Kerassentials Reviews 2024 – Breakthrough Fungus Oil Truth

Kerassentials is a revolutionary oil treatment that fights antifungal resistance and supports healthy nails and skin. Read my full Kerassentials review to learn more.

Kerassentials Reviews From Customers 2023 – Complete Customer Reports. Does It Help Get Rid Of Nail Fungus? What Are The Pros And Cons? Does It Fight Fungus Resistance? How Safe Is It To Use?

Kerassentials Review Summary

Kerassentials is a potent proprietary formula combining four special high-quality oils and a mix of nine oils and minerals designed to maintain the health of your nails and skin and fight fungus resistance.

This natural remedy must be applied daily after the shower to kill the fungus. The company suggests soaking to open up pores and soften the nail before using the special applicator.

The special formula was designed to break an all too common scenario for people affected by this unpleasant disorder – fungus resistance.

Just like bacteria, fungi have also become stronger over the decades. This has resulted in antifungal resistance, which normally makes it almost impossible to eliminate fungus. Nowadays, it is common to go through five or six treatments and still be hit by a relapse of fungus.

Kerassentials Reviews

This is because fungi have learned how to beat the Vicks VapoRub cream, clotrimazole, tea tree oil, and whatever remedy was working in the past. Like bacteria have become more resistant to antibiotics, so are toenail fungi to traditional drugs and remedies.

Kerassentials is formulated exactly to address this new situation, antifungal resistance caused by a new, mutated super-fungus that is more resilient and better able to survive regular tea tree oil-infused nail treatments.

In essence, Kerassentials is designed and marketed as a radical treatment that focuses on the root cause of recurring nail fungus to support a permanent fungus-free life without itching or a bad odor, as well as support healthy nails and skin.

Many Kerassentials reviews from customers report that this treatment is fast-acting, and most testimonials describe how their toenails start turning pink again within the first weeks, growing out to replace the damaged areas.

Kerassentials works on two fronts – not only does it deal with the root cause of long-term fungus and antifungal resistance, but it also eliminates its spores, ensuring permanent results, whereas other treatments fail.

Spore elimination is essential to the healing process, just like eradicating weeds in a garden prevents them from growing again. Fungi work the same way, trying to return if only a few spores survive. This is why the Kerassential manufacturer recommends applying the remedy for two weeks to two months after the apparent disappearance of the fungus.

Unlike tea tree oil and traditional remedies, Kerassentials prevents the spores of the fungus from spreading around, with the risk of infecting other people or reinfecting you. Also, its proprietary blend is alleged to reprogram the skin and nail immune system, enabling the body to fight back against fungus.

A common cause of fungus treatment failure is that regular treatments take too much time and effort, typically half an hour daily sitting around while soaking your feet. However, Kerassentials’ brief foot-soaking method, the applicator, and the 13 ingredients in the formula make it simple to put into any daily schedule.

This antifungal resistance remedy is manufactured in the US in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. Kerassentials is a natural formula with only plant-based, non-GMO ingredients with no chemicals or stimulants and is now offered at a discount.

Many customers seem to have found success with this new treatment. Many Kerassentials reviews from different sites support Kerassentials as well.

Kerassentials Reviews

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Toenail Fungus Types And Symptoms

Kerassential Reviews

Fungi are a group of microorganisms widespread in the environment, already present on human skin. As a rule, these do not constitute a problem since they obtain nutrients directly from dead organic matter or wastes (saprophytic state) without causing damage.

Also, the skin surface and the immune system exercise their natural defense capabilities. However, in some favorable conditions, fungi can proliferate abnormally and become invasive pathogens. When this happens, they behave like opportunistic microorganisms, exploiting the weakness of the organism.

Foot mycoses (toenail fungus) are infections of the skin and nails caused by the proliferation of pathogenic fungi. The most typical manifestations of this disorder are:

  • White or reddish spots.
  • Scaly and/or clammy skin.
  • Nails that change color and texture.

Foot mycosis can be found all year round, not just in summer. Common habits and daily activities that we carry out throughout the year may increase the risks – these are:

  • Walking barefoot in the pool, sauna, Turkish bath, or beach.
  • Using public changing rooms and showers in gyms and campsites.

Even occlusive and poorly breathable socks and shoes can facilitate the onset of toenail fungus, thanks to sweating. In particular, foot mycoses are more likely to be found during the summer since the high humidity and the hot temperatures predispose their growth and easier spread among individuals.

One needs just to walk barefoot or come into contact with the detached scales of skin in the infected areas to contract a mycosis. Kerassentials’ customers have reported great results in reverting fungal infections caught in public areas like swimming pools or changing rooms.

Tinea Pedis And Onychomycosis

There are two types of toenail fungus infections:

Tinea Pedis

One of the most common mycoses is Tines Pedis, also known as athlete’s foot, since it was once more common among those who habitually wore sneakers. Today, many are susceptible to it: people who wear socks or shoes made of non-breathable materials are affected in particular.

The heat and humidity facilitate the proliferation of the dermatophytes (fungi that require keratin for growth), which, in particular conditions of heat and humidity, proliferate and attack the keratin, the protein that constitutes the scaly layer of the skin and nails.

Even the habit of not drying the feet well or washing them too frequently can predispose to tinea pedis. These wrong habits alter the pH of the skin, which naturally protects it from external aggressions. Public showers, swimming pools, and changing rooms can promote the spread of mycosis to other people, especially in summer.


These same risk factors can be at the origin of Onychomycosis, a nail infection caused by dermatophyte fungi and, in some cases, by molds and yeasts.

These microscopic pathogens can penetrate, settle and proliferate in tissues rich in keratin in the space between the lamina and the nail bed. As a result, the nail affected by onychomycosis becomes dull, thickened, and prone to flaking or breaking.

Onychomycosis occurs more easily on the toenails than on the hands, as they are more exposed to the conditions that favor their onset. Thanks to sweating and poorly breathable socks, the ideal habitat for the proliferation of fungi is formed inside the shoes.

Significant comorbidity exists between these two mycoses: a third of people suffering from onychomycosis of the toenails also suffer from athlete’s foot. Several customer reviews say Kerassentials works faster in removing Onychomycosis than other treatments without side effects.

Symptoms Of  Toenail Fungi

Kerassentials Reviews

Mycotic infection symptoms vary according to the site involved (sole of the foot, between the toes, nails, etc.), while the virulence of the fungus and the predisposition of the host determine its severity.

Tinea Pedis Symptoms

Tinea Pedis mainly affects the spaces between the toes and/or the soles of the feet. This condition initially manifests with clammy skin, erythema, itching, and bad odor. Later, cracking, burning sensation, and cracks appear between the toes.

Athletes’ foot also causes plantar thickening and peeling. In severe cases, Tinea Pedis manifests with blisters, ulcers, fissures, and erosion of the skin of the feet between the toes.

These lesions encourage the entry of bacteria into the subcutaneous tissue, which is responsible for secondary infections. If left untreated, an athlete’s foot can also develop into Onychomycosis, becoming more difficult to treat; spreading into socks and shoes, it can infect other toenails.

Onychomycosis Symptoms

In onychomycosis, the infected nail becomes dull, thickened, and prone to flaking or breaking. Over time, this annoying blemish can turn into permanent damage to the nail, as well as causing pain and negatively impacting the quality of life.

Onychomycosis is a progressive disease: if left untreated, the infection can spread to other nails and healthy parts of the skin. When the fungus penetrates the nail surface, it is more difficult to eliminate.

At first, you can only notice small whitish areas on the nail that compromise its aesthetic appearance. However, if not properly managed, the infection increases nail fragility and deforms the lamina until it detaches. Onychomycosis can also spread from nail to nail or hand and, like other fungal infections, spread from one person to another.

Therefore, to limit the damage, it is good to pay attention to the signs of a foot fungus to treat the infection in an adequate and timely manner.

Kerassentials makes no distinction between athlete’s foot or Onychomycosis since it is designed to remove the root cause of fungi proliferation, including the spores. According to the many Kerassentials reviews from consumers, this supplement acts faster and is more effective than other nail fungus treatments.

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What Is Kerassentials?

Kerassentials Reviews

Kerassentials is a combination of oils and vitamins sold in a small bottle and liquid form. It comes with an applicator to apply the treatment directly onto the toenails. The manufacturer recommends applying Kerassentials daily to prime your nails to absorb the nutrients in the formula.

These natural oil and vitamin ingredients give the skin and nails the support it needs to rebuild themselves and stay healthy. Kerassentials is designed to be a complete formula that permanently addresses nail fungus in multiple ways.

The formula was created by Doctor Kimberly Langdon, a specialist in fungal diseases with 30 years of experience in the field and herself a former sufferer of toenail fungus, which prompted her to offer consumers an effective treatment for fungal infections.

A specific blend of four oils and nine vitamins and minerals, Kerassentials’ scope and range go beyond traditional remedies like tea tree oil, Vicks VapoRub cream, or clotrimazole.

The product is manufactured in the US in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility using some of the best, unadulterated ingredients for maximum effectiveness with no side effects. This way, customers are certain they are dealing with a quality product since bought directly from a reputable manufacturer.

It is an easy and convenient treatment that must be taken regularly, up to four applications a day, and for some time after the nail fungus has receded.

The formula ingredients have antibacterial and antioxidant properties that permanently fight toenail fungus. Unlike regular nail fungus remedies, Kerassentials is cheaper in the long run because it does not require repeated bouts of treatments, as its formula addresses the issue of antifungal resistance at the root level.

The manufacturer also offers various discounts and deals to its customers.

Kerassentials Reviews

How Does Kerassentials Work?

Kerassential Reviews

Kerassentials attacks the fungus directly at its roots, eliminating it like weeds’ roots from a garden, putting an end to smelly feet, flaky skin, and itchy toenails once and for all. It does so in a five-stage process:

  • First – It deals with the root cause of long-term fungus: antifungal resistance, an ever-growing problem.
  • Second – It makes sure that not only the surface fungus is removed but also its roots.
  • Third – It prevents the spores of the fungus from spreading around and infecting others, effectively thwarting its reproductive capabilities.
  • Fourth – It reprograms your skin and nails’ immune system so your body can learn how to fight back against the fungus.
  • Fifth – It is a very easy-to-adhere-to fungus treatment and simple to slot into your daily schedule. This point is very important, as most sufferers fail to get rid of their fungus because no one has half an hour to soak their feet daily.

The Kerassentials antifungal routine starts with a shower or a foot rinse. According to the manufacturer, it is important that your shower or rinse is longer than three minutes (but not half an hour!) because this will soften the nails and open up the pores so that the roots of the fungus can be attacked.

The creator recommends using the warmest water you can comfortably use because the high temperature helps soften nails and skin and enlarges the pores, even exfoliating the toenails to leave the fungus more exposed to Kerassentials’ treatment.

How Kerassentials Eradicates Toenail Fungus

Kerassentials’ strategy is simple. It breaks antifungal resistance, a phenomenon developed by fungi that, over the decades, have become increasingly resilient to tea tree oil and other remedies, just like bacteria have become more resistant to antibiotics.

Nowadays, those who suffer from this unpleasant condition often try, on average more than five times with various treatments, medicines, and creams until they can start seeing some temporary results.

Aggressive treatments and prescription drugs against fungus carry a host of many side effects, too, from clammy skin to severe dizziness or even allergic reactions.

Natural solutions such as tea tree oil used to work very well in the past. There is nothing inherently wrong with tea tree oil. However, these natural treatments started being less and less effective over the years.

Tea tree oil has helped most people get rid of their fungus in the past, but today only half as many of these people will benefit from permanent results. The new normalcy is nail fungus relapse and continuous treatments.

That’s why tea tree oil, Amazon foot soaks, Vick’s VapoRub, or clotrimazole are effective for fewer and fewer people. Today, most of these treatments are a waste of time, not because these solutions are useless to begin with, but because toenail fungi have become super resistant and much stronger than in the past.

Just like bacteria, fungi evolve to survive. They developed a strong defense response to these treatments in the constant battle for survival. Foot fungus these days is way stronger than in the past because decades of people using these treatments failed to completely kill the fungus, which has since mutated and become stronger.

Another problem is that most people quit their treatment too soon in the wrong belief that the fungus is dead as soon as their nails look good, causing a relapse sometime later and a new treatment again.

After several treatments, the nail fungus has already become more resilient to Vick’s cream, clotrimazole, tea tree oil, and whatever else.

Another problem is the chemical compounds in some of these treatments, which makes them more powerful and resilient by selecting only the strongest spores to survive, making future generations of nail fungus stronger and stronger.

Kerassentials breaks this vicious, self-fueling cycle by activating the natural immunity of nails and skin, helping them fight back against the infection. In some cases, customers report seeing visible results within two weeks.

This result has been accomplished by selecting and blending four crucial oils and nine vitamins and minerals that work holistically to provide a root-level, permanent solution.

Kerassentials reviews by customers indicate that this product is easy to use and does not cause side effects.

Kerassentials Ingredients List

kerassentials Ingredients

Kerassentials is a proprietary formula of four high-quality special oils and a mix of nine other oils and minerals. These 13 ingredients work holistically to remove every strain of fungus. Kerassentials attack the fungus in multiple ways through proven fungus killers that come from natural sources and boost the skin’s immunity.

These four powerful oils are more effective than regular tea tree oil and can be applied on the toenails with the applicator from the travel-sized bottle.

Most Kerassentials customer reviews from many consumers report having wasted money on other expensive but ineffective nail fungus treatments before finding success with Kerassentials.

Main Ingredients

1 – Clove Bud Oil – Research has found that clove oil helps treat infections and even fight cancer. This oil has been proven to kill off the spores of the fungus and ensures that the fungus cannot reproduce and mutate. In studies done by the Korean Society of Mycology and published in the journal of Microbiology, clove bud oil suppressed any fungus used, preventing fungus spores from growing.

Other nail fungus treatments do not have clove oil in the right concentration. Kerassentials provide a higher concentration of clove bud oil, helping eliminate fungus and preventing future infections by killing the spores.

It only takes a couple of fungus spores to restart the infection cycle, so the presence of clove oil in high amounts is mandatory for the effectiveness of Kerassentials. One customer reported that after using this remedy for a few weeks, his nail fungus had disappeared.

2 – Lavender Oil – Lavender oil promotes relaxation and treats anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, and eczema. This oil weakens and destroys the fungus by starving it. Lavender oil has been proven to destroy the fungus’ ability to eat up keratin in your nail. It starves the fungus and immediately improves the appearance of toenails and skin, forfeiting the need to wait months to see results. Lavender oil protects nail keratin, supports the nails and skin, and fights against nail fungus.

3 – Organic Flaxseed Oil – Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and supports reduced blood pressure. Flaxseed oil is used in skin treatments to boost the skin’s natural immunity. The oil strengthens the nail and skin’s natural immunity, and they become a hostile environment for any fungus. Organic flaxseed oil decreases inflammation, skin sensitivity, roughness, and scaling, helping nails and skin to recover after being devastated by fungi. In addition, it boosts the skin’s natural immunity.

4 – Manuka Tree Oil – Manuka tree oil rejuvenates the skin and nails and reduces blemishes. Manuka also offers cleansing and odor-neutralizing properties. Manuka tree oil is more powerful than tea tree oil and has been used by Maori people for a long time to fight nail fungus, athlete’s feet, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. Manuka oil contains high concentrations of powerful antifungals called triketones. Research has shown that this oil is effective in treating drug-resistant fungus.

Other antifungal treatments or oils don’t penetrate the deep layers of skin as deeply as Manuka can. Because of this ingredient, Kerassentials can penetrate below the surface where infections take hold and clear the fungus from the base of the nail, the nail matrix, which is where the nail forms, preventing the fungus from ever returning again.

To summarize, the clove bud oil destroys the spores and stops mutations, the lavender oil starvest and weakens the fungus, the Manuka oil, with its triketones, rebuilds the nail and skin, while the Flaxseed oil boosts the immunity of the skin and helps prevent the return of the fungus.

The Other Ingredients

5 – Undecylenic Acid – It destroys the cell membrane of the fungus, causing its death. According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical studies, this acid is more effective than tolnaftate, a popular drug against foot fungus. Undecylenic is a beneficial fatty acid that helps prevent fungus and protect the nails.

6 – Sweet Almond Oil – Almond oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants, which support the health of hair and skin, and may lower the risk of certain cancers. This oil moisturizes the skin and improves its appearance so the nails can grow back properly attached to the nail bed. Almond oil helps prevent fungus, protects against infections, and supports healthy nails.

7 – Camphor Oil – Camphor oil relieves pain, irritation, and itching when used topically. It is also used to relieve chest congestion and inflammatory conditions and has been proven to help get rid of nail fungus.

8 – Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is a traditional treatment to cure acne, athlete’s foot, lice, and nail fungus. While no longer as effective as in the past when used standalone, tea tree oil still contributes to a holistic approach to nail fungus treatment, enhancing the potency of the Kerassentials formula. Tea tree oil has strong antifungal properties, helps curb fungus growth, and is safe and effective.

9 – Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is applied to the skin to treat acne, itchy rashes on the skin or in the mouth, oral submucous fibrosis, burning mouth syndrome, and burns. This ingredient was added to counteract the unpleasant symptoms of nail fungus, such as swelling and itching. Aloe Vera is very soothing and removes the itchiness and swelling just a few minutes after the application, making it unnecessary to wait for weeks until the fungus is relieved. Aloe Vera soothes the skin, has strong antifungal properties, and moisturizes the skin.

10 – Menthol – Menthol has a cooling and pain-killing effect. Menthol has been used for centuries to cool down the skin and reduce inflammation and itchiness.

11 – Walnut Oil – Walnut oil is a potent antioxidant, more so than other nut oils. Antioxidants are essential in fighting toenail fungus because they shield the skin from further damage and boost the immunity of its cells.

12 – Chia Seed Oil – This oil is one of the richest sources of Omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, which helps restore the skin’s moisture barrier for conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis, strengthens skin and nails against fungus and immediately starts improving the appearance of the areas already affected by the fungus.

13 – Vitamin E – This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant needed for immune health and cellular signaling in your body. Vitamin E has moisturizing and healing properties that rejuvenate the skin and acts as a barrier against the fungus, making it harder to infect again. Vitamin E protects the skin and prevents skin aging.

All in all, Kerassentials is a specific blend of oils and vitamins rich in antioxidants capable of combating fungus and destroying it. Not only does it remove the fungus, but it also destroys the spores responsible for repeated infections, and many customers appear to be finding success with it.

The Advantages Of Kerassentials Ingredients – A Recap

  • Kerassentials is a potent combination of oils and skin-repairing vitamins that kills off nail fungus and prevents it from returning.
  • Unlike traditional remedies, the clove bud oil in this formula will ensure the fungus can’t multiply, killing off its spores, thus ensuring no new fungus will grow.
  • The lavender oil in the formula destroys the fungus’s ability to feed on the Keratin in the toenails.
  • The organic flaxseed oil encourages the nails to grow back, even after being destroyed by the fungus.
  • Kerassentials also boosts the skin’s immunity, making it more difficult for the fungus to grow.
  • Manuka oil attacks even the most resistant fungus at its base.
  • The undecylenic acid will make the fungus self-destruct by attacking its membrane.
  • The rest of the ingredients help the skin start rebuilding after the damage caused by the fungus.
  • Kerassentials is a complete formula that attacks the fungus in multiple ways and gives the skin the necessary tools to fight back.
  • Some Kerassentials customer reviews report great results within weeks, while others claim it takes up to three months permanently.

Kerassentials Main Benefits

Kerassentials Reviews

  • Kerassentials ingredients are non-GMO and processed in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the US.
  • This treatment was developed by a professional team with years of experience in fungal infections.
  • Kerassentials’ high-quality standards make it very safe and effective, with no side effects reported.
  • It helps stop, revert, and prevent present and future fungal infections on the toenails and skin because it tackles the root cause of fungal infections.
  • Many positive customer reviews are also a confirmation that Kerassentials works.
  • Kerassentials supports the healthy regrowth of toenails by repairing damaged nails, keratin, and skin.
  • Many Kerassentials reviews from customers state that it removes bad odors and yellow stains from the toenails.
  • It also eliminates oxidative stress, free radicals, and toxins, creating a protective barrier against future fungal infections.
  • It is a holistic treatment not just for toenails but also boosts the immune system and improves overall health. Most customers say that Kerassentials improved their general health while treating toenail fungus.
  • It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all deals, and US customers benefit from free shipping.

Kerassentials Reviews


  • Kerassentials is not available in stores or anywhere else.
  • This treatment is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • You should consult your doctor first if you are on medication.

Is Kerassentail Safe To Use?

Kerassentials is a natural formula based on non-GMO plant ingredients with no chemicals or stimulants. It is easy and safe to use, and many thousands of customer reviews report that using Kerassentials is safe and effective and does not cause adverse side effects. Most Kerassentials customers reported great results.

Kerassentails Usage

The manufacturer recommends keeping Kerassentials on your shower counter so as not to forget to apply it every day until all fungus has vanished. The company stresses the importance of applying Kerassential for a couple more weeks or months, even after the fungus has completely cleared to ensure no spores survive and can reinfect you.

The Applicator

Each Kerassentials bottle comes with a special applicator designed to penetrate the formula deep into the deepest layer of the skin.  This specially designed applicator ensures the oils and vitamins in the formula get to all the places they need to be without wasting the product or leaving your feet clammy.

How Long To Use Kerassentials?

Depending on the severity of the fungal infection, the new, fungus-free toenail takes a few months to grow again. The company recommends being patient. The recommended supply is three to six months, but while some customers using this product even saw visible results after just one week of usage, others reported seeing visible results within two weeks.

Overall, Kerassentials has extremely positive reviews across the web. People with fungal infections have reported growing their toenails back to their original healthy state within a few weeks.

Kerassentials Effectiveness: Is It Legit?

Kerassentials is backed by many consumer reviews across the internet. It is formulated by a professional team, supported by scientific references, and has already worked for many users –  The official website reports over 18,000 customer reviews.

Kerassentials is a legitimate product, as it is rife with customer reviews and testimonials who are enthusiastic about the effectiveness of this formula. It seems to be a tried, tested, genuine treatment for toenail fungus. So far, there have been no adverse reports on Kerassentials from the BBB.

Kerassentials Customer Reviews And Consumer Reports

Kerassentials is also backed by many customer reviews across the internet, and on the official website can find testimonials of customers excited about the excellent results of this formula.

People who have tried this treatment report how quickly their nails are healing and how easy it is to keep up with the treatment and to remember it as part of their daily routine.

All of them are satisfied with the newly-found healthy looks of their toenails when removing their shoes for the beach or swimming pool or switching to summer sandals. Not to mention not worrying about infecting others.

Here are a few samples:

Joanne“I never thought I’d get rid of this fungus. It is the most annoying medical problem I’ve ever faced. It was frustrating to see months of discipline and hard work go to waste when the fungus inevitably reappeared. This method from Dr. Langdon was the only one that finally got me out of this hopeless cycle of fungus treatments and relapses. For the first time in years, I went for a pedicure, and I cannot tell you the joy of finally seeing my toenails look colorful and healthy.”

Lindsey“For the first time in 5 years, I took out my open-toed pumps…the ones I always used to wear at the office, and went to dinner with my husband. You’d think that getting rid of foot fungus is no big deal, but I can tell you Dr. Langdon’s method has made me feel more confident and beautiful than ever.”

Mark“I didn’t care about my fungus until my girlfriend Danielle got it from me. Honestly, I thought she would kick me to the curb because of it. I was so impressed that an impulse buy managed to get us both clean and clear toenails for the first time in years. I am so grateful to Dr. Langdon for creating this easy-to-use solution.”

Many people report excellent results against even the most stubborn and recurring toenail fungus while simultaneously boosting the skin’s immunity and helping the body start the healing process and fight back against the infection.

Everyone who tried it had excellent results and reported feeling more confident, in control of their bodies again, and no longer afraid of other people judging them.

Everyone praises how easy it is to use Kerassentials, how little time it takes and how quickly they see their toenails look healed and healthy.

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Manufacturing Standards

Kerassentials is made in the USA, supporting local producers and manufacturers at an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility under the most sterile and rigorous standards. The company checks that every batch of Kerassentials has the exact right amounts of each active ingredient.

This is because too concentrated of oil has a high risk of causing irritation, and too low of a dose will only strengthen the power of the fungus. A dedicated team controls the precise measurement of the oils in the formula.

Kerassentials is produced on a small scale to retain the quality of the product, which is why is not sold on Amazon or any other website. When mass-produced, many of the oils and ingredients are destroyed because it becomes impossible to maintain quality control.

The Kerassentials website is the only place customers can get this complex antifungal formula that will eliminate even the most stubborn fungus that has defeated all the traditional treatments, other oils, creams, and soaks.

Kerassentials Reviews

Where To Buy Kerassentials

You cannot find Kerassentials on Amazon, Walmart, or anywhere else. The company sells the formula only on its official website directly to customers.

Beware of sites and listings purporting the sale of Kerassentials other than on the official website: customers who purchase from these sources may get a counterfeit or a similar, lower-quality product.

By selling directly to customers, Kerassentials offers its customers a few benefits, including the lowest possible price and discounts. Moreover, customers are guaranteed the best customer service and legitimate refund policies because they purchased a genuine product from the original manufacturer.

Keraessentials Price Shipping


Kerassentials offers three price-discounted deals to its customers.

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply): $69 + US Free shipping
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply): $177 ($59 per bottle) + US Free shipping
  • 6 bottles (180-day supply): $294 ($49 per bottle) + US Free shipping

These packages are one-time payments, there are no rebills or monthly charges. Kerassentials takes the customers to a 100% secure checkout page and sends an email confirmation and information on tracking and support.


Shipping is free within the US. For Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the shipping fee is $15.95.

Delivery times are 5 to 7 working days for the US and 10 to 15 days for the other destinations.

Guarantee And Refund Policy

The manufacturer of Kerassentials provides a full 60-day money-back guarantee for its customers, making it a risk-free investment. Customers seeking a refund on the official website must contact the company’s customer service team and ask for a refund.

The company provides full email and phone contact details: just type “Refund Request” in the subject line of your email and send all the bottles back to the address provided.

Kerassentials Reviews

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Kerassentials Verdict – Is This Breakthrough Fungus Treatment Legit?

Kerassentials Reviews

Kerassentials is a complex solution that attacks the fungus in multiple ways simultaneously so that it can no longer get the better of fungal infection sufferers. Whether the users complain of foot fungus, athlete’s feet, ringworm, or jock itch, they see excellent results.

This treatment works at the root level, fighting toenail fungus resistance and preventing the spread of its spores. Over the decades, regular tea tree oil and traditional remedies have become less effective because of the strengthening of nail fungus, as bacteria have to antibiotics.

The holistic formula of Kerassentials comprises 4 special oils and 9 vitamins, minerals, and other oils that work synergistically to produce an augmented effect.

This potent combination of oils and skin-repairing vitamins must be applied daily after the shower to kill the fungus. The clove bud oil in this formula will make sure the fungus can’t multiply, killing off its spores; the lavender oil destroys the fungus’s ability to feed on the Keratin, the flaxseed promotes healthy nail growth, and the Manuka oil attacks even the most resistant fungus.

Kerassentials is a complete formula that attacks toenail fungus with a varied approach that delivers unmatched results. Kerassentials has scores of positive reviews from users and many Kerassentials customer reviews state that Kerassentials is highly effective.

This new treatment does not require half an hour a day to soak your feet. The whole process can be done in a few minutes a day after the shower or quick foot soak, thanks to the formula’s potency and its special applicator.

Given the formula’s effectiveness, manufacturing quality, and positive customer Kerassential reviews, this antifungal treatment is the perfect product to kill toenail fungus, break antifungal resistance, and restore healthy nails and skin.

Kerassentials Reviews

Kerassentials FAQs

Is Kerassentials Legitimate?

According to the many Kerassentials Customer Reviews, this fungal treatment seems to work for many consumers. Kerassentials is legitimate because it works thanks to its high-quality ingredients and proprietary formula.

Does It Help With Toenail Fungus?

Kerassentials is a revolutionary treatment for skin and nail health. Its special oils fight fungus resistance and support healthy nails and skin. Kerassentials’ real customer reviews show that it makes the nails stronger and healthier.

Does Kerassentials Give Side Effects?

Kerassentials is safe to use. Many customer reviews report that using Kerassentials does not cause side effects. Most Kerassentials customers reported great results without any issues.

How Do I Take Kerassentials?

You take Kerassentials four times daily after the shower or a quick foot soak. The process lasts a few minutes, not a full half-hour soak, thanks to the formula’s effectiveness and the special applicator.

How Long Do I Take It For?

The six-bottle package is the most popular option because it guarantees long-lasting results, and you do not run out of Kerassentials during the course of your treatment. It is also the cheapest per bottle cost.

When Do I See Results?

Some customers start seeing visible results after just one week of usage, others within two weeks. Most Kerassentials reviews from customers report a few weeks time frame before they start seeing results.

Where Is It Made?

Kerassentials is made in the US. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that follows GMP guidelines under the strictest rules and in a sterile environment.

What Is The Refund Policy Of Kerassentials?

Kerassentials offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to its customers for all discounted packages. Shipping is free within the US.

Kerassentials Reviews

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