Bodyweight Flow Review – Does This Unusual Bodyweight Training Plan Work?

bodyweight flow programThis review of Bodyweight Flow will reveal you how this unusual program  works not just stand alone, but also as a plugin-program that you can slot into your current workout routines in order to improve your flexibility and strength.

But what are the benefits, pros and cons of this program and what can it do for you? Below a quick summary.

What Is Bodyweight Flow?

Bodyweight Flow is a blueprint offering different levels of intensity workouts from beginner to advanced designed to restore flexibility and coordination, improving posture, calorie burning and strength in the process.

These simple workouts are very short but must be done on a daily basis, following the idea that short but frequent reminders send the signal to your body to change. There are 63 different workouts on 2 minutes each in the program that allegedly boost metabolic rate for rapid fat loss.

The program routines are filtered and hand picked from the most effective yoga, stretching and pilates exercises. The attraction it that these sequences can can be inserted into your current workouts between sets, say during your rest time.

These movements allegedly help you burn up to 53% more calories, improve flexibility by 7%, strength by 27% and posture. Intrigued by these claims, we dug into the program to find out more.

The 2 minute sequences are varied and structured in a progressive way  so as to prevent your body from becoming adapted. Before release, the author tested these routines on his clients ranging from young to old people, from male to female and found that this method consistently helped  burn more calories and improve range of motion and strength.

These routines have also been used with people with severe flexibility problems that prevented them from performing regular exercises like squats and push ups, but can be used to further improve anyone’s performance.

Who Is The Author?

tyler bramlett

The creator of the program is Tyler Bramlett, aka the Garage warrior, as he is known online. This is because he chose to run an independent fitness business set up from his own garage rather than from big-gun fitness corporations.

He is an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coach who has already helped many people to look and feel better. He himself had been involved in traditional gym workouts with little progress until an accident put him out of order for a while.

The motivation to find alternative training methods came from the fact that he found traditional exercise and workout routines pretty useless to recover strength and lose weight after the accident lay-off.

He then switched to body weight workouts, simple routines that had been around for centuries and realized that they were very effective for strength, flexibility, lean muscle gains and far loss.

From here his decision to help others using workout methods that were not main stream, learning and training with the top experts in gymastics, weight lifting, kettlebells, bodyweight workouts and rehab routines.

Bodyweight Burn Case Studies Back Ups

While Tyler Bramlett had already found out the effectiveness of these kind of routines empirically on his own clientele through his own observation, he did not feel satisfied until he actually found a scientific back up that would exactly explain how and why these exercises were impacting flexibility, strength and calorie burning.

He had to sift through tons of material until he finally came to the conclusion that these kind of routines are nothing new. In fact, he came across 2 different studies that apparently shed light on why these movements worked.

#1 Case Study

bodyweight flow case study 1

This is a 2001 study by Susan Gray and Myra Nimmo published by Sport Science in which a test group performing similar routines to the Bodyweight Flow workouts was compared to a reference group who performed none.

The results was that the test group increased oxygen consumption by about 21% which, according to Tyler, would also explain the increase of calorie burning up to 53%.

The author does not provide any reference link to this study, so we had to dig down and eventually did find it.  You can read more here and here.

#2 Case Study

bodyweight flow case study 2

This one is a study by Dr. Subhabrata Kar and Prof. Alok K. Banerjee published from the IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science and again compared a test group vs a reference group back to back. The difference is that this study was about variations in performance rather than oxygen consumption.

The result was that people doing these short routines experienced a strength increase of up to 27% and a flexibility improvement of up to 7%, allegedly in just 1 session. This last test was the last piece in the puzzle that Tyler needed as proof of the effectiveness of these workouts. Again, the links to the original second study here and here.

Bodyweight Burn Components

The program consists of 63 follow along videos organized into fitness levels and body parts. The video library covers upper body, lower body and full body workouts, each section containing 21 exercises, in turn divided into 7 exercises  for beginners, 7 for intermediates and 7 for advanced.

The main program is structured into 4 main parts, but the author also offers 5 extra bonuses. Here is the breakdown.

Bodyweight Flow Main Program

  • bodyweight flow programThe Bodyweight Flow Quick Start Guide – This pamphlet is useful to get you started right off the bat without having to go through the whole program. You can do that later as you go along while getting the first results.
  • 21 Upper Body Routines Video Routines – There are 21 different demonstrative videos, 7 each for beginners, intermediates and advanced. The exercises are designed to activate your core and upper body and loosen up tight shoulders.
  • 21 Lower Body Video Routines – Ditto as above, but targeting your lower body.
  • 21 Full Body Video Routines – Ditto as above, but targeting your whole body to burn fat faster and accelerate results.


The 5 Bonuses

  • Daily Flow Calendar – This a month long blueprint for beginners, intermediates and advanced designed to further up your improvements with the plan.
  • Exercise Pairing Guide – This manual match and mix the routines you should do depending on what training you are doing.
  • 14 – 10 Minute Routines – This is a blueprint of 14 different workouts, each lasting 10 minutes and made up by 3 different routines.
  • 14 – 20 Minute Routines – Again 14 workouts but lasting 20 minutes.
  • 14 – 30 Minute Routines – Ditto as above but lasting 30 minutes.


What Are The Benefits Of This Program? What Can It Do For You?

The main advantage of this blueprint is that it can be used in conjunction with any fitness training program you are already using. The routines last only 2 minutes and can easily plugged into your regular workouts to enhance their effectiveness.

The routines take the best from pilates, yoga and bodyweight workouts with the goal to strengthen your body, lose more fat and increase its overall performance. They can be done between your regular workout sets, so as to increase your total workout volume without extra time needed.

The routines are easy to follow thanks to the video format. The videos themselves were well put together by a professional team and with the help of Sylvia Favela, Tyler’s friend who first tipped him off about these routines.

Positive Points

  • Professional and reputable author – Tyler Bramlett is a household name in the online fitness community.
  • Easy to follow program – The main part of the program consists of follow-along videos that leave no room for error.
  • Effective routines – These workouts have already been tried and tested on many of Tyler’s clients, resulting in and increase in strength, flexibility  and fat loss rate.
  • Plugin and time effective plan – Unusually, this program can be done in conjunction with other programs to get the most benefits. The 2 minutes routines can be slot into your current exercises at no extra time expenses.
  • Flexible – The exercises are suitable for all level of fitness and are categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced routines.
  • Digital plan – It has the convenience of instant availability upon purchase, no need to wait for deliveries. What’s more, the videos can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet so you can watch them anywhere, anytime.
  • Professional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – The guarantee is actually quadruple, covering results, customer support, quality and satisfaction.

Bodyweight Flow Guarantee

Negative Points

  • Despite the 2 case studies backing up the program theory, there is a concern that the set of exercises in the program and those in the case studies may not be equal. While the program routines proved effective on clients, we feel that the evidence might have been extrapolated to suit the results.

The Bottom Line On Bodyweight Flow

Bodyweight Flow uniqueness is that it can be used as an ancillary program to any current workout plan you may be already using. This is possible because the routines involved are very short and can be plugged in between your regular exercises.

The routines were developed on a yoga, pilates and bodyweight exercises foundation, initially with the goal to increase flexibility and strength for people weak in these areas, later on for anyone as they proved just as effective as an addition to any regular training regime to further enhance strength, posture and calorie burning.