Bodybuilding Revealed Review – The Muscle Building Plan Exposed

Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive muscle building, workout, and nutrition programs around that leave nothing to chance.

This review of Bodybuilding Revealed will cover the most important questions you may have about this program, how it works, who it was designed for, and what the benefits, pros, and cons are.

What Is Bodybuilding Revealed?

Bodybuilding Revealed must be one of the most comprehensive systems of this kind around, an Encyclopedia made up of a whopping 632 pages PDF plus a members’ inner circle site and a number of extra bonuses.

It is not just about quantity though, but quality. The reason for such a Titanic size is that no stone is left unturned and no detail left uncovered, with scientific references at the end of every book chapter to back up Will’s claims.

Furthermore, Will has called for the help of Charles Poliquin, one of the world’s top authorities in training science, and Dr. Evan Peck, an expert in rehabilitation science and a keen bodybuilder himself.

The result is a system that covers all aspects of a successful bodybuilding plan made up of two main components, a digital PDF eBook and the Members’ Inner Circle Online Area, and bonuses. See here.

Bodybuilding Revealed Review

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How Does Bodybuilding Revealed Help Build Muscle?

The interesting part of Bodybuilding Revealed is that it is not just a PDF eBook manual, albeit excellent and above-average stand-alone as it is. It is a complete system that includes members’ access to his website where members can rely on a community made up of not just fellow trainees but professional trainers there to assist you and Will Brink himself.

Access to the area is free for the first 12 months for those who download the ebook, whereas later becomes a nominal monthly installment revocable any time.

There are plenty of free bodybuilding forums around, however, Will Brink’s private area assistants are not just moderators but professional trainers paid to answer any question on nutrition and exercise in a short time, no need for e-mail replies. Will makes it clear that no petty arguments or fun at one’s expense are allowed, unlike in free forums.

The Inner Circle Community System actually guarantees better results than solo guidelines leaving you alone to deal with progress, simply because the community input fosters accountability.

In fact, anyone is free to post before and after pictures both to encourage others and be encouraged, to talk in real-time with the chatbox, and generally to participate.

One important part of the Inner Circle Site is the Video section. It is very cleverly set up in an anatomical fashion, whereas you click on a muscle group that you want to train, and immediately a demo video appears with all exercises to do for that body part. These are actually videos, not software-generated exercise simulations.

Bodybuilding Revealed Workouts

The Inner Circle breakdown:

  • Direct access to Will Brink in person, should you need it. By all accounts, Will is also an amicable and humorous person liked by all. This is a nice human touch that you cannot always find.
  • A community area or forum. Unlike other free forums, the Bodybuilding Revealed area appears to be based on principles of mutual respect from all members, no bitching allowed, and it is run by moderators who are also professional trainers happy to answer any question, big or small.
  • The nutritional planner to keep track of your intake, with graphics reflecting your fat loss and muscle gain, recipe storage area, new recipe creation, and everything you need to keep your nutrition plan under tight check.
  • Illustrative and entertaining real exercise video organized by body part. Just click on the muscle area and a side exercise demo video will pop up for you to understand the exercise visually, in addition to the PDF instructions.
  • Picture gallery where everyone is welcomed to post personal before/after pictures to monitor each others’ progress and get real feedback.
  • Extra exercise and diet charts to download. There are dozens of exercises and diet charts to download plus all the workouts from the ebook.
  • Online chatbox for community members to exchange ideas and questions “live’.
  • Extra articles from other top industry personalities such as Tom Venuto, John Berardi, Charles Staley, Will Brink himself, and more.

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Bodybuilding Revealed Program

Does Bodybuilding Revealed Work?

Will Brink’s program is a fully comprehensive “system” designed to achieve optimal muscle mass increase in the shortest possible time and in the most efficient way.

It does so by offering a complete range of tools that include possibly the longest and most detailed downloadable Pdf training manual available online today packed with information backed up by scientific references, coupled with a fully comprehensive members’ online area designed to give and receive community feedback.

Not only does the community online offer extra valuable tools but it is conceived by Will Brink with the idea to instill a sense of accountability and encouragement that are proven to improve motivation and spur progress more so than solo ventures.

In addition to this, the program nutritional and training guidelines are all backed up by scientific references for each and every assertion of the manual, debunking myths and supplements while setting the foundation for real results.

Who Is Will Brink?

will brink Bodybuilding Revealed was created by Will Brink, a nutrition expert with a degree in Natural Science from Harvard University who also happens to be a bodybuilder and trainer with years of experience and clients including SWATS and Navy Seals.

His in-depth knowledge of nutrition has allowed him to develop an effective bodybuilding program that leaves absolutely nothing to chance and includes all aspects of a successful approach to muscle gain starting with proper nutrition, the foundation of building mass.

Bodybuilding Revealed Pdf Layout

The main Pdf eBook is divided into chapters as follows:

  • Chapter 1 is the foundation of the program where he lays down the basics of sound training and nutrition and debunks all common myths that surround bodybuilding, doing so with reference to scientific sources to back his claims up.
  • Chapter 2 is the nutritional part, where he reveals which foods to eat, which ones to avoid, and how often, how much, and when to eat them to maximize muscle gains.
  • Chapter 3 is ancillary to chapter 2 and it goes into detail to reveal all sorts of tips and strategies to implement the sound nutrition plan described before, such as grocery tips, how to prepare meals in advance, and your daily nutrients intake tracked in the member area.
  • Chapter 4 revolves around the idea of tracking your own progress as a unit measure to keep you on track with your goals.
  • Chapter 5 is an extensive analysis of the supplements available out there, telling you what works and what does not. He actually analyzes each supplement ingredient and tells you what these ingredients really do and whether they are effective or not, or even whether they are effective to some degree, but the maker does exaggerated claims on its benefits. All backed up by scientific evidence. Not only that, but Will Brink also teaches you how to actually work out whether a supplement is good or not based on what’s in it, or even make it yourself with basic, trusted ingredients.
  • Chapter 6 revolves around training. How to train, which exercises to use, and what repetition range. Nothing fancy here, just good solid heavy movements to help your muscles spur into growth.
  • Chapter 7 is Charles Poliquin input on muscle-building principles. This chapter alone is worth gold.
  • More bonus chapters follow still revolving around training and tackling topics such as periodization, how to avoid injuries, cardio guidelines, hybrid training, muscle soreness, and so on.

bodybuilding revealed

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The Bottom Line – Who Is This Bodybuilding Program For?

Bodybuilding Revealed is for anyone who is sick and tired of spinning wheels in plateaus or ineffective routines and diet regimes.

It is a solid, fully comprehensive system of encyclopedic size backed up by scientific references and designed to build muscle in the most effective way and in the shortest possible time. The program is suitable for everyone, from beginners to intermediates to advanced.

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