L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 Review – Full Details

The L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is a fitness protocol for professional coaches and trainers designed to assess their clients and create customized training plans for them.

It is based on the two key concepts of “mastering assessment” and “the scientific principles of hypertrophy” so as to provide the most effective workout and nutritional plan for anyone according to one’s physical features like body composition and cardiopulmonary performance.

This unique protocol comes in a digital format with over 11 hours of video tutoring, though the current videos can also be burned and an optional physical version is on the line for the future.

L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 was put together by Dean Somerset and Dr. Mike Israetel, both leading authorities in the fields of Exercise Physiology, Sport Physiology, nutrition, and hypertrophy (more on this later).

In this critique, you’ll find what this program is all about, what it can do for your clients, and how it works.

Who Is It For?

L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is a very technical program designed for professionals like trainers and coaches, not for regular guys and gals.

L2 Fitness Summit Review

It was created with the intention to offer the best possible training and nutritional regimen for the most diverse clients, by customizing exercises, workouts, and nutrition to their unique requirements in order to achieve their full potential, whatever their goals.

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How Does The L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 Work?

The L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is a multi-faceted program that addresses many different aspects of fitness. The two authors designed this program in a systematic way so as to leave no room for error and create the best custom-based regimen for a client.

The online videos are very well put together and lengthy, so there is a lot of information to go through, but it is possible to view them one by one at your own pace and then go back again for further clarifications.

Should any issue or technical question arise, the authors are open to feedback by email. The 11-hour video library comes with downloadable and printable text-based versions of the videos, very useful for those who prefer to scan through the information at a faster rate than a video would allow.

Since the program is digital, you can access it immediately on your smartphone, tablet, and study the materials comfortably anywhere.

For those who like physical DVDs, they are out of luck for now, but there are plans to offer the program in physical format in the future, so stay tuned.

However, if you cannot wait they made the videos burn-compatible, so you can have your own DVD tutorial collection with a little bit of extra work.

To sum up, the L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is as flexible as it can be in terms of delivery and personal preferences.

The program is focused on two key topics: “Mastering Assessments” and “The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy”.

L 2 Fintess Summit Assessment

Mastering Assessments For Your Clients

This is really technical stuff suitable for professionals in the know, coaches, and trainers who want to give their clients the best head start. There are static and integrative assessments to be done, followed by body composition and cardiopulmonary assessments.

Based on the results, you can work out the correct exercises that best suit your client’s personal mechanics and anatomy. However, these assessments are not carved in stone and allow for flexibility to suit the most diverse clientele.

The resulting training regimen takes into account all aspects of complete fitness plans, like warm-up, strength, mobility, and conditioning.

L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 looks like a well set up and flexible system that gives accurate guidelines to find the correct workout protocol, saving time and wasteful trial and error.

L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1

The Scientific Principles of Hypertrophy

This part of the program addresses specifically the most optimal way to increase mass and strength, depending on a client’s assessment outcome.

Here the videos go on analyzing all aspects leading to hypertrophy, like volume,  structure, and overtraining, or how to find the sweet spot between volume and adequate recovery.

Again, volume guidelines are not set in stone and can be adjusted to suit different needs according to the principle of “auto-regulation”.

The plan goes on to dig down on the basics of hypertrophy and how the different components of the muscle-building process interact to yield results, things like training intensity, relative intensity, failure, proximity to failure, and many other factors.

The nutritional aspects are also covered with insightful coverage on hypertrophy diet, typical mistakes to avoid, and key principles for regular growth without plateaus.

The program customizes the best volume and intensity for a client based on his/her unique characteristics with a systematic tracking log to verify progression.

Great care is dedicated to plateauing and how to avoid overtraining, two very common scenarios that stunt progression and the ability to reach full potential, with medium and long term training management.

L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1

About Dean Somerset And Dr. Mike Israetel

Both authors are well known online and offline for their contributions to the science of exercising and both enjoy a vast array of credentials and achievements in the field.

Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset Dean Somerset is a personal trainer from Edmonton, Canada. He helps a wide range of people get strong and flexible and deals with clients from all sorts of backgrounds with the most diverse needs like sports injury post-rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, and elite runners training.

He is a specialist of assessment techniques designed to see what any particular person presents before creating a customized workout strategy.

Dean Somerset also teaches seminars all over the world and has clients globally, all with different situations and requirements like athletic performance, injury recovery, weight loss, or muscle building.

He is also well known online for his contributions to top publications like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, T-Nation.com, Bodybuilding.com.

He also has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an impressive list of formal qualifications like:

  • BSc. Kinesiology – University of Alberta
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Medical Exercise Specialist
  • American Academy of Health, Rehabilitation & Fitness Professionals

Dr. Mike Israetel

Mike Israetel Mike Israetel is a professor of Exercise Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, and before that he was a professor at the University of Central Missouri, teaching Personal Training, Exercise Physiology, and Advanced Programming for sports and fitness.

Mike Istraetel is originally from Moscow and he also practices what he preaches, in that he is a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, and Jiu-Jitsu wrestler. In his career as an athlete, he set several state, national, and world records in raw powerlifting.

As a result of his success, he has also coached many powerlifters and bodybuilders in diet and weight training.

Academically, Mike Israetel has a Ph.D. in Sport Physiology and has worked as a consultant on sports nutrition to the U.S. Olympic Training Site.

So far so good, both authors showcase impressive credential that makes them super qualified for the job of teaching coaches how to assess their clients and design a workout and diet program.

Contents Of L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1

L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is entirely digital, though a physical version is expected in the future. However, you can still burn the videos into CDs and print or view the video transcripts from your device.

Total time is 11 hours of video tutorials that can be accessed for life and are immediately available on purchase.

Closing Thoughts – How Good Is L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1?

L2 Fitness Summit Volume 1 is a well-crafted video summit for those in the health and fitness business. It gives trainers the ability to assess their clients and create a tailor-made workout protocol that takes into account their unique anatomy, body composition, and cardiopulmonary performance.

The combined expertise of Dean Somerset and Dr. Mike Israetel make this program a benchmark and a standard to look for direction if you work as a trainer. The wealth of knowledge inside the program can really help in clients’ results and satisfaction and raise the bar for your career in the fitness industry.

L2 Fitness Summit Vol 1

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