Full Body Licious Workout Review – Unbiased Investigation Of The Plan

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  • Easy To understand and clearly explained. This is a quality program that leaves all the fluff out and tells you what really counts.
  • Created by a woman for women. This is an important point, as Flavia Del Monte knows what works and what does not for the ladies since she has been in the same shoes before. This is not a program “extracted” from a man program that also works so and so for the ladies. It is specifically designed for women.
  • Well presented videos to complement the pdf manual. The videos are high quality and leave nothing to chance, should some exercises require extra attention.
  • Effective for beginners and advanced. The workouts are challenging and scheduled from beginners to advanced depending on your level of fitness.
  • Flexible, it can be implemented at the gym or at home with basic equipment like dumbbells, body weight or resistance bands.
  • Easy nutritional guidelines: solid and simple to follow instructions on what to eat without going overboard with calorie counting and meal schedules.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Some movements are quite difficult and require practice to get them right.
  • Split routine program requiring 5 sessions a week lasting up to 60 minutes each, the program is effective but not “minimalist”, it requires some time at hand.

Full Body Licious Workout is a flexible fitness program for women that can be done either at home or at a gym.

It was designed by Flavia Del Monte, a top fitness expert, specifically for women. The blueprint offers a range of workouts suitable for the most diverse personal circumstances and equipment, plus easy to follow nutritional guidelines.

This review will reveal what this program is all about, the pros and cons.

Full Body Licious Workouts

What Is Full Body Licious Workout?

According to Flavia, the key to a top female physique is simply the ratio between the body fat and the muscle mass composition. Reduce fat and replaced it with a suitable amount of muscle and you’ll have a transformed physique.

The way to do this is by performing workout sessions targeting each major muscle group without neglecting the rest of the body.

The Full Body Licious Workouts can be done at the gym or at home with basic equipment as illustrated in the home version part of the program.

Even though the workouts are relatively simple, they are not easy because they require commitments and effort. Flavia Del Monte’s approach to fitness can be summed up with her mantra: You don’t get a body like mine training like a girl!”

Full Body Licious is the same program that helped Flavia Del Monte reduce her body fat from 18% to 13.4% in less than 10 weeks to get ready for the pictures shown on her website.

Expected results are around 1% to 2% body fat loss each week for about 3 to 4 months before the workouts need to be restructured to prevent adaptation and plateauing.

The Full Body Licious training is designed to trigger metabolism into overdrive, burning fat up to 48 hours after a workout, therefore reducing the fat ratio and improving definition.

The net result is a transformed physique with a better body composition ratio.

Full Body Licious Workouts

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Full Body Licious Exercises

Full Body Licious Workouts Reviewed

Full Body Licious is designed to achieve a low fat, high definition athletic physique. The focus is on targeting one major muscle group at each session without forgetting to challenge the rest of the body.

This is so in order to avoid stagnation and to keep the body constantly challenged so as to keep metabolism high and burn fat.

Each session is centered around a single muscle group targeted with heavy exercises but also with a series of different complementary movements to keep the whole body active and the metabolic rate high.

The workouts are performed in a 5 day a week split routine fashion as demonstrated by the online videos that come with the program in addition to the PDF manual.

Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Tight And Trim Thighs workout day.
  • Show Off Stomach workout day.
  • Booty Booster workout day.
  • Sleek And Shapely Shoulders workout day.
  • Beautiful Backside workout day.

Full Body Licious Workouts

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Full Body Licious Home Workout

Full Body Licious Workouts Flexibility

The beauty of this approach is that you can focus on each body part and drill it properly during its allocated session but also keep the rest of the body going, so it is a bit like full body workouts but of course with just one muscle group trained to failure in order to avoid over training.

The workouts can be done at the gym or at home and are beginner friendly because they can be implemented even with your own body weight or resistance bands.

This flexible approach, together with the nutritional guidelines illustrated in the program, has worked very well for Flavia and her clients.

Full Body Licious is not totally against supplements, some are ok to use, but they are  absolutely optional in a totally natural program. However, most are deemed a waste of money.

More importantly, Full Body Licious comes with easy to follow nutritional guidelines on all the major macro nutrients for a balanced, healthy diet, the ideal for any woman who likes to challenge her body through hard workout sessions.

Full Body Licious Workouts

Who Is Flavia Del Monte?

full body licious workoutFlavia Del Monte is a certified fitness trainer, nurse and nutritionist who also happens to be wife of Vince Del Monte, a highly regarded fitness expert, natural bodybuilder and model already well known for his own No Nonsense Muscle Building Program for men.

She also authored her other program Curvalicious Workout, as reviewed here.

Flavia herself has years of experience in training and nutrition as testified by her own and her clients’ achievements until she felt the need to create a fitness, nutrition and workout program specifically designed for women.

With years of experience in the gym she has come across all sorts of myths and misconceptions among women who try to achieve an athletic, sexy physique but consistently make mistakes in order to do so.

Full Body Licious PDF And Videos

Full Body Licious Workout is an instantly available quality program coming in PDF  format plus a set on online instructional videos showcasing Flavia DelMonte working out and explaining exactly how to perform the exercises.

The workouts are also explained in words and pictures in the main PDF manual, but the videos are a welcome extra tool for understanding and replicating all the exercises accurately.

There is also an array of extra bonuses coming with the program as described below.

Here is a breakdown of the program:

  • The Main PDF manual with information on training and nutrition, including exercise pictures.

The online training videos as follows:

  • Video 1: Tight And Trim Thighs.
  • Video 2: Show Off Stomach.
  • Video 3: Booty Booster.
  • Video 4: Sleek And Shapely Shoulders.
  • Video 5: Beautiful Backside

The Bonuses:

  • Eat Like This – Burn Fat
  • Printable Workout Sheets.
  • Diet No Brainer Nutrition Strategies.
  • Success Tracker.
  • Hormone Control.
  • Fab 5 Supplement Guide

Another advantage of the program is that you get free upgrades for life and you can download the workouts onto your smart phone, take them to the gym or watch them at home.

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Closing Thoughts

Full Body Licious Workout is a training and nutritional program created specifically for women in order to reduce body fat and tone their muscles so as to achieve a flawless, sexy and athletic look.

It is flexible enough to be implemented even at home with basic equipment but, though effective and simple, is not easy as it requires commitment and dedication.

full body licious







Full Body Licious Workout Review – Unbiased Investigation Of The Plan
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