Booty Type Training Review – Hype Or Real? The Truth Revealed!

Booty Type Training is a complete women-only program created to improve the look and tone of all the different types of butts, 4 to date. The plan includes workout video tutorials, manuals, and nutritional advice.

Unlike other similar programs, this one was designed to be as comprehensive as possible, given the variety of genetic makeups that would make a single blueprint not the most effective way to address the booty problem.

Whatever your booty type starting point, the whole point of the plan is to balance your gluteus maximus with specific exercises that target more or less different areas of your butt, depending on where you need it most.

Different booties mean different fat and muscle mass composition and hip structure. By expertly combining the best exercises according to your genetic makeup,  author Jessica Gouthro claims to provide you with the best possible guidance to address your own booty regimen for optimal results.

All the exercises can be done at home, no equipment needed or gym membership and no, the workouts do not involve endless squats in all variations. Most squats are “quad dominant” anyway, and the author’s movements are optimized for maximum gluteus activation, not leg.

Booty is one of the top problem areas experienced by many women and always gets priority when embarking on a fitness or workout schedule. There are many schools and approaches in regard to butts, but the Booty Type Training program seems to stand apart from the crowd because of its specificity and flexibility to all possible scenarios.

Booty Type Training Review

So I decided to investigate this program to find out whether it stands up to scrutiny.

Quick Overview On Booty Type Training

The Booty Type Training program addresses not just booties but also cellulite and varicose veins as bonus guidance. However, the meat of the programs is workouts, nutrition, video tutorials, and tracking spreadsheets.

The author claims you can start seeing the first results within 2 or 3 weeks and the program is suitable for women of all ages, from 20 to 70 years old.

As the name suggests, the program hinges on different training schedules for different booty types. However, this is not carved in stone: should you feel your butt is of a different shape or a cross between the main types, Jessica is happy to help you out via email for a customized workout schedule.

In order to work out which booty you are dealing with, you have first to go through a “What’s My Booty Type?” quiz inside the program. Once established that you can choose accordingly from one of the 4 different training schedules offered. 

Booty Type Training Workouts

The 4 Booty Types Described In The Program are:

  • H-Shaped Booty
  • O-Shaped Booty
  • A-Shaped Booty
  • V-Shaped Booty

The different shapes are the result of different hip structures and/or muscle plus fat distribution, here is what the author means:

The H Shaped Booty is the visual result of a high hip bone structure that makes the booty look narrow and boxy, kind of square. The remedy is NOT squatting, but specific bodyweight exercises for the butts to fill and round up the hip bones.

The O Shaped Booty is the result of extra fat in the buns. The problem with this type of booty is that fat tends to sag under gravity, and so it creates unsightly fat rolls at the bottom.

The solution, in this case, is once again using unique movements specific to the gluteus maximus in order to strengthen it and make it perky. Cardio and dieting are NOT recommended, as it can result in a shrunken and sunk booty.

The A Shaped Booty is caused by a combination of narrow hips at the top plus fat at the bottom. The workout regimen for this type of booty is one that burns the fat at the bottom while toning the muscle above it so as to give it a round and sexy look.

The V-Shaped Booty is the result of a combination of narrow hips at the bottom with more fat at the top. In this case, the movements provided target the lower part of the gluteus Maximus to make it fuller and stronger, while burning some of the fat at the top to balance the overall look.

Booty Type Training Nutrition

What About Equipment And Workouts?

The Booty Type Training schedule consists of just three 10-minute workouts per week. All exercises are bodyweight only for women who want to train from the comfort of home without unnecessary gear.

While exercises are customized to each unique booty type, they are generally highly specific to the glutes only and do not involve squatting. Jessica states that squats are quad dominant and backs up her claim with a study from the  Journal of Strength and Conditioning which says that squatting engages far more the leg muscles than the gluteus maximus.

The main manual offers useful information and tips to maximize results. Particularly useful is the topic of mind-muscle connection, as this is an often neglected aspect of any workout schedule.

Specifically, Booty Type Training gives an insight on how to unlock your glutes and establish control on the booty muscles so as to train them to full effect and forget about the so-called “butt amnesia“, a medical term for women who have lost nerve function in your butts. 

Booty Type Training Exercises

 Booty Type Training Nutritional Guidelines

This is more a workout program for the booty rather than a diet plan. However, nutrition is always paramount for the best results in any program and thus the author included few simple and effective rules to stick to in your booty-shaping journey.

One such rule is to never eat certain foods before or after a workout and which foods actually never eat at all if you do not want to have any more cellulite dimples.

While this is all good and well, it does not have the pretense to be a full diet blueprint either. If on top of your booty shape you also have a bodyweight issue to deal with, then a proper weight management schedule on a moderate and steady calorie deficit may be appropriate, but this would go beyond the scope and range of Booty Type Training.

Booty Type Training Plan

About Author Jessica Gouthro

Jessica Gouthro Jessica Gouthro is a well-known NASM certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach and co-host of the popular YouTube show Live Lean TV. She is also a  Prenatal Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys a vast following online with a very popular YouTube channel and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Before becoming a fitness and physique competitor around age 22 she used to struggle with her own weight. With her hubby Brad, she now follows a fitness and nutrition regimen that keeps her in top shape year-round, 365 days, with no bulking or cutting needed.

With her brands Team Live Lean and Live Lean Nation, she promotes being lean and fit as a way of life for everyone. In other words, Jessica Gouthro lives and breathes fitness and is well qualified to coach people in the art of fitness, well-being, and booty shaping.

Booty Type Training Contents – What’s Inside?

This is a digital program comprising 4 main components and 3 bonuses. All components are delivered immediately online through a download and are viewable on smartphones, PC, and tablets.

The main components are:

  • The Booty Type Training main manual – The core of the program with all the theory and explanation.
  • Booty Type Training Video Library – A collection of tutorial videos by Jessica herself to teach exactly how to perform the movements.
  • The Complete Workout Plans – 4 Different workout plans to choose from depending on your booty type.
  • The Printable Workout Logs – Tracking sheets to keep you on the right path and monitor progression.

The 3 bonuses are:

  • Cellulite Freedom Guide – Tips and suggestions on how to lose or mitigate cellulite, permanently or temporarily, including nutritional advice on how to accomplish this.
  • Hollywood Booty Black Boot – More tips and advice to achieve a perfect looking booty as used by celebrities, including posture and quick-fix routines.
  • Varicose Vein Erased – This book contains nutritional and wardrobe advice to reduce or eliminate varicose veins.

Booty Type Training Program

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The Last Word

Booty Type Training is not a hype program but a genuine plan with solid workouts and strategy that target the booty for re-shaping it to a firmer, rounder one.

It is a minimalist plan because based on bodyweight exercises that do not require equipment or gym membership and it takes away very little of your time, making it suitable for busy women too.

The workouts were designed by a female coach and fitness specialist with tons of experience and know-how on the booty topic, then shot and recorded for the program’s clients.

It is quite a heavy-weight program for the price range, with a lot of information,  workout customizations, tracking, and extra bonuses on booty-related topics like cellulite and varicose veins, most importantly it contains video tutorials.

While it is a solid program to rely on for reshaping your booty to a round, sexy, and perky asset, it is a bit thin on the nutritional side. Sure, the nutritional advice is there, but it is narrow-focused on booty results rather than general bodyweight management.

This means that if you need to lose more bodyweight as part of your booty-shaping process, you may also need to consider a more balanced nutritional lifestyle for the long run.

Other than that, if you just need to focus on re-balancing the look and tone of your glutes, then Booty Type Training offers a  solid blueprint to a well proportioned, sexier booty.

Booty Type Training

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