Daily Burn Review – Complete And Detailed Report

Daily Burn reviewDaily Burn is an online training hub featuring many different workout programs and fitness trainers to suit a wide range of fitness skills and levels, from cardio to bodyweight, from strength to resistance training, from pilates to yoga and many more.

Over time, it has accrued a vast following and additional workouts to satisfy most needs. This complete breakdown will reveal what this unusual format is all about, how it works and whether it works.

Who Is It For?

Daily Burn is a fitness portal suitable for those with a keen interest in fitness who are more likely than not to stick to their guns trough time.

If you are motivated and like to try different skills of fitness, from strength to cardio, from pilates to toning up, then Daily Burn offers you the ability to do just that at a price way lower than if you had to pay joining a gym or purchasing different programs over time.

It is also convenient for absolute beginners through to advanced because of its streaming technology that allows you to workout from home as if you were in a classroom or gym but without the commuting times, the expenses and the crowd.

But if you are more interested in a limited range of skills, say just pilates or just weight training, then the vast range of plans available may feel redundant for you.

On the contrary, if you want to workout from home and have an easy access to a wide variety of plans from reputable trainers straight from your phone or PC at a convenient price, then Daily Burn is the way to go.

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Daily Burn Workout

What Is Daily Burn?

The idea of Daily Burn is to have the greatest possible range of workouts for any fitness level rolled into an single website.

You can can access the workouts with a membership monthly fee after 1 month free trial, so that you can start with one plan and switch to different ones later on to improve your fitness skills without the need to leave the hub or join another program.

The programs are sorted out with your chosen criteria from a range of settings like:

Total Gym
  • Goals – strength, weight loss, cardio, pilates and more.
  • Difficulty – beginner to advanced.
  • Workout length – from 15 to 50 minutes.
  • Duration – from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Before you can even join, you are put through a questionnaire on their official website with few basic data to fill in, like your weight, gender, age, your current fitness level and goals and your preferred workout.

After that, you are presented with an introduction video telling you what program is ideal for your requirements and whether is right for you. To have a better idea of the programs you can also browse them in their presentation page.

Upon joining, you are given a free month trial and you can access all the programs, not just your recommended one. Daily Burn is fully electronic and easy to access on most devices like all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, all PCs, Amazon Fire tablets and TVs and Google Chromcast.

Daily Burn keeps track of your progress as you go along, so you do not have to remember where you are in the program, giving you a full reports of your calories in vs calorie out and a nutritional plan to stick to, even though the latter is quite basic.

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Do You Need Any Equipment?

As of now there are 24 programs to choose from, most do require just basic equipment to follow, like a yoga mat, a band set, or adjustable dumbbells. You may want to use a home gym, but only if you have.

Some programs to require more expensive equipment, like the the Bowflex Max Trainer. This is because DailyBurn and Bowflex have made a special deal whereas if you buy a MAX Trainer, you are entitled to a free 8-week DailyBurn trial. Also, DailyBurn gives you access to an 8-week Bowflex course by Bowflex trainers.

Other than that, you do not need anything else but basic equipment for most workouts.

Daily Burn Workouts

The choice is really bewildering, perhaps even too much, given that some programs can be considered the advanced or the beginner versions on other similar programs within the hub. Here is a concise compilation.

Pilates Phase One And Two – 3-week program designed for core and strength for beginner to intermediate level. You just need a mat to do it.

DB Spartan: an intermediate/advanced six-week program for strength and metabolic conditioning.

Max Trainer – An 8-week program designed specifically for the Bowflex Max Trainer to improve stamina, strength and cardio.

Live to Fail – a 90-day advanced program designed to transform your body with weights and a box.

Total Cardio – 4-week program for intermediate. Fast paced workouts designed to burn calories and lose fat.

Move! – 4-week program for beginner/intermediate. This is a dance based program by singer and dancer Keaira LaShae. The idea is to burn fat with fun, going through different dance genres.

IntelliBurn – 30-day beginner/intermediate plan which is the jack of all trades of DailyBurn, designed to burn fat and build strength.

Recover – seven 30-minute workouts taken from other DB programs to improve stretching, flexibility and mobility.

Beautiful Belly – specific program for pregnant women running for 9 months divided into 3 trimesters.

DBKkettlebells program for beginner/advanced, made up of 15 workouts to increase strength and tone your body. There is a mix of cardio and weight lifting workouts.

Yoga – a Vinyasa style, fast paced Yoga for intermediate/advanced designed to improve flexibility. The program also discusses simpler options for beginners.

Yoga Made Simple – this is a 4-week course for beginners. It is similar to the regular Yoga program but in a slower paced Vinyasa style.

Core – a simple mix of other programs designed to strengthen your core, abs, obliques, lower back and glutes.

Tactical Bodyweight Training – an intermediate/advanced 28-day body weight workouts plan. The movements are some of the hardest in the DailyBurn range, but low impact on your joints.

Inferno HR – A program similar to Beachbody’s Insanity. This is a high intensity workout plan by Anja who also features in the Intelliburn workouts.

True Beginner – 10 graded workouts structures over 4 weeks for absolute beginners before moving up to a more challenging program.

DB15 – 15-minute intermediate workouts for 15 days. Useful for those without much time at hand. There are different instructors in this plan, so difficulty levels vary a bit.

Cardio Sculpt – a demanding 3-month, 6 times per week program with 12 different workouts to generally tone your body, abs and legs.

DailyBurn 365 – This is a beginner/intermediate series of workouts broadcasted live every day, then streamed on the website for up to 24 hours. The classes start with a motivational introduction followed by a 30-minute full body workout.

Black Fire – An advanced, 60-day full-body workout program by Bob Harper. The workouts are a mix of cross-training and interval workout not unlike Insanity Max 30 by BeachBody and require dumbbells, a workout box and a dowel.

Fit In 10: a 10 minute per day program for those with very little time to exercise.

15-Minute Belly, Butt And Thighs: 3-week program of 15-minute workouts for beginners/intermediates; in conjunction with Women’s Health

Bodyweight Burners – bodyweight exercise program to increase metabolic rate and lose fat.

Dailyburn BlackFire

About The Instructors

The instructors have a motivational style though they differ in personality.

Daily Burn Bob HarperBob Harper – he is the Black Fire program trainer and co-creator with Anja. He is known to the big public as the trainer from The Biggest Looser show.

Daily Burn Anja GarciaAnja Garcia – Anja is a former elite and a registered pediatric nurse. She is the trainer behind the challenging Inferno program for advanced. She is very motivating and and excellent trainer.

Daily Burn Ben BookerBen Booker – is a bodybuilder and fitness model who came back from disaster after a car crash, so he knows what motivation is all about. He is the trainer of the Live to Fail program for muscle strength.

Daily Burn Prince BrathwaitePrince Brathwaite – National Academy Sports Medicine and Certified Personal Trainer. He is popular for his high intensity, boot camp motivational style training.

Daily Burn Gregg CookGregg Cook – a fitness professional and author, he is the Daily Burn 365 trainer. His training is a mix of strength and endurance.

Daily Burn Briohny SmitheBriohny Smithe – Yoga expert with a calm personality and trainer for the Dailyburn Yoga program. Her classes on Youtube are also very poplular.

Daily Burn Dara TheodoreDara Theodore – Daily Burn 365 instructor Dara Theodore is a National Academy Sports Medicine and Kettlebell Concepts-Certified trainer.

Daily Burn Andrea SpeirAndrea Speir – a Pilates expert, she is the Pilates Phase One trainer. With a background as a dancer, she has a Pilates certification through Power Pilates, NY.

Daily Burn Justin RubinJustin Rubin – He is in charge of the beginner workouts with a highly motivating style and wants you to succeed by getting the basic movements right. He has a karate black belt.

Daily Burn Judi Brown Judi Brown – an engaging trainer for beginner to intermediate classes like Cardio Sculpt and DB15. She is a certified personal trainer and wellness specialist.

Daily Burn Keaira LaShaeKeaira LaShae – she is a dancer, singer and kickboxer from Tampa running the Total Cardio and Move programs of DailyBurn.

Daily Burn Cody StoreyCody Storey – with experience in snowboarding, he features in many workout videos and is a kettlebell specialist, certified circular strength trainer and tactical fitness coach.



Daily Burn Cost

After the first 30-day free trial you are given the option to choose from regular or 1 on 1 coaching, but you can always upgrade later.

The regular plan comes at $12.95/month but you can save a quite a lot with a yearly one-off payment of $119.95, instead of $155.

The 1 on 1 coaching plan costs $27.95/moth but again you can pay yearly with a $239.95 fee instead of $335.

The two tiers are identical, with the same access to streaming, videos and programs plus the nutrition guidelines and recipes, only the personal coaching makes the difference.

The yearly solutions may be the best idea for those who have already tried and liked the plans, but if you are a beginner it is better to see if Daily Burn suits you and make a decision later, as this gives you more control in that you can always drop out any time you want.

Daily Burn offers the ability to keep track of your progress to keep you motivated and accountable for your efforts and it does so with a great deal of coaches, programs and workouts to never let you bored.

The quality of streaming is excellent even when viewing in full screen mode but you cannot download the 150 plus videos, so if you drop out you’ll lose access to the workouts completely.

Not long ago, Daily Burn introduced the ‘365’ program, which is a live workout webcast for beginner to intermediate level but you need to pay extra to be able to access the 365 workouts.

All in all, even the basic plan offers more than enough to satisfy anyone committed to improve his/her fitness, it is actually cheaper than a standard gym membership and most workouts do not require equipment.

However, some do. In that case you need to be prepared to invest some money for mats, weights, kettlebells or machines like the Bowflex Max Trainer.

Dailyburn Move

The Application

Not only can Daily Burn be accessed from your computer but also as an application on iTunes and for android.

The application works very well on IOS and Android without video glitches on streaming and you can upload your personal data or monitor your heart rate through it or shop from the Daily Burn store. However, there are reports of occasional issues with Chromecast.

There may also be issues with slow connection, so if you are still on dial-up it may not be the best choice for you. Even on fast internet connection, you may need to watch out for data usage, how many gigabytes/month your plan allows, as the workouts can only be watched on streaming every time you need them but not downloaded onto your device.

Dailyburn Pilates

The Nutrition Guidelines

The range and scope of Daily Burn is mainly a wide variety of online workouts easily accessible through your device at a reasonable rate.

The nutritional aspect is not what makes Daily Burn stand out, nor has it the pretense either. The nutrition advice is quite basic and based on common sense, like eating vegetables, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats.

The website offers some meal plans but no cooking videos nor a great variety of recipes, there are more comprehensive plans to look for when it comes to nutritional guidelines or cookbooks, like anabolic cooking or metabolic cooking.
Dailyburn Live to Fail

Daily Burn Results

Daily Burn is unique in that it is not a single program but an online collection of a large range of workouts and classes by different coaches, all accessible with a single, recurring monthly fee which is cheaper than a gym membership.

The closest that it gets in terms of comparison is the BeachBody range, but then again BeachBody is a range of programs that you can only purchase individually, not access to simultaneously.

The skills and qualification of BodyBurn trainers is comprehensive so as not to live any aspect of fitness untouched and help you achieve your targeted results. You can find anything you need and switch and change as you go along.

Dailyburn True Beginner

Closing Thoughts

Daily Burn is a one of a kind online fitness portal with application that allows you to access an impressive range of different workouts and plans for all fitness levels and skills, without the need for a gym or equipment, except for few specific workouts.

The workouts can be accessed with IOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Google Chromcast on phones, tablets and TVs. As such, this fitness portal is convenient for those who want to train from home with the peace of mind of having qualified and motivating coaches taking care of them.

Daily Burn unusual format and good value make it particularly attractive for those who like to improve in multiple disciplines of fitness without having to pay an arm and a leg for individual fitness programs.

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