Biotox Gold Reviews 2024 – The Liquid Supplement Exposed

Biotox Gold is a revolutionary, 100% natural weight loss supplement formulated in liquid form for extra potency and effectiveness. Keep reading to find out more.

Biotox Gold by Biotox Nutrition combines old and new ingredients. It’s a blend of traditional herbal remedies from Indonesia and modern substances from contemporary science.

This formula mixes the best of the two approaches to ensure optimal effectiveness in targeting weight loss, according to its creator. This multi-faceted outlook allegedly addresses the root cause of weight loss at the metabolic level, making dieting or exercising optional or unnecessary.

To this day, this weight loss supplement has undergone an in-house test trial and has been used by scores of customers successfully without any side effects reported.

This supplement offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and is sold only on the official website, nowhere else.

Overview Of Biotox Gold

It is clear that the manufacturer went to great lengths to import the ingredients from the purest sources and process them in a clinical environment in the US to ensure the highest quality and safety.

Biotox Gold Review

The manufacturing plant is FDA-approved and GMP-certified, while all the ingredients are non-GMO, free of toxins, stimulants, or any habit-forming substances.

Moreover, Biotox Nutrition took the step to formulate the Biotox Gold blend into liquid form, rather than the typical capsule or pill form associated with weight loss supplements.

This choice is no accident, as the idea stems from the ancient traditions of Indonesian folks who had been filtering and distilling their precious herbal remedies into liquid form for centuries.

This choice is because they found that this form was the most effective and easily absorbed by the body.

Biotox Nutrition chose the ingredients in the formula specifically to target motilin resistance, a primary driver to weight gain and obesity in the modern world caused by EDCs, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

EDCs are found everywhere in the environment and the food production chain. They are the root cause of weight gain in the world because of their ability to disrupt the hunger and satiety feelings, causing overeating and bingeing.

The Biotox Gold formula is designed to disrupt the ill effects of these chemicals and restore a healthy eating and satiety pattern, which results in weight loss.

However, the natural plant-derived ingredients in the formula are designed with a more significant far-reaching effect in mind, well beyond mere weight loss and encompassing several additional benefits such as:

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • Diminished or gone arthritis.
  • Pain-free joints.
  • Thicker, fuller, shinier hair.
  • No bingeing and cravings for sweets.
  • Healthy satiety feelings and eating patterns restored, thus no more overeating.

As far as weight loss is concerned, the Biotox Gold manufacturer claims that all of its customers experienced a wide range of improvements, which, truth to be told, are testified by scores of users on the official website.

Most customers experienced substantial benefits in their health, appearance, and confidence, many  claiming to enjoy a variety of benefits such as:

  • Dramatic drops in hunger and cravings.
  • An average weight loss of 54 lbs.
  • Energy levels through the sky.
  • A significant reduction of dangerous visceral fat.
  • No more brain fog.
  • Aches and pains subsided.
  • Stress gone and replaced by a steady, upbeat mood.
  • Restored sex drive.
  • Healthier hearts, arteries, and blood pressure.
  • Being able to see one’s abdominals for the first time in their lives.

The list is so impressive that it warranted an investigation. So, I went digging into the background and the ingredients of this supplement to find out whether Biotox Gold stands up to its claims.

2023 UPDATE – Biotox Gold is now on sale with a large discount for larger supplies.

Biotox Gold Reviews

What Is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold Indonesia
Indonesian Woman

Biotox Gold is an easy-to-take oral supplement for weight loss in liquid form. The manufacturer recommends taking it once a day for three months to achieve sustainable results, though there is leeway for a one-month to six-month period.

This supplement works on the premise that belly fat, or body fat in general, is simply a symptom of motilin resistance, a weakening of the signals from the body that the brain is designed to capture to regulate hunger.

A body disrupted by motilin resistance will fail to signal to the brain when to stop eating, which translates into overeating and weight gain.

On the contrary, when you tackle motilin resistance, the cravings go. You feel satiated sooner. As a result, you lose weight since your body takes the remaining calories that it needs for functioning from its fat reserves.

The creator is adamant that since Biotox Gold regulates hunger and cravings so effectively, you can also indulge in cakes, pizza, or chocolate because your satiety feeling will kick in sooner rather than later, preventing you from bingeing.

In other words, you will feel full and satisfied after just a couple of bites of your favorite treats, the way your body is supposed to function.

In essence, Biotox Gold puts you in the position of stopping to eat because you feel to do so, not because you have to restrain yourself.

Biotox Nutrition claims that the unique approach to weight loss supplements will set you on a fast track to improving your physique from a health and appearance standpoint.

You should expect to lose weight all over your body and especially in problem areas like:

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Belly
  • Back
  • Love handles
  • Buns
  • Thighs

In addition to the bodyweight management benefits, you can also experience a marked improvement in many different areas of your health and well-being since Biotox Gold prevents harmful fats from being stored.

As a result of lower BMI and a slimmer physique, your body’s primary functions will be reset to healthier levels, the way they are supposed to work.  Hence you can expect:

  • Better kidneys’ functioning.
  • A healthier liver.
  • A stronger heart.
  • Lower and healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Increase libido.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Healthy, pain-free joints.
  • More confidence.

How Does Biotox Gold Work?

Biotox Gold

Biotox Gold disrupts the chemicals that cause motilin resistance, the root cause of weight gain and obesity. These harmful chemicals are found everywhere in the environment and the food supply chain; EDCs, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

The use of EDCs in the modern world has skyrocketed since the 50s, after the second world word, and it’s no chance that the EDCs graph curve over time has developed in parallel to the obesity graph rate.

The two graph lines go hand in hand, showing a link between the nefarious EDCs and the obesity growth rate in the modern world.

In essence, people have started overeating and gaining weight since the modern industry and processed foods supply chain came into existence.

Since it is impossible to avoid these chemicals, the Biotox Gold formula was explicitly designed to offset their ill effects and restore a regular hunger pattern conducive to healthy body weight.

The Impact Of EDCs On Your Body

EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals) interfere with the body’s ability to regulate hunger and primarily cause weight gain. There are too many EDCs to mention here; it would be beyond the scope of this post, but here are some of the most commonly cited by the manufacturer of Biotox Gold.

1 –  One ubiquitous EDC is BPA (bisphenol A), which is universal and found in many everyday products like aluminum cans or water bottles. Evidence also indicates that BPA exposure in the womb can lead to obesity later in life.

2 – Citrate Lyase is one of many endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment also found everywhere, especially in the food supply chain; it enters the bloodstream and disrupts the body’s functions.

3 – TBT (tributyltin) is another EDC found in paint, pesticides, and vinyl products. It’s used as an antifouling agent in paints applied to boats and is directly linked to motilin resistance.

4 – PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is an endocrine disruptor found in Teflon cookware that soaks into the food when cooking. Again, PFOA has been linked to motilin resistance.

All in all, EDCs are a danger to people’s health and weight. The USA has one of the highest levels of EDCs in tap water, as per the American Medical Association.

Levels of EDCs started spiking in recent history precisely at the same time as levels of obesity, and women seem to be more affected by EDCs than men.

However, the human body has not evolved to clear out the EDCs from the bloodstream because these chemicals have only been around for the last 50 years, making them impervious to diet and exercise.

Age, genetics, or metabolism do not make a difference since the EDCs are free to wreak havoc to the motilin signals to the brain (motilin resistance), causing overeating and weight gain.

The Biotox Gold formula was conceived precisely to neutralize the effects of EDCs, restore regular satiety patterns, and lose weight as a result.

How Biotox Gold Helps You Lose Weight

These harmful chemicals disrupt a natural process in the body called the MMC (migrating motor complex), which is responsible for alerting the brain to release motilin and regulate appetite.

This effect disrupts the typical pattern of hunger and satiety and makes people unable to turn off hunger, causing them to overeat and binge.

Usually, when you eat, the body releases motilin to tell the body to stop eating; instead, the EDC-induced motilin resistance disrupts the regular satiety pattern and causes you to keep feeling hungry and overeat.

Therefore, the excess food is stored as fat, a situation challenging to exit as long as EDCs disrupt the body’s functioning.

The Biotox Gold ingredients are formulated to target these toxins so that you can naturally restore your satiety feeling and stop overeating, causing you to lose weight and generally improve your health.

Worthy of notice is that Biotox Gold is produced in liquid form and not in pill form, unlike the vast majority of weight loss supplements.

This choice comes from the creator’s observation that when the ingredients are ground into powder and packaged as caspules are 60% less potent because they lose most of their properties and benefits.

Hence the switch to liquid form.

The idea to produce Biotox Gold in liquid form also comes from the wisdom of the original “chemists”, the Indonesian villagers, who found this form to be more effective than ground powder.

Which bring us to the next point – Where did the idea for this supplement come from?

The Origins Of Biotox Gold

The inspiration for Biotox Gold comes from an encounter its creator Tonya Harris had with the inhabitants of a tiny Indonesian village. The villagers displayed very low body fat and youthful looks thanks to a locally made liquid nectar from traditional herbs and plants.

The villagers knew that the liquid form was the best and most potent, and that’s how they had been producing their natural concoction for centuries.

However, the Indonesian villagers didn’t have the modern technology as Biotox Gold does. The manufacturer has taken from the original recipe to make this blend even better with more ingredients.

The formula is similar to the original one but much more smooth, readily absorbable, and potent.

The ancient recipe included ten ingredients proven to detoxify your body of EDCs. Biotox Nutrition added even more nutrients to make it more effective at stopping motilin resistance, food cravings, and losing weight.

Biotox Gold

Biotox Gold Ingredients – What’s In It?

Biotox Gold Ingredients

The Biotox Gold formula is a combination of two different sets of ingredients:

  • Traditional Indonesian ingredients.
  • Additional modern nutrients.

Traditional Ingredients

Malabar Tamarind – Known in the US and Garcinia, a naturally occurring supplement that naturally suppresses appetite and supports healthy cholesterols and blood sugar levels. It supports weight loss by inhibiting the effects of the citrate lyase, an enzyme well known for its crucial role in fat storage.

When citrate lyase is blocked, weight gain slows down or stops altogether.

Panax Ginseng – Panax Ginseng is shown to detoxify the EDC called DEHP found in nearly all plastics and is specifically known to help boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Guarana – It detoxifies the endocrine disrupter ZEA (zearalenone) and is known for its anti-aging properties. Specifically, guarana is linked to better heart health, weight loss, pain relief, and increased energy levels.

Grape Seed Pyruvate – It cleanses the harmful EDC cadmium found in vegetables, nuts, and cereals. It supports healthy blood pressure by lowering triglyceride levels, glycerol, and fatty acids found in your blood.  Grape seeds have been shown to inhibit the formation of fat deposits, increase energy, spike the metabolic rate and help burn more calories.

Capsicum – It’s a detoxifying bell pepper known for its ability to help prevent cancer and improve vision. It is commonly used for arthritis pain because it contains capsaicin, which helps reduce pain and swelling.

Eleuthero Root is a woody shrub full of antioxidants that detoxify EDCs and support healthy immune function and cardiovascular health. Eleuthero root is known for increasing energy and reducing fatigue while improving cognitive function.

Irvingia Gabonensis – Irvingia gabonensis is a tree from West Africa, not Indonesia. It’s similar to a mango and is used for both food and medicine. Irvingia gabonensis is used as a traditional remedy for weight loss, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Maca Root – Rich in antioxidants, maca is a rich source of phytonutrients that can increase libido, energy levels, and mood and dramatically reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms and menopause in women while reducing stress hormones in the body.

Glycyrrhizin – It’s a substance extracted from licorice root, known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps detoxify harmful chemicals from the body and helps with gut health. It also helps with respiratory problems, aids digestion, and treats ulcers.

Despite Indonesia having some of the highest levels of EDCs in the world, more than the US, the village from where the creator of Biotox Gold borrowed the original formula displayed one of the lowest levels of obesity in the world.

As good as these ingredients were, Biotox Nutrition spent six months researching to further improve and fortify the traditional recipe with extra ingredients to provide the perfect combination for potency and effectiveness.

Additional Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry ketones are similar to capsaicin, a chemical found in peppers that support fat loss. Ketones are found in red raspberries and peaches, apples, kiwis, other berries, rhubarb, and the bark of maple and pine trees.

L-Carnitine – Research shows that taking L-carnitine aids weight loss in overweight and obese people. Carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be burned to produce energy. Therefore it plays a crucial role in energy production.

Tryptophan – Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. This means it needs to be obtained through your diet because your body cannot produce it independently. Tryptophan is vital for a wide range of metabolic functions affecting your behavior and mood and has a beneficial impact on memory, depression, aggression control, learning, and mood.

Chromium – Chromium is an essential trace mineral indispensable for metabolizing protein, carbs, and fat, as it works by aiding the action of insulin in the body. However, it does not occur in the body, and you must add it through diet.

EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) – This compound is known to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart disease. EGCG is found in green tea, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate, and legumes.

The combination of traditional ingredients and modern nutrients makes the Biotox Gold formula twice as powerful as the original blend from Indonesia.

Every single ingredient would have a small impact when taken standalone, but when combined together in the formula they work in a synergic way to provide an exponential potency.

Overall, Biotox Gold could be considered a blend of old and new worlds, an alliance of traditional remedies and modern science focused on addressing the root cause of weight gain – motilin resistance caused by endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Consequently, it can be a valid remedy for weight loss.

Why Biotox Gold Is Sold In Liquid Form

Generally speaking, the absorption rate of any supplement may be more important than the amount absorbed by your body when it comes to its effectiveness.

Liquid supplements are already liquid, so they do not need to be broken down to digest. On the contrary, liquid supplements are much more absorbable because they are digested immediately as they enter the mouth.

The absorption rate of liquid supplements is much higher than capsules or pills that you must digest before their nutrients are absorbed. There is no casing in a liquid supplement for the stomach to deal with, and your body can use the nutrients immediately.

The Biotox Gold liquid ingredients work synergistically with wide-ranging, usable nutrients without the risk of getting stuck in the throat as capsules or tablets do.

Consequently, the nutrients in Biotox Gold can be more completely absorbed than those of tablets or pills and work together to produce a special combined effect.

Biotox Gold Main Benefits

Biotox Gold Benefits

Biotox Gold is formulated for natural and sustainable weight loss. It has acquired a wealth of satisfied customers who report a marked increase in weight loss along with additional improvements in many different aspects of body health and good functioning, such as:

  • Comprehensive weight loss throughout the body – The liquid ingredients in the formula act fast to neutralize EDCs and motilin resistance and restore a faster metabolism, converting food into energy rather than fat.
  • Fat reduction in crucial areas of the body – Even though there is no such a thing as spot weight loss, you can expect a size reduction in essential areas where you feel more self-conscious, like the belly, buns, thighs, or arms. It’s a pleasant bypass product of general weight loss.
  • Higher energy levels – Foods converted into energy rather than fat result in just that; an increase in your energy levels. Not only does losing weight affect your scale and appearance, but it also impacts your vitality and zest for life.
  • Healthy blood sugar levels – With motilin sensitivity restored, your metabolism and hunger feeling are re-converted to optimal levels. The result is that your appetite will stop sooner than later, you feel full for longer, and you also break the dependency on carbs and sugary cravings as a source for energy. As your body burns fat for energy, your blood sugar levels will normalize, and so will your energy levels.
  • Improved sleep – A healthy body weight, more energy, and normal blood sugar levels translate into a healthier circadian rhythm. Your sleep is no longer disrupted but becomes what mother nature had always intended for it: an opportunity to recharge your batteries for the next day.

Biotox Gold Additional Benefits

Weight loss is never a matter of just physical health and appearance. When your body is working well, and you see a different image in the mirror, you will likely experience a large catalog of additional benefits at the phycological level.

Without a doubt, the restoration of the hunger pattern, the defeated motilin resistance, and the higher energy levels all contribute to sustainable weight loss.

However, the combined action of the ingredients in the formula ensures that the physical benefits of this weight loss supplement have a strong carry-over effect on your mind and well-being.

Users of Biotox Gold report a marked improvement in their quality of life deriving from their successful weight loss goals, not just limited to their physique but also to crucial aspects of life such as:

  • Feeling more confident – Being comfortable with your image has a positive impact on your self-esteem. You feel more secure and relaxed in social situations, knowing that your appearance is admired or even envied.
  • Getting the attention – As a consequence of the point above, your newly found figure will attract positive attention, and many look up to you as a source of inspiration.
  • The ability to wear sexy clothes – A slim, svelte figure naturally lends itself to trendy, tight apparel that all but enhance your physique.
  • Having more energy to spare – Without ten, twenty, thirty, or even more pounds of extra fat weighing down your body, you find yourself able to do things that you forgot about, like chasing your kids, playing football, or running up a hill just for fun.
  • Looking younger – Being overweight or obese makes you look older. The good news is that weight loss does not stop just at your body but affects your facial features as well. Without double chins or chubby cheeks to contend with, your cheekbones and jawline will pop out and reveal your younger, more attractive face.
  • No more sugary cravings but a healthy appetite – With your hunger levels restored to healthy levels, you won’t feel the need for sweet treats to top up your energy levels. Instead, you’ll eat more healthily and won’t waste your money on junk food anymore.

Biotox Gold

Who Should Take Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is suitable for those who feel the need to address a variety of issues. While the primary focus of this liquid supplement is on weight loss, the combined ingredients offer a wide-ranging spectrum of additional benefits that offset collateral problems typically associated with being overweight.

Not only does Biotox Gold offer a natural solution for sustainable weight loss, but it also helps manage critical problems connected with being overweight or obese, such as:

  • Low energy levels.
  • Sluggish metabolism.
  • Uncontrollable cravings.
  • Overeating.
  • Poor sleeping patterns.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Feeling inadequate on social occasions.
  • Feeling and looking older.
  • Looking plain.

Regardless of the amount of weight and personal circumstances, Biotox Gold offers the opportunity to address weight loss and multiple aspects of the emotional sphere generally associated with being overweight.

Not everyone responds to the same problem in the same manner; some people may need to shed a lot of weight but do not feel much uncomfortable or embarrassed, while others may have to drop down only a few pounds but feel overwhelmed.

Whatever your response to being overweight, Biotox Gold offers a flexible approach with different time frames ranging from one month to six months, with no recurring charges.

How To Use Biotox Gold

The manufacturer recommends taking Biotox Gold regularly for the duration of the supply. The standard dosage is ten drops to be taken three times a day. This steady supply of nutrients allows your body to detoxify itself from the harmful EDCs and keep the ball rolling toward your weight loss goals.

Suggested Usage Time Frame

According to the creator, an excellent average time frame for Biotox Gold to take effect is three months. A three-month supply is the most popular choice and one yielding substantial results for the majority of users.

However, there are also 0ne-month and six-month supply options available to suit all needs and pockets. It’s worth mentioning that the larger the supply, the cheaper the single bottle is.

Not only that, but with the 3-month and 6-month supply, you also get additional bonuses that you don’t get with a single, one-month supply bottle (more on these bonuses below).

In any case, Biotox Gold is a one-time payment solution regardless of quantity and does not involve monthly charges. You are in control and can re-order later on if you need to.

Biotox Gold Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Biotox Gold is a product of Biotox Nutrition. All the ingredients in the formula are 100% natural, sourced from premium suppliers, and processed in the US under the strictest quality standards.

All the ingredients are non-GMO with absolutely no additives; they are not habit-forming or tolerance-forming and do not contain dangerous stimulants or toxins.

Consequently, no user of Biotox Gold has so far reported any side effects or adverse reactions, and it’s generally regarded as a very safe supplement to use.

Even so, you should always use common sense and consult with your physician if you:

  • Have a medical condition.
  • You are on prescription medication.
  • You are allergic to any of the ingredients (or think you are).

If your situation applies to any of the above, the manufacturer advises you to show a bottle of Biotox Gold to your doctor before you take it, just to be sure.

Manufacturing Standards Of Biotox Gold

Biotox Gold is produced in the US in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. Its natural ingredients are high quality and sourced from premium growers, then manufactured at this state-of-the-art facility, using the most modern equipment.

The formula is also put through third-party inspections and quality controls to ensure that all the Biotox Gold batches are safe and of consistent quality.

Biotox Gold Review

Recommended Places Where To Buy It

There is just one place where you can buy the original Biotox Gold: on the official website, nowhere else.

No high street stores nor online retailers can sell it, not even Amazon, Walmart, or GNC. If you see ads or websites purporting the sale of this supplement other than the original website, you should be on your guard, as it is most likely to be a clickbait or the sale of a counterfeit or duplicate supplement, not the real McCoy.

Biotox Gold Bonuses

Biotox Gold also comes with two different bonuses, but only for the 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages.

  • With the 3-bottle option, you get one bonus – The All-Natural Colon Detox.
  • With the 6-bottle option, you get two bonuses – The All-Natural Colon Detox +  The Complete Multivitamin.

Here is a brief description of these two bonuses:

The All-Natural Colon Detox – It’s a 60-capsule bottle produced by Niotox Nutrition formulated to maintain your colon health and aid food absorption while helping detoxify your body from EDCs in addition to the leading supplement Biotox Gold.

The Complete Multivitamin – This is just what it says on the bottle. A multivitamin supplement to provide you with the RDA, Recommended Dietary Allowance, or Daily Value of vitamins, to help your body stay healthy and function correctly as a fundamental part of your weight loss journey.

Biotox Gold Price Delivery And Warranty

Biotox Gold is currently sold in three different supplies deals:

Price + Shipping

  • One bottle (30-day supply): $79 +  Free shipping.
  • Three bottles (90-day supply): $165 ($55 per bottle) + FREE shipping + One FREE Bonus.
  • Six bottles (180-day supply): $252 ($42 per bottle) + FREE shipping + Two FREE Bonuses.

Biotox Gold Reviews


The supplement is shipped throughout the globe the next working day from order placement, rolling over to Monday when the order is placed through the weekend. Delivery times range from 3 to 5 days in the US or 4 to 6 weeks for international orders.


Biotox Nutrition offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all the packages. Suppose, for any reason, you are not satisfied and want a refund. In that case, you must return all the bottles, be they empty, full, or partially full (including any eventual bonus), back to the address provided within sixty days from the order date, and you’ll get your refund.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Biotox Gold


  • Biotox Gold works with a multi-faceted approach, on the one hand detoxifying from harmful chemicals to restore your body’s ability to burn fat, on the other raising energy levels, improving blood sugar levels, sleep quality, and general well-being.
  • It targets the root cause of obesity and weight gain – motilin resistance.
  • It is produced from entirely natural ingredients sourced from premium suppliers and processed in a modern, FDA-approved facility with regular 3rd party tests to ensure quality.
  • Its liquid form offers more potency and effectiveness than other capsule or pill supplements because you can digest the formula immediately, and the ingredients enter the bloodstream sooner.
  • It does not cause any side effects, and it has been used successfully by scores of customers to achieve their weight loss goals.
  • It promotes collateral side benefits in psychological well-being, like more confidence in social situations and younger looks.
  • The larger supplies come with free bonuses, but all the packages come with free shipping.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The single bottle order does not come with any bonuses, unlike the larger supplies.
  • Biotox Gold must be taken regularly, three times a day, unlike other supplements that need to be taken once daily. So, you need to be disciplined.

The Unique Aspect Of Biotox Gold

What sets apart Biotox Gold from other supplements is its liquid form and the effectiveness derived by this choice.

This supplement comes with a mouth dropper, and the nutrients start working the moment they enter your mouth, with no capsule shells to break down first.

The complexity of its natural ingredients makes this natural supplement more of a holistic remedy effective not just for weight loss but for multiple aspects of your physical and mental health, such as:

  • More vitality.
  • No more cravings for sugary snacks or carbs.
  • Regular hunger patterns.
  • Stable blood sugar levels.
  • Deeper and better quality sleep.
  • Improved looks.
  • More confidence and assertiveness.
  • More success in social situations.

Biotox Gold

Does Biotox Gold Work?

This weight loss supplement has been around for a while now and has gathered thousands of satisfied users with plenty of testimonials to show for, without side effects.

However, while there are some remarkable stories of people losing up to 70 pounds of fat, you should use your caution regarding expectations, as these results may not be typical.

Everyone is unique, and the results also depend on various factors such as age, personal life, bodyweight starting point, and personal responsiveness.

Is It Legitimate?

Biotox Gold has been through two test trials before being released for sale. The first trial was conducted by the creator Tonya Harris on herself.

Tonya Harris is a  special education teacher from Nevada who claims to have lost 71 lbs while trialing this formula after a revealing trip to Indonesia.

She also claims to have experienced considerable increases in energy, metabolism, and happiness. Indeed, Tonya offers remarkable before/after pictures of her body transformation, and you can watch her directly in stunning shape when introducing Biotox Gold in her video presentation.

Biotox Gold - Video Presentation

After her trial, she was advised by co-developer Dr. Thomas Avery to run a more extensive test on many people to verify the formula’s effectiveness.

The people for the trial had to match a few criteria like:

  • Being over 40 years of age.
  • Being overweight.
  • Being unable to lose weight no matter their diet or how much they exercised.
  • Being disappointed with previous failures and tired of yoyo body weight rebounds.

At the end of this trial, 96% of participants lost over 59 lbs of fat, while the remaining  4% lost 45 lbs.

Overall, the in-house trials have been very successful, and this trend has been confirmed by over 350.000 customers who have used Biotox Gold with excellent results.

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Final Words – Is Biotox Gold A Good Weight Loss Supplement?

Biotox Gold is a unique natural supplement in liquid form that contains some of the most effective ingredients known to detoxify from harmful chemicals, support weight loss, raise vitality and improve metabolism.

Its formula borrows from the natural remedies used by Indonesian villagers known for their low body fat and youthful appearance. It is then fortified with the additional nutrients from modern science.

Biotox Gold imports 100% natural ingredients from the purest sources making sure that no additives, chemicals, toxins, or preservatives are added in the process.

The formula is then processed in a DFA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the US, where it undergoes regular 3rd party tests to ensure maximum quality.

As a result, the formula has never caused any side effects or adverse reactions in thousands of customers who have already used it.

Moreover, the combination of ancient ingredients and modern nutrients ensures a practical detoxifying effect from the harmful chemicals found in processed foods and the environment, triggering a cascade of health benefits.

Biotox Gold can be considered a supplement for general health and well-being, too, not just weight loss, because its holistic approach delivers multiple advantages at once.

If you are looking to shed pounds all over and especially in problem areas like your belly, thighs, arms, and glutes, then this supplement can help you achieve just that.

Biotox Gold is very effective for weight loss because it addresses the root cause of weight gain – motilin resistance – through a potent liquid formula that is more effective than pills or capsules.

And, you don’t need to exercise or count calories in the process.

If you also long for a younger look, more confidence, more self-esteem, and more energy, Biotox Gold is the ideal solution to many problems simultaneously.

If you consider the extra bonuses, the free shipping, and the 60-day guarantee, you have a real deal that can help you attain your weight loss, health, and mental well-being objectives.

Biotox Gold

Biotox Gold FAQs

Does Biotox Gold Cause Any Side Effects?

No. This supplement is entirely natural and has been used by thousands of customers without side effects at all. However, if you are under medication or think you may be allergic to any ingredients, the manufacturer recommends consulting with your doctor first.

How Long Should I take Biotox Gold?

The standard time frame recommended by its creator is a three-month supply. This period works out as the best for sustainable results for the majority of people. However, each situation is different, and you can always order a smaller or larger supply, like the single bottle or the six-bottle supply.

Do I Get Recurring Charges?

Not at all. Biotox Gold can be purchased only as a one-time payment. There are no hidden fees, and you can always re-order later only if you need to.

How Many Pound Can I Lose?

The amount of weight you can lose depends on your starting point, age, and personal situation. Some users lost 60/70 pounds, but you may not need to lose that much at all. You can always start small and take it from there.

Where Can I Buy Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold, the original one, can only be purchased on the official website. Beware of adverts or listings purporting the sale of this supplement on websites other than the original one. They may be fake, duplicate supplements, or simply click baits to steer you off the genuine article.

You cannot buy Biotox Gold even on Amazon, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe.

Where Can I Get It?

You can get Biotox Gold anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you can place the order on the official website. Delivery times vary greatly depending on distance and customers, though.

Do I Get A Guarantee?

Yes, Biotox Gold comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Biotox Gold

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