Fixing Elbow Pain Review – Does It Live Up To Its Promise?

Fixing Elbow Pain doubles up as a rehabilitation plan for all types of elbow pains, from lateral elbow pain to medial elbow pain as well as a prevention plan with a simple blueprint of prevention measures and pre-habilitation exercises.

The program is the brainchild of two different authors, one being the highly respected Rick Kaselj, a well-known injury and rehabilitation expert, the other Jedd Johnson, a strong man with a penchant for Grip Sport who developed elbow pain because of it, and learned how to fix it.

To two joined hands to produce this simple blueprint that does not take much of your time at all to follow, and can be done anywhere or at home with basic tools such as a bucket of sand or rubber bands.

Since many weight lifters, pull-up warriors, and golf and tennis players are affected by elbow pain sooner or later in their training career and need a reliable source of self-help by reputable authors, we dug down into the Fixing Elbow Pain program to find out how it works and whether it’s worth a shot. Stay tuned.

Who Is It For?

That’s an easy one. Tennis, baseball and golf players, dead lifters, and pull-up record chasers are all being affected by some sort of elbow pain some time in their careers. This crippling condition can have long-term consequences, impairing one’s ability to train for a long time.

The result is wasted time and the possibility of relapse once training resumes, over and over again in endless cycles, not the brightest of prospects.

Fixing Elbow Pain Review

Like any exercise-related condition, elbow pain should be treated from both a prevention and a rehab standpoint for best results and long-term efficacy, resulting in a satisfactory training history without setbacks, pain, and frustration.

Fixing Elbow Pain Exercises

This particular program tackles the issue of elbow pain precisely from a prevention AND rehab point of view. The author clearly assumes that there is no point in rehabilitation just to relapse into the old problem once training is resumed.

The plan is based on 4 different components of prevention and pre-habilitation on one hand, and rehabilitation of the lateral and medial elbow pain on the other. These components are:

Rehab Of The Lateral Elbow Pain – This part is dedicated to the classic tennis elbow player, which also affects, among others, pull-up warriors and weight lifters. It is a kind of tendonitis caused by repetitive movements that can affect anyone, especially people over 40.

The plan by Rick Kaselj explains and shows how to go about the exercises and implement them, nothing described is really difficult and easy to do at home or anywhere.

Rehab Of The Medial Elbow Pain – This section is dedicated to the golfer’s medial elbow pain, also caused by a variety of actions different from golf, such as using heavy tools, chain saws, axes or simply throwing an object.

These rehab exercises base their effectiveness on their compound effect when performed in a determined sequence.

Elbow Injury Prevention Measures – This part of the program focuses on preventing injury while working out or exercising and it does so with a structured layout addressing the 3 phases of training: warm-up, workout, and post-workout.

These drills show how to do a proper warm-up to flood your limbs with blood, acting as a primer for the following workout phase, where you are told how to work hard while eliminating risk factors.

The prevention phase is finished off with a series of post-workout stretches designed to relieve the tendons and kick-start the recovery process.

Pre-habilitation Of The Elbow – This is a very interesting part of the program. It consists of additional, pro-active exercises that help you strengthen your tendons and the elbows area so that they are prepared for action without experiencing tendonitis and pain.

It is basically a workout regimen for healthy elbows that you can keep with you whatever physical activity you are doing.

This part is also concerned with forearm strength, addressing the balance between the extensors and flexors and the strengthening of the rotators in your forearms.

These pre-habilitation exercises are very easy and can be done with basic, homemade equipment, anywhere. For example, you need a rubber band to perform finger extensions, or alternatively, sand or rice-filled container like a bucket.

For rotation strength, you may need a bar with an offset weight on one side, which uses gravity and momentum to engage the forearm muscles doing the rotation.

Fixing Elbow Pain

About Jedd Johnson And Rick Kaselj

Jedd Johnson Jedd Johnson is a grip strength and strength training enthusiast since 2003. He has held various world records in grip strength and has been training regularly for strength contests which gave him insight experience and knowledge on elbow pain and how to fix it.

He has accounts everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and runs his own website

Jedd Johnson enrolled the help of top rehabilitation guru Rick Kaselj to make “Fixing Elbow Pain” a reality. Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer and therapist with a Master’s Degree in exercise science.

He is not the average run-of-the-mill rehab therapist, but an innovative pioneer always on the lookout for unorthodox techniques for eliminating pains or rehabilitating from injuries.

Rick Kaselj has accrued a vast consensus over the years, being featured on many TV networks and media, and now runs his own website

Rick Kaselj

What’s In The Fixing Elbow Pain Program?

Fixing Elbow Pain is a digital program delivered to your PC in eBook format, smartphone, or tablet with a download, easy to refer to anywhere or to print it out. No deliveries required.

What Equipment Do You Need?

No special equipment required at all, except some basic tools like rubber bands, a bar with a fitted counterweight, and a bag of rice or sand, at most.

Fixing Elbow Pain Package

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Closing Thoughts

Fixing Elbow Pain is a simple and effective program for rehabilitation and injury prevention of the elbow. It was put together by a well-known injury rehab therapist and pain specialist with many accolades and experience in the field and the help of a strength athlete with first-hand experience of elbow troubles.

The program is delivered in a convenient format and is very easy to follow through, encouraging to perform the drills at home or anywhere, saving time and money otherwise spent on specialists’ appointments and traveling expenses.

More importantly, the focus of the program is holistic, focusing not just on the rehabilitation process and the elimination of pain, but also on injury prevention and exercise pre-habilitation in order to prevent elbow problems from occurring in the future.

All in all, Fixing Elbow Pain is a valuable tool for injury and pain rehab and prevention in the hands of athletes like golfers, tennis players, or weight lifters who invariably incur elbow problems sooner or later in their training history.

Fixing Elbow Pain

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