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Be Finally Fit, aka BFF, is a complete women-only weight loss system created by a woman for women. Author Hilde van den Berg is a fitness professional with more than 15 years of experience who decided to design a customized plan for female fat loss.

Be Finally Fit is designed as a long-term weight loss management plan with detailed guidelines on how to keep the weight off after the initial fat loss phase, and it is not a quick fix without a follow-up strategy but a lifestyle nutritional plan.

The program is alleged to make you lose between 8 to 25 pounds in the first 28 days thanks to a unique nutritional approach designed specifically for women’s metabolism, a combination of nutritional advice, members’ area support, optional workouts, and many useful bonuses.

Be Finally Fit is a natural and holistic plan that does not imply the usage of any pills or supplements. Instead, it is based on a healthy diet with natural ingredients easily found in any supermarket, quality sleep, stress management, diet tracking, and optional exercising.

Keep reading to find out how this system works, its benefits, and its cons.

Who Is “Be Finally Fit” For?

BFF is for women who tried before but failed to lose fat and keep it off, women who experienced yo-yo weight rebounds due to temporary fat loss plans designed without a long-term vision.

Be Finally Fit Review

The program is also ideal for women who feel more comfortable having a fat loss program designed by a trusted source, such as another woman with first-hand experience and qualifications on the matter of what works for women, rather than a generic fat loss plan designed by a man.

The whole point of the program is being effective for the specific needs of women’s bodies, their metabolism, and physiology, from their naturally slower metabolic rate to the “enhanced sweet cravings” during their cycle.

The name itself of the program is a nod to the quest for a final solution to body weight management and, truth to be told, it does provide an impressive array of tools designed to make ladies succeed.

In fact, the program is heavy on materials, but author Hilde van den Berg has made a good job in making the plan actionable with a simple step-by-step layout, no guesswork needed nor confusion and information overload necessary.

Be Finally Fit

How Does It Work Exactly?

Be Finally Fit works the good old-fashioned way, with a systematic approach to dieting and no guesswork, with progression tracking and a nutritional plan designed for female physiology.

The plan is built in a pyramid-like structure, whereas each phase is built upon the previous one, helping you achieve the targeted results step by step, in small tangible increments so as to keep you motivated for the following steps.

A very important aspect of the program is that it is designed to fight inflammation. Inflammation is the biological response of body tissues to harmful irritants and substances found in processed foods.

These harmful substances lead to a self-fueling cycle of more inflammation which in turn leads to more weight gain and so on.

The 28-day eating strategy of Be Finally Fit focuses on resetting your body and getting rid of inflammation with inexpensive foods that you can easily find in any supermarket for long-term results.

Muscles, Estrogen, And Testosterone

The dietary guidelines revolve around female needs with a focus on their naturally lower levels of testosterone than men, less muscle mass, and higher estrogen levels.

The premise being that generic fat loss programs for men can only work for men because they are designed for their physiology, hormones, and body composition that make it much easier for them to lose fat.

Anything else being equal, lifestyle, age, calorie restriction, and exercise levels, men do have an easier time when it comes to losing weight.

The author points out that less lean muscle in women makes their basal metabolic rate slower than men, making it normally more difficult for them to burn fat.

Also, hormonal changes during the cycle make women more tempted than men towards food cravings like cakes, pizzas, and sweet treats because these rich foods are associated with a release of serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter.

The nutritional guidelines in Be Finally Fit take into account these factors to offer a more effective diet regimen for women that works for their bodies.

Its careful guidelines pint point to exactly what to eat, when, and how much in order to offer the greatest possible fat loss in the shortest possible time but in the safest possible way, that is without muscle mass loss.

On the contrary, excessive calorie restriction leads to muscle depletion and not fat loss, as the body clings onto its precious reserve of fat for survival.

This is what makes most drastic weight loss plans fail, as the only thing they achieve is lowering your metabolic rate even further without burning any fat but eating up your muscles for energy instead.

Be Finally Fit

Is “Be Finally Fit” Sustainable?

While the initial goal of the program is to make you lose as much fat as safely as possible within a 28-day time frame, the main purpose of the plan is to offer sustainable bodyweight management for life.

In fact, the maintenance part of the program is probably the best part of it because it offers a set of tools to keep its customers on track and hold onto their newly found healthy weight.

This is where other programs come short. They may offer an initial blueprint that may more or less work but then leave you on your own thereafter, with the chance of a  weight rebound very high.

The “Sexy Body Maintenance” extra manual is particularly well designed for keeping you on track and help you keep off the fat you just got rid of.

Be Finally Fit Workouts

Be Finally Fit Workouts

Be Finally Fit also provides workout guidelines for all fitness levels. Even though the author states that the exercise part is not compulsory and you can shed pounds just with the correct diet as outlined, it is recommended that you do exercise to maximize your results.

While it is true that you cannot out-train a bad diet and that diet alone is the main responsible for a healthy weight loss regimen, it is also true that exercising offers a whole host of benefits that add to the diet regimen, working with it to produce a healthy, fit, slim and sexy physique.

However, working out is still not mandatory in this program, a nod to the importance of diet first, and exercising as a bonus secondary measure for overall fitness.

It also helps you stay focused on diet alone first, without wasting energy on working out while you are getting the first tangible results, as you can always start exercising later once you have reached down to a lighter body weight.

However, Be Finally Fit is not just about the old cliche of eating less and exercising more, rather eating better and exercising less, if at all.

Be Finally Fit

Be Finally Fit System Contents

Be Finally Fit is a digital program offering Several manuals and video tutorials access. There are 4 main manuals and 4 bonuses as follows:

Main Parts

Weight Loss For Life – The main manual with the theory of the program. it contains information on the way the female body works and why regular diets do not apply to it.

The manual provides a customized eating guide for the female body, telling exactly what to eat, how much and when, as well as strategic food combinations that work well for burning fat.

Tighten And Tone – This is the optional part of the plan. Hilde says it is not mandatory, but we think it works well for overall fitness and speedier fat loss results. The manual describes easy routines to tighten your muscles without bulking them up.

These workouts last no more than 20 minutes, 3 times per week, and are explained in detail in the tutorial videos which you can view on your smartphone or PC.

The manual contains also abbreviated 10-minute routines for those with limited time.

Success Mindset – The “philosophical” part of the program. A manual about yourself, your body, your health, and the power of the mind when it comes to decisions in life.

Sexy Body Maintenance – Probably the best part of the program along with the main manual. It contains real-life information on how to keep the fat off once you have lost it.

It gives accurate descriptions and suggestions on how to go about your life in order to NOT gain the weight back again, with real-life scenarios and how to deal with them.


De-Stress To Weight Less – We all know how nefarious are the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone, on body weight. This manual gives suggestions on how to deal with stress levels and bring them down, helping increase your chances of weight loss.

Sleep More Weigh Less – The importance of quality sleep on recovery, energy, mood, and body weight management explained in this manual.

Food Journal – The nutritional equivalent of workout logs. Systematic tracking of everything you put into your mouth helps you keep focused and accountable for your own results and progression.

Secret Bonus – A 25-page copyright strategy to weight loss.

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Author Hilde van den Berg

Hilde van den Berg is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach who’s been in the business for the last 15 years. She is based in The Netherlands, where she works as a fitness trainer at two gyms,  ActiveLady and FitYou.

She is also a qualified teacher of Zumba, Piloxing, Pilates, and Yoga, she runs her own website https://hildevdberg.com/ and has accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

All in all,  Hilde van den Berg is very much real and qualified to teach women how to lose weight.


Be Finally Fit is a well-made female fat loss program designed by a woman with specific knowledge on the matter. It tackles the fat loss issue from the perspective of female physiology, metabolism, and hormones.

While offering an initial and rapid, but safe, fat loss goal, the program is as much about long-term sustainability and body weight management as it is about weight loss.

The uniqueness of the program lies in its simplicity and step-by-step nutritional guidelines designed to get rid of the root cause of weight gain in women, that is inflammation.

With the elimination of harmful substances and the acquisitions of proven healthy foods in the right combination, easily found in any supermarket, Be Finally Fit provides an effective diet blueprint for women that also takes into account their lower testosterone levels and muscle mass, and slower metabolism compared to men.

If you are a woman who has experienced yo-yo and rebound weight gains before or mixed results in previous attempts due to generic or male-oriented fat loss plans, then Be Finally Fit is a female-specific plan written by a qualified female author that can help you in your long term fat loss goals.

Be Finally Fit

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