Comprehensive Bodyweight Surge Review – Jason Klein’s Plan Analyzed

Comprehensive Bodyweight Surge Review – Jason Klein’s Plan Analyzed
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If you’ve been searching Google trying to find information on Bodyweight Surge you’ve come to the right place.

Will it fit into your life style? Is it an effective bodyweight program? Does it take a lot of your time? What are the benefits, pros and cons and who is it for?

About Jason Klein

jason klein

Jason Klein is an established strength coach with a Bachelors degree in Health Science and a Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement.

After graduating,  he was a Fitness Instructor for the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

He also holds a catalogue on various  Personal Training Certifications and has been training scores of clients along the way.

Through his commitments, he has been featured on various programs like Critical Bench, Turbulence Training, Suspension Revolution, Bodyweight Burn, Ben Pakulsky’s Athetics and more.

He now has an ambitious plan to help 5 millions men and women globally to change their body and mind by 2025.

Bodyweight Surge Outline

There are many body weight or calisthenics plans out there, but Jason Klein’s Bodyweight Surge has a unique interpretation of body weight workouts.

His plan places great care on low impact movements that are gentle on your joints but very effective on your metabolism, creating a “surge” in metabolic rate supposedly kicking in your fat burning speed into overdrive.

The program is set up in a 14 day time frame with daily workouts lasting just 15 minutes each designed for an optimal fat loss of about 14 lbs, 1 lb a day. The unique technique used in these workouts called “Surge Sets” that gives the name to the program has been tested at the University of Tampa.

This program requires no gym equipment and no isolation exercises at all, only multi-joint compound movements that can be done with your own body weight at home, so this is good news for busy people looking for a valid workout solution.

The program is meant to be first and foremost a workout plan, not just a diet plan, as the high metabolic rate induced  by the surge sets results in lean muscle growth and quick fat loss, allowing for no particular restriction in your diet, even though there are also nutritional guidelines.

Bodyweight Surge Workouts

The program lays its foundation in the short, intense workouts kind of training. The author points out that this kind of training has been taking hold in recent years for a good reason, because it does work better than long, marathon workouts at low intensity.

Bodyweight Burn in particular is focused on 3 basic ideas that act as the framework of its plan. These are:

Compound Or Multi-Joint Exercises

This is the kind of exercises that are the most effective for burning fat and building muscle because they induce post exercise oxygen consumption and fat burning for up to 24 hours.

On the contrary, isolation exercises like bicep curls fail to burn fat because they do not engage large areas of muscle groups simultaneously. As a result, they do not raise your metabolic rate high enough and have next to nil effect on burning fat.

Isolation exercises are a waist of time and require years of dedication to build up enough muscle mass that helps burn fat. Compound movements offer a much shorter and effective route as they help you burn fat, build muscle and gain strength in one single stroke because they engage multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Low Impact Movements

Not only are low impact movements easy on your joints, they actually achieve faster results. They create a more focused stimulus on your targeted muscle areas without energy waste.

Low impact movements go through different multi-joint actions in a fluid sequence, thus eliminating the high impact forces of exercises like jumping jacks, for instance.

These fluid, low impact movements also  force your core muscles to become involved, improving cardio-vascular conditioning. On the contrary, high impact exercises put tremendous stress on your joints and extra strain on your heart and arteries.

Systematic Progression

This means that you need a method of progression in order to force your body to adapt to ever increasing doses of the same stimulus. You increase the same stimulus only when your body has adapted to it, not before.

Hence the need to keep exercises constant for a certain time frame while increasing their intensity progressively, without changing and switching one exercise to another all the time.

If you constantly change the stimulus, your body will not have had enough time to adapt to that stimulus upon which it can build more strength, resilience and eventually change. Constantly changing exercises just confuses your body, but    systematic and progressive muscle contractions work much better.

The idea of muscle confusion is today outdated. The idea originated from the belief that changing constantly exercises would trick your body into building muscle and burning fat.

Jason Klein backs up the systematic progression idea with his knowledge accrued over 5 year of University education and his professional experience. What he found out is that the human body responds well to exactly the opposite of muscle confusion, that is systematic muscle contraction progression.

Bodyweight Surge Cycles

bodyweight surgeThe plan is marketed for 14 days, allegedly to lose 14 lbs, but in reality it can be used as a permanent protocol for long term results thereafter to consolidate and improve on the initial results. We do not think anyone should stop training after 2 weeks only.

The layout is simple and include video demonstrations to help you “get” the exercises correctly plus all the theory about the “Surge” effect and why it works. The workouts are customizable to every level of fitness and body type.

This is the basic layout of the program, but there are also some bonuses described at the bottom of this review. The core 14 days are structured in this way, each day a 15 minutes workout:

Day 1 – Surge Preparation

  • Find out what your body fat % and lean mass are.
  • Calculate your daily macro-nutrients requirements, carbs, fats, protein.
  • Plan your macro-nutrients for the duration of the plan.

Days 2 to 5 – Surge Prime

  • 1 Minute warmup
  • 4-minute core surge
  • 4-minute strength surge
  • 4-minute METCON surge
  • 2-minute cool down

Days 6 to 10 – Strength Surge

  • 1 minute mobility
  • 4-minute core surge progression
  • 4-minute strength surge progression
  • 4-minute METCON surge progression
  • 2-minute cool down

Days 11 to 14 – Power Surge

  • 1 minute mobility
  • 4-minute core power surge
  • 4-minute strength power surge
  • 4-minute METCON power surge
  • 2-minute cool down

Bodyweight Surge Case Study

Jason Klein also points out an interesting University study that compared back to back bench press vs push up performed by the same individual. Now, this test was done on one person, so we think the data is way too small to draw conclusions, however it is still noteworthy. Here is what happened.

They took a “guinea-pig” guy and asked him to do a 1-rep max on the bench press while his muscular activity was recorded, so that they could find out how much muscle was activated during his maximum effort lift.

Then they sent the guy back home to rest and the next day the team asked him to do one push up while also pushing his hands toward his body at the same time, as hard as possible.

They found that the “extra torque” push up produced an extra 50% overall fat burning tension over the bench press 1 rep max. The point of the author is that body weight workouts applied with proper technique are more effective that traditional weight training.

 Bodyweight Surge PDF And Components

Bodyweight Surge is a digital only program. It is made of PDF manuals and demonstration online videos, therefore can be viewed on all mobile devices anywhere.The components are:

  • The core manual with all the information on the theory and the workouts day by day as described above.
  • The demonstration videos.
  • Bonus 1 – Body Of Purpose – Strength Academy – This is a 14 day free trial that comes by default with the program and is geared toward long-term fat loss. The free trial allows you to take advantage of the system while making your mind up whether you want to stick with it or not at the end of the trial, which also coincides with the end of your basic program.
  • Bonus 2 – Surge Nutrition Manual – This is a PDF manual containing more in depth information on macro-nutrients and how to make the best use of them for fast results, like what foods to eat and when.
  • Bonus 3 – Surge Workout Log – This is your personal log to keep track of your progress.

bodyweight surge

The Pros

  • Effective and time efficient program –  The workouts last only 15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour or more for weight training workouts.
  • Effective bodyweight “surge” technique – It makes use of multi-joint, compound workouts coupled with low impact movements and systematic progression to effectively burn more fat and build lean muscle in a fraction of time.
  • Permanent results – Providing you stick to the guidelines, Bodyweight Surge offers a simple yet comprehensive way to greater levels of fitness, strength, lean muscle and fat loss for life, not just 14 days.
  • Knowledgeable and reputable author – Jason Klein has all the bells and whistles in place to qualify him as a top author and coach. He has already helped successfully scores of clients with his bodyweight method.
  • Minimalist program to say the least – Does not require any equipment, let alone gym membership. The program can be implemented at home, while traveling or just about anywhere with very limited time and space available.
  • Suitable to men, women, young and older. The plan is flexible to adjust to any need.
  • Food flexible – It allows to eat without unreasonable restrictions as the high metabolic rate ensured by the workouts are enough to kick fat burning into overdrive. Even so, you must of course follow basic macro-nutrients guidelines and not eat whatever you fancy.
  • Faster results than traditional weight resistance. Body weight training allows only for compound movements involving several muscle groups at once, not isolation exercises. As such, it is more effective for fast muscle building and fat loss.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – Just in case should something not be satisfactory.
  • Convenient digital product – As there are no shipping costs and deliveries involved, the product is actually cheaper that it would be if it was physical. Plus, it is instantly available upon purchase and you can carry it with you on your smartphone or tablet.

 The Cons

  • The standard layout of the program may give the impression that this is just a 14 day blueprint. In reality you can keep going well after the first 14 days, the first 2 weeks are just an initial time frame to see your first results and keep you motivated for even better results in the long run. This is more a clarification than a criticism.
  • Not available in physical format. For most this may not be a negative point, except for those who prefer to have a CD or book delivered to their door. This option is not available.

The Bottom Line

Bodyweight Surge is a quite unique program in the body weight and calisthenic training scenario. Its workouts stand out for the kind approach to joint health and training intensity, forcing metabolism to go high and burn fat.

However, it is not just a fat loss program, more like a fitness plan with effectiveness for fast results, lean muscle gains and strength in mind. Fat loss comes simply as a collateral effect of this kind of training for the beneficial impact it has on metabolic rate.

Since it can be implemented anywhere with no equipment, Bodyweight Surge is recommended for those who do not like to go to the gym, are fed up with equipment or simply want a more effective method for building muscle and reduce body fat permanently.





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