Fighter Abs Review – Do These Combat Moves Give You A Six Pack Abs?

This review of Fighter Abs will reveal to you how this unusual abs workout program works, who it is suitable for, and what the benefits, pros, and cons are.

With the market flooded with so many programs, equipment, and guides to achieve the mythical 6 pack abs, it is easy to lose track of what works, what doesn’t, or which one is simply better than others for effectiveness and time committed for getting results.

The 4 Minutes Fighter Abs approach to abs workouts is completely different.

What Is Fighter Abs?

Andrew Raposo’s Fighter Abs is designed for simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of implementation because it tackles the much sought after prize of a flat 6 pack abs stomach from a fighter perspective rather than with the usual fitness and diet approach, though there is a degree of overlapping, of course.

Andrew Raposo developed a system for regular guys and gals designed to achieve fighter-like abs with a revolutionary 4-minute training sequence, without the need for regular sit-ups and crunches. His reasoning is that a short burst of intense exertions is what makes fighter abs so outstanding, therefore anything over 30 minutes of training is overboard.

He then went down the minimalist way to create a 4-minute blueprint to make this ab workout the most effective and time-efficient possible, an exercise routine that boosts metabolism for 24/48 hours, well after your routines, helping you burn fat.

Fighter Abs Review

Without a doubt, fat-free 6 pack abs are considered by most as the single most important visual clue to one’s strength, sex appeal, and fitness from where any other physical consideration may follow, both for men and women, without necessarily the need for being too bulky and muscly, unless you decide so.

It is also a sign of general good health in addition to physical prowess, where usefulness and appeal go hand in hand, hence the priority attention it receives.But first a word about the author.

Fighter Abs

What Makes It Different?

Andrew Raposo’s Fighter Abs stands out from the six-pack abs program range out there because it tackles the issue of having a fat-free, flat stomach from a completely new and different perspective.

This blueprint does not contain the usual mantra of traditional ab exercises and cardio coupled with complicated dietary regimes and calorie counting. Instead, it focuses on what works for professional fighters who by default have impressive six-pack abs.

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Fighter Abs Workouts

The workouts are very different from traditional ones. The author claims that it takes 22.000 time-wasting crunches to burn just 1 pound of fat, that holding a plank is useless, high reps ruin your back and cardio is equally useless.

Abs must be exercised, of course, but in a completely different way, with a short, very high-intensity approach mimicking a fighter abs natural response in a fight, when they must be able to withstand all forces going through the body from feet to fists as well as from kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. This is what makes abs so strong and looking fabulous in fighters, along with general low body fat.

But no worry about getting into a ring to fight just to get six-pack abs because the program is designed to achieve that kind of fighting-fit results without the need to throw a punch (or receiving one) and in fact, it is designed to work for everyone, not just men but women and older people too.

Equally important is that the workouts could not be easier to follow as it does not relies on fancy equipment or costly gym membership and can be implemented anywhere, at home or in a hotel room while traveling.

The exercises are in fact nothing like the traditional movements mentioned above but consist rather of a mixture of high-intensity no-equipment full-body workouts to kick metabolism in plus specific bodyweight exercises for abs the like of which I had never seen before that are as though as hell.

The purpose of these exercises is to recreate the conditions a fighter finds himself in that cause him (or her) to develop a six-pack. Basically, these short, high-intensity ab workouts have a much greater carry-on effect than traditional and time-consuming crunches or other similar exercises, a bit like comparing a 100 sprint to a marathon.

What happens is that high intensity, short exertions impact your metabolism well after you finish your workout, helping you burn fat and adding muscle just where you trained, improving body composition, that is the muscle to fat ratio or BMI (body mass index), and giving you a ripped appearance.

Fighter Abs Fight

Fighter Abs Phases

Because the program is designed to benefit anyone regardless of age, gender, or fitness level, the author structured the 4 Minute Fighter Abs program into 3 distinct phases with each workout lasting a mere 4 minutes.

We found the idea of being able to do your workouts anywhere in just 4 minutes to a greater effect than time-consuming and ineffective crunches a major benefit of this program, particularly for those who have a busy life or a dislike for crowded gyms.

The purpose of the 3 phase structure is to gear up your metabolism first and finish off your abs later.

The 3 phases work like this:

The Foundation Phase

This phase is designed to prime you for the latter 2 phases and must be adhered to. Skipping it would be the equivalent of building a house on soft ground without foundations, it will all crumble. It is designed not so much with abs in mind but to condition and prepares your body by increasing and boosting metabolism so that you start burning and losing fat all over. These full-body workouts employ all the major muscles in your body, often simultaneously, greatly impacting your metabolism by affecting your thyroid, boosting the production of T3 and T4 hormones responsible for fat burning, all done in a natural way.

The Reveal Phase

With your metabolism already boosted from the foundation phase, this phase focuses on specific exercises for abs so as to strengthen them, increasing their size while at the same time keep reducing fat with the net result of your abs cutting through the layer of fat and becoming visible.

The Finishing Phase

This is an extension of the previous phase designed to get rid of the most stubborn fat, the last one to go in anyone who wishes a full six-pack ab, the lower belly fat. The exercises and movements become even harder for the specific purpose of melting off the last remnants of lower belly fat and bringing out your now sculpted six-pack abs to full light, with all the nice grooves and 0 fat between them. Job done.

It is therefore a very down-to-earth, spartan, I’d say even a simple blueprint to follow but by no means easy. Those exercises require dedication and commitment, they tax your metabolism and nervous system like no crunches can are designed to mimic a fighter extreme stress and situations, where he needs to use his core abs as the central, pivotal point of his body where all forces go through, from his feet to his fists. Plus, the need to withstand blows.

This is an effective program for sure but is also very much a ” no-pain no-gain” one. You got to stick to it and go beyond the “comfort zone”, after all those fighters did not get their abs by lounging on a hammock.


Fighter Abs Kick

Fighter Abs Nutrition

Another attractive point is that Andrew Raposo is quite liberal when it comes to the diet regime. Sure, common sense must be applied and no fighter or athlete will tell you then you can feast on fast foods and ice cream as much as you like, but the program is not designed as a typical diet plan with the typical meal planning and calorie counting, nor is it meant to be.

These aspects are irrelevant to the program. The reason being that fighter-like training, whether it be for abs or the whole body, is by default so demanding and metabolism-enhancing that you’ll probably burn anything you throw at it, within reason.

The guidelines on the eating of this program are flexible and focus on just basic and common sense nutritional points that are easy to stick to and do not require laborious calorie counting and overthinking.

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Fighter Abs Nutrition

Who Is Fighter Abs Suitable For?

This is a no-fuss, hands-down blueprint suitable for a vast range of people. Sure, the term “fighter” may imply something extreme, but the reality is that the workouts are designed only to mimic a fighter level of intensity and achieve fighter-like six-pack abs and low body fat, without throwing or receiving a single punch.

It is also minimalist in its structure because it does not require home equipment or gym membership and can be applied anywhere. With that said, here are few people for whom this program may be suitable:

  • Men and women
  • Older people
  • People of all fitness levels
  • People with no time or a busy lifestyle
  • People who cannot or do not want to join a gym
  • People fed up with poor results
  • People bored with ineffective traditional abs routines

About Andrew Raposo

Andrew Raposo Andrew Raposo is a well-established boxer and Muay Thai provincial champion as well as a strength and fitness coach.

He is a real person and you can find a vast array of YouTube training videos featuring him.

This is very important, as there are some other programs in the fitness, diet, and bodybuilding industry designed not by knowledgeable authors with real experience who know what they are talking about first hand, but by obscure personalities who simply try to cash in on these evergreen topics.

This is not the case for the Fighter Abs program or its new update, 4 Minute Fighter Abs. Andrew Raposo simply decided to use his expertise and knowledge to help people achieve what most fail to, the highly desired six-pack abs, from the simple observation that professional fighters like him DO have rock-hard six-pack abs by default, all of them.

They do so without the need for using any particular equipment, or following any particular diet, or doing any of the popular ab exercises out there like crunches, planks, high rep ab exercises, or cardio on treadmills that are ineffective and put a strain on your back as well.

Fighter Abs PDF And Components

As mentioned above, this is a digital program, meaning it is instantly available upon purchase and it comes in PDF and MP4 format. The main program is split into 3 different components plus an additional 1 bonus. Here is a quick breakdown of the program:

Main Components:

  • Workout Videos – this is a collection of videos where Andrew Raposo personally demonstrates how to execute these exercises and it goes hand in hand with the exercise manual. Video demonstrations speak better than any written description and leave no room for error in general. In this case, the videos are a fundamental part of this program not only because they generally teach you how to perform the workouts, but more specifically because these exercises are different from anything you may already know or have come across before regarding abs and bodyweight workouts. There is no way you could understand and master these exercises without the demonstration videos.
  • Workout PDF Guide – this is a PDF book to be used with the videos, where all exercises are explained in layman terms before you watch them on the videos for a complete understanding.
  • 12 Week PDF Manual – this is the core of the program, containing all the principles and ideas behind the program and all information you need to know before you go on to implement it.

The Free Bonus

  • The Lower Ab Exercise Video Library – a useful add-on targeting specifically the lowest part of the stomach, the most stubborn lower belly fat, the last obstacle to revealing a full six-pack.

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The Bottom Line

Fighter Abs fighting techniques, movements, and workouts are transferred into an easy-to-implement plan designed around unique exercises.

These workouts mimic the short but very high-intensity exertions of fighters in order to boost metabolism, burn fat and ultimately get the six packs without the need of time-wasting and less effective traditional ab exercises, like crunches, or endless cardio.

It is simple and effective but not easy and it requires commitment and effort on your part as the exercises are not a walk in the park.

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