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Update 2021 – Product Now Discontinued

The Physique Mastery is a complete body transformation program by Fortius Fitness designed for men and women, beginners, intermediate or advanced lifters stuck in a plateau.

It is a no-hype, no-frills, simple blueprint that stresses the importance of systematic tracking for optimal results, alongside training and nutrition, of course. This review will uncover how this fitness program for muscle building and fat loss works.

Who Is This Program For?

The Physique Mastery is for anyone, men and women, from absolute beginners who want to get it right from the start, to “experienced” lifters who somehow are not happy with their results and feel discouraged through failure, lack of progress, plateaus, or injury.

While it is a simple and very common-sense plan, it also requires consistency and attention, as the key for results lies in not letting your guard down, constantly monitoring your results as you go along, and making fine adjustments accordingly in order to guarantee progression.

It is not a quick fix before your summer holiday, but a down to earth and effective program that you can keep as a fitness blueprint for life. Because of this, this plan is more intended for those who view fitness as a life-style to stick to for permanent results, rather than for impatient people who want to get fast results without a care for a method.

Physique Mastery Review

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Physique Mastery Training

What Is The Physique Mastery All About?

The Physique Mastery blueprint is a no B.S., a simple and effective plan based on training and nutrition coupled with tracking and flexibility.

The customization of diet and exercises means that results are possible within weeks, the program reminds me a little bit of old school training protocols based of common sense and effectiveness, but with better fine-tuning and accuracy.

The program is well balanced with a solid foundation of tried and tested progressive overload principles mixed with a wholesome but practical diet and meticulous tracking, no fancy gimmicks, marketing hype, and mumbo-jumbo.

Fortius Fitness

The program follows the same principle of “Fitness Simplified” of the Fortius Fitness gym, which means a flexible system without rigid rules or excessive focus on carbs and calorie counting, impractical meal planning, or useless, long cardio sessions.

The Physique Mastery can be described as a kind of “distance personal training”, whereas the author can be queried by email about any question and he will answer personally.

Physique Mastery is all about lean muscle and fat loss through resistance training, as such the program requires access to full gym equipment or a very good home gym.

At the very least, you need basic equipment like an adjustable bench with barbells in order to implement the program, but exercise variations can be done to adjust to your own equipment.

Physique Mastery Woman

How Does Physique Mastery Work?

The simple framework of Physique Mastery is based on 3 components, a Training System, a Nutrition System, and a Tracking System.

The Physique Mastery workout and nutrition guidelines are solid, based as they are on progressive overload and wholesome nutrition without the need for supplements.

However, what sets this program apart is tracking. The rigorous Tracking System of this program is probably the single most important aspect of it. It is there in place so that you can tweak training and nutrition as you go along, using the feedback from your own results.

The point of tracking is to customize your plan to find a work-around to unexpected problems, plateaus, or setbacks because in real life no program can be done as planned at the start. This is where most other programs leave you on your own. According to Kasper, any workout or nutrition plan is useless without an accurate method for tracking your results, because it can lead you into an ineffective path.

In the Physique Mastery, no matter how unique or different your needs may be in terms of nutrition, body type, personal responsiveness to certain exercises, fitness level, muscle fiber type, age, and so on, the constant tweaking and honing of your workouts and nutrition based on your personal response will eliminate the risk of getting stuck into an ineffective regimen.

Physique Mastery Framework

However, it is not quite as complicated as it sounds, there are no complicated charts to fill in, it is actually quite simple to follow through and customize, a bit like using the brakes, the steering wheel, and the accelerator while driving your car, very helpful if you do not want to crash, and it becomes second nature very quickly.

The tweaking and customization have the desired effect of adapting to your changing BMI, fat to muscle ratio, along the way. One thing is getting down to a low body fat index, another is maintaining it.

This is also a tried and tested method for safe and effective fat loss without muscle depletion. The more overweight you are, the more calorie deficit you can afford. The leaner you become, the less calorie deficit you can implement.

Basically, this means that you have to increase progressively your food intake as you become leaner, anything else being equal. There are also other factors at play, but this is very important.

On the whole, the Physique Mastery program is well designed to catch any anomaly in your results sooner rather the later, and quickly find the correct workout or nutritional fix to correct the problem, preventing you from wasting time with ineffective routines and maximizing results instead.

The Author Of Physique Mastery

Kasper Valsted Christensen The creator of this program is Kasper Valsted Christensen, a Danish certified personal trainer who founded and now runs with his wife Joan Lang, also a professional trainer, a top fitness facility called Fortius Fitness, Latin for strength, in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Both of them are leading personal trainers with more than 30 years of experience in the training of people from all walks of life, from regular weekend gym warriors to coaches.

Kasper V. Christensen is also a nutritionist with over 10,000 clients under his training tuition. As often is the case, his interest in training, strength, and lean muscle started off in his teenage years due to the skinny frame that saw him standing 183cm tall at just 58kg of bodyweight [that is 6ft tall at 128lb on the scale], which caused him to be nicknamed “skinny Kasper”.

The skinny guy behind Kasper in the photo above is actually Kasper himself at 18.

Unhappy with his lanky frame, over time he built 25kg [55lb] of lean muscle around his bones with a method based on simplicity and flexibility, which he honed over years of successes, trials, and errors. He eventually ended up on the covers of fitness magazines and on stage in eight fitness competitions, getting top rankings.

He then skimmed his method from mistakes and imperfections to make it the basic blueprint that he still uses today @ Fortius Fitness, which is also the foundation of his Physique Mastery digital program reviewed here.

In the meanwhile, he has been busy studying fitness and health books as well as in the gym, accruing a vast range of qualifications like:

  •  Fitness Instructor (S.A.F.E)
  •  Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA US)
  •  Certified CrossFit Trainer (CrossFit US)
  •  Certified Functional Trainer (CFT)
  •  Certified Powerlifting Trainer (WSB)

Today his life revolves around fitness, helping people achieve their goals with basic but solid principles of motivation, action, and persistence.

He makes it clear that there are no quick fixes and short cuts to achieve a desirable level of fitness, as he has witnessed many times before people’s failures from impatience and repeated mistakes before they crossed the doors at Fortius Fitness.

To sum up, Kasper V. Christensen is a real person with a legitimate business and very much qualified to teach people how to work out and eat for the best results.

Physique Mastery Man

What’s Inside The Physique Mastery Program?

This is a large digital program consisting of 2 main components, 6 bonuses, lifetime updates, 60-day free support, 60-day money-back guarantee, and 10 free follow-up reports[for a limited time only]. Here is a quick description:

Main Components

No Nonsense Nutrition – This simple nutrition is not designed on a set of rigid rules, but it gives you good guidance on how to manage your hunger and cravings, without the need for calorie and carbs counting, nor specific time schedule for your meals: you eat when you feel like.

The nutritional plan is focused on breaking the vicious circle of binge eating and snacking with an eye to balance in your macros and restoring a natural hunger pattern. However, some cheating is allowed occasionally.

You also need to keep tracking results and troubleshoot them, if necessary. Overall, it’s a practical nutritional plan that lets you live your life without a rigid schedule.

Efficient Training – The workout blueprint mirrors the simplicity of the nutritional part, without the need for marathon cardio sessions or camping in the gym.

It’s a simple, but not easy, workout protocol based on progressive resistance to be done 2 or 3 times a week. This means the program is feasible even for people with limited time, long working hours, and family commitments.

There are just a few key exercises to be done, not gazillions of isolation movements. These workouts combined with the nutrition plan and the tracking system are designed to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat, if any, and help you break through plateaus.

The Bonuses

Nutrition Blueprint – An additional ebook to be used with the main nutritional theory plan. It goes into the details of your meal planning so that you know exactly what ingredients to buy and how to go about in the kitchen.

Video Tutorials – A complementary video library to the main workout manual. The video tutorials are well designed to show you exactly how to perform the exercises, very useful to prevent injury.

Not many programs offer video demonstrations. The videos are online-only, you can watch them from your smartphone or tablet, with no DVDs deliveries.

The videos show reps, sets, and rest periods plus variations that you may need, depending on equipment available or preference.

Supplement Guide – Supplements are totally optional. The author makes it clear that the program is completely natural and you do not need them the reach your goals.

However, he also concedes that some of them may make life easier in regards to nutrients intake. So he weeded out the useless supplements and made a selection of the good ones worth your money, should you choose to use some.

Workout Journals – The all-important tracking part of the program. The tracking charts are actually quite simple and not an extra burden on your program. No science degree required.

They allow you to monitor your progress with each and every workout so that you can constantly make adjustments, if and when required, for best results.

Nine Irresistible Recipes – Another nutrition bonus that goes hand in hand with the nutrition plan and the nutrition blueprint. 9 recipes of the author’s favorite meals, snacks, and desserts.

Easy to prepare, they do not look like you need to live in the kitchen to prepare them. Having said this, it is not a full recipe book, but it’s still useful.

Exercise Demonstrations Manual – These are just that, detailed written description of the same exercises performed in the videos, for those who prefer reading to watching. You can also use both the videos and the written demonstrations to master the exercises.

Extra Bonuses

Lifetime Free Updates – The author claims that Physique Mastery is regularly updated and improved. So he decided to make the program’s updates free for life for all those who purchased the program. Much appreciated.

60-Day Free Support – Kasper Christensen also offers personal email support for any query or doubt you may have.

10 Free Follow-up Reports [Limited Time Bonus Offer] – A nice bundle of reports for 10 weeks after you sign up for Physique Mastery. The reports cover some of the most discussed topics like injury prevention, how to reduce body fat after a holiday, or how to modify the workouts to suit your needs.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Last but not least, a refund policy is in place, just in case.

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Conclusion Of This Physique Mastery Review

Physique Mastery is a solid, no-nonsense blueprint for fitness, strength, lean muscle building, and fat loss. It is based on timeless principles of progressive resistance with the implementation of few intense workout sessions a week and a down-to-earth nutrition plan, without gimmicks or trendy theories.

The scrupulous tracking method for your workouts and the monitoring of your nutrition results guarantee constant progression and achievable goals down the line, as testified by the Fortius Fitness success stories.

The Physique Mastery takes the same training, nutrition, and tracking principles used by Fortius Fitness to make them available online and globally for those who want a no-nonsense, simple but effective plan to gain muscle and/or lose fat.

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