Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Review – Does It Really Work?

The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a professional protocol for fitness trainers and rehab therapists with cutting-edge information on improving the upper body and lower body function, strength, and endurance.

The blueprint uses unique passive, active, and compound assessment techniques to get through the common shoulder and hip problems and determine the optimal exercises to restore them to pristine conditions.

Below a detailed analysis of this unique program.

Who Is It For?

The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint was designed by two professionals for coaches, personal trainers, and rehabilitation physical therapists who want an extra tool in their knowledge arsenal in order to further hone their skills for the benefit of their clientele.

Nothing forbids end-users suffering from shoulder or hip problems to use it as well as a valuable reference, however, the special assessments and techniques described in the program are better left to professional people who work as trainers or therapists for a living, who can then make the best use of this knowledge for their customers.

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Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Review

What Exactly Is The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint?

This a very specialistic and technical program more suited to fitness trainers and rehab professionals than regular people.

It is a completely digital program comprising over 11 hours of videos, teaching you how to assess shoulder and hip dysfunctions and how to restore strength and endurance in the upper and lower body.

The videos help you work out different, corrective strategies depending on the initial assessments and are structured into 2 days, 5 videos for shoulder day and 6 for the hip day.

As of now, there is no physical DVD format available, but the authors are working on it and it should be available soon, so things may have changed in the meanwhile if you check on their official website.

However, regardless of DVDs, the online videos can be downloaded into your PC and burned into a CD-ROM, a solution not always available for digital programs. This leaves you with the convenience of instant digital delivery and optional CD burning re-write.

What Makes The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Different?

Most shoulder, hip or joint programs out there are created for the end-user in mind, but this blueprint was primarily designed for professionals in the business of fitness training and rehabilitation, rather than people suffering from shoulder or hip problems in person.

It is also different in that it is highly customizable, reflecting the wide range of different issues and anatomical and postural situations that a trainer or a therapist may come across.

What Does It Teach?

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint

This program offers a valuable source of knowledge for professionals who want to learn how to master static and integrative assessments, breathing mechanics, and related mobility of the upper body and stability of the lower body.

It gives instructions on assessing scapular mobility by looking at shoulder, elbow, or wrist limitations. Another point is that it gives a fresh view of the “shoulder impingement”.

According to the blueprint, there are actually two kinds of impingement, external and internal, each requiring a distinct plan of action.

Overhead limitations are also well discussed, both for regular people and professional athletes like baseball players who are prone to injury due to enormous stress placed on their rotator cuffs. As a remedy, the blueprint offers a solid workout regimen to improve presses, push-ups, and chin-ups.

The program places great importance on individual hip anatomical differences to design a customized training regimen, combining passive, active, and compound assessments to pinpoint the specific needs of a person.

It helps distinguish the difference between structural, neural, and soft tissue, and to find out motor pattern limitations, if any.

Finally, it shows how deadlifts and squats should be performed, improving strength and active mobility with a great emphasis on the hip hinge and the correct back posture to prevent injury down the line.

The Authors Of The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint

The program is the brainchild of Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset.

Tony Gentilcore Tony Gentilcore is one of the founders of Cressey Sports Performance together with Eric Cressey, author of The High-Performance Handbook [review here]. He is based in Boston, MA.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Health Education from the State University of New York at Cortland and has vast working experience in the fitness industry, regularly contributing to fitness giants like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Livestrong, and T-Nation.

Like Eric Cressey, over the years he developed a vast experience on shoulder problems and how to address them, having worked with thousands of overhead athletes like baseball players.

With so much responsibility at stake, he developed an accurate assessment protocol to pinpoint each shoulder dysfunction or injury and design a workout strategy for it.

The very same techniques used for top-level athletes are also used to address regular guys’ and gals’ shoulder problems from years of working out in the gym with poor movement execution and incorrect posture.

Dean Somerset Dean Somerset is an authority in Exercise Physiology from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists. He has worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade.

He has extensive experience with professional athletes in all fields of shoulder and hip injury and disorder, specializing in rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery.

Dean has a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology from the University of Alberta and holds seminars across the USA and Canada.

Like Tony, he developed a system for regular people to improve range of movement, correct poor posture and execution, and generally improving mobility and strength.

What’s Inside The Program?

There are 11 videos in total, here a quick breakdown of the videos:

Shoulder Day

Video 1 – The basic assessment, whether you or a client is a regular guy or an overhead athlete with an extended range of motion, like baseball or tennis players.

Video 2 – More specific assessment techniques to find out shoulder problems like impingement or adaptations to stress, like the biceps engaging in throwing movements to make up for a troubled rotator cuff.

Video 3 – Analysis of shoulder movements to find out poor execution and design a stabilization strategy to give better movement control.

Video 4 – Description of common errors done when prescribing exercise protocols to restore shoulder health.

Video 5 – Shoulder drills demonstrated. Workouts include scapular motion, breathing techniques to aid shoulder movement, chin up progression and prone traps raise.

Hip Day

Video 6 – An excursus on hip anatomy. The discussion details how wildly hip anatomy changes between individuals, sometimes even from side to side. Based on passive assessments on a particular hip, you then design a customized specific training program.

Video 7 – This video showcases active assessments and gross patterns to find out the range of motion and posture differences. The outcome will give you the information necessary to design a hip mobility program and overlap it with other training programs.

Video 8 – How to address restriction to a movement and find out what causes it. The video shows how to look for cues into structural, soft, or neural tissue and work out a regimen to offset such limitations.

Video 9 – Integrative exercise movements that will improve stability and flexibility and strength work.

Video 10 – How to train the hip hinge, one of the fundamental movements before you even attempt deadlifts and squats, helping you prevent a whole host of injuries. Finally how to do squats properly.

Video 11 – Summary and discussion with FAQs and answers.

Complete Shoulder And Hip Bluerpint

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The Bottom Line – Is The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint Any Good?

The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a program for trainers and professionals who want to further their knowledge for assisting their clients with their shoulders and hips, be it regular people or overhead athletes.

It is structured in easy-to-follow hip or shoulder days with a wealth of information in video format. The assessment and workout instructions are clear and leave no room for error.

The training protocol is designed to improve upper and lower body strength, endurance, stability, and range of motion. The convenient digital format means it is instantly available and saves you the time to attend seminars for your professional advancement.

However, a physical version is in store some time down the line, plus you can download and burn the videos on writable CDs for your convenience, so you do not need to rely on an internet connection every time.

Overall, the Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint is a well-designed program and a good investment that can be of great help to any fitness professional.

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