Bigger Better Butt Review – Is This Booty Plan Worth Your Money?

“Bigger Better Butt” by Steve Adam is just what it says on the tin: a workout program to fill and shape the glutes muscles with specific exercises performed with hypertrophy, pump bias.

Mainly marketed for women, these glutes exercises work just as well for men, but the exercise selection implicitly requires a degree of resistance that can only be achieved with some sort of equipment like a barbell, plates and a rack, or access to a gym.

The program can also work in a bodyweight-only configuration, but equipment guarantees more challenging loads and better results.

It is not a complete muscle-building program, just one for the glutes and the assisting muscles like the posterior chain, the core, and the quads, but not for most other upper body groups.

Therefore, it could be included in your own current workout schedule if you feel you have a lagging booty and want to bring it up to par with the rest of your body.

Or you could just use it standalone, as the exercises are demanding and challenging enough to impact your metabolic rate, even though they do not target the whole body.

Bigger Better Butt Review

The Bigger Better Butt program is very simple and to the point in its layout, nothing fancy with no complicated workout charts, just a simple manual with all the theory and video tutorials by the author himself to get you started in no time.

Below a review of how this program works and whether or not is worth a shot.

Who May Need This Program?

This is a niche plan specifically designed to bring up to size and shape the gluteus maximus, even though other muscles do participate in the lifts.

It is not a fat loss plan of the sort to make your booty look small and cute but flat in your jeans, quite the opposite: it was designed to increase the size of your gluteus muscle to bring it up to proportion with your legs and the rest of your body, making them full, perky and round in the process and stand out in your jeans.

Because of this, this program may be suitable for those who have a flat bum due to an imbalance in their workout schedule or simply because of a sedentary lifestyle, think of pancake butt or sleepy butt syndrome.

The program and its presentation are clearly focused on women, probably because ladies are particularly self-conscious about this body part and would do anything to get their booty right, but in reality, there is no reason why the exercises and workout schedule in the plan would not work just as well for men if they have a butt imbalance to address.

Bigger Better Butt

Bigger Better Butt Workouts And Exercises

The 60-day program is organized over 9 weeks, it is basic without any fluff but just what you need to work out your glutes. There are 4 exercises in total, 2 exercises for each workout, which last for about 15/20 minutes, 4 times a week, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

The movements are quite demanding and may require a period of adaptation with lighter loads to start with. Once you are done with it, you can focus on building progressive overload, the foundation of any hypertrophy program: as your body adapts, you increase resistance over time.

This means the exercises can get tough and pretty uncomfortable, a sacrifice necessary for any muscle-building plan, as Bigger Better Butt is about making your glutes muscles bigger, stronger, and ultimately shapely.

The repetition range is high to increase lactic acid buildup and the two exercises must be done in a circuit fashion with no rest time in between them to stimulate hypertrophy, though you will also get stronger in the process.

For best results, you need access to a gym or to a well-equipped home gym where you can use heavier and heavier loads as you progress. You can do the exercises with just your own bodyweight if you like, but progression will be slower and results more limited.

There is not much variation in the exercises precisely to keep you focused on the learned movements and track progression whenever you increase the load or the repetitions.

Butt Workout

Any Nutritional Guidelines?

There is not much to say at all about the nutritional guidelines. This is clearly a workout plan only.

However, the author also includes a nutritional eBook as a bonus called “7 Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight “, which may be of interest to someone,  but it goes with the main program like oranges and apples.

This is a glute-focused muscle-building program designed to increase the size of your gluteus maximus through moderate/heavy lifting and a good workout volume.

Therefore you should complement the muscle-building process with proper, regular nutrition, and not attempt to lose weight while eating anything you like as the bonus booklet suggests.

In the end, it is a redundant bonus that does not add any value to the program.

About Steve Adams

Steve Adams Upon researching online, there is not much information about Steve Adams except more famous namesakes. The only reliable information about Steve comes from his own workout videos and the author’s pictures on his presentation website which is genuine and not found anywhere else online.

According to his website, he is a certified trainer, coach, athlete, and disciple of different fitness skills like Crossfit, West Side Barbell, Krav Maga and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

None of this is verifiable online, there is simply no trace of it, even though the author is genuine and unique.

What About Testimonials?

Bigger Better Butt Testimonials Unfortunately, we hit an unanswered question here. Upon inspection, all the testimonial pictures in the presentation website seem to be stock photos used in dozens of websites like weight loss portals, Pinterest, and many other sites.

Maybe the program has not been around for long and it did not have time to accumulate its own in-house testimonials, but the use of stock photos does not do anything to improve confidence. See here, here, and here.

Bigger Better Butt Components

This is a minimalist program. It is a digital plan instantly available upon purchase and consists of 2 components:

Bigger Better Butt Program Guide – This a 21 page PDF manual with all the exercises, workouts, and charts. We are not going to get fancy here with a ton of theory, just motivation and tricks, pictures with descriptions, and the workout schedule with the links to the very useful workout videos.

Bonus 7 Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight eBook – An 8-page pamphlet that does not really add any value to the program.

Bigger Better Butt

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Bigger Better Butt Conclusion

Bigger Better Butt is an interesting and down to the point program designed to increase the size of your booty naturally and in an athletic way by increasing the size of your gluteus maximus through a hypertrophy workout schedule.

The exercises, sets, and repetitions are designed specifically for the glutes and optimized for progressive overload, the bodybuilding way.

The program can be used standalone or together with other workout plans to balance lagging butts, it is simple but demanding and requires effort on your part for best results.

Realistically, it also requires some sturdy home equipment or gym membership, as the bodyweight-only solution will yield lesser results.

The program is only let down by a lack of genuine testimonials, a basic manual format, and a forgettable bonus.

However, the effective and tough exercises and the video tutorials that come with them make up for these shortcomings and will offer you a simple but effective workout strategy to improve the shape and strength of your gluteus maximus.

Bigger Better Butt

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