Bikini Body Workouts Review – Fad Or Genuine Article?

bikini body workoutsThis complete review of Bikini Body Workouts will analyze Jen Ferruggia’s program for women. It is not to be confused with similar “bikini body” plans.

It was designed by a real, legitimate fitness expert woman with real-life results to show for and higher education in the field (more on this below).

Bikini Body Workouts is more like a lifestyle kind of program designed by a woman specifically for women of any age in order to get permanent, lifetime results.

It is not a fad program for quick or temporary results but a genuine plan structured in a way that requires some discipline and commitment but it is also flexible, robotic, or boring to implement.

It is minimalist enough and you need only 3 hours a week commitment, even at home, not necessarily at a gym. This means you can easily slot it into your regular working, family, and social commitments.

Who Is Bikini Body Workouts For?

Bikini Body Workouts is suitable for all fitness levels. Do not let Jen Ferruggia’s physique fool you into believing that this is an advanced program suitable only for experienced female athletes like her.

While her achievements may not be typical but for some very dedicated women, the workout and nutritional plans are very feasible for ladies from all walks of life, there is even a dedicated section for absolute beginners.

A 3 hours week commitment is really a very time efficient plan structure that makes it easy even for moms with kids to play around with. It does not get more minimalist and simpler than this.

The plan has already been around long enough to accrue a vast database of satisfied testimonials with eloquent before and after pictures that speak for themselves: see it here.

The flexibility of use is not complete without the ease of delivery. The program comes in digital form, meaning that you can easily access it upon purchase with an immediate download.

You can carry it with you anywhere on your mobile device, android, ios, smartphone, and tablet, or view it on a desktop. You can access the information in the gym or while on vacation, for example, and you can watch the workout demonstration video library right on your phone before doing it. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Bikini Body Workouts Results

What Is Bikini Body Workouts All About?

The Bikini Body Workouts plan by Jen Ferruggia is intended to offer a long term solution to achieve and maintain a fit, feminine, and sexy body that would look great on any beach setting.

This bikini plan is better designed than similar sounding programs revolving around the bikini-body idea, both in terms of author’s knowledge, author’s personal results, as well as real-life testimonials, and affordability.

While the plan is focused on your physique as a whole, there is also a specific section dedicated to glutes, the “Booty Blast” (more on this below).

The program is written with clear and concise instructions, easy to go through, and simple in its layout.

Bikini Body Workouts results

The Workouts Training Schedule

Bikini Body Workouts is designed on a 8 to 12 weeks time frame depending on fitness levels, with workouts performed up to 5 days a week, each lasting no longer than 45 minutes, or about 3 hours per week in total.

The workout plan is very flexible to give full options to busy women, no need to join a gym unless you want to. There is a specific home workout guide for those who cannot or do not like working out in a public gym.

And, there is another guide specifically for gym workouts. So whether you workout at home or at a gym you can achieve your goals with regular gym machines or free weights, home gyms or minimal equipment.

The program is divided into 2 levels: the standard 8-week Level 1 and the optional 4-week Level 2, depending on your fitness level.

Level 1 Schedule

The standard program lasts 8 weeks with the workouts arranged in an alternating pattern throughout the week. Some workouts feature a nice blend of warm-up, followed by strength resistance training, then core and HIIT cardio. These are the toughest workouts, which are then followed by a day of low-intensity cardio.

The Warm-Ups

These are 10-minute warm-ups designed with a combination of foam rolling for tenderizing your muscles followed by more energetic exercises like stretches, burpees, or jumping jacks.

The whole point of these warm-ups is to get you ready for the strength exercises ahead. Warm-ups are often skipped by most trainees but Jen Ferruggia makes it a priority in her blueprint to help you avoid unnecessary injuries and set backs down the line.

Resistance Training

This is the core of the Bikini Body Workouts and the hardest part. It consists of 20-minute circuit training routines to be done 3 times per week (with a 4th day optional) based on the principle of progressive overload, whereas you add more and more resistance over time as you gain strength.

This is the basis of any weight training progression for both women and men, as it forces your body to break through adaptation and get stronger.

As you do so, your body goes through a recomposition process whereas you tone or even build lean muscle while reducing body fat due to an increase in metabolic rate.

Specifically, the exercises are rotated every other week to prevent adaptation from setting in, 4 different exercises for the even weeks followed by 4 different exercises for the odd weeks, for a total of 8 weeks.

Each circuit of 4 exercises is repeated 3 times each session with 45/60 seconds rest between exercises and two minutes between circuits. Circuit training is very effective for boosting strength while building stamina, enhancing cardiovascular performance, and boosting metabolism, a win-win situation for fat loss and lean and moderate muscle gains.

The exercises are alternated in the lower and upper body or antagonistic groups to give your muscles a chance to rest while other muscle groups take over.

Abs And Obliques Drills

Finally, the resistance training part is capped by a 5-minute core circuit that targets your abs, obliques and lower back, as the core acts as the pivot of the forces going through your upper and lower body.

Exercises of choice are isometric holds like the plank or the side plank, useful to help you stabilize your body in any movement and prevent back pain or back injuries.

High-Intensity Interval Training

After the resistance training, the Bikini Body Workouts schedules a 20-minute HIIT on a spin-bike. This implies access to a gym unless you have one bike at home, but you can apply the same HIIT principles with sprinting too.

High-Intensity Interval Training is an effective method to ramp up metabolism and fat loss and more time-efficient than slow, steady cardio but also more demanding, especially at the end of a workout.

Overall, the workouts in Bikini Body Workouts are simple to follow but not easy. They are actually quite demanding and you have to be committed and disciplined to go through the 8-week blueprint, as you would expect from a program that is also meant to be a solution to a better body for the long term.

Slow Steady Cardio 2 Times Per Week

On the 2 days when you are not doing circuit training and HIIT, you simply go walking or biking and take it easy. It is more like a recovery strategy that allows you to rest your muscles and get rid of excess cortisol from the demanding workout of the day before while keeping you active nonetheless.

Bikini Body Workouts review

Level 2 Schedule

Jen Ferruggia offers an extra $19.99 optional add-on to the standard 8-week schedule to bring the total weeks to 12.  It is similar to the standard one but more challenging, as it includes more exercises and variations.

The Bikini Body Workouts circuit training routines are split into push/pull movements, for example performing a lats pull-down after a bench dumbbell press and so on.

For many women, this extra extension may be unnecessary because the standard program is already challenging as it is as it offers a solid blueprint that can be repeated up to full potential.

The Bikini Body Workouts Level 2 is more indicated for women who already have a solid training history rather than just the 8-week standard program under their belt. You can always get it later some time down the line if and when your fitness levels are up to the challenge.

Any Equipment Needed?

Jen Ferruggia’s plan is quite flexible in that it can at a gym or at home with basic equipment, but it is not completely gear-free. At ht every list you need some standard home equipment like dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells or a barbell with plates, an adjustable bench, and a foam roller.

The guide includes a dedicated Home Gym Workout manual exactly for this circumstance. However, the more varied and suitable for your equipment, the better your workouts, as you can easily apply the principle of progressive overload.

Realistically, the circuit training routines require quick switches from one piece of equipment to another which means that a gym environment or a fully equipped home gym is the best tool for implementing Bikini Body Workouts.

With basic equipment, you can still get good results, but you’ll end up somewhat limited. For this program, full gear will lead to full potential.

Bikini Body Workouts routines

The Nutrition Guide

Not surprisingly, the foundation of Jen’s diet plan is a moderate calorie deficit for losing fat, meaning eating a bit less than your body needs up to maintenance level.

This is a simple nutritional manual that leaves no room for cheat days but focuses on the recommended macro-nutrients to be matched to different workouts.

In other words, you have to rotate carbs, proteins, and fats depending on your workout schedule of the day to feed your body in the most appropriate way for the specific training of the day.

The diet manual offers a list of recommended foods to choose from that you can use for all your recipes while warning you against other foods such as sugars, wheat, and dairy products.

There are no complicated rules for meal planning, just 3 main meals per day with no snacks in between. That’s it, simple but that’s all you need.

The Supplements Guide

Supplements are not mandatory and never should be for any program. However, since the market is huge and many people are tempted to make use of supplements Jen provides a manual with lists of which supplements are worth your money and which ones are a waste.

She does point to a few brands, but again this is optional and not something you should feel compelled to.

Bikini Body Workouts review
Bikini Body Workouts review

About Jen Ferruggia

jen ferruggiaJen Ferruggia is a former softball player with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Movement.

While studying at college gave Jen the required knowledge, it also gave her party opportunities and the ability to grow 15 lb over her ideal body weight, the dreaded freshman 15.

This temporary setback spurred her to resolve to get back in shape as soon as possible, and permanently.

College life was the reason she realized it was generally a poor lifestyle the main culprit for weight gain and being unfit, with workouts and nutrition as the foundations to obtain a healthy lifestyle and a permanent fit body.

No surprise so far, exercise and nutrition are the keys to optimal results. Jen Ferruggia makes it clear right from the start, implying that you need a minimum of discipline to make it work. Without it, you can only hope for temporary results at best, followed by rebounds.

This is why she emphasizes the lifestyle aspect of the plan because that is what it is. It is your mindset and approach to life that has to change, results will come along as a bypass product.

In the years following her graduation she perfected her knowledge on the real-life field, both for herself and her clients, the outcome of which is the blueprint contained in the “Bikini Body Workouts“. As the name suggests, workouts are the pillar foundations of the program, but meal planning and lifestyle are just as important. Overall, it is a genuine tried and tested program designed to work, not a fad.

However, the program is not too strict or a drudge to follow along, quite the opposite, it is set up in a fun way, even allowing for some of your favorite foods.

Jen Ferruggia

What About Testimonials?

Jen Ferrugia’s plan has been around for years now and it has had the time to accrue a vast range of satisfied customers from all walks of life. All testimonials showcased are genuine and not taken from stock pictures, a result that is difficult to fake.

The sound progressive overload ideas and nutritional guidelines have delivered results over and over again, simply because they work.

However, this is a program that implies discipline and commitment, and a change in lifestyle. It is an 8 to 12-week plan that can be extended as needed, and not a quick-fix before your beach holiday.

The ladies showcasing their results have been disciplined and consistent with their efforts and may not show typical results. Those not prepared to stick to the workouts and dietary changes over time are unlikely to reap the same benefits.

Bikini Body Workouts Results

Bikini Body Workouts Components

The plan is made up of several sections in digital format, manual or videos, which you can access through a download link upon purchase and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Here are the components:

  • Online Exercise Videos – we think that this part is almost worth the whole plan, as Jen Ferruggia herself showcases how to actually perform the exercises in order to leave no room for error or injury. Videos speak more than thousands of words.
  • Workout Gym Guide – a manual detailing all the exercises to be performed at a regular, commercial gym with all the usual gym equipment, presses, benches, lat pull-downs, barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, and all the usual gear. To be used in conjunction with the videos.
  • Workout Home Guide – a variation of the former with exercises possible to implement with a home gym or basic home equipment like dumbbells.
  • 21 Day Booty Blast – a bonus section specifically for your booty. The regular workouts and nutritional plan are already enough for a nice physique, this manual is an extra tool to take special care of your glutes should you want to.
  • Diet Guide – a simple to follow meal plan without messy calorie counting, giving instructions on how to easily find out what to eat and when keeping your body weight in check.
  • Shopping List – this section is very useful to solve all the practical problems associated with following a diet plan, like what ingredients to buy, how many, how much to stock up in order to make your grocery trips efficient and money-saving.
  • Supplement List – The author gives you recommendations about which supplements work and are worth your money and which aren’t. Useful if you do not want to waste money on ineffective supplements.

bikini body workouts review

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Bikini Body Workouts Pros And Cons


  • Solid program by a recognized author with results to show for and expertise.
  • Well laid out and organized plan with easy instructions and photos and workouts.
  • An effective program, providing that you stick to the plan and are disciplined.
  • Flexible enough to suit different fitness levels.
  • Digital program instantly available upon purchase, no need to wait for deliveries.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • It may be suitable for beginners and intermediates but less so for advanced trainees.
  • Bikini Body Workouts is based on resistance training and you need to get hold of equipment at home or even join a gym.
  • As for any respectable program, you need to be consistent, or else results will falter. This may be not a negative in itself but if you are not disciplined the program won’t work.

Is Bikini Body Workouts Worth Your Money?

The Bikini Body Workouts is not a fad but a genuine program designed by a woman for women only. Jen Ferruggia is a Science In Exercise Movement expert and athlete who has devised this program based on her knowledge and practical experience in fitness, workouts, and nutrition.

The program is structured as a lifestyle blueprint with the goal to achieve permanent results, namely a lean, healthy, feminine, and sexy physique. The plan has the back up of the author’s personal results and many clients’ testimonials accrued over time.

It is also a flexible plan that can be done at home with basic equipment, but it requires discipline in both the workout schedule and the nutrition planning, and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are prepared to stick to it for 8 weeks, then it’s a safe bet.

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