Bodyweight Burn Review – The Workout Plan For Busy People Exposed

Bodyweight Burn is a simple workout program designed by Adam Steer for busy people or anyone who does not want to join a gym.

The $19 program is based on specific bodyweight exercises that do not require any equipment except a floor mat.

But how does it work, and what are the pros and cons of this program?

Who Is Bodyweight Burn For?

The program is suitable for just about everyone, particularly those who do not want to train in a crowded gym or are fed up with spending money on memberships.

Traveling people, business people with little time for training, or moms at home with kids can also benefit from the program.

Bodyweight Burn does not require any equipment and is minimalist to the extreme.

Bodyweight Burn Review

You don’t need to buy any equipment except, maybe, for a yoga mat (totally optional) and can be done from the comfort of home even in the dead of winter, no need to go jogging in the cold or drive the car to the gym.

It is the ideal lock-down and pandemic program for anyone who has to keep fit or lose weight at home under duress.

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What Is Bodyweight Burn?

Bodyweight Burn

Bodyweight Burn focuses on losing fat and maintaining or building lean muscle. The blueprint is structured in a scalable way involving several exercises of different intensity across two separate phases.

However, it is not a full-on muscle-building program. The bodyweight workouts are designed with fitness, lean muscle, and low body fat in mind rather than massive body size. The idea is to offer a time-efficient and practical blueprint to reach peak fitness conditions for anyone.

Bodyweight Burn is not a typical, plain bodyweight plan requiring endless push-ups and sit-ups. It is much more finely tuned than that, flexible enough to suit all fitness levels with different workout intensities.

How Does It Work?

Here is a brief breakdown of the main ideas behind Bodyweight Burn.

Short Workouts – Each workout is set up to last 21 minutes, and the author strongly advises not to work out beyond 30 minutes in any case. The workout layout is six days on and one-off to give a chance to rest your body and let it recover. More on this later.

High Metabolism – A constantly high metabolic rate is the guaranteed way to fat loss, hence the need for a specific combination of short bodyweight workouts to keep your body burning fat well after you finished exercising, typically up to 36 hours and over.

Cortisol – Noticing that people working out on treadmills or bikes hardly seem to change their physique despite their enormous efforts, he concluded that long and exhausting workouts kick in a stress hormone called cortisol.

In moderate amounts, cortisol is beneficial and helps lose fat. However, too much of it from marathon training sessions causes your body to switch to survival mode and interferes with your fat-burning abilities.

On the contrary, short, intense workouts are more time-efficient. They also guarantee that your cortisol levels stay healthily down, aiding fat loss. Adam Steer backs up his claims with an Australian study in which a guinea group was performing short. Intense workouts lost up to six times more fat than a reference group.

InsulinInsulin is a crucial hormone that regulates your blood sugar levels and your ability to store fat.  A part of the program called BW3 Metabolic-Muscle Workouts is designed to keep insulin sensitivity high, preventing fat loss.

According to the author, a benefit of increased insulin sensitivity is that it redirects your carbs into your muscle cells rather than your belly, so you can eat more carbohydrates without storing fat.


Bodyweight Burn Routines

The Bodyweight Burn BW3 MultiBurn Exercises

BW3 MultiBurn is the program household definition of its exercises and stands for “Bodyweight 3X Fat-Burn Multiplier Effect”.

It’s a bit of a mouthful to indicate the workouts’ sequential nature, which utilizes three specific exercises to be performed in a continuous flow without a break, each with its own goal and purpose.

These three different exercises performed one after the other achieves an exponential effect that is more than the simple sum of its components.

They work in synergy to create an increase in EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) and a profound fat-burning and lean muscle-building effect that will last well after the end of the workout, up to 38 hours.

These exercises range from a beginner’s level up to an advanced level and are divided into three main exercise categories. These are:

Cardio Flow Exercises

This is the starting exercise of the Bodyweight Burn workouts. It requires a continuous, nonstop sequence of different movements to be performed with an eye to time rather than repetitions.

Its purpose is to kick start your metabolism into the “fat-burning zone” in the shortest possible time, priming your body with the correct intensity to force it to use its fat as a source of energy but without the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

These exercises are in place to substitute other types of cardio like jogging or stair climbing, which work at an intensity that raises your cortisol levels and causes you to get injured through repetitive stress.

The Cardioflow exercises look like dance moves, similar to ballet choreography, performed with bodyweight movements in a continuous chain to elicit the desired response from your body: fat-burning without the release of cortisol.

Afterburners Exercises

These exercises are more challenging and intense enough to keep metabolism high for up to 38 hours after your session. What happens is that your body keeps burning calories and fat at an elevated rate before going back to its normal, regular state.

The reason for it is a phenomenon called EPOC, Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, which means your body burns more oxygen after a demanding workout, and it takes some time to “calm down,” causing you to burn fat all along.

These exercises are the core of the Bodyweight Burn workouts and are responsible for most of your fat loss.

Metabolic Muscle Exercises

These are the most challenging exercises. They are designed to elicit lean muscle growth to boost metabolism even further, even while at rest.
The idea is that muscle mass is an excellent calorie-burning machine, and even a moderate increase in muscle mass over time adds up to your body’s fat-burning capabilities, in addition to the Cardioflow and Afterburner exercises.
It’s well known that an increase in lean muscle results in greater strength and a better-looking physique and in a more efficient calorie-burning machine both at rest and while exercising, helping cut down body fat even more and improving body composition.
However, Bodyweight Burn is not a dedicated muscle-building or bodybuilding program. If you plan to get as big as possible, this program is not for you because it’s not designed for pure muscle size.
What you are likely to get is a moderate increase in muscle mass in conjunction with low body fat levels, which will result in a better-looking physique with a healthier tissue composition.
To sum up, the goal of Bodyweight Burn is more on raising metabolism, losing fat, and get good cardio conditioning rather than mere muscle-building.
Bodyweight Burn Workouts

Bodyweight Burn Structure And Time Frame

The program lasts for 12 weeks and is divided into 2 different phases of 6 weeks each, each phase consisting of different sets of exercises of increasing difficulty. The system takes the name of BW3 Multi Burn workouts, and you can adjust it to all levels of fitness, men, women, young and old.

Metabolic Base Phase

As the name implies, this phase is geared to prime your body to raise your total work capacity. This phase is the foundation necessary before you can take on the more challenging Metabolic Explosion.

This phase focuses on increasing stamina and metabolism and progressively build a little muscle by combining the three main workout categories described above. It’s a bit like the Jack of all trades of the program designed to improve all over before you can be able to withstand the toughness of the second phase.

The workouts are arranged in a six-day on, one-off fashion and include 2 Cardioflow sessions, 2 Afterburner sessions, and 2 Metabolic Muscle sessions.

The Metabolic Explosion Phase

This is the advanced part of the program. Note that you must be able to finish phase 1 first, or you won’t perform it. If you are in a hurry, there is also a handy Quick Start Guide to get you going without making mistakes.

This phase is more challenging than the previous one in that there are no light Cardioflow workouts, only afterburner workouts, and metabolic muscle workouts. The sessions are scheduled again on a six-day on and one-off pattern, but the overall intensity is more significant.

The purpose here is to get the most of the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and get your body burning for up to 38 hours after your workout while also building muscle. This is why it is so important to follow phase 1 to the letter, or you won’t simply have built enough workload capacity.

Bodyweight Burn Vs. P90X Vs. Crossfit

The beauty of Bodyweight Burn is time efficiency coupled with workout effectiveness. Popular programs like P90X, Insanity, or Crossfit are either very time-consuming, stressful on your joint and tendons, require equipment, or all of it.

Take P90X, for instance, that’s an hour or more per workout, and you need some equipment too. Or Crossfit workouts, they are way too stressful on your joints and ligaments, plus you need a gym, and you can expect your cortisol levels to go through the roof.

Some people stick to these programs and get good results. Still, the reality is that a large part, if not the majority, quit with time because their schedules are challenging to manage in a sea of commitments or because of injury by overuse.

Bodyweight Burn is very joint and tendon friendly; the moves are demanding from a cardio and muscular activation standpoint but gentle on your knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, and wrists.

It is ideal for middle-aged and senior people who want to keep fit and shape up but must be careful with their joints and ligaments.

These are bodyweight movements performed in sequential flow, not jumping, yanking, tugging, snatching, or jolting.


Bodyweight Burn Nutrition

Bodyweight Burn Nutritional Guidelines

Bodyweight Burn also comes with its own nutritional plan called “Carb-Synch Diet”.  The author Adam Steer called it this way to indicate a daily carbohydrate change based on your specific workout for that day.

The program is flexible enough to let you indulge in your preferred foods no more than two times a week. Adam Steer also suggests some optional supplements like omega-three oil and whey protein to help you build muscle, but it’s not compulsory at all. It’s not a bodybuilding program.

The plan revolves around different carb loads depending on the day of the week. In the first three days, you increase your carb load from low, then moderate, and finally to a good carb day, meaning you are allowed to eat more carbs for each subsequent day.

The 4th day is called “backload day.” This day you are allowed to eat carbs only in the late afternoon, after the workout, so that your muscles can immediately absorb the carbs.

The 5th day is for fasting. This could be a problem for some and a little too harsh, as you are allowed to drink only liquids and are even suggested some supplements.

The Creator Of Bodyweight Burn

bodyweight burn

Adam Steer is a weight-loss writer and bodyweight exercise specialist who formerly trained in the typical weight lifting, bodybuilding fashion.

Unhappy with this time-consuming and cumbersome training method and his tendency to “fatten up,” he noticed that gymnasts displayed some of the best physiques around without ever having touched a weight in their lives.

He then decided to switch to bodyweight resistance for convenience and effectiveness and has been traveling around the world ever since, meeting the top expert in calisthenics, accruing knowledge, and giving it back to its clients, so much that he became known as the “Bodyweight Coach.”

The net result of his years in this field resulted in the Bodyweight Burn program.

Bodyweight Burn PDFs And Videos

The program is available from the official website in a digital format only. It is made up of 2 different sets of HD video libraries and four additional guides,  plus a bonus and printable charts.


  • The BW3 Workout Videos – This is a set of videos to follow along with the workouts. They are HD and easy to consult on your mobile, tablet, or PC. We liked the video idea because it leaves no room for error. In any case, there is also a manual with static pictures for reference.
  • The Instructional Video Series – This is an in-depth, detailed video demonstration of every exercise.

bodyweight burn videos


  • Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide – This manual is handy in that it does not force you to go through the whole system before you start, but it gives you all the necessary information you need for a good start without errors or injury.
  • BW3 Workout System – This is the core of the program containing all the theory and the tricks of the trade for a successful bodyweight workout regime. The manual is easy to follow and explained in layman terms.
  • BW3 Exercise Manual – This is a complete static picture library of the exercises that complement the video libraries.
  • BW3 Workout System Integration Guide – This is an advanced option that you can use to integrate your Bodyweight Burn workouts with any training regime you may be already using, if any.
  • Hand Wall Charts – This is not a manual, just a set of download and print charts that you can use to update and monitor your progress.

The Bonus

For a limited number of customers, Adam Steer decided to offer also free 30-day access to the private Bodyweight Burn online community called BW3 Platinum Club,  included in the regular price.

I quite like this idea of the online community, as it gives a sense of belonging and the motivation to succeed. It encourages members to help each other and stay on track. This social community is helpful to get the best of the program and insider knowledge of the best tricks of the trade.

bodyweight burn

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My Take On Bodyweight Burn

As a lover of bodyweight training and calisthenics, I find Bodyweight Burn super interesting. It takes the concept of bodyweight workouts from a new angle.

Throughout my training life, I followed different bodyweight strategies depending on what my goal was at any time.

For example, when I needed to work on strength and hypertrophy, I would do just that, primary push and pull compound movements, lovely reps, concentric and eccentrics to muscle failure.

I could increase the intensity with weights (ex, weighted pullups or push-ups) or perform higher repetition ranges with my bodyweight only, maybe increasing difficulty by changing the angle, leverage, or inclination.

On the contrary, when I needed to burn some extra fat from my waist, I still compound push and pull movements in a circuit fashion.

That is, I wouldn’t rest between sets of the same exercise (the muscle-building way), but I would perform several activities back to back in one round, then rest and repeat for several circuits.

This way, I would push my cardio endurance and burn fat while maintaining muscle mass.

These strategies are still my primary stake. However, having tried the Bodyweight Burn routines, I have to say that they are very cleverly combined, exacting the most out of your body in heart rate and fat burning but without hammering your joint, something to consider as you progress in age.

The Bodyweight Burn routines are even shorter than regular bodyweight circuit training. Still, they are just as effective and fun because you get a large variety of moves and drills, unlike the usual, boring push and pull movements.

The flowing exercises are like a feather on your joints, and I noticed an improvement in my flexibility and spatial coordination while performing them, something that I always lagged.

Bodyweight Burn Pros And Cons


  • Time-saving. The workouts are over in 21 minutes.
  • It is ideal for everyone, men and women, young and old.
  • It works. It just does what it says on the tin.
  • Easy on the joints and tendons.
  • A bodyweight workout expert and coach designed the program.
  • Flexible. You can do it anywhere.
  • You don’t need any equipment.
  • It’s fun to do. You follow different routines from the usual bodyweight movements of old.
  • It is ideal for lock-down or pandemic restrictions.
  • You can eat a few carbs.
  • Very affordable. For $19, you get a quality program in the palm of your hand (your smartphone) or your PC.
  • You also get 30-day FREE access to the BW3 online community.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not ideal if all you want is to pack on muscle mass. It’s not a bodybuilding program.
  • While fun, some of the drills require some practice to get used to.

The Bottom Line

Bodyweight Burn is a simple yet well-structured bodyweight workout program that comes from the experience and knowledge of a reputable author. It is based on a progressive layout that takes you from beginner to advanced and advocates short, intense 21-minute workouts that promote fat loss.

The program is effective and time-efficient, making it suitable for those with limited time and not require a gym or equipment. While it is mainly a fat loss program, it also promotes moderate, lean muscle building for better body composition. However, it is not a bodybuilding program intended for maximum muscle growth.

It is a fitness and weight loss program that considers low body fat, lean muscle, and general good health.

You achieve your goals through specific bodyweight workouts, not to mention that the program was created by an expert in the field with many satisfied customers to show.

If you want to work out and lose fat at home without equipment due to personal preference or lock-down/pandemic restrictions, I can recommend Bodyweight Burn as an effective tool for the job because it works.

bodyweight burn

Bodyweight Burn FAQs

Can I Use Bodyweight Burn If I Haven’t Trained For Years?

Yes, Bodyweight Burn is very flexible and allows for progression and variations to match your current fitness level or lack of fitness.

Does Bodyweight Burn Make You Bulky?

No. Bodyweight Burn’s primary goal is to get you lean with low body fat and an attractive physique. It’s not a muscle-building program, though you may see a moderate increase in lean mass. It’s Ideal for women too.

Is It Too Hard For Older People?

No, because you can scale down the exercises to suit your strength and stamina, plus it’s gentle on your joints and helps you improve flexibility and coordination.

Is It Too Lame For Experienced Athletes?

Not at all. You can scale up the routines to make them challenging and kick your metabolism into overdrive. This program is just as useful for super-fit athletes as it is for moms at home with kids. You can tweak it up or down as you need it.

What About A Guarantee?

You are covered. Bodyweight Burn comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bodyweight Burn

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