Cinderella Solution Review – Fairy Tale Or Real Deal? The Truth Here

Cinderella Solution Review – Fairy Tale Or Real Deal? The Truth Here
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Cinderella Solution ProgramThe Cinderella Solution is a women-only fat loss and (optional) home workout program designed by a woman fat loss specialist. It is a science-based plan and it does work, thanks to a simple and practical food-paring method that removes the need for calorie counting.

The diet program lasts for 28 days and is divided into two 14-day phases, the “Ignite” and “Launch” phases, but it can be repeated as required until your targeted body weight is reached.

Workouts are totally optional and consist of 8 to 20-minute gentle movement sequences designed to work for the female metabolism, not testosterone-filled high intensity workouts for men.

They can be done at home with your own body weight and simple gear such as light dumbbells, no home gym or membership required.

In short, the dietary and exercise plans were adjusted to restore to optimal working order the all important health hormones insulin, cortisol and estrogen, allegedly turning their clock back to more youthful times.

The Cinderella Solution was created for all women in mind without distinction of age,  from late 20’s all the way up to 60’s and mature age, or initial body weight, as the plan time-frame is re-doable as needed.

The plan is digital and offers several PDF manuals and video tutorials, all available through download and online access, no home delivery, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You also have access to the author and 24-hour customer support team.

This review will detail how this program works and whether it could be the right solution for your weight loss goals.

Who Is The Cinderella Solution Ideal For?

This program was designed by a woman for women with a dietary and workout approach suitable for the female metabolism through very simple nutritional guidelines that eliminate the need for complicated calorie counting.

The plan is ideal for women who have already tried losing fat the traditional way before, that is counting calories and eating salads with boiled rice, ladies who may have lost some weight at first but then quickly regained.

The mix-and-match food combinations are a tested method for burning fat in a natural way without worrying too much about counting calories at every bite, making it a tastier and more enjoyable experience than robot-like, calorie-based diet plans.

Women who are worried about the long term practicality of a plan and who want a fun and enjoyable blueprint to fat loss that can be repeated in cycles until maintenance mode may find this program attractive.

Cinderella Solution

How It Works

The Cinderella Solution started off from the observation by Carly Donovan that certain countries do seem to display lower levels of body weight and obesity problems despite eating starchy foods or drinking wine or indulging in any other desirable food.

Countries like Spain or Japan, where they eat fats and carbs or drink wine but whose inhabitants display a healthy low body weight and impressive longevity.

The reason for this apparent contradiction is in the way the Spanish, Japanese or other people eat their foods, mixing them in one meal in the right combinations, without a care about calories but the feel of satiety and satisfaction.

The flavor/food mix and match combinations that come from the gastronomic culture of these countries all share one common factor, taming hunger in a more efficient and effective way.

Hunger is still the main culprit that lead people to over eat, as the feeling of satiety kicks in with a delayed lapse from the moment when you should really stop eating.

In a normal, calorie-restricting scenario, trying to diet in the traditional way can only backfire, since the less you eat, the hungrier you become, thus making you slip into bingeing and yo-yo weight rebounds.

Food Pairing For Weight Loss

However,  the right foods combined in the right way increase the feeling of satiety BEFORE you have a chance of over eating and can also leave you feeling satiated for longer, meaning less cravings and no bingeing later on.

This simple factor alone can naturally help you lose fat to healthy levels, as it tackles the hunger and satiation response at root level.

Some combinations are:

  • Green Tea and Mint
  • Chickpeas and Olive Oil
  • Salmon and Asparagus
  • Ricotta Cheese and Berries
  • Greek Yogurt and Sweet Potatoes
  • Chocolate Cashew Smoothies
  • Apples and Chocolate
  • Chicken Salad
  • Walnuts and Raspberries
  • Tilapia and Vegetables
  • Fish and Garlic

Cinderella Solution Foods

Insulin Cortisol and Estrogen In Women

In addition to a poor, regular diet that does a poor job of making people feel satiated soon enough, women have to contend with hormones that go progressively off balanced from their early 20’s onward.

When young, insulin regulates sugar more efficiently, keeping  your body fat in check with a slim figure, cortisol is lower due to less stress from responsibilities and estrogen runs in free flow, resulting in smooth skin and shiny hair.

According to Carly, the young age is a window of opportunity nature has given women to find a suitable mate, after which priorities shift to making and raising babies, which a plumper body is more suitable for, without a care for aesthetics.

This may be true, but diet, life style and lack of exercise plus natural aging also play a part in it, not just breeding.

Regardless, the two-step fat loss flavor pairing strategy described in the program is designed to revitalize the female metabolism, burning fat while offsetting the pernicious effects of modern diet and life style on insulin, cortisol and estrogen.

Cinderella Solution Time Frame and Description

The diet program runs on two 14-day phases called “Ignite” and “Launch”, for a total of 28 day which can then be repeated in cycles as needed.

The two phases work in a slightly different way: in the Ignite phase you are supposed to eat 3 meals a day, while in the Launch phase you’ll be eating 4 meals a day.

Both phases include 14 different meal plans for each day of each phase, no room for guesswork, including bonus recipes to spice up and vary the standard meal plans.

Very thoughtfully, the author has also included custom options for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, lacto and ovo in all combinations.

The Cinderella Solution may be simple in its method, but nothing is left to change for its implementation, as it offers a clear step by step meal planning blueprint that not only does it not need calorie counting, but also tells you what to eat for each and every meal of the plan for 28 days.

Cinderella Solution Original Testimonial
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Cinderella Solution Workouts

While not compulsory, the program offers a gentle workout protocol for women designed to be done at home with just a pair of dumbbells and a little space.

These are mild sequences of moves that gently coax your body into greater fitness, accelerated fat loss and muscle tone without the strain of high intensity workouts designed for men that can be too much to handle for the majority of women.

The workouts  are supported by a 50-video tutorial online library that you can access from your smartphone or PC through links in the workout manual which you can also download for safe-keeping, so you do not need to go streaming every time.

Workout frequency is flexible depending on your goals and amount of weight to lose, but each session typically last from 8 to 20 minutes and are as mild as they can get, no macho straining required.

How About Testimonials?

The Cinderella Solution is a genuine program with genuine testimonials, as all the before and after picture of the displayed ladies are unique to the program and not stock photos used by dozens of other websites, as often is the case with some phony programs.

There are lot of authentic testimonials because the program has already been around for a while and has had time to accrue a solid base of satisfied customers.

Genuine and real is also, of course, author Carly Donovan who has been in the weight loss business for many years, of whom you can read more further down.

Cinderella Solution Original Testimonial
Original testimonial from

Program Components

The Cinderella Solution is a digital program comprising several PDF manuals and online videos that you can access through a download. The package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, access to the author and 24-hour customer support team. Here is a breakdown:

Cinderella Solution Main Manual – A 76-page manual with information on weight loss hormones and female metabolism. The theory part of the plan with lists of foods and food combos taken from healthy countries where being over weight is less of an issue.

A Quick Start Guide – A 17-page booklet to start implementing the system right away without going through all the theory first, which you can always read later.

The Cinderella University Book – This is a 56-page in depth report on the main culprits of weight gain in women. This book discusses the insulin, cortisol and estrogen hormones as well as life style changes you need to apply in order to achieve permanent fat loss without rebounds.

The Movement Sequencing Guide – The optional workout part of the program, a 30-page manual with exercises to be done in a specific order, each exercise described with a link to its relative video tutorial for better grasping. No need for gym memberships or home gyms: a pair of dumbbell and a yoga mat will do the job.

Bonus Daily Nutrition Blueprint – A 98-page manual describing the very same foods and meal plans the author used for her own 84 lbs weight loss as well as extra bonus recipes. They all look yummy, if unusual.

Cinderella Solution Program

>>Click Here To Visit The Cinderella Solution Website<<

About Carly Donovan

Carly DonovanCarly Donovan is a female fat loss specialist from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She has been in the weight loss business for the last 10 years and has built a reputation of success with women’s fat loss goals, as you can see from her Spreaker account.

Being herself formerly over weight, she has experienced all the ups and downs of weight rebounds and short span successes through traditional calorie-counting diets, until she developed her own flavor-paring strategy.

You can find out more about Carly on her LinkedIn account.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, the Cinderella Solution seems to be a fun and simple solution to female fat loss with clear step by step guidance on foods but not the dreaded calorie-counting.

Its effectiveness is based on strategic food pairings as used in the gastronomy of healthy countries, generally devised to satiate sooner rather than later, preventing overeating while balancing hormones in the process. And, author Carly Donovan goes the extra leg with access to her,  24-hour customer support team a 60-day money back guarantee, should you not be happy for any reason.

With an optional mild exercise plan designed for women that does not need any equipment or gym membership and can be done at home, the Cinderella Solution is a very feasible fat loss plan for women who want a realistic blueprint without any boring, robotic calorie-counting or over the top, hard core workouts more suited for men.

Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution FAQs

Any side effects using Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution in a completely natural fat loss protocol based on simple food pairing for sustainable body weight management in the long run. However, always consult your doctor for advice first, if you think you have pre-existing condition.

How do I know if the Cinderella Solution will work for me?

I recommend doing your own research first and cross-check customers’ testimonials and reviews from other sources to make sure this program suits your requirements and life style.

Does Cinderella Solution Really work?

The Cinderella Solution program has been around a long time now, enough to have generated countless positive testimonials. However, everyone is unique and results may vary.

What is the price of Cinderella Solution?

Right now, the plan comes at $37.00.

Where can I buy the Cinderella Solution?

You can get it only at the official website here.

Can I return the program if it is not for me?

Sure you can. Cinderella Solution comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Is there any kind of a warranty with this product should I be disappointed? I’m trying to determine the real vs. spam vs. scam potential. What happens if the product doesn’t arrive. How are grievances handled.

I’ve been attempting research and have some discomfort with the conditions/non conditions and what I am not finding to calm my concerns.

Thank you.

Fitness Bond
Fitness Bond

Hi Betty, Cinderella Solution is a program by reputable author Carly Donovan and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
The program is digital and you get immediate access upon purchase through a download.
For grievances, just send a message to the team to the address provided in the program.
Also, with the program you have access to the author and 24-hour customer support team.

As for your conditions/non conditions you should consult with your doctor first for professional advice, as this website is for informational purpose only.
Hope it helps
Have a nice day.