct parts sold separately. The workout part designed by Dr. Pat Davidson is called “Monster Mass Ebook”, while the nutritional part by Dr. Ben House is called “Savage Mass And Nutrition Manual”.

The Monster Mass Ebook Workout Plan

Mass Training System WorkoutsThe core idea of the program is to recruit and bring to failure as many muscle fibers as possible with a variety of specific exercises.

The stacking process is in place to change body composition, increase strength and muscle mass, and develop the physiology of your energy systems, like the oxidative system, ATP-PC System, or Lactic Acid System.

The program is designed to create the right environment to boost all the energy systems in your body in order to maximize its full potential and supply energy.
The theory of the plan comes from the Soviet training style combined with some American ingenuity. The result is a workout schedule organized in 4 different phases, or blocks, each lasting 4 weeks, for a total of 16 weeks.

Block 1 and 2: Hearts On Fire – The first 2 phases are dedicated to building the oxidative system in order to prepare you for extreme training of the last 2 blocks. Basically, it trains you to increase you total workout volume while improving recovery between sets, building the necessary foundation upon which to implement the super high intensity drills of the last 2 blocks.

Block 3: Staring Down the Barrel of a 45 – A fancy way to describe the brutish hypertrophy and strength building routines involved. The author claims that just 1% of people attempting the program succeed. True or hype, these drills are almost as tough as they gets, only surpassed by the workouts of the 4th block.

Block 4: The Murderer in the Mirror – Another colorful description of the ultimate workouts. There is a LOT of training volume involved at the highest intensity. There is no way you can do the last block without having religiously done the first 3.

In this phase, you switch back and forth between knee dominant and hip dominant squats, and pushing and pulling exercises until you can barely stand. The stuff of nightmares.

The Mass Training System Nutritional Guidelines

The nutritional guidelines are covered in the “Savage Mass And Nutrition Manual”. Dr. Ben House is a friend of Pat Davidson and has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2006, supplying his expertise in nutrition for this program.

Generally speaking, this mass plan requires a lot of quality eating, but in different portions and not only that.

The nutrition is just one of the aspects covered in the manual, as there are 3 different topics discussed that are compared to the wheels of a vehicle: you can’t run on a flat tire or with a misaligned wheel, or it will affects the other factors in the equation for a full recovery.

The all important recovery aspects are:

Sleep: it sounds obvious, but maybe it is not. When training hard you cannot play around sleep, as you recover and build muscle while you rest, not while training.

Mindset, Stress and Perception: Information on how to deal with stress that you get from normal life, not training. Daily job and family commitments can have a negative impact on your training. This part of the manual discusses how to manage stress.

Nutrition and Hydration: The bread and butter of the nutritional manual [no pun intended]. The very high volume and high intensity of the Mass Training System workouts generally call for large amounts of high quality foods to be portioned according to end goal, strength or mass vs shredding. The guide also includes sample meal plans.

Mass Training System Pros And Cons


  • Expert authors with both formal knowledge and real life experience and success in strength training and wrestling, both as coaches and as sportsmen.
  • Brutal but very effective workout protocol for mass, strength, shredding and cardio-vascular fitness, if only for the most dedicated trainees willing to put themselves through it.
  • Separate workout and nutritional manuals. Should you know what works best for your nutrition, you can buy just the workout manual.
  • Digital PDF program available instantly – It cuts down delivery times and costs, plus you can reference it from your smartphone or tablet anywhere.
  • Clear and well designed protocol to follow to the letter. It is simple, but very, very hard.
  • Niche muscle mass program for advanced lifters stuck in a plateau who want to start building strength and mass once again. This is no regular bodybuilding plan, but one for a selected range of trainees.


  • Not available as a hard copy for those who prefer it.
  • Off limits to beginners or even intermediates who feel they may not have the guts to go through it, after all.

Mass Training System

The Bottom Line

The Mass Training System is a unique and extreme strength and muscle mass building protocol for only the most driven and experienced lifters.

This is no plan for wimps, it does require unusual tenacity and will power to break through considerable pain and discomfort. The program is structured in a volume stacking manner, gradually leading to ever longer and more intense workouts.

The results for those who can stand up to the end of the program are massive gains in strength, size and cardio vascular performance. The optional nutritional guidelines also offer an adequate and complementary back up to the tough training schedule, with an eye not just to nutrition but also to rest and stress management.

Overall, this is a great strength and mass building program for only the most advanced and motivated lifters.


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