CarboFix Reviews 2024 – Is It Worth Your Money?

CarboFix is a 100% plant-based weight loss supplement formulated to make you burn more calories at rest. With no additives nor GMOs, it activates a pivotal enzyme to boost metabolism. Find out how it works in my review.

This supplement is purported to restore your fat-burning capabilities to younger days and is claimed to achieve this feat by attacking your excess weight from two fronts:

  1. Stopping and reverting your declining metabolism by converting sugar into energy rather than fat.
  2. Curbing appetite and the need for unhealthy snacks naturally while generally decreasing hunger.

The creator of CarboFix, a qualified personal trainer, claims that the supplement also helps keep blood sugar levels under control and increases longevity as added byproduct benefits.

Truth to its name, CarboFix has already been tried and tested by the creator himself and his wife with great results and was also third-party tested for quality (though it’s not clear what this third-party might be).

Great care is placed in the manufacturing process – CarboFix is processed in the US in an FDA-approved facility in keeping with GMP standards. The processing machines use a special filter to prevent any possible contamination.

It is also totally natural and made from plants known for their beneficial properties and clinically validated by research. So far, so good, but how does it stand up to scrutiny? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Keep reading my review to find out.

CarboFix Review

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CarboFix Reviews

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CarboFix Overview

This supplement allegedly works on the premise of improving your body’s natural ability to burn calories for energy while reducing your hunger at the same time naturally.

The idea is that as we age, our ability to metabolize foods and use them as energy rather than fat storage decreases linearly, especially after the age of 50.

This situation leads to an ever-increasing waistline, wider love handles, protruding belly, round face, chubby thighs and glutes, and so forth.

While gaining weight is generally accepted as a natural effect of aging, a good diet and hard workouts can partially offset it. Especially short, intense workouts can activate AMPk or adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (more on this later), a cell-based enzyme responsible for converting sugar and fat into energy while reducing appetite.

The problem is that intense workouts activate AMPk for just a limited time. As a result, you should be training not only hard but often for you to benefit from this effect, which is not compatible with your joints, tendons, or muscles as you get older.

That’s the catch-22 conundrum of intense workouts after 50 – you do get fitness and weight loss benefits, but if you do it too often, your joints department will start complaining. On the other hand, if you don’t train hard frequently enough, your metabolism stays slow, and you won’t burn any fat.

CarboFix was formulated precisely to address this problem to give people over 50 an opportunity to reset their metabolism to optimal levels, the way it’s supposed to work as in younger days.

It contains a mix of plant-based ingredients blended to kick-start AMPk again at the cellular level, without the need to strain yourself with hard workouts all the time but burning fat all the way regardless.

This AMPk formula came about combining the creator’s expertise in the fitness and nutrition industry and a trip to South America, where he collected herbs and ingredients normally used by locals who displayed remarkable low body fat and longevity.

How Does CarboFix Work?

CarboFix Reviews

The Carbofix company selected the ingredients in each capsule to turn on metabolism naturally. They do so by addressing three specific aspects affecting metabolism and body weight:

  1. Fructans
  2. Resistin
  3. AMPk

Fructans Effects And Unsuspected Culprits

Fructans are sugar, specifically polymers of fructose found not just in bread or carbohydrates but more insidiously also in so-called healthy foods such as:

  • Onions
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagi
  • Cabbage

Why is it that carbs and healthy veggies also carry adverse side effects along with their benefits? Because they are rich in fructans. Fructan is a sugar that must be processed and stored in the liver, but only up to 50 grams.

Since many fructan-rich foods are common and regularly used in standard weight loss diet plans, any outstanding fructans past the 50-gram threshold will be passed on and filled into your fat cells and visceral fat.

As a result, your cholesterol and triglycerides levels increase, especially as you get older.

Strangely enough, many healthy vegetables can more than offset their intrinsic benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Not only that, but fructans can wreak havoc precisely because they prevent the metabolic booster AMPk enzyme from being activated, which is what CarboFix is designed to offset.

Resistin Effects On Fat Storage And Insuline

Just as the fructans cause you to gain weight, the aptly named resistin is a hormone that causes insulin resistance in humans and has been found consistently in high levels in obese individuals.

Insulin resistance is conducive to unhealthy blood sugar levels and increased blood lipids. Since resistin and insulin block the beneficial action of AMPk, your metabolism stays slow, and you cannot burn fat or convert it into energy.

Because of that, you enter a vicious, self-fueling cycle where you store more fat because of the fructans generally found in foods, then the AMPk-killer resistin kick in to prevent you from losing it in an ever-increasing predicament.

AMPk Weight Loss  – How Does That Work?

CarboFix formula is designed to restore AMP-activated protein kinase to optimal levels, no matter what, speeding up metabolism and offsetting the negative effects from fructans and resistin, while reducing appetite.

This means that not only does this supplement help burn fat but is also beneficial to a range of aspects associated with weight loss, such as:

  • Healthier blood sugar levels with no spikes
  • High and constant energy levels
  • Potential longer life span (less visceral fat and blood lipids, fewer risks of cardiovascular disease)
  • Restored libido

How CarboFix achieves this, you’ll find in the ingredients review below.

CarboFix Ingredients – The Formula Reviewed

CarboFix Ingredients

CarboFix contains six ingredients, of which two have the specific task to activate AMPk, while the remaining four contribute as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and blood sugar level optimizers.

Here is what I found about these ingredients and what they can do for weight loss.

Berberine – It’s a cellular enzyme from the protoberberine group found in common plants such as Berberis Aristata, Berberis Vulgaris, European Barberry, Greater Celandine, and many more plants.

It’s been proven to activate AMPk and increase glycolysis, resulting in diminished insulin resistance and healthier blood sugar levels.

Berberine also reduces glucogenesis in the liver, reducing liver sugar production, and lowers cholesterol levels and triglycerides, which improves cardiovascular health as a result.

Cinnamon Bark Extract – This is a different plant from the “true cinnamon” we usually keep in the kitchen cupboard as ground cinnamon. It belongs to the same family, and it’s called Cassia.

Cassia bark contains procyanidins and catechins, and it’s known for helping lower blood sugar. Apart from the beneficial effects on insulin resistance, cinnamon bark decreases the amount of sugar entering your bloodstream after eating.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – It’s a compound made in the mitochondrion and affects energy production at a cellular level. It improves metabolism and promotes weight loss by increasing fatty acid oxidation.

It’s been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar by activating AMPk and oxidative stress and inflammation.

Chromium – It helps control blood sugar levels by improving your body’s response to insulin and enhancing metabolism, resulting in less hunger and cravings while increasing the amount of AMPk in skeletal muscles.

Benfotiamine – Also called thiamine, benfotiamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). Because it is lipid-soluble, benfotiamine can penetrate the nerve cells and reduce inflammation and pain from arthritis or nerve damage by diabetes. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, this nutrient helps your body burn fat.

Naringin is a flavonoid typically found in orange or grapefruit peel or tomatoes, cocoa, or bergamot. Naringin is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and metabolic syndrome because it activates AMPk, thus boosting metabolism.

Where And How Is This Supplement Made?

CarboFix is a Gold Vida product made in the US in an FDA-approved facility under Good Manufacturing Practice standards. All ingredients are 100% natural, GMO-free with no toxic or chemical substances, and do not create dependency.

The manufacturing process and the quality standards are as good as it gets because:

  • All the ingredients are filtered through special machinery to prevent any possible contamination.
  • All the ingredients in CarboFix are backed by research, as they have been proven to enhance metabolism and prevent obesity.

Who Is Matt Stirling The CarboFix Creator?

Matt Stirling Matt Stirling is an accomplished athlete and personal trainer specialist. He runs his brand @, where he helps people accomplish their fitness goals.

He studied Fitness & Health Promotion at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and after that, he embarked on a successful career which saw him achieve several milestones such as:

  • Pro-Fitness Trainer Of the year in 2008
  • Certified Personal Trainer Specialist, CF-L1, MTS,
  • Fitness Coach
  • PFP Certified Fitness Consultant, NWC
  • 2011 WBFF PRO Bodybuilding World Champ
  • 2-Time Musclemania World Champion
  • WBFF Pro Bodybuilder, 3-Time World Champ

Today he dedicates himself to help people reach their goals, whether it be fitness or weight loss goals. All in all, the guy behind CarboFix is genuine, with a solid record in the fitness industry.

Who Is CarboFix For?

CarboFix Review

As you have seen, the ingredients of CarboFix were all selected for a maximum metabolic boost. While all the ingredients are plant-based, natural, and non-GM, there is a clear focus on metabolism and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This supplement formula is particularly suited for slower metabolism, such as mature people over 50 and more.

While exercise and diet are still paramount as you get older, it may be challenging to keep your metabolism fast enough to burn all the calories and convert them into energy.

Only strenuous resistance workouts repeated frequently enough can achieve that.

While this prerequisite may not be a problem even in senior years for some people, it may clash with worn-out tendons, painful joints, or stressed ligaments, which require a softer workout approach.

But without a high-intensity regimen is challenging to keep your metabolic rate consistently high, which leads to slow metabolism and an inability of your body to use calories the right way, burning them for energy rather than storing them as fat.

This is what CarboFix is meant to address, restoring fast metabolism, high energy levels, and fat-burning capabilities through a specific selection of ingredients that activate the AMPk enzyme at the cellular level.


What Benefits Can You Expect From It?

CarboFix Review

If you have been struggling with your slow metabolism and body weight, then the CarboFix formula can provide you with a natural way to fix this. You can expect to:

  • Speed up your metabolism.
  • Burn calories rather than storing them.
  • Enjoy greater energy levels.
  • Lose weight naturally.
  • Reduce your appetite and unhealthy cravings.
  • Optimize blood sugar levels.
  • Improve your general health.

What About Side Effects – If Any?

CarboFix is an entirely natural, plant-based supplement and is GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-Free, and no MSG.

No side effects have been reported for this supplement, and it’s generally considered very safe to use. However, you should use your common sense and ask for medical advice if you:

  • Suffer from any condition or ailment.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are under a medication that may not mix well with the CarboFix ingredients.
  • Be allergic to any of the ingredients.

Also, this supplement is meant for adults, middle-aged and senior people. Underage young people should not take it.

How Long For Results?

CarboFix is fast-acting. The Berberine and the other ingredients in the formula activate the AMPk enzyme right from the start, and you should start noticing the first changes after one week.

One month is a good average time range for people to notice a change in their body shape. Anything between 3 to 6 months generally results in a radical body overhaul with substantial observable weight loss and noticeably slimmer waist, thighs, glutes, arms, and sharper facial features.

On the inside, users start feeling progressively more energetic and active, the way they were years back.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, half an hour before your meal.

CarboFix Bonuses

Unusually for a weight loss supplement, CarboFix also offers three extra free bonuses. They are all nutrition booklets to help you make the best of your weight loss journey.

They are not compulsory to follow, and you may or may not abide by the dietary advice provided, but they are free nonetheless, so if you are curious what these are all about, here is a brief description of what to expect:

Bonus 1 – 10-Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

Because of this, the 10-day plan is doable and not strict. It contains general guidelines to help you lose weight by eating specific carbs that don’t get stored as fat. There’s one nutrient revealed you must take that every morning to help burn fat, plus advice on how to get your body to keep burning fat while asleep and a few hidden gems used by celebrities to stay slim all year round.

Bonus 2 – 24-Hour Fix

This bonus is just what the name suggests – a quick fix booklet to help you lose the first 5 pounds in 24 hours and just that. Anything more, you need to take the slow and steady approach with CarboFix or follow some dietary process.

Please note that the creator Matt Stirling stresses that you don’t need to follow any specific diet while taking CarboFix.

Bonus 3 – 50 Fat-Blasting Red Smoothies

It’s a collection of red smoothies in all combinations as a great way to take the CarboFix pill every morning. It’s the same recipes Matt’s wife used every morning for breakfast while taking CarboFix herself, which helped her lose weight fast and consistently.

The Good And The Bad Of CarboFix

Here’s a quick recap:

The Good

  • Ideal for people over 50.
  • It is formulated by a professional with years of experience.
  • It helps increase metabolism at the cellular level.
  • It is a completely natural supplement with no known side effects.
  • It burns fat while reducing hunger.
  • It stops carbohydrates from being store as fat.
  • It improves blood sugar levels.
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It removes the need for strenuous workouts to raise metabolism.
  • There is no need to follow a specific diet.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

The Bad

  • You can only get CarboFix online at the official website, not at your local store or anywhere else, online or at the high street stores.
  • Unsuitable for people under 18.

Price And Guarantee Info

CarboFix is offered with a special discount right now, though it may change in the future. Gold Vida offers three different packages:


  • 1 bottle – (30-day supply): $49 + shipping
  • 3 bottles – (90-day supply): $126 ($42 per bottle) + shipping
  • 6 bottles – (180-day supply): $204 ($34 per bottle) + shipping

CarboFix Reviews


The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact them within this time frame and have your entire order refunded, no questions asked.

==>>Visit The CarboFix Official Website<<==

Closing Thoughts On CarboFix – Is It Worth It?

Carbofix could be the right solution if you are in your middle age or senior years, especially if you find it harder to lose weight, burn fat and get the slim waist, thighs and belly you are after.

Consider that you find that your joints or ligaments cannot keep up with regular hard workouts to help you keep your metabolism high. In that case, the enzyme-boosting ingredients in CarboFix can naturally kick-start your metabolic rate once again through the activation of the AMPk.

This means you are not required to follow a workout regimen, nor do you have to follow any particular diet, even though the manufacturer recommends some dietary guidelines. It even offers free dietary booklet bonuses with the supplement.

To sum up, not only does CarboFix help you burn away your current fat storage, but it also converts the carbs you eat into energy rather than fat in the first place. As a result, you can expect higher energy levels. Since many of the ingredients regulate glucose and have beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, you can also enjoy steady blood sugar levels and better general health.

CarboFix Review

CarboFix FAQs

Who Created The CarboFix Supplement?

CarboFix was formulated by Matt Stirling, a nutrition professional with many years of experience and accomplishments in the fitness industry.

Does CarboFix Contain Chemicals Or Additives?

Absolutely not. This supplement is GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-Free, and no MSG. It is 100% plant-based, natural, and with no chemicals, stimulants, or addictive substances.

Is CarboFix Safe To Use?

As a result of the above point, CarboFix is generally very safe, and no known side effects have been reported. However, you should consult your doctor if you think you have any condition or are allergic to any ingredients. CarboFix is not for the underage.

Is CarboFix Safe For People Over 50 Years Of Age?

CarboFix was formulated specifically for people over 50 years of age precisely to address their slow metabolism and help them burn fat again. As a result, the manufacturer has taken the utmost care in providing the safest and most natural ingredients possible.

Do You Need To Follow A Diet While Taking CarboFix?

The simple answer is no. However, good nutrition is always important, and a proper dietary protocol helps lose weight and preserve general good health. CarboFix also provides some dietary advice as a free bonus.

How Long For It To Work?

You should expect the see the first tangible results after one week, but it may take one month at least for changes to be noticeable by others. The manufacturer recommends three months as a reasonable time frame for substantial results (6-month supply also available), though these may vary from person to person.

How Do You Take CarboFix?

Standard usage is straightforward – just two capsules per day half an hour before your meals, in the morning and the evening.

How Long Does It Take For Delivery?

It depends on country and distance and can only be calculated at the time of the order.

Can You Buy CarboFix From Amazon Or In Stores?

No. CarboFix can only be bought online at their official website

Does CarboFix Offer A Guarantee And Refund Policy?

Yes, CarboFix offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the results within 60 days from the date of the purchase, you can ask for a full refund.

CarboFix Review

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