Anabolic Running Review – Is Joe LoGalbo’s Plan Worth Your Money?

Anabolic Running is a simple and effective blueprint based on a High-Intensity Interval Training method with a spin. Find out more in my full review.

Joe LoGalbos’s Anabolic Running is one of those plans that offer practicality and convenience coupled with good value. It is a program designed to restore natural testosterone levels the ancestors’ way, thus eliciting fat loss and, to a lesser extent, lean muscle growth.

Anabolic Running is currently sold at a discounted price of $15 on the official website, it’s one of the best value and minimalist programs you can find online if you seek to improve your fitness.

This plan is the epitome of simplicity in that it can be done totally equipment-free with just a couple of workouts a week.

It also offers manuals, video tutorials, and several bonuses focusing on strength, testosterone, and fat loss, plus a handy booklet for indoor training during bad weather.

Continue below to read my review of Anabolic Running to find out how this program works and what it is all about.

Who Is It For?

Anabolic Running is for men who are dissatisfied with their general fitness levels and need to eliminate extra unwanted fat while keeping lean muscle mass but find it next to impossible to achieve these goals.

Anabolic Running Review

It is not a pure muscle-building program, though muscle is a pleasant bypass product of it.  Rather, it is a time-saving blueprint designed to boost metabolism and natural testosterone production without any equipment.

As such, it may be suitable for those with a desire to eliminate high body fat levels and bring back to level their general masculinity with a more shredded look and high energy levels but without resorting to equipment and costly trappings.

It may be interesting for those who seek to get a good all-around fitness level with low body fat and moderate lean muscle without the drudgery of endless workouts or boring, slow-paced cardio.

Guys with limited time, no gym access, or those who like to keep it straight and simple may find this program attractive.

By default, Anabolic Running also happens to be a flexible program that can be used stand-alone, in conjunction with your present workout plan, or as a better alternative to long and ineffective cardio, as it is so minimalist that it hardly takes any time at all to implement.

Consumer Advice On Anabolic Running Price

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The so-called special links/coupons websites simply link you back to the regular official website, where the program is already sold discounted @ $15, regardless of where you come from.

Don’t fall for such a misleading ruse and waste your time going around in loops. You can get your discounted Anabolic Running program for $15 simply by going directly to the official website

Anabolic Running

What Is Anabolic Running All About?

Anabolic Running is basically a re-designed interpretation of High-Intensity Interval Training. It has its own workout layout covering sprinting and resting for just 8 minutes, 2 days per week.

Some of these sessions can be draining though, the most advanced routines are real killers, having you sprint for up to 45 seconds all-out, which may be unrealistic and subject to customization for some guys.

These drills leave no room for errors as relevant tutorial videos for better grasping accompany them.

The idea for short bursts of sprinting as a valid workout for fat loss and high testosterone levels came to Joe LoGalbo by the simple observation of our ancestors’ levels of fitness and lifestyle.

Their strength, stamina, lean muscle, and low body fat, he reasons, were not the result of slow-paced cardio in the savanna but of vital all-out sprints to elude predators or hunt down the game, followed by rest.

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These short bursts of efforts had the domino effect of taking their bodies into the lactate threshold, defined as intensity at which “the concentration of lactate in your bloodstream increases exponentially, which happens at 85% of maximum heart rate or 75% of maximum oxygen intake”.

In truth, it also has probably a lot to do with diet and lack of processed food, but that does not change the idea and the validity of such “workouts.”

In other words, a man’s physique is hard-wired to respond to short bursts of high energy output followed by rest and not to continuous, light activity.

Fair enough, the validity of HIIT has been studied and proved before. It is a very beneficial training style for those who want an effective and time-saving way to get results while naturally increasing testosterone, as seen in this study here.

Anabolic Running Growth Hormone Chart

How Long For Anabolic Running To Work?

Just like for any workout program, regardless of the method, how long it will take for you to start noticing a marked improvement very much depends on your starting fitness level point.

The more extra fat you carry on your frame, the longer you will need to stick to the plan before you get down to healthy body fat levels.

However, Anabolic Running is not just about weight loss and looking good. This program pivots on fitness and hormonal health, particularly cardiovascular fitness and testosterone, and weight loss as a pleasant bypass product of this approach.

Even though you may have considerable weight to lose, the stamina, testosterone, and energy aspects of this workout program should start producing results before reaching your ideal body weight.

If you stick to the plan, you may start feeling better, more energetic, and alert in as little as 3 weeks or less.

You should also start seeing your waistline already shrinking though you may need to carry on for longer as required, depending on how much fat you need to lose.

I also think that you should use your common sense and seek advice from your doctor if you think you are unfit and/or very overweight, simply because these workouts are as physically demanding as they are short, as all High-Intensity Interval Training protocols are.

A young, healthy male should not have a problem following this program, but if you are more “mature” or have been living a sedentary lifestyle for a while, ask for professional advice and/or stick to the light beginners’ workout for as long as it takes before committing to the more advanced routines.

If all you have done for years is sitting on a chair all day at work in front of a computer, you should self-assess yourself first or ask someone qualified to do it for you because this program entails running at almost full capacity repeatedly.

It’s not a walk in the park.

Please take this review for informational purposes only and not as medical advice (see disclaimer).

Anabolic Running Results

Anabolic Running Testimonials

This program has not been around a long time, but it has already accrued a few satisfied testimonials. It needs time to establish itself, but so far, those customers using it were happy to allow their before and after pictures to showcase their results achieved.

Considering that the program is based on sound HIIT ideas, it is likely that more positive testimonials will add up with time.

Anabolic Running Testimonials

Anabolic Running Components

Anabolic Running is entirely digital and can be accessed only through Joe LoGalbo’s official website. It consists of one main PDF manual, a tutorial video library, plus 4 bonuses. The components are instantly accessible online on your phone or PC.

After payment, you are presented with an introduction video by Joe LoGalbo and access the download links.

Anabolic Running Components

Here is a breakdown of the components:

Anabolic Running 2.0

Anabolic Running Manual The main 31-page manual is the program’s foundation with information on the correct way to implement High-Intensity Interval Training and avoid cortisol rebounds.

The manual gives you an insight into hormonal balance, anabolism, metabolism, testosterone, cortisol, and general workout principles to stick to.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • The benefits of anabolic running as opposed to steady-state cardio.
  • The disadvantages of slow cardio.
  • Beginner, intermediate and expert workouts.
  • Anabolic hacks and breathing techniques.

The topics layout is as follows:

  • Catabolic Cardio
  • Side Effects
  • Forms Of Catabolic Cardio
  • Catabolic Exercises
  • Anabolic Running
  • History Of Anabolic Running
  • Nasal Breathing Techniques
  • Interval Training
  • Anabolic Running Benefits
  • How To Use Anabolic Running
  • Beginner Anabolic Running Workout
  • Intermediate Anabolic Running Workout
  • Expert Anabolic Running Workout
  • Anabolic Intensifiers
  • Anabolic Running For Endurance Athletes
  • Anabolic Running For Strength Training
  • 24-hour Anabolic Boost
  • Anabolic Hacks

The main manual goes hand in hand with the Anabolic Workout Manual and Anabolic Running Video Library, where Joe demonstrates all the exercises. This is particularly welcome, considering the low price of the program. There are a total of 14 tutorial videos.

Anabolic Running Videos

Bonus 1 – Shock And Awe Strength Program

Again, this bonus comes with complimentary Shock And Awe Strength Video Demos. This is the muscle-building part of the program. While the main workouts focus on fat loss and testosterone production, this manual specifically addresses muscle building.

It does so with 6-minute bodyweight sequences, and no equipment is needed as you would expect from such a program. Some of these movements are pure calisthenics, like dips, pullups, flags, and so on. These are widely considered the best way to build functional muscle power with low body fat and excellent bodyweight to strength ratio.

You can do these routines anywhere, no gym required, except maybe just a bar or parallel bars in a park.

Anabolic Running Shock And Awe Strength

Bonus 2 – Testosterone Hacker Handbook

This is a sort of insider knowledge of the workings of testosterone. It provides you with 41 pages on tricks and hacks to implement a natural surge of testosterone without resorting to artificial and dangerous solutions.

It’s a useful source of information if you need to increase your energy, stamina, and sex drive naturally, without resorting to artificial means.

Testosterone Hacker Anabolic Running

Bonus 3 – Indoor Anabolic Running

Last but not least, this pamphlet is handy if you live in a cold or rainy climate, as it gives you viable options for working out outdoor.

It contains information on how to mimic the same HIIT routines of outdoor for an indoor environment, with just sequences of bodyweight moves and how to adapt the anabolic principles to gym cardio equipment.

Indoor Anabolic Running

Bonus 4 – 17 Food To Boost Libido

Finally, there is also a nutritional part of the program. It is not a full-blown nutrition guide, as the plan implies that you already know how to eat healthily.

Rather, it is a narrow-focused food list to add to your arsenal of newly found masculinity and performance, not just running and working out, but in bed too. These are 17 unusual foods that allegedly improve sex drive with age-fighting nutrients.

With this in mind, a generally healthy diet and an effective workout schedule will do the trick, so take this bonus advice with a pinch of salt.

Anabolic Running Program

To Find Out More Go To, Where the Anabolic Running Program Is Currently Sold Discounted @ $15

Who Is Joe LoGalbo?

Joe LoGalbo

Joe LoGalbo is a relatively underground guy who has been quietly building a following with his ideas of simple, effective, and time-saving workouts.

Formally, he is an AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. 

Before being a trainer, LoGalbo used to be a marathon runner. As the story goes, while preparing for a competition, he experienced a drop in performance, an increase in body fat, and a drop in sex drive, which caused him a few problems with his newly-wed wife.

This was the turning point in his approach to training, which saw him doing a lot of research to complement his qualifications and address the problem effectively.

The net result was a switch from slow cardio to HIIT, which he then tweaked to make it more “ancestors’ like,” a return to hunting drills for the modern age man, the routines of Anabolic Running.

Joe LoGalbo has an established presence online with accounts on Facebook and  Twitter. You can find him everywhere.

Anabolic Running Pros And Cons


  • A minimalist workout program that you can do with little or no impact on your current commitments.
  • You don’t need to buy any equipment or go to a gym. Get outdoor or even do the alternative calisthenics drills if it’s rainy outside.
  • Effective training method based on HIIT. The short bursts of energy alternated with rest periods are a scientifically proven method for naturally increasing testosterone, burning fat, and promote lean muscle mass.
  • Very time-efficient program. The workouts last just 6 to 8 minutes, and you are left with no excuses for not working out and do something about your current fitness level.
  • Impressive value for money. Anabolic Running is just 15 bucks, hard to believe given the abundance of materials. Just the video library alone would be enough to justify double or triple the price in other equivalent programs.
  • Anabolic Running offers workout intensities for all entry points, from beginner to advanced.
  • If the low price wasn’t good enough, this program also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • While you can watch the tutorial videos through the links on your smartphone or other devices, you cannot download them, so you always have to rely on the internet connection for viewing.
  • There’s too much emphasis on the benefits this program has on male libido. While it is expected for a male to have his sex drive improved as a bypass product of increased testosterone and fitness levels, it is not what a workout program should be expected of. You almost get the impression that this is the primary motivation behind the whole program, whereas, in fact, it should be fitness and health.

Closing Thoughts

This is a program that has a lot to offer for the investment. Anabolic Running includes video tutorials for a price for which most plans would give you just manuals.

It is a simple and effective blueprint based on a High-Intensity Interval Training method implemented through sprinting. The most advanced routines could be a little too hard for most, but nothing stops you from customizing them to your own fitness levels.

It is ideal for those with limited time and a dislike for gyms and gear, as it is completely equipment-free and can be followed even while traveling.

This program focuses on restoring testosterone levels naturally, thus inducing fat loss, improved energy levels, and lean muscle gains. Make no mistake though, it is not a bodybuilding blueprint, though it also includes a strength bodyweight section.

If your goal is to improve your fitness levels and reduce body fat without gear in the shortest time with time-saving workouts and an accessible price, Anabolic Running may be a good candidate.

Anabolic Running

Anabolic Running FAQs

Does Anabolic Running Work?

Anabolic Running does work, providing that you are disciplined enough to stick to the minimalist program.

What Does Anabolic Running Mean?

It means that the program’s workouts revolve around a kind of HIIT implemented through sprinting, which will naturally increase your metabolism rate, testosterone levels, and fat-burning capabilities. You will significantly improve your hormone profile.

Who Can Benefit From Anabolic Running?

This program is targeted mainly at men. It is intended to boost natural testosterone levels, improve fitness levels, promote fat loss and lean muscle mass, and raise libido.

What Is The Price Of Anabolic Running?

Right now, Anabolic Running is sold discounted @ $15 on Joe LoGalbo official website

Is Anabolic Running Safe To Implement?

This program is strongly based on High-Intensity Interval Training through short but very intense sprinting bouts alternated with rest. This kind of training is effective but demanding, and the program provides different workout levels from beginner to advanced. However, since it’s so demanding, you may want to consult your doctor first if you are substantially overweight, unfit, or of advancing age.

Does It Have A Guarantee?

Yes, Anabolic Running comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Anabolic Running

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