Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Program Review – The Plan Exposed

Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Program is the latest update of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, one of the most enduring fat loss and lean muscle programs designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

The program works for regular guys and gals as well as for bodybuilders. Despite its name, It is much more than just a 7-day program.

This comprehensive review will cover all the parts of this program, its pros, and its cons.

Who Is It For?

The program was designed by a professional, natural bodybuilder for everyone, not just for bodybuilders, as the strategies employed by natural bodybuilders to achieve a low body fat, ripped look, work just as well for regular people.

Burn The Fat is customizable to each person, man or woman, young and old, allowing not just to burn fat but also to build extra lean muscle if required.

The program is progressive in structure making it impossible to reach pro-bodybuilder proportions overnight. It takes years of dedication to reach that level and the author goes to great lengths to reassure regular men and especially women on this issue.

Burn The Fat 7-Day Body Transformation Review

The fact that the program was designed by a bodybuilder simply implies a real knowledge of what truly works for effective fat burning, not an attempt to get people looking like pro bodybuilders.

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Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Update

Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation is the latest update of the program, improved with a thorough 7 day setup blueprint encompassing all aspects of your fat burning plan, which is customizable to your own requirements and body type.

However, the name is a bit misleading as the program is a fully comprehensive workout and nutritional blueprint for long-term results that requires discipline well after the first 7 days for best results.

The program makes a clear distinction between burning fat as opposed to simply losing body weight, a nod to the implicit necessity to keep one’s metabolism high with physical activity in addition to a moderate calorie deficit, unlike drastic diets that resort to an excessive calorie deficit without physical effort.

What Is Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation?

One common misconception that Tom Venuto points out is that many people confuse weight loss with fat loss and that they are more concerned about the scale than about body composition.

What Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation does is kicking the body into fat-burning mode rather than temporary water loss or muscle depletion through ineffective low-calorie diets.

The result is the reduction of fat tissue only, not water or muscle. This can be achieved by eating the right fat-burning foods and avoiding fat-storing foods. Providing that your body type initial set up is correct, the program gives you an exact blueprint on how to implement nutrition and exercise step by step.

However, fat loss is achieved even without exercising but simply adhering to the nutritional plan, since the metabolic principles behind the correct nutrition, depending on body type, work for everyone, from obese people, to overweight people, to regular guys and gals, to bodybuilders.

In addition to that, the program gives you a solid blueprint on weight resistance training in order to build muscle in addition to losing fat, should you chose so. What is surprising regarding the weight training in the fat loss equation is that you do NOT need to perform high repetition range sets to get “definition” like the old school advocates, let alone fat loss.

On the contrary, Tome Venuto training guidelines revolve around heavy, low repetition sets with the 5 big Kings of exercises: squat, deadlift, bench press, military press (overhead), and barbell rows. That’s it. Basic compound exercises that, combined with the right foods in the right amount, kick your metabolism into overdrive and your fat storage into a burning mode.

Burn The Fat by Tom Venuto Girl

How Does It Work Exactly?

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle stands the test of time as a valid fat-burning and lean muscle program because it is based on a more realistic approach to weight loss that has more to do with burning fat tissue and improving body composition rather than just losing body weight on the scale.

This latest update, the Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation Program, simply carries on the knowledge and the results accrued over the years with the previous editions. The program basically tells the story as it is when it comes to weight loss.

A healthy weight loss is based on fat loss only, not generic bodyweight loss, as the latter typically includes lean muscle loss as well. That is why the author advises against long term, extreme calorie deficit, as this will lower your metabolism and make you lose muscle along with fat.

Instead, he recommends to NOT reduce your calorie intake to less than 20% of your daily requirements, which in turn can vary a lot depending on your body type, level of fitness, and personal goals, like keeping your muscles as they are or building them up.

The theory of the program can be summed up with 4 elements:

First Element- Mindset

It’s the ability to have a positive attitude and run through the workout and diet commitments with a positive, willing attitude rather than a forceful one.

Basically, it involves working yourself to a kind of auto-pilot kind of approach, rather than forcing yourself to work out or resisting food cravings. This mindset idea also involves picturing yourself in the future and change the image you hold of yourself on the inside in order to make changes real on the outside.

Basically, this mindset approach helps you start on the right path and stay focused to the end without loss of motivation. It means that you have to change your mind first in order to change your body.

Second Element – Nutrition

What you eat and how much is still paramount as no amount of exercise can make up for a poor diet. Tom Venuto mentions nutrition even before the workouts, and only after the mindset idea, for a good reason. You are what you eat. Your body weight and composition reflect that.

Eating right does not mean just eating less though. The author points out that restricting calories excessively is not the best way to actually burn fat and get rid of it. He points out that lean and ripped bodybuilders with ultra-low body fat do not starve.

On the contrary, typical “dieters” eat like sparrows but they also lower their metabolism, losing not just fat but also precious muscle mass in the process. Conversely, people who mastered the ability to burn only fat, do so because they know how to keep their metabolism high, which is cutting down calories by no more than 20% as part of the deal. The other part of the deal comes in the form of exercise.

That’s why mindset and nutrition are so important. They are the 2 stepping stones upon which the last 2 elements are based.

Third Element – Correct Cardio Training

While you need a degree of calorie deficit, the program does not rely just on that. More calorie deficit can only slow down your metabolism with a general loss of body mass, not fat.

So the only way to ramp up your metabolism is by adding to your moderate calorie deficit some form of exercise to increase your calorie deficit from working out rather than just lack of food.

Correct cardio is perfect to complete the picture, not endless treadmill or jogging, more like high-intensity cardio that takes into account frequency, intensity, and duration.

Fourth Element – Correct Strength Training

This also works wonders to increase metabolism and can be used in conjunction with cardio for better results as weight training helps keep metabolism high and burn more calories.

Extra muscle also improves body composition and prevents a skinny fat kind of weight loss, with low body weight, low muscle mass but high-fat tissue. All in all, resistance training helps not just burn more fat but also improves body composition for a better physique. A win-win situation.

Burn The Fat Workouts

About Author Tom Venuto

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Tom Venuto is a professional all-natural bodybuilder who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Adult Health and Fitness from Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania.

He developed an accurate system for everyone designed to quickly lose fat by following different nutritional and exercise guidelines, depending on one’s body type.

His program has already allowed people from all walks of life and shape to dramatically reduce fat while keeping their muscles on. A previous version of the program was called “Burn The Fat 49 Day Body Transformation System”.

The idea behind this customized approach goes further back to about 80 years ago when a guy called William H. Sheldon first noticed how different body types respond differently to the same diet or nutritional approach, which means the same nutritional plan can work for some people but not for others, hence the many failures experienced by people, rarely offset by some success stories.

The main body types are, of course, ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. But these basic body type foundations are not set in stone and most people have some features of at least two of these body types combined together in different degrees.

Tom Venuto tells you exactly how to work out what type of body type you have to begin with before you even start the program. This is paramount and the foundation of his customized blueprint which will make your fat loss effective and not a “hope and pray” attempt.

Burn The Fat 7 Day Body Transformation PDF And Components

The program is set up in a 7 step layout, one for each day as follows.

Day 1 – This is the “mind training” day. The author points out the great importance of the right mindset for your success, telling you to set your goals in advance and teaching you tricks to keep your motivation high. The first day is dedicated to training your brain for the tasks ahead so that training hard and eating right will come as second nature.

Day 2 – This is a calorie lesson in which you get to learn how much you should really eat with the right proportions of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The total amount and nutrients ratios vary depending on your body type and goals. This means how much protein you should eat depending on whether you want to just maintain the muscles you already have or build more mass.

Day 3 – This lesson is dedicated to helping you tell apart which foods actually help speed up metabolism and which ones do not. The right foods allow you to moderately cut down calories while keeping metabolism high, while the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your fat-burning capabilities, particularly 12 foods to avoid like the plague.

Day 4 – Here the author tells you about 3 particular food types that eaten in combination allegedly boost your metabolism even further, reducing body fat and raising energy levels. He also throws in 10 of the most popular Burn The Fat recipes to implement these food combinations.

Day 5 – This is when you finally get your customized meal plan in addition to the recipes learned the day before. You can then create meals on a long-term range with the help of software. The meal planning allows for flexibility, providing you stay within the calories and macros guidelines.

Day 6 – On this day you set up your customized training regime, depending on your body type and goals, whether you just want to keep your muscle and just burn the extra fat or want to add extra lean muscle. There are 4 different workout plans to choose from designed for all fitness levels. 

Day 7 – This day is dedicated to the so-called “feedback loop’ system. This is a method for accurately measuring your results, monitor your progress, and make small adjustments to fine-tune your progress for faster results.

The important thing is that the strategies do not stop after 7 days though, there are many more included in the program, as it is not just a one-week plan.

The Bonuses

The program consists of the main manual as described above plus 5 bonuses listed below.

Bonus 1 – Burn the Fat Essentials – The Fat-Burning Toolkit.

burn the fat tool kit This is the tech part of the program and includes all the software paraphernalia where a calculation is needed, so you can accurately put the theory into practice.

These tools make it easy to work out the calories, the workouts, the macronutrients proportions, the shopping list, the goal planning, and so on.

Bonus 2Burn The Fat Meal Planner

burn the fat meal planner This is a separate application that customizes your meal plans and saves them for reference. The meals are not set in stone and can be adjusted to your own foods.

Starting from set standards, the software lets you mix meals and recipes to create a huge variety of meal plans. Just put in your data and click the button. A very useful tool to prevent boredom and keep you motivated to stick to an effective diet plan.

Bonus 3Burn The Fat Recipes

burn the fat recipes This is a recipe book developed over time by Tom Venuto with the feedback of his clients. It is a time-saver, as it does offer proven and tested recipes suitable to the program diet plan.

The recipes were concocted by people who needed a time-effective way to prepare the right meals to go along with the diet and workout plans, people with a busy lifestyle that have no time to waste but still want results. The recipes are easy and quick to prepare even for novices since they are supposed to aid a fitness program, not a master chef competition.

Bonus 4Burn The Fat Body Fat Testing System

Burn The Fat Body Fat This booklet is called “How To Measure Your Body Fat”. Body composition is the most important aspect of any fitness, fat loss, or muscle-building program. This information is perfectly in line with Tom Venuto’s precept of burning fat, not simply losing body weight.

It is the ratio of lean muscle vs muscle mass that determines the way you look. There are scales and plicometers to tell you what is your body fat %. Instead, this book contains a 2-minute unique test to measure your own body fat. 

Bonus 5Burn the Fat Inner Circle Six Months Support.

Burn The fat Inner Circle This final bonus is probably the best of the bundle. It is a testimony of the author’s dedication to helping people achieve their goals and stay committed. The Inner Circle is a social community where all the customers interact in a discussion forum.

This bonus gives you access for 6 months during which you can ask anything to Tom Venuto himself and he will act as your personal coach. We think that spending time on the online social community is a big helper to keep you on track and motivated, much more than if you were on your own. This is an area where most other programs fail.

Burn The Fat

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Closing Thoughts

This latest update of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is a proven and tested program to lose fat (not water or muscle) and build muscle, should you chose so. It is for everyone, men and women, not just for bodybuilders, and it gives clear and easy step-by-step instructions on nutrition and exercise in order to achieve your goals.

It does so with reference instructions on which foods to eat, which ones to avoid, exactly how to train, what kind of cardio and weight resistance to do. The workouts can be performed at home with basic equipment, no need for a gym unless you want to, and no need for supplements.

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