BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Review – Truth On Calisthenics For Muscle Gains!

BarStarzz BTX is a glossy and smart calisthenics workout plan comprising high-quality videos and manuals created for those who do not know where to start, or those who tried before without success.

It offers 3 different packages suitable for different goals and pockets and is the official BarStarzz blueprint for calisthenics workouts that complements their world-famous YouTube channel.

Here you will find out what Eduard Checo’s plan has to offer and what the positive and negative points are.

Who Is BarStarzz BTX For?

BarStarzz BTX is suitable for beginners without experience but also intermediates with moderate experience in order to take them to a solid, basic foundation level with fast, progressive, and safe increases in strength and performance.

It is geared towards absolute beginners who do not know where to start with calisthenics and do not have absolutely a clue, but also people with some experience but stuck in a plateau due to poor training routines or lack of know-how.

It is also ideal for all those fed up with gym memberships, home gyms, commuting times, and crowded places. Particularly those who want real-life, functional strength with good bodyweight to power ratio, lean muscle, and low body fat.

Barstarzz BTX Review

It goes without saying that it is an equipment-free program that can be done anywhere, ideal for those who travel and cannot rely on locating expensive gyms left and right for their workouts.

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Barstarzz BTX Planche Push Ups

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Summary

Barstarzz (from the U.S.A) was founded in 2009, developing into a brand that has grown exponentially over time, making it one of the biggest players in the calisthenics and street workouts arena, alongside other popular brands like Bar Brothers (U.S.A), Calisthenics Movement (Germany), and FitnessFAQs (Australia), to name just a few (more on these at the bottom of this review), with members from everywhere, including western and eastern countries like Russia, where calisthenics are huge.

The rise of BarStarzz popularity in recent years is in line with a global trend toward a no-equipment and no-gym membership kind of training based on bodyweight movements on bars, floor, or even rings, designed to greatly increase strength, functionality, flexibility, and body performance where it counts in real life.

Surprisingly, great physiques, muscles, and low body fat are a pleasant by-pass product of such kind of training, and not the main target, unlike traditional bodybuilding routines whereas aesthetics are the main goal without care for functionality.

That is not to say that weights are pointless, they do have their time and place even in calisthenics, think of weighted calisthenics with plates or vests for strength training, for example.

However, the emphasis in calisthenics is on bodyweight peak performance, or effective bodyweight to power ratio, also known as relative strength as opposed to absolute strength.

BarStarzz BTX fits very well in this scenario, offering one of the most professional calisthenics tutorial plans you can come across.

They are not the only guys around, there are also few other players at the very top of calisthenics tutorials like the other brands mentioned above, but they definitely stand out for their glossy and professional production.

It is no coincidence that Eduard Checo is into videography and photography, as the very high quality of the BarStarzz BTX HD video tutorials testifies.

It is no exaggeration that the videos are really glamorous, shot in nice settings, and explained very well technically, with clear freeze-through graphics along the motions designed to break down and visualize each and every part of any given exercise, so that you can memorize it and perform it correctly.

The videos exude professionalism at the highest level and there are 78 to 284+ available, depending on the package (more on this later). The video tutorials are digital, meaning that you can watch them anywhere on your smartphone with an application (or on your tablet, or PC), a mandatory solution if you train in a park.

Unfortunately, you cannot download the videos, they are only available to members online, most probably to prevent piracy or content theft. However, you still have the option to download the training as PDF manuals or even print them out, if you wish.

Membership is available after a one-off payment, there is no monthly installment policy in place, even for the most expensive package, pay once and you are done. A very welcome solution for most people.

How Does Barstarzz BTX Work Exactly?

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 is the latest update of this program. BTX stands for Body Transformation Xtreme, as the drills are designed to increase your strength and performance in as little time as possible. The workouts consist of full-body routines of 4-5 calisthenics exercises that last 30-40 minutes, 4/5 times a week.

The duration of the plan ranges from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the package, the most popular one being the 12-week package which is at the moment heavily discounted and can be had for the same price as the 4-week package, making it a no-brainer.

However, prices and discounts may change any time later, they are never set in stone anywhere.

While enrolled, you have access to all the materials: the PDF manuals which you can download and print the online videos, and a handy social community (more on this later).

You can keep the training manuals even after the end of the program, but in order to access the online videos and social community after the expiration date of the plans, you need to renew your access to the members-only online area.

BarStarzz BTX Lever Progression

So the program IS a one-off payment, but with caution. Once the program duration is up, you need to renew your membership in order to access the community and the videos again. They actually send you a reminder just before the expiry date.

However, you still get to keep your PDF training manuals and can always refer to the Barstarzz YouTube channel once you have successfully completed the 4 or 12-week cycle and have accomplished a solid foundation.

Having said this, a renewal of membership is also a fair deal for those interested in progressing further because of the very high quality of the video tutorials which are continuously updated, and the support you can get from the BarStrazz BTX Facebook community of like-minded calisthenics lovers who can help you push through your workouts better than if you were on your own.

In this community, you are encouraged to post videos of your progress (though you do not have to if you do not want to) as well as your failures while others motivate you and give you support, or the other way round.

And while on the program, the membership gives you access to a dashboard that shows you your progression, so you know where you are all the time.

BarStarzz Workout Routines

Each week consists of 4 workouts demonstrated on high-quality video tutorials, it’s a watch-and-do-it kind of strategy. It works because the videos are really well produced and put together, they show accurately what to do and how.

Sometimes, while watching the most amazing movements or regular drills of street workout on YouTube channels, it is difficult to deconstruct a movement frame by frame, be it for lack of explanation, wrong camera angle, poor lighting, difficulty to freeze, pause and start the streaming over and over, and so on.

The BarStarzz BTX videos eliminate these issues in one go, making it as easy as possible to absorb and memorize the correct execution for each exercise, so that you can go through these high-intensity workouts the right way from the start, avoiding setbacks or even injury down the line.

Plus, if something is not clear, you can ask directly in the comment box below the training modules.

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Workout

Also, great care has been done to organize the workouts in 4 different parts:

  • Warm-up
  • Skill Drills
  • Main Workout
  • Stretching

The parts around the main workout may seem like a waste of time to beginners, eager as they are to get strong as fast as possible, but it is not.

Eduard Checo places great emphasis on warm-up, skills, and stretching around the main workout precisely in order to prevent injury and prepare you for the great effort ahead.

This is because the main workouts are not a walk in the park, they require a lot of effort and focus and are demanding on your muscles, ligaments, joints, and nervous system. The more you advance in calisthenics, the more so.

It is a testimony of the quality of this program that these “ancillary” requirements around the main workout are made compulsory, for your own safety and health.

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Program

What Gear Do You Need?

BarStarzz BTX is a calisthenics program, specifically calisthenics on bars. It is all about learning athletic and impressive skills like pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, front lever, back lever, parallel dips, planche, planche pushups, handstands, handstand pushups, and the likes.

As such, this program does NOT require any fancy weight machine or equipment except a bar and parallel bars. If you do not have these, then you can use valid substitutes like tables, chairs, and one of those inexpensive door-frame bars, at least to start with.

You can also look for parks in your local area. As calisthenics and street workouts are seeing a massive increase in popularity globally, it may very well be that your local park may have some bars and parallel bars to grab and train with.

Barstarzz BTX Muscle Up

About Eduard Checo

Eduard Checo

Eduard Checo is from Washington Heights, New York City, and is the CEO and Founder of BarStarzz since 2009.

He created this movement with the intent to promote calisthenic workouts for everyone, without the need for a gym and with basic tools such as a bar, the floor, and gravity.

His fitness expertise is not limited to calisthenics though, in fact, he had a one-year and 3 months stint in MMA until the BarStarzz commitments steered his focus only on the latter.

He is also accustomed to Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Vee-Jitsu. He is now busy traveling globally doing shows and teaching workshops but he also has time to dedicate to videography, photography, and modeling.

He has a huge online presence with accounts everywhere, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, ModelMayem, is a regular contributor to, and has been featured in Men’s Fitness, CNN, Foxpsports, ExerciseTV, and on many more media.

BarStarzz itself as a brand has multiple accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

All in all, Eduard Checo and his team are super-real and super-qualified to coach people on calisthenics.

Barstarzz Program Components

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 is offered in 3 different ways as follows:

BTX Level 1 – Body Transformation Workout Program

This the entry-level plan which lasts 4 weeks. It comprises 78 HD video tutorials, 12 step-by-step exercise lessons for basic calisthenics movements, a downloadable PDF manual to work out without a phone or PC, motivational videos, and access to the BTX Facebook community.

BTX 3.0 Full Body Transformation Bundle

12-week workout program 4/5 times a week, personal progress dashboard, over 284 HD video tutorials, 40 workout sessions, 230+ calisthenics PDF guide which you can download and print, 40 step-by-step exercise lessons from basic to advanced variations, motivational videos and tips, and Global BTX community.

B T X Online Coaching With Workout and Nutrition Program

Everything from the BTX 3.0 Full Body Transformation Bundle plus individual fitness assessment, goals, and training history. 100% customized 3-month training plan designed by the BarStarzz BTX team, customized nutrition guidelines depending on your body type and goals, unlimited Email contact from the BarStarzz BTX team, video analysis on your workouts, and performance with relative advice.

What Makes BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Special?

BarStarzz BTX is technically and visually very well crafted. The creator has taken the utmost care in providing an end-user good experience and satisfaction.

Simple but demanding and effective calisthenics routines coupled with high-quality HD videos plus the meticulous attention to details make this bar-workouts blueprint easy to follow and error/injury-proof, allowing for tangible gains and setting a solid foundation for further progression later on.

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 Videos

Final Thoughts On BarStarzz BTX

BarStarzz BTX 3.0 is an effective and very professional calisthenics blueprint designed to build your strength and performance in a short time without injury or setbacks.

It is beautifully produced and organized, with highly professional HD video tutorials, complete training manuals for you to keep, and a motivational social community of like-minded were to refer to and ask for advice.

It is the result of his founder Eduard Checo’s dedication to providing people with an effective system to quickly master calisthenic skills without wasting time.

If you do not know where to start or have tried before without much to show for, BarStarzz BTX 3.0 professional system will give you all you need to quickly improve strength, skills, balance, and coordination, along with an athletic physique.

Alternative Plans To BarStarzz BTX

There are many calisthenic and street workout channels and programs out there, but only a few can go shoulder to shoulder with BarStarzz. Here is a list of the few options available produced with similarly high standards:

Calisthenic Movement

This training workout workshop was founded at the beginning of 2012 in Leipzig, Germany. They have a super-popular YouTube channel and a website in the English language, aside from German, of exceptionally high quality.

It is run by two real supermen, Sven the founder and El Eggs, alias Alex, and their videos are also highly professional, all the movements carefully explained with great accuracy. Their strength, style, and execution are next to perfect.

Here is what these guys can do. Watch them in action on this promo trailer, not a tutorial. (Note: these are advanced routines, do not try them at home, not yet)


A high-quality down-under calisthenic YouTube channel founded by Daniel Vadnal from Melbourne, Australia, in 2010. His video tutorials are really professional, well thought of, long, and articulate. No detail is left uncovered to help you achieve the same level of skill and strength.

FitnessFAQs also has a website that Daniel runs and manages with his buddy Andrew:, and another account on Instagram.

Watch Daniel in action on this very well crafted muscle-up video tutorial:

Bar Brothers

Last but not least, an alternative list would not be complete without the world-famous Bar Brothers:

Bar Brothers is a brand started by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic in 2011. Their YouTube channel is hugely popular as is their workout training system on their website

Lazar and Dusan are really big boys by calisthenic standards, they are real jacked and tall heavyweights in the 90/95 kg range with low body fat and display impressive strength, muscles and skills.

Watch them in action on their latest weighted calisthenics routine. Workout not for absolute beginners.

So there you have it, some alternative programs and channels to think of.


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